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Friday, 29 January 2010

I accidently watched skins

It was just tht i was home alone and was having a break before i started my revision, and it was on sky anytime. (I just got the Sky+ HD and am just playing around with stuff)
As i watched it and saw a total of three sex scenes i decided i would try my hardest to find a good message in this hormoned show.
So today episode was about Thomas

Some girl died at his club and he was having some girlfriend and family issues, as well as issuses with himself, okay so here are the 5 lessons i learned from todays episode.....

1. If your girlfriend cheats on you, its okay to cheat back.
2. Even though your the preachers daughter you can still sleep around
3. The answer to everything is: Sex, Doughnuts, and alcohol.
4. Its okay to kiss your teeth at your mother. Even if she is black.*
5. Always do what your friends tell you to.

See, skins isnt as bad as the adults think it is.
Also being a media student i was wondering what the hell was up with Thomas family? They've all lived in Congo their whole lives right? So why is he the only one with an accent, and why does it go when he prays?

Back to revision...I do have an exam in 2hours after all ^^

*I take no responsibility if you tryt his and your mother kills you

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Its strange when you wake up and find strange men in your house

I was blarry eyed and puffy faced as i scrambled out of bed and down to the second floor, and who shall i find in my brothers room head hanging out of the window? A starange large asain man.
I was a little confuzzled and the thought of him there registered as a dream as i continued on my decent to the first floor. I got to the kitchen and was filling up my cup when another strange man walked in from the garden to the dining area.
Now i was definatly awake.
He seemed abit shocked to see me, and i was just thinking
Then the guy from upstairs comes down and their both there in my dining area section just starring at me, blocking me in. This all happens within 10 second radius. I actually pinch myself, before i shout.
He comes rushing in from the garden (lucky he was actually at home and that close)
''Whats wrong? What Happened?''
He sees me starring at the guys and is like...
''Sorry honey these are the guys from sky, their going to be putting in a new dish and box.''

SO after my experience that morning, dad went to work whilst i actually managed to buckle down and do some work for a good two hours straight :)
Went to pick up kid and we had a nice little strole home, where we jammed for an hour and a bit before i took him to Ilford for some concert thing. We stopped at the Library because we were a bit early and i picked up a book for Sez. I was planning to go home after i dropped him but thought why not. Luckily he was up first so i listend clapped and cheered his name, much to him embarrasment >.<. Then i had a good hour and a half left, so i got out my book and mp3 and read. I got a few looks from parents, but i glared back challenging them to pass comment. Heck i dont give a damn bout their kids, and i doubt they cared bout my brother. Besides im sure i wasnt bothering anyone. Sure my phone went of thrice, but i picked it up post haste.
Actually had a Chicago Town Peperroni today, didnt think i could stomach them after last time, but it was oh so devine.
Random thought: I miss the mentalist :(
And that everybody was my day. I played around with the HD channels and the recording, pausing, rewinding, fastfordeding, rewatching. On the new sky box for a while, oohing and ahhing with my siblings and dad.
Im going to take a shower maybe go through my notes before going bed. Luckily my exam aint till the afternoon, or im pretty sure i would sleep through it :\
Must remember to by the Media DVD, pick up my new specs and update my music list.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Why is it that

Most vampire book authors have red hair?

Also i have a bunch of films i need to watch, like ive watched half of it this week but got cut off wne it came to the last hour

The Game
The Jane Austen Book Club
I Robot

Found out that the library has the next two Private books in stock. But theres still 4others after those :\

Book Review

Man im on a roll.

I just finised this book this afternoon and the ending made me do a 7second Damn Girl.
No Lie
So i was kind of getting annoyed at main character Reed, but i told my self to suck it up, because i do enjoy reading the Private series.
What did annoy me about her is how she kept going on about her ex kissing some other girl, and i dont wnt to spoil it for you, but i was literally saying Really? To the book as i was reading. And that whole heart braking being in love thing got tiresome, but another mouth opening ending and i cant wait till the next book. If the library doent have it i think i might...Scream?

The higher you climb, the farther you have to fall....

Reed Brennan knew being elected president of exclusive Billings Hall would change her life. What she didn't count on was being dumped by her boyfriend, Josh Hollis, or being held responsible for a fire that destroyed Easton Academy's oldest building.

And now the administration wants to shut Billings down. Forever.

As president, it's up to Reed to save Billings Hall. What better way to win over the headmaster than to host a glam fund-raising event in New York City? Everyone needs a date, and the newly single Reed is the most eligible girl on campus. All of Easton's hottest boys are angling to take her out, and for once, Reed's biggest problem is which one to choose.

Reed has never felt so popular or powerful -- until the police start asking questions about Cheyenne Martin's death. Excited party buzz quickly turns to whispered rumors and dark moods, and one thing becomes clear: There is someone who wants to see Billings, and Reed, go down. And they will do anything to make it happen.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

getting past last posts negativity

I was meant to make it globally known that i absolutly LOVE
Chandler Bing aka Matthew Perry

was that place, the sun?' (commenting on where Ross got his overly tanned tan from)

(To Joey when he raises the idea of hitting a woman whom they thought was a stalker with a frying pan) Yes, hitting her with a frying pan is a good idea. We might want to have a back-up plan though, just in case she isn't a cartoon!

Chandler: [reading the paper] Says here that a Muppet got whacked on Sesame Street last night.

Chandler: Well, if I were a guy...

[Everyone stares at him.]
Chandler: Wait, did I just say 'If I were a guy'?

(Chandler tries to leave the hotel, but Monica convinces him to stay and takes his baggs for him.)

Monica: This is empty.
Chandler: Yeah, I wanted to make a scene but I hate packing.

Could I be wearing anymore clothes!

