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Monday, 30 November 2009

Oh yeah apparently they're opening an Ed Hardy Store in Westfields and that means i can get Ed Hardy Shoes....Hopefully. Well i suppose getting a job first would be sufficient

Driving Lesson tomorrow, and now that a date has been set, it makes the whole thing serious. Not that driving is a funny matter :)

Is it cheating

When i say that i learn off the mark scheme for my Math parctice papers?
Because i honestly do, i never just copy....
Well except for that one time when i REALLY couldnt be botherd to do it.

But yeah i attempted a few by myself and i actually did quite well
Considering everyone has forgotten about getting me a tutor.

Not that i need one, im pretty sure if i work hard enough i can get my C grade, then i can be all
''Yeah, if i got a tutour i so coulda merked an A''
See it works both ways.

I feel really weir, like i should have a cold or something, have all the symptons
achy shoulder
itchy nose
swolen throat
no temperature
Na Na Na Naaaaaa
Ha, ilove scrubs.....Downstairs?

Erm thats all i think
Had some random 2hr nap today then got up watch HIMYM, Ted gives me to much jokes
i dont know what im going to do with myself come monday when they stop showing it.
I have nothing to live for :(
Think thats all i really have to say, hasnt really been that much of an interesting day....
Though headphones was starring/listening to me and Naz convo today.

First of all

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated here in the US. It's celebrated to remember the pilgrims who came over from England for religious freedom in the colonial era. The pilgrims had no skills or knowledge of how to plant and survive in that new world, but by befriending the Native Americans they learned how to plant crops and provide good housing for themselves. The first Thanksgiving was celebrated together with the pilgrims and the Native Americans in homage to their new friendship and "family."

We celebrate togetherness of our family and friends during the holidays just as the pilgrims did on the first Thanksgiving with the Native Americans.

This is the comment that she left me, not that ya'll particularly care, its just that she posted it on the wrong blog. You think t he words....COURSEWORK would have given away the fact that it was for school purposes.
Ah well

Today had econ and it was a nothing lesson. Well we did do something but i was too busy NOT paying attention to really know. I spent the entire lesson listening to my mp3 and drawing the super funky room. I dont know what the room will hold but its a working progress. What did make me laugh in lesson was when she said
''Im Not In A Good Mood Today'' I think i actually heard a sacrastic collective gasp.
When is she ever in a good mood? I dont think she even knows what the term good mood is. If there was a dictionary definition for moodiest person. Her face would be there as a prime example.

''My Friends....'' I actually think this woman is bipolar. 1minute shes all, im not in a good mood, you guys are my least favoraite class. Well your my least favouraite teacher. Not that its at all relevant to anything at all.

''This is the moaniest class'' Well who do you t hink we learnt it off of genius?

Well i cant complain i do get some heavy reading done.

Wearing Seans coat jumper thingy and it smells like him, which is an awesome smell i must say, and its soooo warm. Off to play Uno soon

Can i also state that it was a misunderstanding so im all good now, well for the most part ;)

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Okay i cant really see what im typing so hopefully no typos

I cant see that well, my eyes have gone all funny and blurry and its kind of annoying
Its notthat ive been infront of the comp for too long if thats what your thinking
cos ive only been sitting here for like an hour and a bit
this is actually pissing me off because it happend the other day as well
It aint the specjs coz i tried takingthem off an i still feel the same
But i will not give in
Iv got 4mins till house is on and i will go on till then....
Well maybe cut out early, ive go a cake to finish
coulda dun it ydai but i wanted to savour the last piece and an half :)

Morning ship mates

Was furious last night because of some phone call i got, which i wont elaborate on, and only managed to read a chapter and woke up angry, still angry now but ive calmed down a little trying to convince myslef it was a misunderstanding
It had better be or someones getting a kick in the teeth and and a punch in the head :)

Okay back to the here and the now
Just had some long random nap
was watching Richy Rich, then thought i'll take a qucik 45mins then come back for the ending........
.......And here i am
and hour and 45minute later.

Did the usual sunday stuff
Church; But when we gotthere at like 10:50 no one was there man we were shocked but then mumsi (bless her soul) let me drive the car around till they arrived.
I stalled a few times, but in my defence I've never driven a petrol before.
Then after church we went the Iltown coz mumsi left her phone in a shop yesterday,
how i don not know
Kid was being his usal bratty self; annoying everybody with his moody face and outrageous requests
When we was near hous, mumsi let me drive again, and kid made a big deal out of it saying
''I want to get out of the car''
So mother allowed him, and sent younger with him, sad because she wanted to stay.
I drove the car round and didnt stall once and even parked it in the drive like a pro :)
That definatly cheered me up

Not much else i can be bothered to type. my hands are still kinda sleepy and this is taking me a while to write, might attempt some book to loosen up then return.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Jennie and Sez epic list of greatness

Which i will eventually put in the side bar thingy
Make skittles vodka
Drinking binge from the tuesday of my birthday till the saturday
Back Liquid
Back Envy
Back brighton and whilst there......
go see briton university
go see sussex university / visit prodigal
go to a gay bar
then coach it home

cant remember the others

Book Review

Before i forget
i FINALLY finishe my book last night
The Luxe By Anna Godbersen

The book was totally super awesome
but the ending came super quick
which was a bit sad
but i think the next book (Rumours) carries on straight from this one
not much i can really say.
I would lov to live in the 19th Cebtuary, just becuse of the MASSIVE gowns they always get to where. Though i dont think i could ever be like Lina, being a personal made to snobbish rich person is not my forte.
Liz: dindt know what to think of her
Penelope: Hated from the off
Henry: Never disliked
Diana: My Kinda girl
Lina: Annoyed me
Will: Wasnt in it nearly enough

Okay enough about my views, here's the fantasticfiction summary.

Pretty girls in pretty dresses, partying until dawn.

Irresistible boys with mischievous smiles and dangerous intentions.
White lies, dark secrets, and scandalous hookups.
This is Manhattan, 1899.

