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Wednesday, 30 June 2010


So was up at like 7:55 for god knows what reason
by 3:00 i was showered and had all my stuff shoved into a few bags in prepartion for later cause i just didnt have the energy.
I was supposed to meet the others around 6/6:30 but i didnt get there till 7 :)
Got change and made the cabbie wait an extra 15minutes while naz got her make up done.
Drove round to pick up the guys and pretended we only legt 2 mins ago from a road away so we could split the money exually :)
Got to prom and i didnt much like the DJ, seriously i could do a better job, the dance floor was dead halof the time and everyone was mooching outside.
The bathroom was well nice and carpeted.
Though the prom ticket said 8 till late. Their deffination of late is obviously so different from ours cause by 12 we were done :/
All i know is that i pop to the bathroom to check on my dress and i come ouit 2minutes later to find people crying. I tried backing away but was roped into the hugging :/ which i had to endure.
[I know that last bit sounds really mean, but i am reeeealy not a people or touchy kinda girl]
Then we waited around for a cab man that came around 1ish and took 8 of us (not including the driver) to Leister Square for abouit 1:45 ish.
Sound Was the Club but boring was the word. We tryed to ''Party Hard'' as it were cause we paid to get it,. but epic fail, still fun especially trying out the bodyguard effect.

John Malkovich has a wicked awesome voice

Tis such a shame he looks so old now as apposed to his when he was on Man in the Iron Mask

Monday, 28 June 2010

The embed link was disabled by the user so just click the link

Less Than Jake - She's Gonna Break Soon

Which stars Gilmore Girls actress Alexis Bledel
Whos real neame is actually Kimberly Alexis Bledel

Focusing on Finishing my current book

Starting tonight casue ive alread watched two films today.
Both were better than expected and this no reminds me that i need to db them
Also watched this 10minute short film that won a competition. Its called Dead Happy....I think
If you've got sky anytime then look it up

Tormented [British: Has 2 of the original skins cast as well as Alex Pettyfer]
12 Rounds [John Cena The wrestler and is one of them explosion type film]

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Indie Films

Love the story and Hate the endings

Paper Heart was amazing
was a mockumentary but you wernt sure where the fiction started and the non fiction ended

love Michael Cera <3

Im a little psychic

That and i only back winners

So the big Germany v England game was on today
as it started i was walking through the living room and annouced to my dad
"Im feeling a 3-1 win to Germany"
He then told me to hush because i know nothing about football
Of course when the first Germany goal came in i couldnt resist poping y head into the room and proclaining a very well deserved
"Told you so"
he then went on to explain no one likes and early scorer and that it proves nothing.
Naturally i couldnt let it rest so i went one to say
"Well im thinking zee Germans will score again and that England will at least get back in with one goal as not to seem so weak"
Again he told me to get back to whatever it was i was doing.
Then of corse when the score was 2-1 he couldnt help but be a little amazed, and asked if i put money on the game....If only.
There was a little spiff with the whole was it wasnt it a goal thing. Which i wasnt too concerned about.

To cut a long story short im pretty sure my family wanted to disown me cause i went crazy and started cheering at Germanys 3rd and 4th goal.
But what can i say at least I wasnt disappointed at the end of the game ^^


The Text                                Vs               The Enternal Reply
Come meet me....                                               [No]
What you doing....                                     [Watching TV]
You thinking bout me....                                    [Nope]
what you wearing....                                        [Jammies]
when  you coming to see me....                         [Never]

Although i dont know why im complaining its fun ;)

Saturday, 26 June 2010

I never birthday comment on facebook so


The biggest turn off

Easy Guys.

We like a challenge
being easy takes away the fun of flirting
kmt would it kill you to just nyammmmmmm?


So had an earlish kinda start today
Was up at 9:00am cause i was meeting nazia at the gym
it was a good session i burnt 1000 calories and prob a bit more
hit the stomache weight thingies
and childish giggled over three fit guys

Summer fete which was emptier than usual but tbh i didnt even notice
me and sezz did half a lap then went to get a drink and a hotdog and settled under a tree for over 3hours
Took pictures laughed and joked about randomness and me and sezz decided to make a photo montage of Naz and our friend Rajesh. Puppy Love. Was fun (Y)

im actually so exhausted my legs are humming

Friday, 25 June 2010

Can you hear that?