The fu-hunniest character on the show by far, ive been watcing the episodes lately and Ah-mi-gawsh
Dont worry if you dont feel the love...its a bing thing ;)

Pent up anger

But now time has festered on....and after alot of screaming i have calmed down...marginally.

and i dont care if she finds this blog post because its true and she knows it as well as i do
Had a go at me in lesson and i wasnt even doing anything, honest
I was just sitting there at the back of the class like i yabba dabba and shes like grrrrr i wish youd [pay attention, your not allowed to sit the exam BLABLAHBLAH.
I had a go at her right fucking back in the middle of class.
then she stops me after school and trys to have some convocation with me, I attempted to leave twice, but she werent having it.
So i was standing there with a bored expression and she starts yammering on
''I get so angry at you and i bet your wondering why''

''ermmmm not really''
''(ignoring comment) You remind me of myself when was your age''
Honst to god i was actually just thinking before she said that....Please let this not turn into some cheesey after school special. So i just burst out laughing, she laughs to....I dont know why.
Anywho she went on to say that i dont try on purpose and how im a bright nice smart girl. Man this woman doesnt knwo me at all.
in the end i just left in the middle of her talking.

I got home and younger starts on about her being a backstabber beacuse of some secret to do with a few year 11s, that was never meant to get out, and its a secret im not allowed to tell, though the whole year9 know about it....any ways younger starts immitating her. I tell her to stop because the immitation is quite near perfection and its creepy.
I was telling her about my encounter with the osullivan, and i got really wound up because im so frustrated and i really dont get why people are passsing their own faux pas judgement on something that i have shown i am not and gave sound clariffication of.
Are people starting to get the message. Just beacue i make a few passing smart comments dont just assume. Im not saying im a complete space cadet, but when people are telling me off beacue they think im not trying on purpose :S
I bassically just got so worked up and screamed for a good 5seconds, and i think the noisy builders working on the roof next door must have heard because they ceased work for a good few seconds.

Also all this got me thinking about people who do anything to be popular, i dont know why but it did, and im just thinking, whats wrong with just being yourself? Whats wrong with just being. Who says those people are popular to begin with? The popular ones are always the ones people hate, the ones people stab in the back, the ones who keep stuff from you, but yet the people you want to hang with. Im not going to do some kind of motivational speech but its true? Stop striving to be somthing your not because its
borderline pathetic.
borderline annoying.
borderline stupid.
borderline obvious.

Monday, 25 January 2010

I just realised that now my media coursework is finised then the teachers have no reason to look on our coursework blogs and accidentally on purpose click on our real blogs. Thus now giving us free reign to once agin say what we want to say about anything school related. Not like that ever stopped us before =]

Remember the days when i used to come on here and blog about how awesome my driving lesson was? About how i couldnt wait for my next lesson? How i was doing oh so well?

Well bitches those days are dead and gone.

Had a driving lesson today if you havent guessed yet, and basically all he did to day was talk and talk and talk about how badly i was doing.
Turn in the road
Him:You didnt look behind you when you were reversing
Me: Hmm really? so why is there a pain in my neck im not completly retarded.
Reversing round a square corner
Him: Your in the wrong place. You shouldnt be here you should be (Taking the wheel)Here.
Me: Really? I didnt know what a big difference me moving two centimeters in your direction
Him: The car isnt straight. Now Its straight.
Me: Doesnt looks straight to me
Him: Well then you need to get your eyes checked
Me: Um not really its kind o at an angle.
Him: Its supposed to be like that
Me: Whatever. Then why are you telling me its supposed to be straight?
Reversing round a round corner
Him: Move it one turn to the left
After the manourver failed
Him: Do you know where you went wrong?
Me: Nope
Him: You werent listening
Me: Thats what i did
Him:No you did it full lock
Me:I thought they were the same thing.
Him:Well there not, try it again. (After a moment pause)Do you want any help?
Me:(Another moment pause) Nope.

After i executed the perfect manouver first try he acted like i had done it before, and im all WTF no this is the first time why would i lie swear down its the first time. He was like yeah yeah whatever and tried to make fun of me saying: Swear down.
We got back to my house and gave me a little pep talk about how i should be more enthusiastic. I nearly burst out laughing. But just sat there emotionless instead.
Hes one of those people who are always talking and talking, and at first its cool then its just gets annoying so i just say nothing or just go uh huh then it pisses him off, which is a okay with me. All i want to do is.


Book Review

Just finished last night.
I have to say that this one is most likely the best one so far.
This book was about Vishious, or V for short, and becasue there were no lesser back stories it gave time to focus on the perspective narrative od two other characters in the book. John....The mute, newly transitioned, and Phury. Twin brother of Zadist. I really liked it, ending was sooooo deep. But i think in terms of the individual story of each brother, each book personifies, Zadists is still my favouraite, this book was just written differently, and you felt more involoved. It was also i alittle funnier as i creased up trying to imagine 6foot 6 hench dude playing monoploy.

Fantastic Fiction:
The ruthless and brilliant brother Vishous possesses a destructive curse and a frightening ability to see the future. As a member of the Brotherhood, he has no interest in love or emotion, only the battle with the Lessening Society. But when a mortal injury puts him in the care of a human surgeon, Dr. Jane Whitcomb compels him to reveal his inner pain and taste true pleasure for the first time-until a destiny he didn't choose takes him into a future that does not include her...

Sunday, 24 January 2010

This post has been a long time coming

Just got brought up again today and i thought id get a quick post in before i went up to my room for the night.

Basically my dad has started drinking.
By drinking i dont mean the hardcore liquor stuff.
I mean the occasional one bottle fo Guinness every two to four weeks.

A while ago...the day we went to get kebab i think, he was getting us some fizzy stuff, and i asked if he wanted some and he replied
''Naa i need something a little darker if you know what i mean. Well actually you wont''
Im thinking EXCUSE ME?
I said: ''Excuse me? I know what your talking about''
''No you dont, your just a child''
I just didnt reply.

First off im not a child, well i am, but not in the context he meant, referring to me like i was some kind of 7yearold who thought they knew where babies came from, but when asked to describe how, they told the story about the stalk carrying the baby to its mother in a piece of cloth.
Secondly, wtf with calling it ''The Dark Stuff'' like its some kind of ancient myth.
Thirdly ive probably consumed more liquor then he has in his entire life.
Well half his life, cause i dont know what he was like before i was born, but still.

How bout he has a few shots and then tells me about ''The Dark Stuff''?
Plus beer can hardly be considered anything but nasty and weak.
One cup of Vodka and redbull will get you more tipsy than two beers

Whatever floats your imaginary boat. It just annoyed me cause he brought it back up tonight when he got out a bottle of Supermalt, and then went ''I dont even really want this id prefer som Guinness''
I felt like replying dont mean....
But decided to ignore him and so he made the same comment when my mom came into the room.