Beautiful sisters Elizabeth and Diana Holland rule Manhattan's social scene. Or so it appears. When the girls discover their status among New York City's elite is far from secure, suddenly everyone--from the backstabbing socialite Penelope Hayes, to the debonair bachelor Henry Schoonmaker, to the spiteful maid Lina Broud--threatens Elizabeth's and Diana's golden future.

With the fate of the Hollands resting on her shoulders, Elizabeth must choose between family duty and true love. But when her carriage overturns near the East River, the girl whose glittering life lit up the city's gossip pages is swallowed by the rough current. As all of New York grieves, some begin to wonder whether life at the top proved too much for this ethereal beauty, or if, perhaps, someone wanted to see Manhattan's most celebrated daughter disappear...

In a world of luxury and deception, where appearance matters above everything and breaking the social code means running the risk of being ostracized forever, five teenagers lead dangerously scandalous lives. This thrilling trip to the age of innocence is anything but innocent.

Na na na naaaa

Samsung B3410

This is the phone i have decided to get for uni if i cant get the sidekick.
Disappointed i may be, but im willing to settle because i have a new found borderline obsession with QWERTY phones.
Even though my fingers arentt hat nimble and it will take me ages to learn to work it quickly and acurtaley
I also love typing QWERTY on the keyborad because them 5 letteres are right next to each other. Try it. It Fun ^^

As Apposed to the......
Tmobile Sidekick 3    or     Sidekick LX


 Also means i need to get ride of one of my phones (because i have two in case i've never mentioned it)
The blue one (ink) that i loved the monet i saw the colour. or the silver one (Bindi) that i got coz it was cheao and i needed somewhere to put my blyk sim, but have now grown attached to??

Yes i named my phones

Anywho im currently on the Henleys website, and i must say that i dont think ive ever paid this much attention in any kind of designer brand name thingy may bobby.
It would let me copy and paste you the stuff that i like, and i suppose i could put a link to each item.....well maybe i will if i get that bored
The tops are super cute
actually naa cba


Believers Never Die

Believers Never Die - Greatest Hits is the first greatest hits compilation album from American rock band Fall Out Boy. The album was released on November 17, 2009 and contains most of the songs they have released as singles throughout their career thus far, as well as several bonus tracks. The first single "Alpha Dog", which was first released as a demo on Welcome to the New Administration, under the name as "ALPHAdog and OMEGAlomaniac", was released as a single on October 26, 2009. The album features an original wrap-around illustration by artist Daniel Danger.[7]

What i would like to know is whether or not having a greatest hits album means your breaking up
I actually class these guys as one of my favoraite bands so they had better noot because i predict a riot ;)
Okay so the embed link has been disabled, so if you wanna see the video.....
I personally think that they shouldnt have made avideo like the, like its the end, but its not even done in a cool way, just got a bunch of flash backs and what not
Anywho if you cant be asked to click that link then heres the song

Na Na Na Naaaaaa

Scrubs quote, and phrase of the day for me and sezz :)

So today me and sez went lakey
and i havent been there since october 30th, which i only rememebr coz it was day befor halloween and the primark folk were all dressed up and stuff

So anyways we just browsed for a while
then made the trek to IKEA
because i wanted to try these famous hotdogs
and they are famous fro good reason, and so damn cheap
had chips which werent all that but were 45p so cant really complain.
Didnt get meatballs :(

Feel like i should have more to report but cant really think of much

Navjeets tonight......its raining so cant say im too disappointed that i aint treking it down to my ends, though i coulda visited Janelle. Ah well

Not quite sure what i think of Paramores new song Brick by Boring Brick
but ive only listened to it twice, i need another 5 before i can pass judgement

Friday, 27 November 2009

Okay im really sorry for overloading you with posts today, but i can help myself

So finally
you know how i go gym right?
well theres this super cute guy there
Neber seen him before in my life
Reece tells me he's new
and he looks so innocent with braces and a lil afro
but he's a proper east london rude boy
I do like a bit of mystery
and this is half the reason girls go to the gym :P

Did i tell you aboutt my friend who i was trying to re befriend?
Well i stopped talking completely to them, and avoiding all eye contact
generally avoiding them
and now
they are everywhere i am
it may be a coincidence
and i meay just be paranoid
but i doubt it.
Tough luck to them though

Okay im going up in 10minutes, i have a bok to finish then tell you about

Rounding up todays show

The worst thing will happen in HIMYM
i didnt want to believe it a t first
Nelle warned me it would happen
Barney ad Robin :(
He is supposed to be a womanizing bachelor like for-ever
She is meant to be a commitment-a-phobe
Ah well.

Was watching takethe lead yesterday

You know, the film with Antonio Banderes. But thats not the point. The point is that this dude...
Dante Basco

Is so totally cute, and was the voice of Jake Long in American Dragon, and Zuko in Avatar (You know i love my cartoons)

and i was thinking about Avatar, as theyre making it into a motion picture. And who did they pick to play his pinacle of awesomeness that is Prince Zuko?

Dev Patel.
Okay i get that he was like good on slumdog, and i totally love him on skins
but thats not the point.
Who looks more alike people honestly????
I mean zuko looks asain, well chinese asain
and Dev is just normal asain

 I just cant see it and will devestated of the film os shit because this is honestly one of the most unique and totally awesome cartoons you will ever watch.
*Sigh* Hope im not disappointed, Prodigal Younger Kid and I look forward to seeing this on 13 August 2010.

Videos Videos and more Videos....God bless the Tube

Okay so this was a random song prodigal showed me tiiiime ago, like when she was still living here, then a couple of weeks ago i saw a video for it on one of the music channels. I'm over it, but it always gets to me when i know about a song or movie or book or whatever a long time ago, then 6months later or more someone comes up to me and says..
''OMG! Have you so totally seen.....''
Here i usually give them a death glare or fantasise about slapping them.

