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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Sitting here on Nazias computer

and were off to make cakes soon
today wasnt that adventurous as our mission only took us 3 miles in the diretion of Romford as pposed to the 92miles to Redaing...Oxford...Cambridge and back to Lonon] that we took last week.\
Good times :)

We tried to play the scary girls when we wer dealing with business but it didnt pan out quiet how we had planned, as the person we met ended up being quiet nice....
Speaking of quiet nice there was this hooooottie on the bus todaY and suffice to say we made it a bit bait.
Ding Dong.

Went and saw B in Tesco, and he kinda told us off a bit, Lord knows why
Were little angels

I should make a new years resolution thingy.
But to be honest i cant be botherd right now

Blmg You Later....x

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Balls i forgot to post a comment about Wallace and Gromit

I'll try and remember and make one if i ever get on the computer again
Plus muut comment about my book
and my book list.

Hello Hello Hello

Its been four wholesome days since ive blogged, but i honestly thought it had just been two. I havent been neglecting my blog dont worry, but with my sister back theres just too many people who need this one computer at anyone time and i just cant be botherd for the hassle. This is atually the only time ive passed it and its been free so whooo me.

So to be honest i have been doing nothing interesting these past 4days.
Math revision
thats what my life is at the moment. Yes i even revised for a little on christmas (Perish the thought) as well as everyday ive been on these damn holidays. I remember the times before year 9 when all you had to do at christmas break was....enjoy your christmas break, and they say life gets funner.
Whatever, hopefully taking abreak tomorrow and going round Nazias tomorrow to bake cakes, whoop i know im just such a party animal,we might even use coloured icing!

I know its pathetic, or sad, or its just sweet but we talk everyday and see each other at least everyother day, but i havent seen her since thursday so that should be fun.
Had an intersting phone convocation about Snitches/Grassers, or what ever you want to call them.
Sure as hell i wouldnt snitch on a really good friend. But if all i know you as is a guy in my class, then i dont care if your mummys the queen of sheba, i WILL grass you up to save my own skin.
Cause lets face it, i dont care about you, or your life, or your mums life (No insult on your mother intended) and i very much doubt you care about mine.

Okay sorry that little paragraph was a teeeeeeny bit morbid.
Lets move on to happier things.......
My cousin is round, she is 21 or 22 i dunno, and shes awesome, and really pretty, and i never say that about anyone, and i aint saying that cause shes realated to me, its just a fact i always point out about her. Anyways shes hardly ever round so its good to see her, but her older sis aint with her. I think shes working which is too bad because we see her even less.

Hmmmm so except for revising munching on whatever i can get my hands on and running up phone bills I have.........
Been watching Avatar....The last airbender.......

Dont get it twisted.

And its awesome rewatching them, i think the last time i did so was last summer when i went on holiday to america with my Prodigal, and cause shes back the foutr of us are all cosied up every night from 8 till 11 (except for when im watching flashforward from 9 till 10) Now thats the life. Now i know some people may call me sad, but im pretty sure we've established that i dont care what other people think about me so.....
But my point is that, these people are on msn till 3am or playing COD(not that i have anything against games consoles) and they think im weird for watching cartoons and reading. Riiiiiiight. Id like them to call me up in about 8 years while theyre still resitting GCSE English and im an acoplished writer, all because i didnt watse my brain power on hours of Internet fun.

Jeebus Rice whats wrong with me slating all these nameless faces?
I think this new year im going to hope for compassion.......
Naaaaa :)
But lets get back to thinking about how awesome Avatar the last airbender is and how they best not ruin the motion picture.

...Goooood Times

No new adventures unfortunatly, but i pretty sure i can change that ;)
This outlet has been fun and i cant wait to do it again some time. Now im going to go nosey around some of my followers blogs then wash my hair, if i have time.....I mean Avatar is on in 7 minutes and i have to prioritise people :P

Saturday, 26 December 2009


With Prodigal and Mother
who felt guilty about me not getting any presents
Didnt even end up liking anything
and getting forced into buying a coat.

Sorry guys i havent really had the energy to do any super long or detailed posts, i seem to be constantly tired, well more constantly tired than usual :)

Bare with me....x

Book Review

So i finised this on like tuesday night and i dont think ive don a review for it :\ well if i hva ethen now you have 2.
I like the main chick as she reminded me of a wanna be stephanie plum, and we all know i love stephanie plum. The plot was a bit errrm interesting, and the motive not very solid, but whatever.
Being a size 12 has nothing to do with the book.


Or, at least, she did. That was before she left the pop-idol life behind after she gained a dress size or two -- and lost a boyfriend, a recording contract, and her life savings (when Mom took the money and ran off to Argentina). Now that the glamour and glory days of endless mall appearances are in the past, Heather's perfectly happy with her new size 12 shape (the average for the American woman!) and her new job as an assistant dorm director at one of New York's top colleges. That is, until the dead body of a female student from Heather's residence hall is discovered at the bottom of an elevator shaft.

The cops and the college president are ready to chalk the death off as an accident, the result of reckless youthful mischief. But Heather knows teenage girls . . . and girls do not elevator surf. Yet no one wants to listen -- not the police, her colleagues, or the P.I. who owns the brownstone where she lives -- even when more students start turning up dead in equally ordinary and subtly sinister ways. So Heather makes the decision to take on yet another new career: as spunky girl detective!

But her new job comes with few benefits, no cheering crowds, and lots of liabilities, some of them potentially fatal. And nothing ticks off a killer more than a portly ex-pop star who's sticking her nose where it doesn't belong . . .

My next book to read was Flood Child by Emily Diamond.......
But i got bored a chapter in, and they were talking in pirate old fashion annoying terminology. Not the cool kind of Bronte, but just the annoying i live on see so feel the need to talk like this even though i was taught proper english, Type :)

 Unfortunatly theres no synopsis on fantastic fiction (prob cause its so shite)

Friday, 25 December 2009

So its christmas i i figure i should say a few words

But im very tired and i cba.
Today was good
im stuffed

watched loads of films
all in all awesome
very Jam


Thursday, 24 December 2009

Alternate Reality

I do love to imagine what my life would be like if things had been different.
If my mother was a seamstress or a Scientist asshe had really wanted, or My dad a civil engineer.