She just Kissed Her Teeth.
I love that she always knows just what to say.

Well thats me for the day guys, School starts tomorrow and im not quite sure what will happen cause i didnt do the media homework and ive only been to one econ lesson out of four last week.
On the plus side i will have finished my book by tonight, and i know you all look forward to my book reviews.
Did i menation i have and exam on friday i need to START revising for?
Man i wish i had another milkshake

So i dont know the official ''Take down your christmas tree'' date

But mines still up and standing strong.
Basically putting it up is as big a hassle as taking it down and taht basically means that none of us can be asked.
Thus meaning we have created a compitition amongst ourselves every year....
''How long can the christmas tree stay up regardless of parents talking about taking it down''
(We're working on a shorter title)
I think last year we managed till like 18th January

So far mums mentioned it once and as always we say we'll do it.
You know as well as i do that taht aint happening anytime soon. Considering she told me this like a week ago.

Its nearly Feburary meaning that we would have out done ourselves, as we do each year. Un fortunatly next year i would be here to see how long she manages to stand.

Thinking about it, if it was my own mini tree, id bring it our on christmas eve eve then box it up on boxing day.

Omg i think i just found the true menaing of boxing day

(Thats me being oblivious to wearing a halo becasue im such a genius>.<)


If that wasnt the quickest interview ever, then im a flying dog.
Im not
So it was.

I litterally went in there at like 4:55 and was out by 5:07
And in that space of time these events happened

I walked in and informed them that i had an interview at 5
I sat down in a booth and waited for about 3minutes
Fit dude from the other dfay came up and in troduced himself as Charlie
I refrained from licking my lips and saying in a sultry voice: ''I know you are''
He told me he misplaced my CV
I kept my smile in place as i told him it was okay, and thought it was lucky he was cute.
He offered me a milkshake
I declined
He told me it was free
I chose Vanilla.
He talked at me for a while, and because it was so loud i could barely hear what he was saying so i just smiled and nodded and tried not to image what are babies would look like.
He asked if i had any questions
I said i didnt
He asked if i was sure
I said i was cool.
He said that if i got a call back id have two non paid work trial/interview day thingys
I said that was fair enough
I smiled said it was fun then left.

All i can say is that if i dont get the job
Least i got a free milkshake


I dunno

Have my interview in like 45minutes and i hope my mums still dropping me or else im dooooomed.

Nazia just text me and said it was scary.
Great now i can feel the nerves creeping in.
Ah well im guessing coz the guy was so fit?
I mean how hard can an interview be for a job in a cake and ice cream shop?

Ive basically just condemned myself by saying that havent i....
ah well im off to go get ready and i'll let y'all knwo how it went later

Wish me luck

Friday, 22 January 2010

Okay so i rolled out of bed at like 10:00am after my alarm went off

because of my driving lesson at 10:30
I int gonna say much about it.
Lets just say that im not as good a driver as i thought, if im nearly ruinning red lights and not giving way now after more than 20 lessons then im not passing for shit.

Came home and read for a few hours before meeting up Nazia for some job hunting

It started off on a low as NO WHERE was hiring. Not even Primark, and theyre always hiring.
I went and gave my CV into boy heaven* and they gave me an appointment for and interview there and then, so Sunday 5:00pm i must not forget.
Fingers crossed, coz y'all know i need the doe :)

I think thats all there was to my day. Considering in on a school hiatus i have no moaning to do about both peers and teachers alike. Its like a weights been lifted.

Im strving so im off to hunt for some food


*Please note that boy heaven is not the name of the shop, There just happen to be a lot of cute guys working there

**Please dont ask me to explain the picture i have no clue what those barbarians are on about

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Quote: ''Guys i think we're in the biggest trouble ever''

Ive basically skipped school this whole week, i went to one lesson on monday, had my exam yesterday and thats all i can take for the time being.
Firstly my exam,
I revised tonnes and tonnes as you well know. But none of that even matters because the test its slef will either be hard or it will be easy.
My year group lucked out and that test was some ard mother fucker.
It hurts the most when nothing you revised comes up, you feel like its such a waste.

Okay back to the school skippage.
I dont know what wrong with me. Thats a lie i actually do.

Ive litteraly been hiding under my convers all week. I just got out of bed 10minutes ago even though ive been awake since about 11.
I was lying there thinking about whats wrong with me and i dr phill'd my self and decided im using my bed as a sheild, thinking that it will protect me and stay with me through my current bad situation. Its warm it safe and my stuffed animals are around me.
Not bad eh?

I was watching recess the other day and the episode titled: ''The biggest trouble ever'' was on. and as i sat their and watched and often busted out a few lines, and i started to think that they had it easy. Thier punishment was that they were going to be sent to 6 separate schools. This was all just for climbing on a statue....Then knocking it over. But they got rescues by this rich dude whos gradfather was the statue.
If that was my punishment i wouldnt even mind. Start afreash, new leaf and what not for the next 6/7 months before uni.
No ones rescuing me. Its just not happening.
I dont know what is. And this can either be a good thing or a bad. In two months from know i dont know how the situation will turn out, and thats almost a good thing. The fact that it could swing either way. But the way its swinging know is dangerously close to the edge, and one bad move.
And im over.


Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Sorry Sezz for the blog bombardment but its will be my last post of the day :)

Basically my phone of dead.
You know how i have two phones right?
Well the blue one which i got for January (Basically i didnt want to use up my christmas and birthday credits with a new phone so io convinced my mom to get it for me in Januray) Is dead.
I dont know how long it was dead tbh because i only use the from screen to check the time and see if i have any messages and only open it when i need to set an alarm for school, napping, or reminders. I opened it up to set a nap one and the screen was white with a purple line down the middle.

I also just realised that i had a whole bunch of stuff saved on my drafts like books i wanted to read and mucis i want to download my social security number etcetera. and now its all gone. Bugger all.

Ohh found these other colours i didnt even know existed....

Did i mention that this was my first real phone?
My dad got me one in like year 9 but i didnt want it. This one i got in year 11.
Sad Times :(

So heres a real post, considering my last two were book reviews....