Well tahts the sound of my happiness that you can hear whereever you are
Economics went well thank yall for asking but i dont even care because its all over.
Me and naz were just reminising about the old days and what we used to get up to over the years....Who we hated, who we loved, who we loved to hate, the code names, getting away with murder, the plans and the pranks.
Then we went over to B's house and got him out of bed and just chilaxed for a few hours with him and some other guys.
Headed over to the pub for some further nyammin with a few other friends where we just laughed and joked and i texted :) but we also took some pictures and talked about what we wanted to do over the summer.
I forged my next to stanps so i got a half chicken for free today ^^
Then me naz and sezz just sat their talking for an extra hour after we had per usual.

Me and naz ended up going to delights for ice cream afterwards and i was flirting with a weird pervy asian man from inside the shop as he was sitting in his taky van. Gross.

The went to tesco and jammed with B while he had his break then spent 15minutes pretending it was a library as we flipped through varios magazines. And i saw a few nice dressed in asian bride XD

Alll in all i dont think i could have asked for a better day to end it all.
Gym tomorrow morning then im off to the summer fete (Y)

Cause im actually the greatest

1. Get really excited that you got the coolest award ever!

2. Choose one of the following options of accepting the Oh My Blog! award:
(a) Get really drunk and blog for 15 minutes straight,
or for as long as you can focus.
(b) Write about your most embarrassing moment.

(c) Write a “soundtrack of your childhood” post.

(d) Make your next blog a ‘vlog’/video blog where you’re basically talking to the camera about whatever.

(e) Take a picture of yourself first thing in the morning, before you do anything else (hair, make up, etc) and post it.
3. Pass the award onto at least three, but preferably more, awesome bloggers and let them know
Im actually too lazy to do the third one so here goes the drinking binge


Suck It Bitches
There are so many phrases i could say to express the finality of this

Stick a fork in me....Im done
Hasta La Vista
I could sing you the lyrics from High School Never Ends by Bowling for Soup
I could actually kick a bucket that ive designed to look like the school
There are a range of things

Lets just say that ive made it through to the other side

Thursday, 24 June 2010

i dont know what to tell you

Screw any more revision
tbh ive had more than enough
i wish i had a funny story to tell you
but literally my life is just talking to nazia for hours on the phone about revision
and revision.
No lie :\
oh and obviously Gilmore Girls

Ah actually i watched Pathology today. Milo Ventimilia (Jess on the Gilmore Girls) and Alyssa Milano (Phoebe on Charmed) could do oh so much better
Jesus that film was grimey
Like seriously, and trust me i can take alot of gorey shit but this one was like puke worthy.
Surprisingly i still managed to eat food at the same time ^^

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

I miss the mcfly boys

Less than two days till im finsihed

Monday, 21 June 2010

To Bed With Me

Night Peoples

Been Meaning to do this for a long time

<3 Luke Danes


I did fuck all

Was my last official day at school
and i was late
Turned up at like 10:00 but its not like i had a lesson first thing anyways.
Economics was a waste as per usual and i spent my time texting and on facebook
Went to the gym for a few hours and that was at least eye candy worthy
Came home and watched the 3rd butterfly effect
-Can i just say that this is the third Makes you think that one person did it but you know it isnt them and all the evidence and yourself thinks its another person but at the last minute its someone else Film ive seen these past few days
Then i went up to my room to at least attept revision for my exam, but my limbs were overcome with paralisis and i couldnt actually move. Had to fake read my notes cause my sister was in the room but i was really just dosing off.
Hauled my ass downstairs to watch the Gilmores
Fastforwarded through eastenders....Eww
Then watched the end of sunshine cleaning
And here i am
Pretty productive i have to say :\