I never have time to quiz my dad, but today as we were stuck in traffic of the way out of tesco i was asking him a few questions:
He hates motorbikes (musnt let him know when i take my CBT)
His initial plan was to migrate to America, but things didnt turn out that way so now were in england.

I could have a car buy now, or at least i leagal licence
Mother might have been a famous seamstress
Would be rolling in it with civil engineer money
Dad could make me a car.

Got to go Flashforward starting

Im Dreaming Of A White Christmas

Well not so much dreaming as doing....tomorrow
considering christmas in my house consists of..

''Mum im not feeling turkey can we have chips?''

''Mum im not feeling like a christmas dinner, we just order chinese?''

''Mum im not feeling like anything, can i juts eat chocolate?''

As you can tell my mum dont care what we do.
If we're happy then she's happy.
But this year the three of us (Prodigal, Younger and Me) had a simultanious idea

''Mum im feeling like a white christmas''
Though for a moment it was touch and go to what her respone would be :)

So yeah i got a list of food would be needed for this white christmas to take effect, and we ransacked Tesco late last night and this evening.
I suppose when i say white christmas, i mean white christmas dinner dont get it twisted.
Things will still happen the francias way.

Till then...then, Ha
Okay Flashforward is on tonight, though ive only wtahced one episode fully out of a possible 4, but im getting there, the concept its self is extrodinary. Then new episiode of How I Met Your Mother is on...

Just one of those days

What can i say what can i say?
Today went better than expected
considering today actually happend.

I dont mean to sound so cryptic but i have no choice.
Lets just say things started off a little dodgey, but as they say
Things can only get better....or worse :/
I dunno.

While im hear i thought i would do a piece on Stranger Danger.

So your there and your looking for a bit of adeventure, when you see a big Merc pull up on the other side of the road. Tinted black windows, and when i say tint i mean a full black out honey. The person behind the black screen winds down their window nods their head at you and quickly winds up again.
You were out looking for adventure and you got it. Just jump out of the car at the next available traffic light and run for your life if things get to weird.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Quite a Few things

Just read this supper long comment from The Way It Is... =] and im well chuffed, stuff like this that makes life worth blogging....ha pun :)

Today i finally watched Twilight 2

and what can i say
it was a-okay
Kristen actually showed emotion in her acting and actually marginally did Bella from the book justice.....Marginally.
Yes it was better than the first once, prior to others beliefs, regardless of exaggerism and bad acting and, well did you guys notice that there can be some pretty long pauses in between the characters speech? Makes you think they've forgotten their lines.
Unless thats just me...

So yeah, if you dont know i am Switzerland. I am neither for no am i against Teams Edward or Jacob, and dont say i swing towards Ed because i wrote his name first....its alphabetised so there. Anywho....erm yeah....oh i remeber what i was gonna say. If you at home thinking ''I aint watching that film for shit'' Then do it for one reason and one reason only...
Taylor Lautner

I growled everytime he appeared on scream after i saw this, no lie ask Sez. But come on, why wouldnt you?
And as objectifying as this is to a mans body....i would smother that in icing and lick it allllllll off.
Dont act discusted because you were all thinking it. *Low Growl*

Yeah apart from that hot bod (hot cause he's a wolf...geddit?) He was a really good actor in this film. The way his tone of voice switched from ''Sweet Bella be mine'' to ''Fuck you and your vampire croonies'' was pretty remarkable. Not just a pretty face. Also he was funny made me laugh on more than on occasion, and i was overjoyed when they removed that re-diculous hair from his head.
I mean i know they wanted to ba all realistic, but cummon theres realism and then theres taking the piss, and that hair was taking in the piss.

Hmmmmm what else did i like from that film?
ooooh the fighting sceve of Edward vs the Volturi was nothing short of amazing. Decota Fanning was an awesome Jane. She's 15, thou i always imagine her younger for some reason :\
Though i did think she was popping her eyes a little to much, i was like ''Yes we can see that their red.'' Whatever floats your vampire boat i suppose.

Unfortunatly we didnt hear much from her brother....Alec...(Thanks Sez) which is a shame because he looked kinda cute.

Yes i would see it again.
Yes it was better than the first

Oh nearly forgot a fundemental point.
The wolves.
I had to hold on to Sez in the cinema i was so rapt with.....idunno what the word is....but i felt like i was actually there kinda thing, Thank God for dsurround sound is all i can say. Though the whole wolf thing would be lame and a wee bit cheesy and annoyingly fake, but it worked.

Lastly went Tesco and saw B, which is awesome aint seen him for time. Men and naz lined up at his counter even though me only had one thing, and shegave him the rest of her cookies.
Went Prime (Chicken Shop)
Gonna attempt watching Flashforward at 9:00pm though i missed the forst episode yesterday.

Also can i say that i usually dont talk about films ive seen, but i think this was a special case considering i like everyone else love the twilight saga. Except that with me its on an intreigued level, considering how much i loved the books (before they considered making it a movie) so i have to watch it. Kind of Like with Harry Potter.

Okay now im rambling
Ta Ta

Monday, 21 December 2009

My Dad

is currently moaning at me down the phone about my mother
''Where is she''
''Whats wrong with he, that she cant keep her phone charged''
''Ive been out in the cold for a good hour now''
''Why hasnt she called''

Excuse me but i do not need you whinig down the phone at me.
I dont know where she is
You cant carry a round a payphone
Shes been out in the could for FOUR hours now

To be honest he doesnt care that i never respond he just likes his own voice
and says all this stuff cause he's annoyed/worried/cold
but still
donest mean i need to hear it.
He ends the convocation with

Like he didnt even realise i was there
Didnt even ask about his poor starving kids

Ah well, at least i know how NOT to act if i ever become a parent

Bad Tidings

Basically my mum called me at like 6:00pm
because her car broke down on the motorwya, and she got me to call the RAC people because her phone had died, so she ended up using a payphone
and can i just say i might call up the customer services and completly BLAZE at them
they keep youiwaiting for like 45mins before some shitty person takes your call in a bored voice.