If i was ever to become famous i would do a perfume adevrt.
No matter who you are (Paris im talking about you) you always look elegant, sophisticated and damn georgous, even if everyone can see your rare end in too tight knickers


Man that dude is fit....and reminds me of a certain slot machine...ha
also looks abit like Dean from Gilmore Girls, but less stroppy and posessive

This is art
I love how they have no meaning
well they have meaning
but you know what i mean :)
When im in uni, or well i suppose i could do it while im in The Heath
I'll make a perfume ad like this
.....but better
Obviously ;)

Monthly Dave Kelly Appretiation

Im sure you've all heard me mention him at least once
He's a radio presenter on Capital FM
Monday-Friday 10pm-2pm

I love his presenting style, he is just too funny the way he introduces himself after a song has played
''Hello Friends''
''This is Dave Kell, Nice one for checking me out tonight''

Though to be honest i was a little disappointed when i say his face after months of hearing him on the radio, but ive become acustomed to it....Kind of.
Anywho, considering i cant get you a little radio clip of him presenting

Heres a video of him getting his chest waxed....Enjoy

Now all the dramas over

We can get on with some real blogging

So one day i was in TESCO, because where else would i be, really?
and dontgive me none of that ASDA, Sainsburys crap, i back tesco all the way...unless im in America, cause then i back Wall Mart ;)

Anyways, it was like love.
When our eyes met
When we were alone i didnt think i could feel this way about any other
After the first encounter there was many more, but perodically
I didnt want anyone in my house getting suspicious
I wanted this one little delight to myself.
When we're apart i feel like a part of me is missing.

The day i walked into Tesco and discovered the Vanilla Tray bake changed my life


Nottingham Trent has recieved my application and our considering blah blah blah, lemme just C&P the email

Thank you for applying to Nottingham Trent University. We are now considering your application, and as soon as we have reached our decision you will be able to find all the details you need on UCAS track.

Okay so thats 1 down and about 4 to go, this is exciting :)

Total Eclipse

This has been circulating and its really pretty.
Cant remember for the life of me what this ones about as i read them years ago and tend not to read books twice until after 5years, excluding Harry Potter and The Tulip Touch

Americans and thir crazy dates......
30th June 2010

Class is now in session

Here in media
no teachers
no rules
we actually dont know what to do today
steph is making us all tell her what our targets are for the lesson
Its been a mellow day
only really had one lesson if you dont include this one, especially cause of eid and what not.
We have to make sure that NO ONE does any work
also you know that cake i bought yesterday
had fifteen slices and i've already eaten 7
Thats all there is for now that i can think of

And this is my lesson object of the day fulffilled
Other targets of the day......
Liam:To Grow that will ever happen :)
Gooda: To Take Liams virginity ;)
Moi: To Blog
Chris: To film Gooda and Liam
Sezz: To be UNO champion
Lauren: To find out how comfy a comfy chair is
Steph: To do DVD covers (and stop bumping into things)

Ohhh but must make a kick list
this should be interesting

Liam: ''PORN!''
Lauren: ''UNO!''

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Bed In 3minutes

First i need to pee
second, sorry
Bed so early because i actually enjoy my sleep unlike the people of my day and age.
Not much to report today captin
Had an assembly about cervical (Spelling?) cancer
Went to econ and ACTUALLY came up with good ideas
Best Buy people keep calling me just cause i didnt show up for the stupid interview
(Who wanst to work in lakey anyways?)

Ha 3minutes up.
That went too quick
would write more but i reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly have to pee

My Tesco Reciept

FROZEN PIZZA (2)                                                3.74
CRUNCH CREAM                                                 0.39
CHKN PORTIONS                                                1.20
SPRITE                                                                   0.25
COCA COLA (4)                                                   1.04
CHICKEN S/WICH                                               1.80
VANILLA CAKE                                                   4.25
SNICKERS SNGL                                                 0.41
BOUNTY BAR                                                       0.42

SUB-TOTAL                                                          13.50
MULTIBUY SAVINGS                                           -0.24
PIZZA 2 FOR £3.50                                                -0.29
SCHWEPPES 3 FOR £1                                         -0.13
TOTAL SAVINGS                                                  -0.66
TOTAL TO PAY                                                     12.84

The funny thing is that i really dont have any money to spend

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Keeping it brief

Wanted to blog about me doing a 1000 calories at the gym today
but that didnt happen
wanna know why?
Because the PE teacher decided she wanted to go home so kicked out the entire gym.
Lazy Bitch

Had the interview.....
of my life.
If i dont get the job i'll cry?

Got a call from best buy
had that interview today, but i couldnt be bothered to turn up
was in gym so missed the call.
Darn :)

Went to library
They were having a book sale
Bag (Carrier) of book for a £1
EXACTLY how could i pass up the opportunity?
Me kid and younger filled that motherfucker :)

On the way back, siblings pointed out a Give Way sign to me
was on the floor
so naturally
i picked up that bad boy and took it home
Sibs wouldnt let me have it in the house
so its now in the middle of the grassy bit opposite my house

Okay that all ive got time for folks
fasted summary blog
only took 5minutes :)

p.s: Havent written of my books for three days
sad times

Got to do one and a quater lots of math homework
Whilst eating salad
HIMYM at 7:30
Gossip Girl at 8:00
10 Things at 9:00

7minutes ;)

Kick List

Basic list of people who need to be kicked.
I chose kick because it can be done quickly, easily, sneakily, and can be claimed accidentally.

This Kick list was generated yesterday after i found there are too many people that i think deserve a kick.

Convosations between me and Nazia generally go

Me: Whats worng?
Her: Nothing
Me: Liar
Her: Just (Insert name)
Me: Wnat me to kick her?
Her: lol No
Me: You Sure?

So if someone has done anytyhing i deem unexceptable.
So i will make a list and put it in the side thingy

Study room time

Just finished going through our test paper in math
which i svored a wonderful 30% which was alright,
A U it may be, but i got the second lowest
lowest being 28%
and at leats i didnt get 0
See bright side :)

Anyways going out of school in a bit for t he Toys'R'Us thing
never had a group interview before, and i find it incredibly lazy.
Ah well, forst time for everything
See another bright side

Ah well, its at 11:30 so im going to miss media, t hen might go home and binge on toast/cheese and bread before i come back to school.