Sunday, 20 June 2010


Size of my sisters room.
On the right is the entrance to the bathroom and im standing by the front door


i really need to sort the blogger on my phone so i can blog on the go. If anyone knows how to do that holla at me :)

Anywho i made cakes last night half for the return of the Prodigal sister, half because i really wanted cakes and half cause i needed to finish watching Cake Boss and The Mentalist, cause lets face it there arent enough hours in the day ^^

Me in my frog jammie :)

Spells out 'Welcome Back!'
The dad one is my fathers day present =]
And the weird one was meant to be a K but younger screwed it up, then i screwed it up trying to correct it so it ended up being a breakdancing person. With waky designs round the edge ^^

Then we just started playing around to see what words we could make

Then we went to Brighton to pick up the Prodigal and now shes invading my space and i have to re-rearrange my room, and im very particualr about the location of my bed :\

Friday, 18 June 2010

Before i forget

I pretty much tanked my exam this afternoon, and i suppose you could say thats two for two :\
I basically ended up writing a comment at the end of every question
"By all means make this test even harder"
"Why would you combine these questions your a cheater"
"Do you watch glee?"
"You should watch how i met your mother?"
and at the very end
"Dear Examiner sorry for the sarcastic comments left through out the paper i realise its not your fault and thats its edexcel's crewl spontenuity that i must blame for my enevitable failure...."
Thats all i can actually rember but it was a hefty paragraph long.
Needless to say when you hit rock bottom theres nothing to but dig and make it worse :)

Weird film update

Perefct Stranger
With Bruce Willis and Halle Berry.

Its like The usual Suspects. You know that the person that everyone thinks did it didnt do it
the person you think did it actually did do it
Until you find out they didnt.
and you figure out who it is a second before they show the face.

Weird stuffffffff

Loved it, though i did fastforward through 30mins in the middle when it was getting dry

I know he's old and blod and wouldnt exactly be called a silver fox but i think Bruce Willis is Hot. In a milfy dad kinda way.

There i said it. Let the greif begin ^^

So got an exam this afternoon

and that means i only have 2 more to go. and even better in a week right now it will all be over.
Well till uni
But for somereason thats completely different :)

So had my driving lesson yesterday and failed.
Cry no tears im not really that surprised, i just didnt wanna waste that £62 i paid
and besides its all Sals fault. Got 3 minors and one major. and the major was emergency stops. Which id never even heard of before. After i was talking to my new instructer and she was like :O your meant to learn that in at least your first 10 lessons.
Ah well. Now i need a job to pay for more lessons in sheffield, as well as a holiday, and books and DVDs, and a bottle of vodka a week. All importanat uni stuff obviously. Thats provided i get in
I have to say i do like the uncertainty of life. Even in Flashforward they talked about the different possible outcomes after the fork in the path.
SO im gonna cheat on my exam this afternoon, like hell i can rememebr all 56million formulas. Only writing down the ones i deffo cant remember.

Hmmmm what else what else?
I didnt like monsters vs Aliens it was so stupid in the beginning. Like really a giant astroid falls on your head the day of your wedding day and your suddenly 10ft tall. What ever.
Hugh Lauries voice stars and i noticed staight off.

Ohhh also.
So you know who one thing can change your perspective of a person
e.g: I never paid any attention to the hype of Bradd Pitt till i saw Mr ans Mrs Smith and discovered he was both funny and hot.
e.g: I used to enjoy Orlando Bloom in both LOTR and POTC. Then i saw him as Prince Paris in TRoy. Where he was a snivelling whimp that got his brother dead and killed Brad Pitt. Now i hate him :)

And yes people i do realise that all of this is fiction. but it just makes life more interesting to base your love and hate on sure trivial things, and tbh what do they care i will never meet them ^^

SO yeah back to the point. I watched once upon a time in mexico the other day (<3Johnny Depp) and it had enrique englaisas. and he's got a flame thrower in his guitar case. FLAME THROWER. Sex on legs.
Then coincidentially his video for his new song came up on MTV and i was enraptured
kmt look at him he thinks he's so hot XD (lets face it he is) Also this film made me want to marry someone who is either mexican or spanish as they are very possessive of their women and this is the one case where i would enjoy it and not feel at all objectifiyed . Plus they speek spanish. Oh and also Johnny Depp.