Did i mention its snowing and its no like 10:00pm and my mum is still stuck because the bastard fucks never even got to her

Also my da...what a jerk, i know for a fact that you can get off work for a family emergency, because the Halliwells do it all the time, and so did i that one time at Primark. So he's there at his nice warm job and my mother is stuck in a blizzard.
Only now he's got off work and is going to get her, like hes doing her some big favour. KMFT.
Im not haps at all, she sounded like she was gonna cry, and i could hear her teeth chattering as she's talking on the payphone and my mother HATES the cold.
Only i am allowed to make my mother that her kid and its my job right?

Can i also add t hat if i had a car or could drive then this wouldnt be happening, i coulda taken the third car and gotten her.


Im to stupid to care says I'm 91% Stupid! How stupid are you? Click Here!

I blame Hannah for making me take this test :D
Well at least you all now know why half the stuff i write about if pure fraff ^^

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Oui et Non

A convocation we had while i was at the Dowsbury...Danbury?
Whatever its called place, was about what girls me and sez find fit.
The guys gave a girl and we were all
Yeah Id Tap That.....Meh.....Not On Your Life

So i thought i'd give you a list of People i think are Tap that worthy......Not that i would in real life cause i dont swing that way :)
Kim Kardashian                                             Kate Hudson

Kimora Lee Simons                                            Kaley Cuoco

Gabrielle Union

Cant think of anyone else at the moment.
What do y'all think?
Yes....No...or Why the Hell dont you have...

Queries into a life thats not me own

I dont what Gossip site im on.
But i was re-reading the Brittany Murphy Facts when in my pherical vision i notice a minute picture of the eldest Jonas
Kevin Jonas married his girlfriend Danielle Deleasa yesterday (19.12.09).
I knew they were getting married but so soon, and so young?

Kevin Jonas married his girlfriend Danielle Deleasa yesterday (19.12.09) despite a blizzard threatening to ruin the ceremony.

The Jonas Brothers singer - who got engaged to former hairdresser Danielle in July - tied the knot at Oheka Castle, a chateau on an estate in Long Island, New York.
The wedding went ahead despite a blizzard threatening to ruin the nuptials, and was attended by 400 family members and friends, including Demi Lovato, who starred with The Jonas Brothers in 'Camp Rock'.

The 22-year-old musician said: "We're so happy that we're finally married and we were able to share the special moment with family, friends and loved ones."
Michael Russo, a celebrity event planner, said: "The snow only made it look more like a winter wonderland.
"Danielle looked like a princess. When she walked down the aisle in her strapless tulle and Chantilly lace Vera Wang gown... Kevin couldn't stop smiling."
Danielle - who was led down the aisle by her father, Thomas Deleasa - also wore a silk-and-crystal flower in her hair because she was wearing one when she met Kevin in the Bahamas in 2007.

Kevin's brothers, Joe, 20, and Nick, 17, served as his best men, while the bride and groom recited traditional vows and exchanged Jacob and Co. wedding rings they'd designed for one another.
Hmmm lemme find a pick and see how pretty she is.
And dont you dare judge me, all girls do it ;) 

I deem her exceptable. Kinda like an exotic Ashley Tisdale, pre nose job, and normally sized

I think thats enough Celebrity Gossip to last me the year, as i usually dont do thins kind of this, unless its a speacial case....I do love the Jonas' especially because i knew about them before they got famous....
The first song i heard of theirs: Time For Me To Fly

Goooooood Times....x

Its another Sunday

The time of
and Family Time.

But not in my world.
The funny thing is that at church today they were actually talking about forgiveness and letting things go. But i dont live my life by those rules.

If a nine year old boy calls you an idiot what would you do?
You'll do what i did.
''Call me an idiot one more time and ima slap you in the face''
I slapped him good and hard and kid started to cry like a furious baby, started going red and made some kind of battle cry as he started attacking me.
Then i started beating the shit out of him in the back of the car, mum started shouting for us to stop
and honest to God i tried, but he just lept baiting me, and what can i say i readily took the bait.
Mum stopped the car in the middle of the road, if the situation wasnt so serious i would have been surprised if she had said.
''Dont make me turn this car around''
She didnt.

We eventually stopped, and i.....not willing to give up making the little brother pay softly whispered for his ears only.
and all hell broke lose all over again, thou it was even funnier because no one believed him and he started crying all over again.
We got to Upton Park and everyone started getting out of the car
''I think its best if i stayed in the car'' i announced. God Bless younger who actually foun my joke funny despite my current shame ;)

When they all got back i apoligies to my mother
''Sorry mummy for not listening to you'' i hugged her ''And sorry for fighting Kid....Will you forgive me?''
Man i am such a kiss ass, but when my mums nuce to me she buys me things, and with my current financial situation.......I need all the money i can get ;)
''I'll Always forgive you''
Well of course she will, im completly awesome at this sucking up thing.
Note: I never apoligised to the Kid.
Note: I cant even remember why we started fighting
So if you ever wind up in the same situation just think....
What would Jennie do....Obviously

Why is Brittany Murphy Dead?

She was only 32

Murphy landed her first job in Hollywood when she was 14, starring as Brenda Drexell in the series Drexell's Class. She then went on to play Molly Morgan in the short-lived The Torkelsons spinoff Almost Home. Murphy also guest-starred on several television series including Parker Lewis Can't Lose, Blossom, and Frasier. She also had recurring roles on Sister, Sister, Party of Five, and Boy Meets World. In 1997, she began voicing the character of Luanne Platter (as well as the younger version of Joseph Gribble) on the long-running animated series King of the Hill.