Should record radio
Go gym
Go home and book my driving test, before all the dates go
i dont want to change my mission from
Pass before im 18
Pass first time.

Not really that much of a ring to it

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

I'm smart; you're dumb; I'm big, you're little; I'm right, you're wrong, and there's nothing you can do about it

Why do parents gang up on you?
Switch things round?
Make it out like your turning them into a bad guy?
Think they can dictate you life?
Never give you a chance top put what they teach you into practice?
Shout unnecesarily?
Go over the same points again and again?
Act like hypocrites?
Make you angry?
Make you want to do something crazy?
Contradict themselves?
Think you dont know what your talking about?
Call you lazy?
Treat younger siblings differently?
Compare you to delinquent children?
Act like they know you when in fact they dont?
Compare you to other siblings?
Treat you like kids when they themselves act even worse?
Say they dont favouraitise then do?
Claim they love all their children equally then dont?
Say that you dont have anything to be tired about?
Say you cant listen to music and revise at the same time?
Claim that we dont know what hard work is?
Whine that we ask them for too much?
Get annoyed when we buy things ourselves?
Act like they want you far away?
Moan when you want to move far away?
After having a long convosation still act like nothing has happened?
Choose to ignore your age?
Get vexed when you stick up for you siblings?
Tell you to be quiet if you argue back?
Tell you to say something if you stay quiet?
Saythe dont care but keep rambeling on?
Voices drive you to the point of insanity?
Never want to hear about themselves?
Pick at the way we live our lives?
Break promises and claim they never made them?
Open your mail?
Not believe you when you tell them its against the law?
Never believe your truths?
Always believe the lies?
Not understand that the list about them could go on forever?
Don't get that I we just want to have a little freedome once in a while?
Think that all of this is too much to ask?

If this was football it would be a hatrick

But its not
and i have officially gone 7years + 4years from primary
without going parents evening :)

Id like to thank my higly intelligent parents

Driving Lessons....

Are going good
turn in the road
dual carraige ways
reversing round a corner

Blah Blah Blah

Dude says to book test for feb then take 1 lesson a week, which suits me fine, not as if i have job.

And i really really need one, considering it looks like i'll be buying my own car, because my lovely father is so wonderfully awesome that he can afford to buy kid (who is 9 in case you have forgotten)
A ps3
New TV for his room
and a wii a few months ago
even though he owes me £500.
Now i maybe doing a level math but im not that great at numbers, but its kinda obvious that all of that totalled up goes above my owed £500 right?

Younger: If Kid gets a PS3 im going on the ski trip [Note: Ski trip is £1100]
Me: If Kid gets a PS3 I get a car [Note: Looking to get for £1000]
Loving Father: Why should you have a car when i have three cars here, why do you always have to be so different and difficult?

See the old me would have burst out with something spitefull
The new me, who knows they are going FAR FAR FAR away for uni, just turned on her heel and walked out of the room, and isnt speaking to her lovely father, see i can be mature :)

Last time i checked asking for something wasnt a crime, and how is that being difficult?
I see only 2 cars in front of my house, and both are in constant use, and the thrid is in the garage.
The black on is like a van and guzzels gas, blue one my dad will use when he gets it back, and silver my mums.
So i say again, how does having 3 cars effect me at all?
Not like i can drive any of them, cause even if i did they'd prob hype.

So all i need to do to solve this issue, is buy a car, that will be mine only, and maybe give to younger if i still have it and she wants a car (For a small fee of course)

Buy a car ~> Save Up ~> Get Job
Simples ;)

Monday, 23 November 2009

Tomorrows Lesson?

[b][i]Nazia[/b][/i];][c=20]♥    [/c] says:
yu do know

thats il snitch on you too

Jennie. says:
Sully: why werent yu in my lesson

Me: Well we thought about and decided we'd sooner slit our wrists, so really yu shud be thanking us for not getting blood all over yur floors?

Note: By Sezz

The part 3 you read below is by Sezz

I think she may be making fun of me a little bit ^^
What can i say, she nearly captured my super awesomness
Real part 3 coming as soom as i can be bothered to write it

How Jennie Met Nazia - Part 3

So the revenge was planned, now all that was left to do was to put it into action. So I borrowed the Prodigal daughters best sluttiest dress that would stop any man or woman in their tracks. It was strapless with a low cut deep v-neck, essentuatng my pre teen chest, and skin tight emphasising my skinny model waist. It ended half way down my toned thighs showing off all my hardwork in the gym. It was green of course, you know how Romeo loves green, and my makeup and shoes reflected the colour of the dress. I had actually gone out of my way for this outfit, the revenge was worth it, and I could wear it again next time I snuck out the house for one of my rebellion parties. Nazia was to wear exactly the same thing, though of course she wouldn't look as good as me even with her back off, but I'm black so hey. We were to meet in Pizza Express at 6 o'clock. Me and Nazia would be 10 minutes fashionably late of course and make the bestest entrance ever.

Everything went according to plan. First and only ever time, beginneres luck eh? Who knew our plans would go down hill from here.

We looked in from outside and saw Romeo waiting alone at the table. We took pictures of him looking like a loner with my fabulous camera. It was then time to enter.

So I stormed in the restaurant with the best cat walk walk that I could muster up on the spot in my silver stilletos yes I was only 12 and I could not only muster heels but I was a pro in them. I went right up to Romeo and sat straight down, no kiss or anything. I barked commands at him telling him what we were ordering and he was paying. He started to protest but I shut him up with my hard motherfucking stare, So he's clearly baffed, goes to reach for my hand then, BAM, Nazia storms in. I have to say not as good as me, for one she's not as tall as me, so my elongated figure could handle swerving between the waiters and tables better. Romeo now is in total shock as we were wearing the same thing not rocking it as good as me though. She came in and sat down next to me and slapped him round the face! We had planned for it to happen later but the look on his face and the sound and the sour mark on his face was worth it. So Nazia goes off lecturing him, and so do I. Theres more slaps and then I make him leave us cash for the meal, tell him to fuck off and me and Nazia had some pizza. Well I had loads :)
Nazia questionned my diet and my possible bulima and when she found out I do fuck all she was obviously jealous.