Thursday, 17 June 2010

I just came to tell you

I have no time to make a post lol

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I do love revving myself up

Say it bitch!
Say it!
What am i?
Suck it!

I love watching random films

Just finished ''The Favor''

Oh Young Brad Pitt I wish you were mine

Also made me wonder what kind of ''Favors'' id do for my friends......

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


and their levels of maturatity never ceases to amaze me
like seriously whats with the whole.....
jealosy male brovado
i saw you first your mine
i start and stop speaking to you as i please
you can talk to my friend but i'll make it bait i knew you first
oh i have you number, im gonna keep mentioning that
muttering things and then saying 'nothing' when you ask them to repeat what they say.
attempting to make you look stupid to their friend

I do love when they watch you leave though. Probably beacuse its the only level of superiosity that we have. Thats when you truely understand the phrase ''i could feel their eyes undressing me'' must say it takes will power not to look back and tell them all to suck it :)

Watched the Usual Suspects (Y)

The perosn who i thought was the person wasnt the person
and thats a first
i realised who the real person was about 30seconds before the guy got all the clues together

but this Guy.....Kevin Spacey who was also on Se7en is awazing at playing it cool
like wow
ice ice baby

And i just clocked he was in 21, weird he looks so normal.

And he was lex luther in superman returns.... i love imdb 

Did media Today

Murked that Bitch

but I dont think i wrote my name on all the extra pieces of paper i used oops :|

Before we go anywhere i still love Jesse StJames

Cant decide which one i like best

Monday, 14 June 2010

Bitches be loco

Yeah i should really go and revise

SIgh......I should Go Revise

lol jokes Glee Season Finale is on ^^

P.s this is a post from the past as it is really Sunday the 13th at 19:58pm.
Cause lets face it im already infront of the tv waiting in anticipation of the Gleenally. lool

Spring awakening

Way to remind me what a mistake i made by not taking english in Alevels, considering every essay i write in any subject always gets the same feedbac, even in math and im not even sure thats possible.

"This Reads to mach like a story"
"Its a bit like reading a story"
"Its too story like"
"Story a like much to reads This"

Well heck reading over my past blog posts i can hardly disagree. But its not like im doing it on purpose.
 I mean for one how the hell do i end up making an economic essay about the roles of Fiscal Policy in helping to reduce Unemployment read like a flipping bed tiome story?


Sunday, 13 June 2010

Last Critical Post Of The Day

lol yeah right.

*So we all know i read a lot of books, and thats me putting it modestly (Though im pretty sure that that sentence blows the whole modesty point out of the window) so whenever i hear that a book i like is becoming a tv series or film i hold my breath that one day the motion picture will live up to the print......
Yes im still holding my breath

Not only is the acting bad but they've completly disregared the way the characters are supposed to act. For one Emily is meant to be white and Blonde. Hear shes asain. How can you over look such a point?
I do like the chick plying Aria. She was in Privilidged (Which i only ever watched to fill my sunday TV scheduling) and whats with the ending where they do the whole synchronous talking shizz? Sigh.
This is exactly the kind of bull shit i intend to correct when i whirl into the media industry.
And to answer your unsaid questions: Yes i will be watching it, if it ever comes down to this end of the pond.

lol jokes

*No clue why i start every post with that. But lets face it you all love my blog and so you all do know :)

Wild Target Trailer

Love Emily Blunt and we all know about my fasination of the ice cream van man Rupert Grint (Kmt Danial Radcliffe has got nothing on him)



I know global failure considering if idont blog everyday then its everyother day.
Well let me see if i can update you real quick.

On Thursday i found out that my driving instructer wasnt going to take me on my test the following week cause i havent had a lesson for 2moths. Which is a slight exaggerationg as it has only been about 6weeks and some of that is his fault. But for all you long time followers of mine you will know that this is all talk and he actually does in fact hate me. Bastard who needs him right?