Murphy starred in many successful films, including Clueless (1995), Girl, Interrupted (1999), Don't Say a Word (2001), the TV adaption of the novel The Devil's Arithmetic (2001), 8 Mile (2002) and Uptown Girls (2003) as well as many lesser-known films, such as Spun (2003). In 2004, she starred in the romantic comedy Little Black Book, and the critically acclaimed Sin City (2005). In 2009, she was cast in the Lifetime TV movie, Tribute, as the main character, Cilla.


Died after a cardiac Arrest
According to reports, the 'Clueless' star was discovered unconscious in the shower at around 8am by her mother, who made the call to emergency services.
According to reports, the 'Clueless' star was discovered unconscious in the shower at around 8am by her mother, who made the call to emergency services.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Relax.....Chill.....Be Patient

Fuck You.

I guess i should explain.
Me and Nazia we supposed to be picking up a pretty large cake today and the chaufers were ment to show up at 12. We asked the caterer what what exactly we had to do, where it would be delivered and how long it would take. but they kept telling us to Relax.....Chill.....Be Patient.
So its 1:00pm and the chaufer is still not here.
We double check with the cater and he tell us to Relax.....Chill.....Be Patient
So its 2:00pm and the chaufer is still not here.
So its 3:00pm and the chaufer is still not here.
We talk to one of the caters assistants and see if they know whats happening, and of course they tell us to
Relax.....Chill.....Be Patient
So its 3:30pm and me and naz decide were being jerked around so go shopping.
The caterer tells us not to, that we just have to Relax.....Chill.....Be Patient
We tell the cater to suck it.
Well we dont because the cater could spit in the cake. We just ignore them and go out.
Its 5:00pm and the chaufer hasnt called and this time you can tell the cater is a bit worried, and keeps asking us if they've called. No.
We ask him to call them, considering he gave them our number he must know who they are right?
Considering that very clever logic, we poached this idea to them the cater, who of couse to us to
Relax.....Chill.....Be Patient
So it's 6:00pm and i've had enough.
Im gone i tell Naz...who tells the cater....who tells me.....Relax.....Chill.....Be Patient
The cater tells us that the chaufers are on the way.
So its 6:10pm and the chaufer is still not here.
Me and naz are in Mcdonalds waiting for the nonexistant chaufers and are angry as hell
We were looking forward to cake
now were not getting any cake
So its 7:20pm and the cater says that things are in motion.
So its 7:21pm and we ask what the hell that means
So its 7:30pm and there has been no reply so i text the caterer to tell them that they cake keep their cake for today.
Relax.....Chill.....Be Patient the dick replys.
So its 8:10 and im at home.

Childhood Memories

Everybody i give your Mr Hanky.
He's a character (if that) from south park.

It was few days ago when i saw the music video come up on some music channel and i was jolted backwards in time, lets call it 9years ago when i was in year 4.
My teachers key fell out of his pocket and i went to return it when i was suddenly mesmorised by this weird looking keyring (Mr Hanky)
I bugged my techer to explain the meaning, telling him it looked like skinny dog crap in a christmas hat. He laughed at this saying that it was a private joke. I must have bugged him everytime i was bored till about year 6 when i last saw said teacher.
Now obviously i forgot about this whole incident till i saw the music video, and it just made me realise how much that is concealed from kids. Like i was planning to go home and google south park at the age of 8 or 9 or whatever. I mean he could have just said, ''Its a south park character'' and i would have been all ''Ooooh'' trying to seem intellugent as all little kids do.
So basically after about 9years i know what that ''skinny dog crap in a christmas hat'' is.
Mr Hanky The Christmas Poo
What a doughnut

Friday, 18 December 2009

Just saw this piano cover

Of Lady Gaga's Telephone featuring Beyonce

Its pretty awesome

Okay after my motage of posts last week

I have been in some kind of funke or what ever about my blogging.
But im feeling the Christmas Spirit and have a bunch of stuff that i just want to tell to the world wide web

For one
Today was the last day and it was litterally....
Had one lesson, math, and it was cancelled because only two people showed up.
Then i won like £2 playing 21 and then went nandos
and i aint been for tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime
it was me sezz mala and Naz, and you think it would be some kid of hypocritical act considering we bailed on the christmas meal. But we talked about it and decided it wasnt, because i seai i would go if we made it a lunch thing.

For two.
Ive been search through sky....going forward to a weeks time to check out the film menu for Christmas Eve, Christmas day and Boxing Day. Theres a few family classics that are definatly on.
Harry Potter and the philosophers stone, Grandma got Run Over By A Raindeer, Narnia, Santa Claus, Shrek.
Clearly not all of them are the traditional christams films like Oliver and Sound of Music. But the Francis' do things a little differently.

For three.
Im not getting any presents.
Im not sad about it considering mum was all
''How much money do you need to get your presents''
and i was all
''Naaa nothing thanks i dont want anything''
Meaning i have nothing to worry abt, no last minute shopping or any wrapping to do.

For Four.
I'm starting my math revision on Monday
I know i like so totally FAILED my mock tests with a capital FAILED MY MOCK TESTS.
But i really do enjoy the subject.

But before any of this can start i need to sleep this weekend and just get rid of this uncharted exaustion i seem to have posessed.
Let the good times roll peeps.

''I think I'm in love with my radio''

Quote from Beyonce's song: Radio

Well me and Sezz have just finished our next radio instalment.
Not that anybody listens to our show
But its fun to do none the less.
We basically just talked about absolutley nothing for a good 6 minutes :l with random music playing underneath us.
I'll put a link on here....

Note that i should have posted this on like Wednesday :)

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Bradley Time

Soooo much cooler than Hammer Time

Sorry Hammer

So i basically tiold him in form that i would help him write his History Essay, because im a freak and love writing Essays, but am stupid enough to not take any subjects that require me to write any *Tear*
So im helping him type while he dictates and he goes on at me because i cant spell and i write like a 5 year old.
That upset me and i had a go at him for it, and he eventually apoligised. I mean how was that supposed to make me feel considering im planning on being a Writer (If i ever get round to finishing my two books) one day.
So we were jamming together and he has this thing about fluffing his emo style hair like ever 15minutes clock work. Its like a fucking 6th Sence. He can feeel when a hair if out of place.