So that was how we met
I've been blunt with her and prettier than her ever since

Stick around the next installment of how I met Sarah :)


Thats the time and school os the place.
Monday last lesson free and all hell has just broken loose.

The Gough has broken free of her imprisionment and has trapped 20 of us students in the large study room, picking us off one by one.
No one comes back.

We're down to the last seven
but ive got a plan
To be honest i cant help but to be awesome.
The plan is full proof

It involves a chair leg, coke, mentos and a diamond ring.

This good enough?
Better be bitch
cba to bang out anything else :)

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Relieved Sigh

Yesterday went according to plan...ish
but with me and Naz nothing ever does go right does it?

Bought the dress, browed round shops, and met up with Nazdawg by 6:05
took the 128 to get to tesco (God i hate that long ass bus)
but on the bus i saw a dude who had my phone....
You know the one i mean right....Th Tmobile sidekick 3 that you can only get in america
he so had it, and i was gonna ask where from, but.... i didnt
we mission impossibled our way around Tesco, and got to Daisys by like 7:40
Note: It started at 7:30
and got ready and had drinks (Vodka and Redbull) and set off in the drizzly rain with Iysha and Chris.

Got there, the band was good
but not enough real music to dance too, and we spent most of our time in the toilets, or just outside the hall.

A few losers decided to dictch early and announce: Who wants to go Romford? on the way out.
Just plain rude, and i hoped they got hit nythe non existant 86 on the way there.

Cause all Nazias plans of shelter bailed she bunked with me, we snuck in to my yard and up two flights of stairs to my room, luckily i have an extra bed.
Next morning i managed to sneak her out again before we went church.
Talk about legend....wait for it.....
Mum was in bed by 9 on sat and i usually get back from work at 10 ish, so she was non the wiser on my early morning arrival...kerching
Unfortunatly Naz left her cheque at rickys and his mum came and dropped it round, and her grass of a little brother busted her.
This is actually really funny. Just the fact that we were so close to being scott free.
She made stuff up and got a plan in motion, but all in all it was
......Dary ;)

Saturday, 21 November 2009

How Jennie met Nazia: Part Two - Nazia

I was used to getting what i wanted.
Play the innocent thats my motto.
I may have looked like an innocent little asian in a headscarf, went home and prayed with my parents and siblings.
But it was all an act.
Outside the walls of the mosque and my house, i was a different person, living this double life was hard at times but thrilling whe you nearly got caught.
As i rounded the corner to school everyday i would ditch the scarf, undo the first few buttons on my school shirt, roll up the sleeves of my blazor, and pull my skirt up to under my armpits so it brushed the end of my thighs. I would never let any of the worlds collide, and i had never confined in anyone about my two personas. I had friends but i was smart enough to know that i couldnt trust them, they'd stab me in the back if they could without blinking twice.
So with me being uber cool and loved in both of my crazy worlds you can imagine my surprise when i was sitting near the cinema, waiting for my boyfriend and wearing the green top he loved so much. When the black chick i had been sneakily annalysing comes up to me her face like murder.
I had seen her enter the lobby and saw all heads turn as she wondered round, clearly in a destructive mission. She wore black skinny jeans and was sporting a confident walk, her face held a secret, but it was etched with an underglow o murderous agendas. That was the kind of friend i wanted, someone i could relate to not the lame ass wannabes i was stuck with.
So i thought.
"Are you Nazia?"
"Yeah why, and can you make this quick im meeting someone" I tried to look bored and annoyed, but it didnt wash with this girl.
"I know and thats why im hear, that text you got was from me. I dont know who you think you are but stealing someones boyfriend is not okay, so i suggest you get that headscarf out of your bag, wrap it back round your head and go home before i tell your mummy what a little slut you are." All of this was said in a voice as cold as ice, with a face a sweet as candy. This girl meant business, but i was no push over. and beside i had no idea what the hell she was ona bout.
"Listen, erm...." she didnt fill me in with her name
"....Crazy" at this she raised her eybrow in something i may have mistaken for respect.
"I have no idea what your on about, and if your refering to Romeo then your sorley mistaken, we've been going out for nearly three week, and he isnt like that."
"Wow if he fooled me its no surprise he fooled you too, your clearly more nieve than you act."

What the hell, was she really trying to say that MY boyfriend was cheating on me. That kind of stuff doesnt happen to me, i hear about it happening to others and laugh (They always deserve it) but not me, what did i do to deserve this?.....Well i could think of something but that was hardly the point at the moment.
"Your saying he was cheating on me....with you?"  I couldnt help but sound discusted, sure this girl was georgous, but she had nothing on me, she she was tall, model thin with just the right amount of curves to know she wasnt annorexic.....but i was cute and curvey so there.
"Yup, considering how pathetic you look im going to trust that you didnt know not not slap you up like the bitch you clearly are? Also, FYI he was cheating on ME with YOU, i had him first, he does go to my school you know."
"Well you obviously werent good enough for him otherwise he wouldnt have cheated on you"
"Honestly, whats your deal? I just told you i wasnt going to hurt you, you want me to change my mind"
All i could do was scowl, this obviously wasnt her fault, but that dinty make it any easier to deal with. What also took the piss was that she didnt look as heartbroken as i felt. Bitch. But this wasnt about her this was about him, and well me needing to get revenge. The black chick with no name was still talking but i wasnt listening, that was untill she got up to leave.
"Where are you going?"
"Erm...Home, im done here"
"Your going to let him get away with this?"
"Hardley" was all she said
"Well i could help get him back, he was cheating on me too you know" I probably sounded pathetic but i didnt care i needed a form of closure, and i knew it would come in the form of revenge.
"Yeah that all sound peachy keen..." She said in that sugar sweet voice "But no." As the act dropped like an axe.
She stood there thinking for a good three minute i felt like time stood still as i waited for her responce, and when it finally came i was ecsatic.
"Fine, what difference does it make" she shurugged in differently as she walked out of the cinema lobby area and headed towards MCDonalds without even a backwards glace to check if i was coming. Sighing i knew i had no choice but to follow, but just because we were planning Romeos downfall didnt mean we had to be friends, that was the last thing i needed from this egotistical, man stealing stupid Bitch.