Watched 90210.
Dixson you Doughnut
etcetera etcetera

I couldnt imagine myself in that position wheres ive lied so much that theres no turning back. Im a compulsive liar, but my lies have never gotten me in that deep. And even if it had there had to be a point where its like, okay i have too sort it out by the end of the month or something. You Know?
Okay you probably dont because im actually talking about something else that i probably shouldnt even put up here, sigh. Im giving it till the end of the month, and thats only a week and a half away :\

Okay on to less scary thoughts.
My Rules for the year are coming on really well, its almost too easy.
Ive so far had an argument with two teachers. Blatently ignored another and still managed not to be kicked off the course. Yet.
Im starting to learn the second verse of the Lose Yourself rap. And i cant rememeber what else i had up there but im sure its all in the works.

Oh yeah did i mention i have a math exam tomorrow?
Core 3.
I revised hectically over the christmas break...even christmas day....that now its round the corner im all revised out. I literally cant look at another practice paper without falling asleep within the hour. No Lie ;)
I had the day off because of the impending examination and after waking up at 10:30am. I decided to start work at 11:00. This lasted 15minutes. I then curled up in bed and just lay there snuggled in my warmth. Thats it. After about 30mins of this i reforced myself up read through my notes once before i curled up with my book for about 2hours. I then proceeded to attempt re-reading before relising it wasnt gonna happen, and went back to my book. Took a little trip down to tesco, picked up kid, watched 2hours of television, took a nap, made dinner, watched 2more hours of television and here i am.

SO basically if i come here and start bawling about how i havent gotten my target gread of a C. Then you can all remind me of this convocation.
Your Welcome...x

Book Review

This book was actually ah-mazing, i mean the other two were great two, i generally love these series but the ending to this book was like :O
And i tried to imagine myself in each of the girls situations and just couldnt. Daymnnnnnnn. Basically theyre being stalked by someone named A. A is like gossip girl, but more leathal, and she really does see all, though lord knows how its actually spooky. Anywho i deffinatly reccommend, okay now i'll let Fantastic Fiction give you a real summary, you know you love me....xoxo

In a town where gossip thrives like the ivy that clings to its mansions, where mysteries lie behind manicured hedges and skeletons hide in every walk-in closet, four perfect-looking girls aren't nearly as perfect as they seem.

Three years ago, Spencer, Aria, Emily, Hanna, and their best friend Alison were the girls at Rosewood Day School. They clicked through the halls in their Miu Miu flats, tanned in their matching Pucci bikinis, and laughed behind their freshly manicured fingernails. They were the girls everyone loved but secretly hated—especially Alison.

So when Alison mysteriously vanished one night, Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna's grief was tinged with . . . relief. And when Alison's body was later discovered in her own backyard, the girls were forced to unearth some ugly memories of their old friend, too. Could there be more to Alison's death than anyone realizes?

Now someone named A, someone who seems to know everything, is pointing the finger at one of them for Ali's murder. As their secrets get darker and their scandals turn deadly, A is poised to ruin their perfect little lives forever.

Book Review

Okay so ive been so out of loop and ive been in a nice little reading zone this pass week

This book was okay, i love the idea of bording school so i was willing to give it a fair chance. The term poison apples in itself wasnt really used much but whatever. Book was a lil random and though the kids were 15 it seemed they were 12 or something. Also i hate geeky kids in books they annoy me and i just wanna shout at them to grow a pair.

We all know the stories of Cinderella, Snow White, and Rapunzel. But have you ever heard of Alice Bingley-Beckerman, Reena Paruchuri, or Molly Miller? Of course you haven't. Not yet. What these girls have in common with their fairy tale sisters is this: They are the stepdaughters of three very evil stepmothers. And they're not happy about it. They think they are alone in their unhappiness until they arrive at Putnam Mount McKinsey, a posh boarding school located in lovely rural Massachusetts. Here is where they will plot their revenge. But first they have to meet.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Just remembered

On the way back from the optitions with younger and a woman aske us if we were twins.
No Comment

Kid sent me this email:
why are you never nice to me thats it by.

from kid

I kindly replied

Thats is soooo ah-dorable,
Its not that i never nice to you....Well actually im not
But i dont do it on purpose.
You make me do it :)
Like when you dont listen when i ask you to do the most simple stuff, when you shout unnecesarrily, Bug younger. Stuff like that.
Want me to be nice to you? Then at least listen to what i say without sounding rude. I am 8 years older than you after all :D
Okay thats it from me for now or today or which ever.
I only have one lesson this week. And ive already had it :)
Well i have like 2 econ lessons but they arent necessary or important and im hoping when i come back next week she womt notic my absences?
A girl can hope

Im Super Sorry Sorry

Its been a while.... Super Sorry Sorry...Geddit?

Oooookay then moving on.
Il start backwards as in from Today...

I didnt go to my economics lesson, because lest face it she doesnt care and neither do i. So i did a math paper instead, though i woke up at like 10:30 as apposed to my supposed 9:15. Stopped at the libray to pick up a book, and im getting sick of the libaryman reccomending vamp books to me. Went threough the park to get to school and saw sully. Bollucks. She was smoking...(Kmt she told us she stopped)...but i was listening to music so even is she tryed to call me i wouldnt have heard it :)
Media lesson today completly through me. It honestly just takes me a while to understand things, so im gonna get Sezza to sit down and go through it woth me, or do it over Msn

Had a driving lesson and im an absolute failure, i cant bloody reverse round a square corner an i have just under 6weeks to know everything. Well actually 5 coause if i dont know wverything by then, it looks like ill have to defer it till who knows when.


Mother lt me drive all the way to church, which is a good 5/6 miles and i was feeling pretty good about myself and my driving skills (Little did i know what was to come)
Visted my Sick grannie
AND i also managed to do
a staright hour and 15 minutesof work.
Bloody shocking i know, Well now that i think about it it was more like an hour of work including like 3 attempts of nappage for like 10 minutes before i forced myself up to keep going. So in celebration of my full hour and 15mins i went downstairs to get a muffin, and ended up sitting downstairs for like an hour and a half watching Jonas, Ndubz Live Session and a Britany through the ages thing. Then i went upstairs and got my notes because i felt alittle guilty (Americas best dance crew was on next then daddys girls which took about another hour and ahalf ) I suppose that just how i roll, and hour of work and a 3 hour break. I think thats about it for my Sunday.