Fluffity Fluffity Fluff
Clockwork im tellin you.
So after the 3rd or 5th Fluff (I tend to lose count)
I finally says to him...I says:
''Im glad your not on of those people that take pictures of them selves''
''Why'' Bradley asks in that voice
''I dont know'' I say because i cant tell him that if he was one of those people that it would ultimatly deem him uncool and pathetic....Though im one to talk ;)
''Because it would be to Great'' He says refering to this non existant picture.

See Pure untainted unadulterated Awesomeness

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Threats only work to a certain extent

So i cant remember if i told you about my epic fail in my mock math tests
30% the first time
20% in the make up test


So after a letter home you can see why mother wasnt to happy.

Well she's finally threatened me with the three things i love the most in life if i ont do well.
1. No more Tesco
2. No more Naps
3. No practice driving with her car
These are my extents. So i think its time i made a mental note to self:
must pass math!

And i just bought her some L plates today :(

Book Review

So it turns out that i am COMPLETLY over reading books about kids who are under the age of 15, who have family problems or are feeling like they don't fit in.
I read the first chapter of this book then realized i was falling asleep and wouldn't be able to sit through the other 198 pages. So i read all the email bits of the book and got the general idea (General Idea).
So i think there needs to be a moment silence for all the Jacquline Wilson books and all the others i cant thinkof right now....

[Moment Silence]

Anyways heres the blurbs thingy
which i get from fantasticfiction by the way.

Somebody stop the mayhem. Heather thinks everyone in her family comes from Planet Perfect. Everyone except her, that is. Then dad drops a bombshell, and the world turns upside down...Life's become surprising, exciting and just a little bit mad - but is this topsy-turvy new family somewhere Heather can fit in? This is a scrumptious new novel from best-selling author, Karen McCombie.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Bradley anything you want to say?


Now you see why he's so awesome

''I am a predictor of the future''


Monday, 14 December 2009

Risks Risks Risks

To trust or not trust?

I love my house

Its all warm and snuggly and awesome
we finally have lights on the tree, even if it is the multi coloured ones (AGAIN) and i was feeling blue.

Agreed to use the comp at a certain time with Prodigal, but she changed her mind
so i naturally ran straight to my mother ^^

''Mum its not fair [Sneeze] we agreed and she's been on their for at least 4 hours[Sneeze], i have work to do too and she has a laptop![Sneeze]''

''Have you got a cold?''


''Maybe you should take a nap, you look tired''

''Now you mention it i was supposed to go nap a few hours ago but was doing homework''

''Take a break and have one now''

''Your right, maybe for an hour...Night mommy''


Had the most glorious 3 hour nap :)
When i woke up i found Prodigal asleep in her bed
Younger asleep in her bed
Kid asleep on the couch
Mother dearest in the kitchen cooking and humming to herself

Now that i think about it, she used my one weakness against me to shut me up

But i dont mind :)

Current song on Repeat

Lady Gaga Ft Beyonce: Telephone

Its catchy and awsome
Not to be confused with.....
Beyonce ft Lady Gaga: Video Phone

Book review

Stayed up till like 2:30am finishing the last 150pages of this book. Mostly out of guilt, cause i havent read all weekend (Friday and Saturday night) and was aimlessly on the net, even though i kind of dont like sitting on the computer for hours on end. But thats a topic for another post.

This book was really quite strange, and i kept thinking what would happen to me if i was in her dituation. I think my parents would actually put a knife in me...Or well maybe id put a knife in myself after the ongoing preaching i would get for the next 65years.

The book was well written and actually quite witty. I dont know why im surprised to be honest, but also it was just all round fun to read, i read for 3hours straight without even realising. Would reccomend for an easy funny random quick read.

Some people would say this is the story of a photograph. How it was taken, and what happened to me after the whole world saw it.

And it is.

But it's also the story of a lot of other things. A boy so beautiful he's like a punch to the throat. Best friends-;the outrageous old ones and the out-of-the-blue new. It's about fishnets and eyebrow rings and a chick named Hamlet. Kick lines at lumberyards and conga lines at the prom. Crying in cars and gazing at stars. Mistakes, misunderstandings, and misconceptions. Good girls, bad boys, and everyone in between.

This is a story about love.
So look at the picture all you want.
I am so much more than what you see.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Theres No Place Like Home

So i was just away for a little while
Here's a little back story
Prodigal left Brighton at 9:45pm and still isnt here.
*Mock Panic*
Anyways like i was saying, i was away for a little while
By a little while i mean i left the house at 00:23
and i am now back.....its 01:04
Because my sister is a Doughnut
Was meant to be coming home last night
but decided she wanted to come and destroy my life a little earlier than planned
No really i aint happy
my feet are fer-reeeezing
cause i went with my dad in the car
The whole way there he complained at me about her
and kept using the word
''You People''
Uh Uh i am not her. We are two individuals
and her misdermeanours are not my problem
What ever.
As i was sitting in the car i realised i most likely could have
driven to the station and picked up Prodigal without getting clocked
though i think ive avoided one police incident for the day ;)
On the way back eneded up talking about my lessons
and dad was all
Naaa you cant reverse round a corner
I was all
say what?
Well may face was all say what.
Then as we droooove home i turned to Prodigal and said
''I was gonna ask how was your trip, but i think its too early for jokes''
Yeahhhhh we get over things bare quick here
So shes back
my freedom has gone
and so it begins.