We sat in McDonalds for the next two hours plotting our revenge on Romeo, and as we sat there laughing at the different forms of social torture we could inflict upon him anyone passing would think we were frineds. The girl had an appetite i will give you that, she must have had at least 2big macs, four lots of fries and two drinks in the eintire time we were there, it was astounding. I didnt know whether to be impressed or really really discusted; how she managed to stay so thin was beyond me.
The bitch was probalbly bulimic.
After we finished planning Romeos downfall we exchanged numbers and parted ways. It was strange i really liked this girl, regardless of the fact that she stole my boyfriend. She was bigger headed than me, and i didnt even think that was possible, she also saw staright through my asian girl/bad girl act and it was a relief not to pretend to be someone else with her.I dont know what happend in those two hours planning, it was like we had formed an unspeakable bond, taking Romeo down was our main agenda, but after that who knew? I only hoped that we would be friends after and she wouldnt turn her back on me. She didn't seem like the type to do such a thing, but a girl could never be to certain.
What i did know for certain was that provided everything went to plan, come Monday in the next two weeks, Romeo would regret cheating on either one of us (but mainly me)


Is going to be one of them really really long days.....

Im actually enjoying the bus strike, means i have to figure out ways to get around either by walking or taking random buses
which i love doing, the random buses not the walking

On the plus side, with all  this walking my legs must look ah-mazing ;)

Anyways, its like a game of mission impossible, avoide the parents get to.........

Newbury Park: Give in me and Nazia's application form to Toys'R'Us. It turned out that this girl who was in the year above me works there, so fingers crossed, thou apprently she thinks all the black people look the same. Ha, thats too cute

Find something to do for two hours: Involves me currently being in the library, home away from home, i'll just jam on the net for an hour before maybe reading for an hour. The possiblitites are endless ^^

Get to Romford: Need to get a dress, and meet Nazia, but talk about last minute

Slyly trek it back to the Heath and and get ready to go out, round the corner of my house.

All being done without being seen

Though i must admit writing out my entire mission for the day on my blog isnt very sneaky.

Heck whats the worst that could happen...............

Friday, 20 November 2009

Too Tired

To Blog
To Write
To Read
*Intake of breath*

All i want to do is watch HIMYM
Eat Pasta
Take a hot shower
Make a plan for tomorrow
Eat more biscuits
Sleep for at least 12 hours
i can almost taste the dreams

How Jennie met Nazia: Part One - Jennie

This is the first part in my [i dont know how many] part epic trilogy of how Nazia and I met......

The year was 2004 and i was in year 8, the year of nothingness. Its the unexpected, and only bliss you will ever stumble upon in your seven years of high school....
Or so i thought.
After discovering that boys did not have cooties, and it wasnt cool to pull a girls hair if you thought they were pretty, i was eventually asked out by a boy we will call Romeo.
I had never thought of him as anything other than a boy who was inn a few of the same mixed classes as me, if anything i had a bigger crush on his friend.
But after the chinese whispers of;
Did you hear that Romeo spikes Jennie
Did you hear that Romeo skanked Jennie
and finally
Did you hear that Romeo likes Jennie.
I began to see him in a new light, he had nice skin for a 12 year old, not spotty, and not yet hairy enough for a shave, this warm cheeky he smelled really really good, which is a trait thats hard to find in boys aged 12.
Regardless of the rumours, he had never said anything to me, but one day after drama, i got all the way to the playground before i realised id left my book in the drama studio, so i raced back over there, not wanting to be cooped up inside for any longer than necessary, as break was a pitiful 20mins long.
I found my book and was just leaving when i walked smack into Romeo, obviously i wasnt expecting his abrupt presence, so hadnt mentally prepared myself for the first time we ever said hi.
"Hey" he said easily
"Errm, hi there buckaroo" I mentally slapped myself, now was not the time to be funny.
Akward silence as i shifted from side to side thinking of something interesting to say.
I was just about to comment on his perfromance in drama (he was ah-mazing) when he stopped me re-embarrasing my self by saying
"So i dont know if you've heard but i have a massive crush on you"
"I heard"
"Ooh, erm okay...." Unfortunatly for him, it takes a while for the ball to drop when it comes to me.
"So.....Do you want to go out sometime?" He eventually managed.
Okay so i dont want to bore you with the details but i said yes, and he kissed me (On the lips) and i ran out to tell all my friends. It was a blissfull three weeks and i was pumped, after all it was my very third boyfriend.

I was going though his phone looking to bluetooth one of his songs to me when he got a text. Now i know you hear this on the TV all the time, but i honest to God didn't mean to click open text.
But I did, and hears what it said.
Hey bbe, i know ur prob restin, coz of tht cold
if ur up 2 it let me kno wt tym we meetin for cinema on tues
Get well soon honey
tb xxxx
I didnt know what to think at first, my mind was a blank trying to work out what this meant (Waiting for the ball to drop) Then it all made sense, his overly busy schedule for a 12 year old, how i could only ever see him on certain days, and was always so protective when his phone went off.
Now crying isnt the first thing to come tomind, with me its a choice between confrontation and revenge. And revenege won this time. So i texted the bitch back

Yeah i can make it, cant let my girl down
i'll meet you about 5:15
Wear that green top i love xxx

This was going out on a limb, but it was a risk i was willing to take, momentarilly the bitch text back. saying that she would see me (him then). All this time Romeo was making us a sandwich, when he came back i stayed with him a little longer before taking my leave and going home to mentally prepare myself for the confrontation with this man stealing skank whore, as well as how i was going to get my own back on Romeo.