Friday gave in some media tests i did at home, and got al looooooooooooooooooooooooow grade from them. Which i cant say i wasnt happy about and this is why
Got 77 out of 100 on the mock we did in class before the holidays, Thats and A and its good cause i only need 66 to get an far as i can remember. But the dilemma is that Shak marked it. and we all know that i have slight people  and conspiracy issues, meaning that i thought he gave me a high grade to boost my confidence and make me think i had nothing to worry about. Im probably right, cause lets face it when am i wrong?
Lol i love being arovaint (Arovaint a made up term to describe my dersonality of being both arrogant and vain)

Erm what else?
Saturday i sat in my room for 7 hours trying to tech my self math cause lard knows my teacher cant teach (Shocker i know) and i dont wanna bug Nazia to much cause heck, shes gotta revise to right?
But i think im getting there slowly but not so surely.
Also on satursday i made a cake and i have advice fore you all
Its a lie it actually doesnt work in helping the cake come out easily. I should have just trusted my natural lazy insticts which i usually abide by. Basically not Greasing the Pan. I bet Betty Crocker is sitting in her doily covered lair laughing it up. Hope she chokes on her spoon

But heck the cake turned out okay....kinda. Lets just say ist got a think base and a crumbly interiour with an even thinner top. But oh my dayz it tases beautiful. No Lie.
After exams i will bake like theres no tomorrow ^^

Today ive been doing media. Sigh the day will never end of that i am sure.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

I was literally doubled over with laughter

Was watching the MTV movie awards


Okay when it comes to me there's two things you need to know
I love Cake
Id pick Harry Potter over Twilight any day any time till death do we part and in the afterlife we shall jam.

Though i have to say the biggest mistake to ever happen to the films was David Yates what has directed films 5 and 6 and now theyve given him the reigns to 7 parts one and deux.
Also i have some personal vendetta against Daniel Radcliffe
and in my eyes Rupert Grint Can do no wrong

Sezza watch this

The Simpsons, Itchy & Scratchy: Mouse M.D (House M.D parody) from Richard Roll on Vimeo.

Gotta love the attention to detail
Hot Rod flames on the walking stick
Usingthe lightbulb made me lol cause he basically bases the solution on what someone says or what he see's

lol jokes

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

My Mother and Brother

Are Playing Hide and Seek
This family is weird and im hungry

Hunting for dinner time

And Recess is on :)

Book Review

Finshed it last night and i do enjoy a good cliffr hanger, its a good thing i have the next book on me to read after i finished the book im reading now.

Claire: Still nosey but not annoying
Eve: Dad died
Michael: Still trying to get the hang of things
Shane: As determined and Scruffy as ever
Oliver: Foe to Friend
Amlie: Icy
Myrin: I still like even though he's a nut case
New Vamps in Town: Have Got To Go

Fantastic Fiction
The wait is over. dig into the feast...
In the town of Morganville, vampires and humans live in relative peace. Student Claire Danvers has never been convinced, though - especially with the arrival of Mr. Bishop, an ancient, old-school vampire who cares nothing about harmony. What he wants from the town's living and its dead is unthinkably sinister. It's only at a formal ball, attended by vampires and their human dates, that Claire realizes the elaborately evil trap he's set for Morganville.

So back to the whole happy days thing

Didnt like the ending of Public Enemies cause i love Johnny Depp and naturally John Dillinger.
Through as i was watching him and Marion Cotillard i was instantaneously reminded of Chuck and Blair and what they may have been like if they lived in the 1930's. And it also made me wish i live back then as well. I do enjoy any other period in time that isnt the one im currently living in.


Just to tell you my dad's running a little late for work.
Its a half  hour drive there if he goes slightly above the speed limit.
Did i mention he starts at 9:00pm and he's literally just walked out the door?