Okay nigwags, i think ive made like 10 posts today.
i can finally go to bed now, whooooop

This isnt my fault

Im not online because i WANT to be.
Prodigal is stuck in maryland
and i aint risking sleep only to be re-woken
i aint having it
so i must endure being awake
and you muct enfure reading my many beny posts :)

Its not as if i just chat Fraff
i do actually have alot of interesting things to say


Realised i said Fraff.
Meaning: Rubbish, Shit, Lies, Etcetera
This is what hanging out with B has done to me, and it was only for 3hours (give or take)
I could actually be doing something productive right now.
Its not as if i have a book to write....or two


I miss

With its rediculous and over exaggertaed themes and issuses.
Its obvious cliff hangers and to old to be playing a 16year old girl actors.
It was actually one of those: Too cheesy you love it. Programmes, and i WNAT IT BACK!
All my shows are running out. No more Ugly Betty, No more Scrubs, No more 10 Things I Hate About You. No more Pushing Daisies. No more How I Met Your Mother.
What am i measnt to do for an hour and a half of fun everyday....Except homework ;)
In the US they are on episode 12 of season 2. Season 1 had 24 episodes. They will probably be going on a Christmas break. The UK cant broadcast a season until the Americans have finished, so i probably wont be seeing any bad acting till about...............

Okay so i gave up on this show being mildly intreguing a looooong time ago. But considering i loved the first season i refuse to let my love for it die. I dont watch shows on the internet anymore because the itty bitty how ever many inch screen pisses me off. So i will have to wait for season 4 to come out normally.

I love how you get so many wiked cool super awesome cartoon drawings of the original heroes. I say and emphasise on the word Original because i swear theres a new hero every episode that we see maybe twice before they die, or joing forces with Ying or Yang, and i cant keep up.
If Tim Kring [?] isnt carefull the once eagerlly anticipated heroes will turn into Lost or Prison Break, and even i refuse to hang on that long ;)

I do enjoy an awesome piece of artwork every now and again

Friday, 11 December 2009

Ive been trawling through mud

and by mud i mean websites
looking for jobs online
its not going well
its a long and tedious process and why i dont just send my tired self to bed
i dont know
well i think i partly know
im waiting for sister to get back cause i know whe will most likely wake me when she comes rattling in. Putting the lights on ful blast
On the phone to Davina
Making me turn the radio off
Whine Whinge and Whimper (Alliteration bitches)

Was gonna mention it in my last post but i clearly forgot, thats why im making a new post...Obvs

Was the last episode of Veronica Mars season 2 today
Monday they start season 3....We dont talk about season 3

Anywho, i forgot what an ah-mazing actor Kyle whats his name is
He plays Cassidy Casablancas
and he is so totally super ah-dorable.
Kyle himself is an ah-mazing actor as he goes from innocent, to geeky, to victim, to killer psycopath
Seriously wow. I wanna find you the best scence from the episode.
So as a are pictures of Cassidy/Kyle

Ha got carried away and forgot what i was meant to be looking for, but doesnt he look like a different person with each different facial expression?


Found it
Found it
Found it
Found it
Found it

Okay a bit of backstory, but not too much in case you wanna watch it yourself.
Cassidy'Beaver'Casablancas, blew up a bus load of kids, did i mention that he's 17 and also a.....
Actually nevermind me explaining it, This pretty much sums up the season


His last words were so filled with emotion you forget that he's a bad guy, and the music fits so perfectly.
Though on E4 they didnt show her getting tazered mulitiple times, like when it aired originally a few years back.

Awesome or what?
Donesnt it make you wanna watch it?
Well too bad you cant because E4 is starting season 3 on Monday.
But i'll let you know it they go back to the first season.
The first two are the best seasons.
We dont talk about season 3

''Close your eyes and think of england''

I heard twice too days, in two of the worlds most awesome shows

Veronica mars:
Mac asks VM if she has any advice for tonight and she replies in the quick witted way we all love...
''Close your eyes and think of england''
Gilmore Girls:
To be honest i have no clue what the episode was about as Younger changed it there during the break and i was half way out of the room, but i did back track
Lorelai is nervous about something and Rory is trying to get her to calm down and believe in herself...
''Just close your eyes and think of england''

So hearin this reference on two of my favouraite shows, in going to go and look it up....

Close your eyes and think of England. (mainly British humorous)

if you close your eyes and think of England when you have sex with someone, you do not enjoy it, but do it because you think you should Just close your eyes and think of England. He'll never notice.

Lie back and think of England is an English saying with roughly the same meaning as "grit one's teeth", i.e. put up with what is happening. It was used both in England and among expatriates outside the country[1] when conditions were difficult. It is given as encouragement to do something unpalatable.
See also: Instruction and Advice for the Young Bride

Lastly i found this random website
and basically someone has made up a scenario starting Veronica Mars and James Bond
*Pause to digest information*
I cba to read it myself at this moment in time, but im sure it will be.....quite something ;)

James Mc Awesome....

......See what i did there?
Play on words ;)

Its getting serious

My lack of monetry funds
I need to pay for my driving lessons
for the Glaysbury trip if its still happening
the German trip i decided i want to go on....well if i CAN go
need to save for a car, which i actually need if i wanna drive to and from my Uni in sheffield

I might actually apply to work at Primark in Romford
*Theatrical Gasp*
If they dont hirer me i will feel sooooo low
considering i didnt get the Toys'R'Us gig
which to be fair was not my fault,t hey lied and said theyd hire everyone
then turned around and said theye werent hiring anyone

So im hunting around now, though i know its very late, but i dont really wanna work over christmas

But beggers cant be choosers
maybe i'll trawl Romford early tomorrow
(12 or 1 ish)
before i go sezzas and pick up some L plates and some Jumpers, maybe a pair of boots....
SEE im below £200 in my account and i NEEEEEED all these things.
Kmt the way i just get soooo Vexed.

Sisters coming home tonight which means i need to move beds :\
Cant wait to start revising for Math though :)

Oh happy days

Im in a well good mood
prob from the jam i had yesterday
im singing
Being a bitch

Its the flaw i was born with
If im miserable then people around me must also be miserable
If im happy, then other people around me should be miserable

On a completly different note
My shoulders absolutle ACHE
thats what happens when im in the cold for too long
also mum was gonna let me drive to tesco
I just need learner Plates


A term used to define how cold you are
e.g: ''Omg its bare blitz''  ''Dude how can you where that and not be blitz?''