Tuesday came all to soon, and the hell i was ready, how the hell do you meet the person your bf's cheating on you with? To be honest i wasnt heartbroken, i mean i was only, 12, perlease, I wasnt Romeos lovesick Juliet.

Before start my blogging montage

This the premiere you have all been waiting for......
The music video all my time blood sweat and effort has gone into, so you had better enjoy it

The Breakfast Club

Just rememberd i watched like 5minutes the other day and it looks good, might buy it next month, heres the synopsis

The Breakfast Club is a 1985 American teen film written and directed by John Hughes. The storyline follows five teenagers (each a member of a different high school clique) as they spend a Saturday in detention together and come to realize that they are all deeper than their respective stereotypes. The film has become a cult classic and has had a tremendous influence on many coming-of-age films since then. It was shot entirely in sequence. Shooting began on March 28, 1984 and ended in May 1984.

I sure do mention

That random girl Nazia a lot right?
I should tell you the story of how we met.

But not tonight....

lol 101

No time to write books today :(
well i could, but im way to exhaustificated, so thats a No

Got my economics essay back today, and what do i get
a big fat B
Now im not complaning, much.
Sully hands me the essay and says
"Jennie i love reading your essays"
"Erm thank you?"
"I probably marked you too high for this, but the way you write is so funny"
"Erm thank you?"
So she toddles off to make someone elses life hell, and i scan through the comments, and i get to a bit i dont understand so i call horseface miss over.
"What does that mean?" i ask
"lol, as in laugh out loud" she replies
"Seriously?" I stagger
"Yes. You compared factory workers in the third world to teachers, that actually made me laugh out loud"
"Erm thank you?"

She lol'd my work
now i dont know whether to be throughly discusted or really really impressed.

What can i say, there's usually a first for everything, and i usually make them ;)

Merry Christmas

I think i might just start celebrating christmas REALLY REALLY early, im thinking August?
considering shops and malls have the deco's up already and the grotto so centerly placed, its stupid. I suppose they have quotas to meet and what not, but when we the people start being influenced by the christmas come early scene, its just cheesy annoying and cheesy.
SO there i am trying to get to bed, when what do i see on my wall?
I flash of blue is what i see. I ignore it at first and just write it off to a quiet police car, but hen it comes again
so i get up and look through my loftey slanted window, and in a house opposite mine, i see blue christmas lights flashing on and off
and on and off
and on and off
Hows a N****r supposed to get her rest?
She isnt!
well i do, i just roll over and close my eyes
but thats hardly the point, kmt

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Yes i love you

Jennie. says:
OMG this is so awesome

[b][i]Nazia[/b][/i];][c=20]♥    [/c] says:
you love mee
or you love mee?
She's lazy and should probably read: do you love me or do you love me.

Kings and Queens

Is my last song before bed, im shattered and will most likely be drunk with fatigue tomorrow.

Ooh while the song plays i'll tell you a bit about my dribing lessons.
Theyre going good, nor more arguments with Mr Penguin (The Be Cool top me and nazia saw in new look with a penguin wearing shutter shades).
Annoyingly so, he's told the other three guys he teaches to book their tests and and hasnt told me.
The first has had a lesson more or less than me, or we're doing the same thing
The second has only had 9lessons and hasnt taken his theory
The third has been driving illegally for quiet some time so is relatativly (Figuratively) understandable.

Thought was a fluke, but Nazia's convinced he's sexist, so is now being taught by his wife (A family of driving instructers, how cool right?)
The songs over now
I'll try and remember to mention booking my test for tomorrows lesson.

Sleep Times
Later Homies

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Just missed the repeat of misfits on E4.
Not my fault
11:00pm? What a rediculous time to air it anyways.

Oh talking about shows, that reminds me. How i met you mother today was
Wish i could find you the episode on line. So funny.

Heres the beginning of the episode

Heres the end of the episode

Man i <3 this show

Fingers crossed i at least get a U on the math test :)

I failed like a bitch
missed ugly betty for a bit of revision last night n'all
what a waste
Ah well, whats the worstt hat could happen?
They could kick me off the course
it could reflect my January grade
If i dont turn up for my January exam, thats the grade they will give me
Okay these upsides seem very negative so we're not going to discuss my impeding grade doom.

On a happier note. we only have an EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENY MEANY gap to fill on the music video, only about |    This much     |  Yay, which means i can start sleeping and going home at a regular time again on Monday. As well as Going back to reading, as i have been neglecting books for the past two weeks. Went Library today and stocked up ^^
I know how much you look forward to my book reveiws.

Oh did i mention i had detention this morning?
Just because i was a LITTLE late, once.
Did i also mention that detention was at 8am?
Exactly what would you do in my position
Dont lie to me, you'd do what i did; Turn up to school at 8:40, get to the register before your form tutor and tick off your name, so it looks like you've attended the stupid excuse for mental and physical torture.
Fine deny it if you must. But imagine how great you would feel hearing your form tutor congratulating you on a detention you never turned up to.
I think Pride is the word im looking for. Proud that you pulled one over the annoying bitches eyes :)

What exactly is classed as mean?

Im just wondering.
Is just thinking something automattically equate to meanness
or do you have to voice the mean thought to make it become real

Just thinking because i was sitting in economics on Tuesday and CrazySully mentioned something about horseracing, and horses in general and the first thing that came to my mind was
''Ha...You look like a horse''

Baring in mind she doesn't exactly look like this, its just a random example

Im a horrible person, i know
but i didnt MAKE myself think up such an aweful thing it just sprung to mind.
Lets bare in mind that i didnt voice this opinion.
So really im a saint :)


Love the idea that smart people choose not to go to university, it just proves that its not all about education, grades and samrts, but alos about choice.
Besides its hardley the end of the world right?