So it was time for my yearly visit to the Optitions (cause i wear glasses) and as the woman was checking out my eyes o thought of this convocation me and sezz had like on friday and i started laughing. Lady asked what was wrong and i just said the light tickiled my eye. Not plauseable but it worked none the less.
Then i attempt a paper and it took me only 12minutes to give up and take a nap, which is a personal best...or worst. Before i got up two hours later to watch 90210.
*Dramatic Music*
Basically i havent seen her in 12years and shes like 8years 11months and 8days older than me. (26) Shes been living in canada and hasnt been to Britain in like 12years. As soon as she saw me she screamed, and said ''You naughty child look at you your all grown up.''
''Bitch'' i said in my head as i hugged her back with a faux smile on thine face.
Heres a few anicdotes.
My version:
1.She bought prodigal an icelolly and said  didnt deserve one, so i took 20p form her purse and went to the shop, bough my ice lolly and went to my grans house 5minutes away.
2.Made me chew a seven seasons tablet (Prbably why im against any forms or medication today)
3.Put a lit match in her mouth and told me to try it.(Mum came in and stopped me)
Her version:
1. She stole money from my purse and ran away i was going to ask what one she wanted cause they didnt have anymore at that shop
2. I didnt tell her to chew it
3. Told mum that she didnt even see me as her back was turned cooking dinner then winked at me as mother told me to kneel on the floor and hold a yellow pages over my head for 20mins

So you can see where the hate comes from. But what i always forget is that regardless of all this she was still my favouraite out of her and her older sister who was also living with us. But her being round wasnt so badm though it did remind me how poor i was considering her dad (my dads older brother) is a multi millionaire and she lives in Canada, travels a lot and was wearing levi jeans with her coach bag.
Bitch ;)

Friday, 15 January 2010

Facebook Stalking should be made illegal

Its to damn addictive, and in light of recent events i have facebook stalked a total of 4 people today.
talk about a personal record, i was doing it the other night cause i was bored but i wasnt looking for anyone imparticular, but today i was
This one dude who we only know by voice
and three other people whome i dont think its safe to mention here, even in code...Just in case (Thats a massive hint)
The reson i was FBS them was becauce me and sezza have come up with a pretty solid case about two of the three people and well lets just say i cant never look at them the same way ever again...

But enough about that. I feel like i have nothing to blog about considering my daily routine is the same for now
School, Home, TV, Attempt Revision, Sleep, Wake Up, More TV, Shower, Read, Sleep.

Then the cycle repeats itself, damn exams means that i cant go on any adventures.
Well i suppose i can but its harder to do cause mum screams at me telling me that i should be revising Etc. Im just thinking: Hey i dont tell you how to be a nurse or how to clean the kitchen, so dont tell me how to/when to/to. Revise woman.
But i like the colour of my face and i think the red glow shed give it if i ever said this too her woulnt suit me.

I am rewatching Veronica Mars. Lord knows why, its not as if i have the time. But im getting Sez into it, so i just ended up re watching. This is eaither the second or third time in a row.
Im waiting for Gilmores to go back to season 1 before i rewatch, and Charmed to get to mid season 5/6......

Wow im such a boring person i think im going to cry myself to sleep at the thought of what my life will be like if i continue down this unfathomable road.

Oh got and E in my economics paper. Just one off my target grade whoooop.
Made Flapjacks
Worte a vauge life plan instead of doing my Economics test today. If that book ever leaves my room i'll scribe it for you.

Sleeeeeeeep times

Thursday, 14 January 2010

I may be starting to like this song even though i only heard it twice today, i guess it helps that it features Chipmunk. That guy makes me laugh...

Listen to it a few times before you pass judgement...

Im off to shower my cold ass feet then sleep ^^


I actually did a whole 45mins of revision today!
Weeeell more like 30minutes
The convocation in my head basically went like this.....
''Wow this room is pretty warm i think im gonna take a break''
I fell into the trap again, but if i turn the fan heater off then my room will be an icebox :(
Im the victim here.
So after mentally screaming at myself to get up...
I made another formula sheet
and did one question of an exam paper.

This may not seem like a lot but i did start off by reading through my notes of the previous exam papers done, but i think that in combination with the fan heater bored and warmed me to sleep.

When i came downstairs Mum was all ''Hmmm you been upstairs sleeping''
''Of course not mother perish the thought'' i replied
Though to be fair, whether of not i did any work cant exactly be corroborated (Whoop finally got to use that word)
Thats all i think i'll do for today.

Oh did i mention that appaerntly I...
Deserve Jail as apposed to Nazia because my life is apparently going no where, you know with me going to a shit uni and her life meaning more than mine?
No i didnt menation this? Oh well sorry.....
Well this all according to Snob. I suppose he says stuff without thinking, but he was damn lucky i wasnt there at the time or else i woulda but a cap in his ass....Then i really woulda gone to jail XD
Either way its just not nice, not that i care about his persnickety opinion, cause to be fair he and O'sully for that matter can...

But you know what they say.
Once a snob.......

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

So im thinking about starting my own religion

I was lying there on my bed today, you  NOT doing that revison i ought to be doing and i dont quite remeber how i came to that conclusion, i personally blame my walking dead state.

But yeah my religion whould be all about Expression of free speech and erm being non judgemental. Not judging a book by a cover.
I suppose if i had to think of a few amendments......

1. Give everybody a fair chance
2. Say what you think at all times
3. Appretiate Life
4. Travel
5. Live life to the full (But in a less corny way)

I suppose this doesnt have to an actual religion an dthe idea sounded a whole lot coller in my head, people could meet up annualy at a one random global loction, like our own personal mecca. I guess im also kind of stealing ideas from a bunch of other real religions but hey my amedments dont exactly state that stealing was out of the question :)
I suppose i would need a logo and etc. This is starting to sound like to much work :\

OMG waht a bout an online religion?
Every one could follow the erm....something Blog....
Bugger i realised my religion doesnt have a name.

