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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Biblical Terms

Jonah got to live in a whale for three days(....lucky sod)

Moses parted the red sea( off)

Noah had an ark(...Dude, Legend-ary)

And God created the world in under seven days (Y)

Then there was me.......I wrote a personal statement in a day.
Beat That 

Patent? or Copyrighted?

I really should be writing my personal statement, and i have to admit i was on a role for a while, but i got bored. So ive stopped. Well for now, as i have given myself a deadline of Thursday...Yikes?

Anyhow after much debate about who started what today, some lying and ganging up on ive decided to write about any new ideas i come up with, that way people cant claim them as their own. Now this isnt meant to sound bigheaded, or like im some kind of fashion making guru, but if it come across that way, what ever
Ive started a bunch of stuff, mentioned it here and there in random convosations only, never making a big deal out of it as i do prefer to keep things to myself...and Nazia by default.

Blah Blah Blah
Things that people refuse to believe i heard of first or started, though you know when some one asks you to say something, then whateva you say goes straight out of your head...
Paramore (Year 9) accessories

Im an idealist or a dreamer...i just tend not to do the heavy work involved in making my ideas real

Blah Blah Blah
BTYL...Blog to you later

Loved and Lost.....

..... I basically wanted to buy a pair, in like April/June around That episode of Runs house, and then more into the start of Daddy's Girls, but problems always arose....
Didnt like the style
Didnt have the Cash
Had the cash but spent it on food :(
Didnt have my size ANYWHERE when all three of the above were finally delt with (I ate before i went right?)
Finally...OUT OF STOCK...poor me
So now there has bee an outbreak of pastries, worn mostly by people that dont know how to rock them, and i just wouldnt be able to bring myself to buy a pair now and everyone be like...''She has them'' Vain as it may be....I SAW THEM FIRST! *5months ago approx*
So here are a bunch of the pastries i love...but also dont sell in this country, so basically have a snowballs chance in hell of getting them anytime soon, enjoy (:

The original ones i wanted...except the gold bits were silver (Eww gold jewellery)

The ones i was thinking about getting as a second resort. I didnt because i thought it would be dishonourable to the original pair...RIP

If i didnt have a thing against white articles of clothing and the colour pink then these would be mine in a parallel universe where i lived in America and they were readily available.
Ding Dong.....A pair that is of equal standard...if not better to the original one, i do love my black and blues...and tartans always good in little doses....a shirt or shoe here and there. But Alas tis only readily available in that parallel world we were discussing

Damn me living in a country where American goods arent shipped over fast enough :@
Who said it was better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all? I want my damn pastries.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Laugh It up

Just a few of my favouraite comedians

p.s....Lol not cause theyre all black :P i Cant remember the name of this funny woman who presented MTV movie awards a few years back (or was it the VMA's?) Also i just dont find britsh comedy funny. In the slightest.


     Hmmm your average £997 Jimmy Choo boots, and £386 Heels I think its love <3

My Babies....any one got an extra £60 lying around?

Catch up...Sunday

Damn me and my habit of waking up early, only managed to get eleven hours sleep, GAH. Okay so this shall only be a mim rundown of my sunday, as not a lot usually happens anyways. Got up at about 9ish, and eventually crawled out of bed to get myself ready for church. Finished church about 1:00, then wen aldi and tesco to get this weeks groceries, and even with one less mouth to feed, i doubt all the shit we bought will last us till wednesday. Cam home, did homework, cause im cool like that,. Then spent about 3 and a half hours cleaning my room, emphasis on the MY in my room ^^.
Watched Privlidged: though to be honest i dont know why i do, the show itself isnt that great, that judgement based mainly on the Main characters bad acting and pure annoyingness, as well as the poorly written scripts and storyline, which all lack any depth. Though i must say that the twins are most likely the best thing about the show. Whatever. after that i rushed through my economics homework (and we all know how much i looove that subject (!)) before setteling in to watch the house season five finale.
NO i really hate things to be ruined, so for all of y'all that aint had the pleasure of watching it yet, all im going to say is.....(In the imirtal words of the younger) ''That Guy is soooooooo Next''
Wnjoy the entre desert is soon my love....x

Catch up...Saturday

Called in sick to work

Yes i NEED the money, but the rest of my family was completly blagging on me because i would miss the Family Outing to Brighton. Fun Fun Fun.
To be fair my back did actuallly start hurting me when i wokr up so it wasnt a completle Lie, right?

Anywho, back to the adventure...
We were ment to leve the house at 11, so my sis could get her room keys between 1 and 2 pm, and if you know my family then you know we run on BPT (Black people time). Well really its just an excuse for our inexcusable unefficency in life. My dad trying to get one of the cars to the garage, it braking down, waiting for RAC to tow it......We left the house at 12:45.