At prodigals uni shes still one of the youngest, and she started a year late (granted that her birthday is in August) she knows people who are 20 and just starting, 22 and coming back to top up their course or just start the degree. It's cool
Makes me feel not so intimidated by smart people
.....Is what i waould say if i was intimidated by smart people ^^

Dunno why bit I just think its cool.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Am i a clown? Do i amuuuuuse you?

Think that was a quote from sister sister. I dunno, use to give me so much jokes though, whatever, the point is im hoping the random hype over my blog will die down soon. Not that i mind people reading my thoughts, otherwise why make a blog right?
lol naa right, i just like writing wrong after i say right ^^. Errrm what was i saying? Yeah just as long a  i dont know they're reading it. Or even if i know, and they know i know, they try and make out like they dont know.....You know?
Ha media detention today after school for half an hour. Bruce gave me treezers and a pot and told me to
pick up all the rubbish from the floor. Gotta love their form of torture. 7then made me allign the computers with the chairs, mouse and keyboard.

This dude left 30 seconds

But we dont care that much because he looks like a carnivor dodgy.

Jareds brother started the band, and HIS name is SHANNON

luckily he was the third fittest in the band so he can be who ever he likes (looks abit like skander keynes)

Obvs first and second fittest is Jared (have to accomidate for his extra hottness)

Hats off to you :)

I dont know why i named this post, ive never been on it, but it kind of links with my point on slang
and how even though i am part of my generation
i swear they just make up new shit everyday :S i'll be having a convostation with someone, and a new term will come up and i'll be like
''Erm what does that mean''
''Nazia what the fuck? Can you translate?''
But seriosuly theyre rediculous.
Those are all the ones i can remember/Nazia gave me, feel free to urbandictionary them for yourself, just let me know what they mean and how exactly your supposed to use them ina sentence.

Tramp stamp has been made i real term in America today, refering to tatoo on a womans lower back. I know im probably doing tha thing again where i think i make it up, even though someone a million miles away has also came up with the same term. But i dont care
I started using that like last year when there was a wave of tatoo madness.
Nazia agrees

[b][i]Nazia[/b][/i];][c=20]♥    [/c] {Mathss dont talk } says:
lool thats yur worddd
loooool iWanted oone on lower backk :(

Im pretty sure i had something really interesting to say

Not that everything i have to say isnt amazingly wonderful or anything ^^
Ah well maybe i'll remeber it later doubtfully

Oh yeah and before i forget Dave Kelly has Man Flu :(
You know the non existant cold for men
It just makes me laugh the way he talks about it, and completly bites off the head of who ever texts or calls in
''Comming on here.....Making fun of me, well your the one at home on a friday night, get off son''
''Hello Friends....''
Im not one to advertise so i thats all i'll say on him.
Dave Kelly, 95.8 Capital FM Mon-friday 10pm-2am

Got a new book to read but i havent really had time to get into it, mainly because im on the computer till the wee hours of the morning, either blogging or writing or researching books to read, cause im that great 8-)

I decided to take a nap to day, after i got back from school at around half five. So after four slices of toast smothered in butter i crawled into my bed and told by brother
''Wake me up at 7, and dont leave till i get up''
he said
Todays lesson children: Never trust a nine year old.
He left me asleep till 8:00pm and i had to use sheer force of will to drag myself out of bed, and this is only because i was hungry and i have a math test tomorrow to revise for :|

Monday, 16 November 2009

The hidden meaning

I always thought it would be funny if the scene played out like this
''I know what you are''
''Say it....out loud''
''Are you afr- sorry, what the fuck?''

Life is like a pair of scales

Nothing can ever be completly balanced. But thats not todays point.
My point today is Twilight. The film i hated when i first saw it, that was like nearly a year ago right? Now on the other hand i can actually tolerate it. I thought it was because it was nothing like the book, and my very wild imagination, but after critical analysis from the professionals, i found out that it wanst just about how unsimilar it was, but also because of all the hype. Everybody was making such a big deal out of the film, that i subconciously began to hate the idea of it. Which was weird because when i first read it, (and it was still unknown) and found out they were thinking about making a movie, i was well exited. This week on skymovies they're showing twilight everday, i havent watched it in full, just clips, and believe it or not, Bella isnt annoying me with every word :O...Shocking i know. I'll probably start hating new moon, though i doubt it....Think it was my favoraite book, i cant remember.

Oooooh another scales reference; you remeber last night, and how kid and younger were awake? Well they didnt end up even getting into their beds till 1:10am, and as a result woke up at 8:30am. the time they usually leav for school, and this is only because father dearest came back from work. See yu cant have it both ways.

Im still in media

Trying to edit our music video and the ending is awesome (your welcome) and we don't want to chop it up into little piece and feed it to the sharks (Bruce).
Cause it amazing, and we still havent done the middle bit, and the deadline is soon, and we've gotten to the end of the song, and we still haven't rewound time and blah blah blah!

Enough moaning.
we need to buckle (knuckle?) down

Sezz doing teacher impressions.
Sev coming in and telling us off for making noise


Back too it
the wind cool

Why am i even surprised

That its 00:03am
and kid is awake, just jammin watching late night wrestling and Kim Possible
Thats the life :S
Younger is singing to the radio (capital, naturally) and neither of them look like their in the mood to go to sleep. Weirdos if it was me id be asleep. Well i guess thats a bit of a contradiction considering i am me, and i am awak.....Brain Drain

Both parents have gone night, and i think its the first time since Prodigal flew the nest
meaning im in charge...which there fore means they can do what they want as long as they dont hassle me.

Though if i have to have one more parent (well in this case sister) tecaher confrence with kids teacher about how he doesnt have gloves, or doesnt have a coat, or has bags under his eyes, or bladdy blah blah. I think i might tell her to shove it.


Unless clearly stated or quoted otherwise, everything on here is of my own life mind and thoughts and so I would appreciate if you intend to copy anything, please reference either the blog name, post title etc by form or a link. Thank you.

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