Budlams? Athichrists? Judisihks?

Blog me ideas for my non existant Blogigion (Blog Religion)

Welcome to the land of the living dead

I managed to pull of my all nighter an read

Every CHERUB agent comes from somewhere. Dante Scott still has nightmares about the death of his family, brutally murdered by a biker gang. Dante is given the chance to become a member of CHERUB, a trained professional with one essential advantage: adults never suspect that children are spying on them. But when Dante joins James and Lauren Adams on a mission to infiltrate Brigands Motorcycle Club, he's ready to use everything he's learned to get revenge on the people who killed his family !

I am literally not in the fuctioning state today because of that all nighter, but luckily only had one lesson so i stayed half in my pj's and managed to be back in my bead by 10:35. Fun times, attapmted a bit of math revision but failed before heading off to the library at 3:00 and heading back to school for my Retard Class. Fun stuff.
Got home and did the whole tele stuff.
Its actually funny.
My exam is in exactly a week but im faffing about like i have months....Well i guess its funnier on my side of the table. :|

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


I think that was the word.
Well ive been using a whole bunch of long assed words today and everyones always like
Whats the use? I might as well speak the language of my peers

Actually on Thrid Thoughts i refuse to dgrad my self to that level.
Only had two lessons to day so lay in till 11:30 cause my lesson was at 12:00
Econ last thing was a waste Kmt
and this who9le mechanics thing we're doing in math is bare confusing, i dont like science...i like math
but they've gone and infused the two and its making me a little dizzy.

Know what else is making me dizzy?
My stomache, which feels like its chewing on itself.

Though on the plus side my dad said we're getting kebab later, meaning that my subtle hints over the last few days workes like i knew it would.

I should be off revising now but lets face it i have 1 lesson tomorrow so ill use my 5 free hours to do some then.

Went libaray to day and got them to clear £10.00 of the £14.84 fine. Youngers dealing with the remaining. Unfortunatly theres this book that i havent read yet and was debating renewing it online. But i didnt and they told me today that it needs to be in for the renewal dat of 13/01/10. Yes check your calendas that is tomorrow, so im gonna attampt an all nighter and read that mofo 407 page book. Whoop.

Went tesco and got mum to buy me milkshake stuff
Today wa sthe last episode of Veronica Mars, and i realise dthat the reason we dont speak about season 3 was beacuse it had such a disappointingly ludicrous ending. Its seriously like what the buck? There was so much that they could have incorperated into another season. Blasted.

I wish i was a human dictionary

Monday, 11 January 2010

Post From the future

Or the past i guess right?
A post from the past sent to the future?
I suppose its like delivering a letter

Well today is Friday 8th January 2010
and im wondering if i can manipulate the Post options to have this post itself on Monday 11th January 2020 at about 15:20

It would be cool if i could
And also the guy i was talking about in media was Bruce.
Who kept ignoring me, i dunno if it was on purpose, but it sure the hell seemed like it.

Oh God i actually started hyperventerlating when they mentioned something about my blog being for over 18 onlys. They were talking about my media blog of course, but still. If they ever found this blog i dunno what i wold do.
Well i say that bout i dont knwo how much i care, it is my own thoughts and its hardly illegal. I suppose they waoul make my life miserable, and thats half the reason im posting it in the furure, the other half is that by this time and date, they would have marked our media evaluation and can therefore NOT fail me.

Though im highly suspicious as they keep making jokes about failing me.... Not cool.
They dont understand i die just alittle bit inside with worry whenever the words
Jennie and Blog are in the same sentence.
Seriosuly if youve been a long to viewer of my blog. You knwo why

Okay thats enough of me posting to the future, im heading back to the present.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

So my Dad walks into the room and says to me...this is what he say to me

''Girl i feel like your always on the computer of watching TV, you know....Not revising''
Then Younger inturrupts with
''Its true shes making all of this for absolutly no reason.''
Bloody Bugger
And i guess its true, i am, but theres no reason to highlight this point at this particular moment in time.
I just cant focus at this prest moment in this time, i revise to much as it is
well not yesterday
or day before
But anyday before that its all i do

ANYWHO this is basically what ive been doing.

See Totally Constructive and Necessary

Did i mention theres no water in my house? A Pipe burst so we had to shut off th water.
Weird cause none of the cold water taps work but the hot ones do. It also means no radiator and no toilets cause the water doesnt fill up.
Its funny wathcing everyone panic in anticipation because the toilet on the first and second floor doesnt work
But the one on the third floor in my room does :)

Friday, 8 January 2010

My goal for the month as part of my ''Rules of the year''

To learn the first part of the Lose Yourself Rap


Look, if you had one shot or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?

[Verse 1]
Yo, his palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
There is vomit on his sweater already
Moms spaggehti he's nervous
But on the surface he looks calm and ready
To drops bombs, but he keeps on forgetting
What he wrote down, the whole crowd goes so loud
He opens his mouth but the words won't come out
He's choking, how? Everybody's jokin' now
The clock's run out, time's up, over BLOW!
Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity
Oh, there goes Rabbit, he choked, he's so mad
But he won't give up that easy, no he won't have it
He knows his whole back's to these ropes
It don't matter, he's dope, he knows that
But he's broke, he's so sad that he knows
When he goes back to this mobile home
That's when it's back to the lab again, yo
This whole rhapsody, better go capture this moment
And hope it don't collapse on him

Wish Me Luck?

My mouth tastes like garlic

So as you know yesterday was school, whoop
and i stayed up till about 2 finalising my media coursework before setting my alarm and crawling in to bed.
So 7:15 came and went and my alarm failed to wake the dead
So 9:06 came and went, Sarah text me
School is on you know. where are you? x
I failed to hear.
9:54 my brother came in and asked if i was going to school. I mumbled yes, lay there for about god knows how long and thought
Checked my phone 10:04
Double bugger.