Went Session and it was such a rubbish waste of time and space that im not even going to blog about it. In fact i dont even want to think about it, not now and probably not even in the next few months as i fear reliving such a boring and tedius memory, any time soon will cause my brain to spontaneously combust.

I love being out at night whether its cold or not, so the fact that im whinging just goes to show what a crap time i had....No alcohol no drugs no sex no music.
Now can you relate?

All im going to say is that the arrival of the police was the most interesting thing tha happened.


In media and finally finished the ancinilary thingy ma bobby
if we finish now then we can back gym early
Last episode of VM season 2 today

Peter Pan said to Sezz
''The opportunity to work with You and Jennie is enough for me''

Google: Mat Gordon

Do it

Top 50 Male Models (Ranked # 23)


Country of origin: Canada
From Alberta, Canada. Interests include hockey. The original spelling of his name is Matt with two 't''s, however, when he signed with his London agency, FM, they chopped off the last 't' so as not to confuse him with the other Matt's on their board.

Some of Mat's past campaigns include:
Paco Rabanne fragrance
Escada fragrance
Gieves and Hawkes
Ben Sherman
Tommy Hilfiger
Gucci with Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin
Tommy Hilfiger

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 188
Shoe: 11

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Weird how

im having a super awesome day and this song should come to mind

Maybe its forshadowing impending doom...
I knew this day was to good to be true :\

She actually give me too much jokes

[b][i]Nazia[/b][/i];][c=20]♥    [/c] Millie..♥ says:
hess the one lol
iPromised iWouldnt fall for another guy

Funny Girl

Good Day

All round alright
Economics didnt bother me at all, i sat next to Bayo and did little or no work
Went to work a little more on my media in my net free, and Bruce hardly complained, he actually gave sound advice.
Will wonders never cease?
Then next i had math with Kreeger and i was actually understanding the work, which is a miracle in itself to be honest.
After that it was lunch and i just kinda jammed a bit before me and Naz went to see B
Stopped at Sainsburys first and picked him up some doughnuts, i got some white cookies and Naz got a bagel.
Been soooooo long since we've seen him, considering he left school, even though we missed him bares we were acting all cool though we were both buzzing inside ^^

We just chatted for time
They tried teaching me to play CODMW2.....but it just werent happening
I got to watch veronica mars, and we were just jamming
Which was totally awesome.
Think we were there for a few hours
He got Snear to drop us home
Naz first....Followed by me :)

I got home and reeeeeeeked of Fags and Cat

Was gonna bang out a bit of math, but i was too tired so went sleep for like an hour and a bit, it was sooooo ness. Naz woke me up when she called and we talked for a while before i hauled myself out of bed and put on some jeans to go watch scrubs
Last episode with JD :(
and the ending was actually quite okay, but at the same time felt empty
I dunno.

Now im here and have found a math paper to fill in the blanks of what i have to hand in tomorrow.

This is why i love Thursdays ;)

My kick list just keeps on growing

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


....Im Chuck Bass''

GOT UP.....
GOT UP.....


Even Europeans must know what that means ;)

Because im lame and cant think of anything to pist in the entire world

Heres Nazias Post (written by me) :)
Jennie. says:

anything you want me to write on blog?
[b][i]Nazia[/b][/i];][c=20]♥    [/c] Fuckk sakee says:
ermm my dislike forr guyss im actualy offf tgem lol
my new strat iss
Year 7 dayss

Cant live with'em......
No sorry....still cant live with'em.

One minute they're you friend, you helping them with homework, doing their UCAS because theyre so adorably stupid that they cant do it themselves. You forget that ''Men are dogs'' and just think this ones a tamable puppy.

Puppys grow up. They get real, get confident and they get cocky.
They dont want your help anymore, but think they can come snivling back when they get in a dog fight. But where will we be when this happens?
At home
With a cute little kitten.
Theyre small snuggly mysterious, and dont chat fraff.
Lesson learnt, you realise how crap dogs are and realise you dont need them

Who said new starts have to happen at certain times in the year?
Beginning of the school year....
''I'm actually gonna work hard this year''
New Years....
''No more biting my nails, and no maor alcohol''
''Next year i will be taller and have more people at my party''

Chances are that none of these will happen. The ones that really come true are the spontaneous ones that you make after random events.
Party Coming up: ''Lets start going gym'' One year later your backing it every monday wednesday and Friday
Feeling Betrayed: ''No more Fun, its time to buckle down.'' Six months later Jennie owes me 20p

Running to be the first in line to the canteen
Abnormally big bags that had fuck all inside them
Every answer was the right answer
and being inexcusably short

Those are the days you long after you realise
How shit school is
How friends drift apart and dont even smile in aknowledgement
How teachers treat you like your a dumbass year 7 all over again
How the people who you have bonded with over the years, who you think would at least have no reason to cause you harm... turn out to be complete fucktards. 

Those were the days

Too many things

AC fraud.....

Up coming media deadline......

Passing Exams.......


School in general......

People at school......


With all of this and more annoying the piss out of you, its nice to have a few things take the strain off.
Hopefully going round B'S tomorrow, aint seen them in time.
Cute guy in gym, who i deemed not so cute, but recently revoked such a quaim talking to me.
Havening jokes with Nazia
Annoying MsKnowItAll
Getting the right answer in math....for one

It really is the little things that keep you sane

So there i am

On good old facebook doing one of them yes no things
because thats how much i cant be asked to do my math
and a few people come up that there is NO WAY i could pick yes or no to.....

Would you date Neil?
Yes No

Hmmmm what ever i press, the embarassment will be there, considering neil is my ex form tutor who has gane away to Paris....Did i mention he was super cute, and probs knew that i...and half the year loved him ^^

Would you sleep with Rainbow?
Yes No

Now you can see why there is no middle ground answer for this question


Tuesday, 8 December 2009


I never finish the storys i write on here


Okay i think that Once i tag you you supposed to come to my profile and read this then comment on it? Then do your own, and i have to hope you tage me too :)

Do you like to write?
Love it im planning to be a writer. Cureently juggling two books

Favorite books?
I actually have too many, like over a hundred, though my list got deleted.
I read too much.
Do you compose music/write songs?
Errrm well i have a book of songs a wrote a while ago, and me and sezz have a full song we need to compose before we leave school

Do you like poetry?
Love someone so much who made you cry?