Another thing about black people...they hate to read instructions as thy think they know its all. and i cant excuse myself from this analysis cause i never read instruction manuals, and i DO know it all ;)

The stupid ass navigation system, that i have named She-la was set to *AVOID MOTORWAYS* so after about a million instructions to ''Take the third exit on the roundabout in 200 yards'' and many curses about technology from my dad, and a but load of traffic, we made it to Brighton Universities Falmer Place at 4:17pm. In my opinion we made good time :)

Fastforward to helping her carry all her CRAP upstairs to her new room, me sitting on the floor in the corner of her room with my eight year old brother, playing Slaps instead of helping her...My mothers moaning fussing and worrying, my dad tell everyone what to do, and my thirteen year old sister singing Daniel Merryweathers Red (Can i add that this song is the most boring song in existiace, it makes me cry and want to slap myself at the same time). We finally left her room in hopes of refuge in the form or a family bucket of Chicken from KFC.

Brighton....not the best place to drive, no parking spaces, and more cues than the M25 in rush hour, it took us 20mins to navigate our way to Brighton station to pick up a cousin (Who secretly hates me) who was stying in town for the week, when many pedestrians sed it took that long to walk, less even. FUN

Fastforward again, eating chicken in my sisters room and leaving, now were not a very emotional family, my mother, clingy needy and whiney brother along with father dearest had all access to hug and kiss the prodigal daughter. It came down to me and my younger sister, Prodigal child isnt she air hugged the yonger, then theres me.
''Well.... Bye''
Yes i know, tear shed worthy, but like i said we ain't the emotional family type.

Being the super awesome person that i am, i managed to fix She-la and after leaving Brighton at 7:43 pm,  we got home at 9:03, though to be honest Father dearest was driving at 100 mph, only slowing down to evade the yellow camera boxes.

So that was my day in a nut shell, i got home and the parents got to the TV first so i missed the second showing of Ghost. Instead i took a shower and ended up tidying half the room, bad order that it was, but i couldn't help myself. Curled up and fell asleep by 10:04 pm

Friday, 25 September 2009

Food Habits

Yeah so some may say i have a strange eating pattern, but i naturally beg to differ, i just eat when im hungry and dont eat when im not...obvs
Bought my self a cake to day....its been a long time over due, last had a cake in like Feb or June, as well as that i bought some foxes cream crucnh, and caramella and toffee ice cream...and a teeny can of coke (:

Now im about to eat pizza and dixy, if my dad can be bothered to leave the house, kmt.
Unfortunatly i have work tomorrow, so i need to jump into bed soon, lol not that im complaining, i love sleep like a fat kid loves cake. Though tbh i love cake more than fat kids ^^

All of this in the name of my finally retreating sister, which i will talk more about in a separate post. For now i say ciao, as my house is so lame that the door bell does not work and we have to watch the window for the delivery guy....My job

Why does britsh tv like to take their damn sweet time

OKay i watch far to much american televison, but so what, all the british stuff aint really that great, THEY MADE ME THIS WAY.
so here i am, anxiously anticipating the arival of the new seasons, all of which started in the USA between the first monday of september, to the last. and i have to sit and wait till January

Oh one british show that i heably enjoyed that is no unfortunaly no more....

Would show you a picture of Guy f Gisborne, but couldnt find one that captured his pure, leather coated badassness :P

Bouncing ideas

Need to think of an idea to bring to the Film production club....or you know swings and roundabouts for short (: Okay so ideas so far....
*Spoof Harry Potter
*The Teachers lounge....Students act like teachers on their lunch break and complain about the kids, funny stuff happen
*Something real like a documentary, but god knows what on
*Make a music video....Super Juniour, sorry sorry
*A mini series about a group of people who do stuff, (Vauge Alert!!!)
*Secretly film people and do stuff (VAUGE ALERT!)
To be honest we are all busy...well not currently but you know wht i mean, so it would just be easier to set most of this stuff at school, as much as i want to get away from the place.... I suppose we could make a day in the life of...though i doubt it would be very interesting....and far to shakey... :\

Thursday, 24 September 2009

US/UK book cover version

So i finised reading Extras the other night, and i only realised the main people, and setting for that matter was in Japan....They were japanese, but in my defence this is the cover of the version i read, baring in mind that its the UK cover

As apposed to the US book version that would have given the game away. I personally like the UK ones better, leaves faces and personality to the imaginination. I never imagined her nose like that

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Compare and Contrast

The classic joys of life

Randomly discoverd the first episode tonight at 9 on Fiver USA

Hmmmm must they make all old things new?
Ugly Betty Time ^^

Quote....''Why do these free's drag on?''