So i lay in bed thinking about what to wear to school for another 10minutes, i mean i couldnt get any later right?
Got to school and filmed my media evaluation part 4, during my free period which was actually quiet funny Sevs asked if i knew i was weird, because i suggest something about a dancing monkey. No Comment

Economics next, and last lesson we were given a mock exam to do. I only did 5lines :)
So Sully says to me
I dont know what to do. I thought about shouting at you, and i thought about kicking you out of the lesson, but instead im begging you. Begging you to please do some revision and dont fail this subject. I trying for head of department and if you fail i wont get that, and if i dont get that i dont get more money. Which means i cant have a baby and that all i want in life Jennie, to have a baby. So could you please just do this one good deed in you life? Dont fail this exam.

It next to impossible to guilt trip me, so this spech was pointless, i will revise and do work when i feel like it and not a moment sooner.

On the way to the canteen for lunch and i saw Mr Islam, please keep walking. Bugger no such luck...
Him: Where were you this morning
Me: I over slept, but ive copied all the notes
Him: Thats not good enough, you know you need to be in the lessons
Me: Yessir....Sooo is the revision class still after school today
Him: Yes :) Ill see you there.

Way to highlight my need to catch up to everybody elses level. But hes fit, and is genuinlly one of those teachers that care without any hidden adgendas, so i allow him.

Last lesson media, and i figured out that i could maybe send a blog post in the future. I'll exaplin later. Basically somone kept ignoring me, and sezz found it funny but it was highly infuriating, and im meant to post about it but i cant, well not yet....
Math revison class for the mentally impaired was boring as per usual
Veronica Mars, Charmed, Gossip Girl, Recess, Now im here, though i will leave soon to do math revision :\

Oh i had spaggetti and garlic bread for dinner...hence the garlic tasting mouth

Beofre i forget

Yum, and that coming from a gal thats not a massive fan of oreos, or chocolate flavoured things



Xenophobia is a dislike and/or fear of that which is unknown or different from oneself. It comes from the Greek words ξένος (xenos), meaning "stranger," "foreigner" and φόβος (phobos), meaning "fear." The term is typically used to describe a fear or dislike of foreigners or of people significantly different from oneself, usually in the context of visibly differentiated minorities.[citation needed]

Sorry i just didnt have any posts that began with x, but now i do. I think i've only got Z left.

Okay just finished my media evaluation......

...This is actually how i feel im ludicrusly thirsty, i think ill take a cup of water upstairs with me.

Last song of the night was Ndubz and Mr Hudson Playing with fire.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

No school

Cause of the snow, sez text me at like 8:40
but i wasnt planning to roll out if bed till 12 anyways so it was all good.
Considering i went bed at 6:30 am :\

So i went nazias today
we went ilford
then jammed at hers and make oreo milkshakes ^^

Eliz was there too, and we had to hide upstairs when her aunt came over coz they were ment to be ''revising'' While we were up there i randonly decided to call the radio.
And i got on air, whooooop
Told them i was a london loser and explained the situation, and the gave suggestions and it was all fun and good. Thogh dunno if i was entered into the draw because the line cut afterwards.
Meaning i will have to try again at somepoint :)

Younger wasnt happy, cause she always thought she would be there at the time, and that i didnt call her.
Well boo fricking hoo. I dont think shes talking to me now, cant tell if it stared as a joke but now its serious but eeither way...Pathetic.
How I Met Your Mother is on in 3minutes so im off and i still have media coursework to do and im tired
why is my life so difficult? :(

I really dont understand what wrong with my computer

Its acting freaky, not leting me add pictures to my sideboard thingy
Its usually fine
I should really get back to my media and stop procrastinating
Id really rather be in bed asleep

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Cannot Remember what i was gonna post about

So im gonna sit here randomly typing until i figure it out
so im in the study room
and t heres like only 10 people in the room, Shocking i know
Nazia has decided to take a day off, blasphmeous i know
Its snowing and we were forced to come into school
but i might go home early.

Im was on the phone last night or the night before with Dave Kelly.
You know, my favourite Radio Presenter, and he played my song request
[Telephone by Lady Gaga] but i didnt get on air :(
I was tryna get onlie cause if you do your automatically entered into the £100,000 draw
And we all know i could do with some cashola ;)

I think that was all.
Oh yes my dad came aaaaaaaaaaallll the way up to my room last night to talk to me about becoming an Ambulance lady, because its a 3year training course that you get paid to do starting at £20,000 in the first year and ending on about £28,000 in the third year, and thats before youve even got your qualification.
Also he said somthing along the lines of how he knows i like to help people, and i just thought:
Wow this man doesnt know me at all.
i don't think he understands that i am going to uni to do media studies, and regarless of the fact that i may not get a job at the end of it. I really dont care, he can piss and moan about how
''The same thing happend to me''
''Its frustrating when you dont work in the industy you studied for''
But what the hell happended to people making and learning for their own mistakes?
Hmmm i ask you?
Ah well, i just that there and smiled and nodded politly so that he could l;eave and i could get back to doing mty math revision.
Knowing that it was too late cause ive sent my application written my personal statement and got offers.

I should be offended that he would rather me not go uni and do the ambulance  thingy than go uni and do media. Right?
Well im not so there.

Monday, 4 January 2010


I know theres space on my mp3 player casue i can see that it says
475MB of 976MB
But it wont let me add more songs. I need more than 110 for crying out loud
Clearly i need a new music player, but we shall cross that
''I dont have a penny to my name'' bridge when we come to it

To you i resolute....

Okay so here are my list of rules for the year.
They are most obviously New Year Resolutions, but i wont call them that because theres a high chance that none of them will be achieved, therefore if i call them rules its okay because....
1. I was never that great at following rules
2. Rules are meant to be broken.