Watching both Kill Bill Volume 2 and Public Enemies and my phone is working

So first Kill Bill Volume 2
Which was awesome and i need to add it to my ever growing dvd list. Cant really be bothered to go into too much detail about it. She has 5 people on her need to die list and in the first film she got rid of two of them, in this one the other 3 are left.
Also her kids name was BB which i realsied could mean anything but i choose to believe it stands for Beatrix and Bill. Makes sence to me. 
She was actually super cute and i dont usually go for TV kids

Love Pai Mai he is awesome and i want him to be my master as only he can teach me what i desperatly need to learn:
The five point palm-exploding heart technique

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Just spent the last half and 15mins

Looking for a math paper scheme and i just realised i probably could have at least half attempted 4/9 of the questions by now. My Bad ^^

I can do binominals now excuse my math jargon. but thats online a max of 5marks of the whole 75mark paper.

Also updated my music on my mind section on my siderbar si check that out. Im gonna get off  now and attempt the paper for the next 45mins then for the rest of the day as i watch TV. Also need to schedule in some 'Shouting at the people at Orange and The Carphone Wearhouse Time

Never a dull moment
Also nearly finished the book im reading only a chaper left then its Sence and Sensibilty time ^^

Also movie awarsds was on last night and we all know i love my movies :)

I know im really quite possibly the saddest person

But ive worked out that i only have 8-10 lessons left of school. Most likely 8 cause the other two are higley debatable and we got added an extra media day on thursday.
YaY its nearly over and that means nandos :)

Thorpe Park is £28 :\
Prom is £25 :\

Its like the school thinks i can pull this money out of my ass, and i cant truest me ive tried. I dont get EMA, i dont have a job. My dad gives me £10 a week and calls it ''Pocket Money'' Its like okay cool if this is pocket money what the fuck am i supposed to eat at school and how can i possibly save any of that. Also did i mention i have paid for my entire driving lesson experience by my lonesome and is now on contract. Another £25 a month that doesnt even exist.

Granted if you saw the amount in my account you'd be all :O
But honestly it feels like nothing cause again with the no income. So if i take anything out iots hardly going to be replaced and lord knows i need that moeny for uni considering my loans wont cover anything as my sister keeps warning me.

Okay i dont know how this turned into a Pity Post. Also prom dress wise i want a poofy dress. Not exactly something i can type into a Romford/Lakeside/Ilford collective dress website is it? Sure i can do it on google but the dresses they show are not in my reach. Price and location wise

Top half like the former and poofiness of the latter but more coney and shorter obviously ^^
Some thing like this

but better

Now is that too much to ask?

Monday, 7 June 2010

Tis the season to be jolly

Got an exam in T-minus 3hours and 15 minutes
revised loads yesterday so its all fresh, doing a few multiple choice questions now. Might see if i need to brush up on anything else then im gonn stop all revision at 12:00 or maybe even 11:30 cause i really hate revising for the exam on the day.

Then im gonna finally start watching Kill Bill Volume 2 :)
I do enjoy all that exaggerated blood and fighting. Probs why i likes 300 so much as well as gladiator and troy.
Im such a dude. Also the blood on Spartacus Blood and Sand is good. But i dont think i can get into it right now. Cba to follow another story line, plus all the sex scences are just :O so im not risking that with a 9year old brother running round the house :\

Okay i think thats all there is to say for now.....
Oh yeah i would have finished my book by now but i havent touched it in 3 days ive been so busy :( and i hate not reading at night. Though it was for my own health that i slept on saturday night considering i couldnt on friday, and yesterday i read 3pages before i konked out. Sigh

Also my phones still not been activated. ARG!
but more on that later
if i fail i blame all of you for forcing me to blog ^^

Sunday, 6 June 2010


Last day to where pj's all day before i go back to school tomorrow

So on friday i didnt get to bed till 3 and had to get up by 8. So it only makes sence i had a splitting headache and a twitchy eye. Managed to get a two hour nap in there around 3 and actually went to bed at 11.
Got out of going church today cause i pulled the: Ive got an exam tomorrow Card. One i dont think ive ever used but hey it was worth getting 12hours of sleep.