Thanks charlotte, for the title of todays blog (:
Sitting in the study room on this very undelightful wednesday afternoon, wednesdays are the worst and most boring days in the week in general, but being stuck in school when you have an afternoon free of lessons makes the poor day suck even harder (Sorry wednesday i know its not your fault)
Errrrm im sure i had a point to make.
(10 minutes later)
Its physically impossibble for me to find a job online, its a defect of some kind i say.
Yeah lol so basically im bored, and the list of things i wanted to do to help increase my personal statement, and basically just for the fun of it, has dwindled down to the final few.
We werent allowed to make a school paper due to the cost, and waste of paper :(
we werent allowed to make a radio station, due to that damn copyright issue. I mean really for cripes sakes....are the JayZ's and Shakiras of the world not already rolling in it that they cant allow a few college girls to use there songs once a week?
The gym is locked so thats ANOTHER day missed of gym, meaning that i'll have to go on friday. I blates have nothing better to do with my time.

WORST of all is that my blog doesnt even show up on froogle (My name for google) Go on try it type in....letsnotbemelodramatic and see if anything comes up

I talk to much im signing out for now ship members, maybe i should post a few pics and videos on here to lighten the load?
Damn me not having a creativing writing class to attend where i could turn all of this venting into a short novel ^^
OKOK im leaving now no need to push
p.s: DRIVING LESSON TOMORROW (Its about time)
*Slams door*

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Next stop procrastination...Well maybe not the next stop

So ive been sitting her for about....Hmmm say an hour and a half, and blow me down with a feather, ive still not written a personal statement.
Epic failure that i am, this procratination period has been fun, as me and the awesome sezzanator, have come up with a range ILLEGAL blog names, for the serios media stuff blog.
*For more information please click sarah blog to the left*

I however will probably never get into university at this procrastination rate, well maybe ill go next year....or the year after that....or

Hmmmm me thinks ill add a few things to the shopping list..


Well i think thats how you spell it.
Ok so me being the ab-solute genious that i is, turns out that i did infact save my old bloggings and such, though unfortunatly there werent as many as i thought there were, pish posh.
Read and critique
(Okay so baring in mind this is backwards, and first post is last yeah)
so tired can barely stay awake
feeling drained and empty
wouldn’t notice you scream
wake up again tomorrow
if u are lucky
and go too school too bad
can't understand what you say
pretend to listen
still don’t get it
drift away again
eyes drooping
body slumping
blood pumping
OK so I love to read can go through round out 180 book a year, no problem
I can read 1 off books or series what ever, but I’ve come to realise that when as soon
as series ends, u come to realise an emotional attachment, or fondness has grown towards those
fictional characters trapped within their own real world
Ok so it has in fact been awhile since my last blog. In fact a year to be imprecise.
So yeah the reason I’m back is because. well really there is no reason I suppose I just am
yes my vocabulary and use of grammar has improved dramatically as I now refuse to talk in an msn type way. Whoop
OK that’s all there is to it for today
hopefully I can be a little more committed to this blog thing than I was last time.
If not then you can say I haven’t tried. All the things that was previously written before this date still stands. A lot has happened, you may of cause find them insignificant and whinge, but you have a blog to no? Which is said to be an online diary
I hate diaries
This may have some significant to the world around me
It may not
This is just my life, funny, dull, romantic, or dead
Read if you want, or don’t, I don’t mind, just want to be heard.
Not much to tell really
I do in fact suppose that I can be described as odd/weird but then these days that isn’t?
I do get bored easily
I’m a very dull n boring person...
I don’t joke I really am though others beg to differ if I run this thought by them.
I love books but no matter how much I read I still can’t spell to save my life. I also enjoy, TV, music, cooking and vegetables But not fruit.
Favourite colours encase you were wondering include Black and Electric Blue and currently my third favourite colour is Punk green.
I like the sky which some people think is slightly strange and delusional.
And I really don’t care...about things in general, not good I know, but alas one was born in such a way and one refuses to change to suit others conforming values norms and views of life.
I give a good argument when the time comes. So if your looking for a heavy heated discussion, I never loose ^^
Au Revoiur

Just Realised

That i may not be that idiotic after all. Meaning that if i know myself as well as i think i do, i have saved, somewhere on my computer all of my last bloggings, before i idiotically deleted them all.
I shall have to look for them tomorrow (By that i mean later)Mainly becasue i still have hmm say about 4000 characters to go of my personal statement, and i am so tired. Damn working all the way in Lakeside :(

Guess Whos Back?

Well me obviously, now lets not get melodramatic about my Re-reentry into the blogging world
After the confusion of not knowing that i could infact gave two blogs i deleted all my old stuff *Sigh* To make room for my school blogging stuff *Double sigh*
But after realising that Sarah *Cheer* has managed to have an academically related blog *Bore* and a non academically related one *Cheer* i realised that i may have been idiotic for not checking i could have more than one. BUT lets not dwell on the past.


Unless clearly stated or quoted otherwise, everything on here is of my own life mind and thoughts and so I would appreciate if you intend to copy anything, please reference either the blog name, post title etc by form or a link. Thank you.

Letsnotbemelodramatic 2008©