-Finish writing at least one of my books because this is getting rediculous
-Read more books than i did last year Compared to last year this year was pitiful
-Keep on being awesome I had to have an easy rule
-Take more risks Though to be fair ive taken more than enough this year
-Learn the entire Lose Yourslef rap by Eminem Its an awesome song and it will be fun
-Continue on my quest of fulfilling the great DVD list Though i need a job or money first
-Dont take crap from techers Not that i do, but honestly sometimes its like wtf is wrong with you?
-Remember that i only have under 9months left in this place The wait has been so long, i can finally start counting
-Be tolerant of other peoples flaws Because i only have 9months left in this place
-Stay ambitious I get bored and jump on different bandwagons
-Transform in time for university I have this look in my head that i want to use in uni, a place to start over

My 2009 Book List

Starting from 1st January 2009, all the books that i have read, or has been on my library card, i think out of all of this i mabe havent read 10maximum

Eva Ibbotson – The Dragonfly Pool
Mary Hoffman – City Of Masks
Jenny Nimmo – Charlie Bone and The Shadow Of Badlock
Robert Muchamore – Cherub: The General
Andy Briggs – Virus Attack
David Clements-Davies – The Telling Pool
Sarah Dessesn – Just Listen
Janet Evanovich – Fearless Fourteen
Lisi Harrison – Clique
Anthony Horowitz – The 5 Gate Keepers: Necropolis
Ali Sparks – The Shapeshifter: Dowsing The Dead
Derek Landly – Playing With Fire
Janet Evanovich – Plum Lucky
Eion Colfer – Airman
Scott Westerfeld – Uglies
Kimora Lee Simmons – Fabulosity: What It Is And How To Get It
Philip Pullman – Northern Lights
Sally Gardner – The Red Necklace
Christopher Pike – The Last Vampire
Julie Hearn – Ivy
Andrew Donkin – Artemis Fowl (The Graphic Novel)
Alex Duval – Vampire Beach: Ritual
Kate Brian – Private: Untouchable
P.C Cast – House of Night: Marked
Ali Sparks – The Shapeshifter: Going To Ground
Patrick Ness – Knife Of Never Letting Go
Melvin Burgess – Doing It
Kevin Brooks – Candy
Sarra Manning – Fashionista: Laura
Karen McCombie – Seventeen Secrets Of The Karma Club
J.K Rowling – Tales Of Beedle The Bard
Louisa M Alcott – Little Women
Paula Danziger – Can You Sue Your Parents For Malpractice?
Anthony Johnston – Point Blanc
Laurie Depp – The Camera Never Lies
Sarra Manning – French Kiss
Darren Shan – Book 1: Cirque Du Freak
Darren Shan – Book 2: The Vampire Assistant
Darren Shan – Book 3: Tunnels of Blood
Kimberly Greene – I’m SO Not A pop Star
Meg Cabot – The Princess Diaries
Monika Feth – Strawberry Picker
Malcolm Rose – Point Crime the Malcolm Rose Collection
Darren Shan – Book 4: The Vampire Mountain
Darren Shan – Book 5: Trails of Death
Darren Shan – Book 6: The Vampire Prince
Benjamin Zephaniah – Refugee Boy
Meg Cabot – Airhead
Andi Watson – Clubbing Graphic Novel
Janet Evanovich – A Stephanie Plum Novel: Plum Spooky
Alex Duval – Vampire Beach Book 4: Legacy
Stephanie Meyer – The Host
Janet Evanovich – Plum Spooky
Jeaniene Frost – Night Huntress: Halfway To the Grave
Jeaniene Frost – Night Huntress: One Foot in the Grave
J.R Ward – Dark Lover
Darren Shan – Book 7: Hunters of the Dusk
Darren Shan – Book 8: Allies of the Night
Darren Shan – Book 9: Killers of the Dawn
Darren Shan – Book 10: The Lake Of Souls
Darren Shan – Book 11: Lord of the Shadows
Darren Shan – Book 12: Sons of Destiny
J.R Ward – Lover Eternal
Kate Brian – Private: Confessions
Jill Thompson – Dead Boy Detectives
Sara Shepard – Pretty Little Liars
Meg Cabot – The Princess Diaries: Take Two
Meg Cabot – The Princess Diaries: Third Time Lucky
Meg Cabot – The Princess Diaries: Mia Goes Forth
P.C Cast – House of Night: Betrayed
Andy Briggs – Villain.Net: Dark Hunter
Sue Mayfield – Blue
Rachel Gibson – It Must Be Love
Kate Brian – Private: Confessions
Andrew Matthews – Hamlet
Lauren Weisberger – Chasing Harry Winston
Laurell K Hamilton – Anita Blake Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures
Jordan Weisman – Cathy’s Book
Ali Sparks – Shape shifters: Stirring the storm
Melissa De La Cruz – Au Pairs
Karan Chance – Midnights Daughter
Zoey Dean – A List
Sara Shepard – Flawless
Kimberly Greene – My Sisters a Pop Star
Alex Duval – Vampire Beach Book 5: High Stakes
Kate Brian – Private: Inner Circle
Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum: Finger Lickin’ Fifteen
Ann Brashares – The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants
Scott Westerfeld - Extras
Melissa De La Cruz - Sun-kissed
P.C Cast – Chosen
Kate Brian – Private Series: Legacy
Jeaniene Frost – Night Huntress: At Graves End
J.R Ward – Black Dragger Brotherhood: Lover Awakened
Jane Fallon – Getting Rid Of Matthew
Melissa De La Cruz – Skinny Dipping
Alex Duval – Vampire Beach: Hunted
Jane Fallon – Got You Back
Judy Blundell – What I Saw and How I Lied
Ann Brashares – The sisterhood of the travelling pants 2
Anna Godbersen - Luxe
J.R Ward – Lover Revealed
Meg Cabot and others – Prom Nights from Hell: Five Paranormal Stories
Karen McCombie – Urgent messages of Wowness
Emily Diamond – Flood Child
Penny Smith- Coming up Next
Laura Ruby – Good Girls
Meg Cabot – Size 12 Is Not Fat
Robert Muchamore – CHERUB: Brigades M.C.
J.R Ward – Lover Unbound
J.R. Ward – Lover Enshrined
Lilly Archer – Poison Apples
Sara Shepard – Pretty Little Liar: Perfect
Penny Smith – After the Break
PC Cast –House of Night: Chosen
Thats about 117. Which is kinda disappointing considering last year it was around 250.
I guess that because: Ive read everything, im way more busy, To reserve at the library is 50p perbook and i dont have a job, ergo money.

Which ever, heres the books ive read last year incase your stuck for ideas this year, im preety much reccommend 93% of them.
Of the remaining 7%
5% i can remember reading and 2% i probably just didnt read


Unless clearly stated or quoted otherwise, everything on here is of my own life mind and thoughts and so I would appreciate if you intend to copy anything, please reference either the blog name, post title etc by form or a link. Thank you.

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