Spent the past 6hours reading my econ text book in prep for my exam tomorrow theres about 96 pages i need to read and ive got 24 left....granted taht will take me 2hours later on tonight, but my exam being in the afternoon means i get another lie in. Gotta love small favours.

Made mac and cheese yesterday but i didnt think it was all that.
Think i might go and back a cake now :)

Thats all for now im mega hungry

Saturday, 5 June 2010


The last post was my 500th post
I think Google should comemorate me :)

Friday, 4 June 2010


Is what i am
Been up all day and im not even over
Alarm set for 8 so i would be mentally prepared for gym at 9
stayed and worked out a swaet till about 10:30 beofre the long (9minute) walk home
Showered and got ready to go to lakey with nazia
another walk to the bustop and then was an hour and a half bus journey where she bluetoothed songs to me and i read my economics textbook. and lemme tell you that shit weighs a tonne

Friggin 4hours or dress shopping is hard work and i dont think my legs will ever forgive me. But Nazia found her dress and i saw a few that i liked. Though naturally everything looked good on me ;)

Getting my hair done tomorrow morning at like 8 so that means i gotta take it out now and wash it. Sigh im niot getting any sleep tonight.
Lord knows why im even here yammin on about it when ive got stuff to do
Guess i just love y'all to much to let you go without knowing what my day was like.

I really should add pictures to this post but im really lazy so heres the one

Thursday, 3 June 2010

oh yeah

me and younger were gonna stay up tonight watching everything we need to cause the sky memory is slowly depretiating. But you know im tired and im not gonna make another cat reference to depict what im saying, cause that would be slightly sad....slightly.
Watched the simpsons to night an i was on the floor. I do love being televison and knowledge smart, that show has so many hidden menaings, also the opening was awesome

I do so enjoy

The Nazia and Jennie Chronicals

Revised in the park today and it did show results we were very good with the revisng thing, psh and to think people thought it couldnt be done.
Twas fun and we rounded up with a nice trip to tesco where we saw jack...JACK! who is super awesome, and headed back to the park for a little down time. Gooooood Times.

Gym tomorrow morning i had better go to bed......and by bed i mean go up to my room shower and read till abot 1ish before i knonk out

Still waiting for my phone to be registered. Sigh

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Im not sure if y'all have guessed by now

But i sure do have a lot to say and i have alot of personal sayings that change regularly so i think i may have to ''Fame'' them on the side so i can remember them.

For example my current mantra of the day has been
Why act like you care when you really dont
Always by a second in black

I think Oprah best be running scared at the likeingt of my advise


Went to some econ revision day and im not sure but i dont actually think it helped for the unit 4 stuff
Surprisingly it did help a bit for the Unit 2 resit im doiung on monday and have yet to even start revising for.
Clearly yall can see how seriously i take the education system.

Also went romford ant got my bra fitted which me and nazia do enjoy doing regularly, though lord knows why. Its fun is all i can say. Went to Lazensa and the woman clearly didnt know what she was doing cause she had to leave and ask someone my back size, when im pretty sure all you have to do is read it from the tape mesure. So we went to M&S to get a second and slightly more proffessional opinion and i like what they said better. (Ive dot a size 32 back if your wondering but dont expect me to tell you my cup size ^^)

Then i finally went to get my phone and Nazia was pretty admenat on me getting a Blackberry and so was the guy selling to me :\ But i personally dont actually genuinly like them. Prodigal wanted the Blackberry and i wanted the Sidekick which you cant even get in this damn country. But yeah i always knew i wanted a keyborad type looking phone as apposed to the blackberrys separate keys.

But yeah my deal is
40,000 pages of internet
300 minutes
Unlimited Text
and im loving the phone so far, so i guess no complaints
Though im waiting for it to be activated (upto 48 hours) and i need to switch over the number after that (upto 48 hours) sigh sigh and sigh again

Attepting to start the Unit 2 econ revision tomorrow morning while sis goes out, when she coems back im off to the library to try and learn C4 (Math) for my impending exam which is in two weeks and two days and considering i actually know nothing. Thats not alot of time.

I will leav you on this happy thought


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