Ever break a bone?

Been in a police car?
Not yet, but theres plenty of time for that, im still young ;)

Have you ever been in a boat?
Recently had one foot in a pedal boat and nearly got the pedal boat plice over.
On way to the main disney park in Florida we took the boat instead of the monorail.

Fallen asleep in school?
All the time, even now.
Did you sing today?
Yar, im always belting out random song words as im going down the corridor. A few funny looks never hurt anyone.
KFC, Popeyes or Church's?
Yeah im British so i have no choice but to pick KFC, considering the other two dont exist.

Chick-fil-a or What-a-burger?
Starbucks or McCafe?
I dont do coffee, or any hot drinks for that matter.
Favorite time of the year?
Winter when im inside and curled up in my bed
Summer when i have an ice cream
Do you ever talk to yourself?
Yes, and i think its completely natural
Do you have a favorite treat you like to buy on occasion?
Cake....I eat a whole cake to myself, but not really on a special occasion, more like every 6 to 8 weeks

Do you believe the Bible is the literal Word of God and is infallible?
To a certain extent. I mean every lie is based on some truth right?

What's your favorite sport?
Basketball and gymnatics
What color is your ipod?
This question discriminates gainst old school mp3 players, which is what i currently posess :)
If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
If you could go to any fictional place, where would you go?
The Burg, to jam with Stephanie Plum, and Hogwarts

Do you love or just like writing?
It makes me laugh.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A writer and i want to film/edit my own works, may it be documentaries, music videos or films.

Favorite animal?
Horses, Cats, White Tigers, Spider Moneys, and recently baby pandas

Favorite song?
Currently Chipmunks entire new album: I am Chipmunk.
Cry me out: Pixie lott
Janet: Make me
Gaga: Love Game

Do you like school?
Not even

Are you a people person?
Nope im really quiet antisocial and have a tendancy to push people away
Do you like to talk?
Not that i eaither like or dislike it, i just have a lot to say

Favorite food?
Pizza and cake

Blogging, reading, writing, filming, gym
Favorite author?
Oh gosh probably Janet Evanovich, JK Rowling.......Yeah i cant remember the others
Favorite Weapon?
Was nunchucks, but they are actually useless. So maybe swords because i would love to duel. Or my body as a weappn, hand to hand combat and what not.
Do you like Hannah Montana and all those girly people and movies like High school Musical?
Funnily enough, if you know me you wouldnt expect me to. (Well maybe they know im weird enough to) But yes i do.
To me its not about the people whos in them, its about the content.
Is the acting good? Is it funny? Was the singing okay? Did they hit the beat whilst dancing?
I think this comes with being a media student, but to be honest ive been doing media for so long that i cant remember life without it.
But whether i like things or not i still mock it all the way through when ive seen it at least 4 times, theres always a flaw.

What are you afraid of?
Nothing really, my fears come and go
It was owls at one point
bridges with water underneath another
But right now im good
Wish i did know what i was afraid of.

Favorite flowers?
Fake ones....They last forever and are easier to handle.
Expression on your face?
Dunno, probably annoyance because my mother is shouting about God Knows what AGAIN. Jesus woman if you want some company just ask, no need t scream the house down to get noticed.

Color of your eyes?
Dark Brown almost black :)

If theres one thing i love about Facebook, its the different groups you can join.

U wear a hijab outside Yet u show ur hair on facebook??

look, if i wanted to party like a celeb, i would NOT go to iceland.

if that kid of supernanny was my kid it would be dead by now.



I Like To Eat.

I'm not hiding anything you're just not going on my phone.

I Hate It When Parents Get Serious About Something Funny You Tell Them.

Going indoors in primary school when it was raining was called Wet Play! :L.

No, Windows 7 was MY idea

When your friend makes you laugh in class, and you can't stop!

'When i was young i enjoyed...' no, i STILL enjoy doing that

When I was your age, we had Kenan And Kel. Not Drake and Josh.

I'm pretty sure you're not a car. Get an actual photo for your profile.

They go on and on but that all for now folks, i think ill keep you posted on any really funny ones

How is it possible

That kid has msn?
He is a friggin 9 year old
and apparently some of his little friends has it too
what is the world coming to?

Have i mentiond i failed my math test?
I blame kid
who was meant to be picked up by his friend
but didnt actually want to go because they dont have the wrestling channel
So there i am in the middle of my math test and i get a call from his school

saying he is the last on at the office and asking who is picking him up
I tell them to call Younger
Who doesnt pick up
So they call me back
and i run down to the music department to find her
give her on of my phones in case they call back
and run back to the math test

So as you can see its pretty understandable as to why i didnt do to well
When i got back my mind went completly blank.

Ah well

Headphones is some next arse person

Book Review

Finally finished this book
and i actually liked it
not as much as Zadists book but its a close second
all the stuff that was going on was just like
ARRRRRRG he's behind you
kinda thing

But yeah thats the only description i can give you
Nelle never read this one cause she doenst like butch
What does she know

Butch O'Neal is a fighter by nature. A hard-living ex-homicide cop, he's the only human ever to be allowed in the inner circle of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. And he wants to go even deeper into the vampire world-to engage in the turf war with the lessers. His heart belongs to a female vampire, Marissa, an aristocratic beauty who's way out of his league. And if he can't have her, then at least he can fight side by side with the Brothers.

But fate curses him with the very thing he wants. When Butch sacrifices himself to save a civilian vampire from the slayers, he falls prey to the darkest force in the war. Left for dead, he's found by a miracle, and the Brotherhood calls on Marissa to bring him back, though even her love may not be enough to save him.


Unless clearly stated or quoted otherwise, everything on here is of my own life mind and thoughts and so I would appreciate if you intend to copy anything, please reference either the blog name, post title etc by form or a link. Thank you.

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