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Saturday, 31 July 2010

So guess who made Red Velvet Cupcakes Yesterday?

My Picture
Internet Picture
Not Bad except for the fact that i left them in the oven after i turned them off so they kinda shrunk
and theres the minor detail of me needing to learn how to get the icing all froffy and thick like the picture.
All in good times my compadres. But hey at least it tasted like the Red Velvet cake i got from the Hummingbird Bakery in Notting Hill ^^

Movie Maker 2.6

Doesnt support MP4

I like these things too

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Hope you enjoyed tonights

p.s i now have movie maker
expect wonders by monday....Unless of course i get lazy and give up...Or you know

I realise

The last post was an oxymoron.
Diet then cake
p.s im still jobless and my 12 days has turned into 2

New diet plan

Its called use a saucer instead of a plate
Meaning i get smaller portions cause my mother actually piles on food like im a 40year old homeless dude.
So this way i still get a pile of food, but smaller :)
Im so clever casue lets face it i love eating and no way in hell would i ever starve myself
That would blasphemise the rules of Jen ^^

My Vanilla Tray Bake Cake is only £3 at tesco

Tomorrow i shall attempt

Finally made bbq chicken wings

Delicious :)


Sarah who commented 3 times saying

ewww its yellow!

change it pleassssse

My responce to this is...
I shall in a few days but i needed an extreme change of colour so i could get a new perspective on what colour i really wanted it to be :)
I have to say though it is funny when you click on the page and your like :O

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

3 weeks

10 books

Guilty pleasures
By Hamilton, Laurell K   Currently Reading

Sense and sensibility
By Austen, Jane Which i really need to get round to finishing

Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban
By Rowling, J. K.  My favourite of the Potter series

Lock & key
By Dessen, Sarah  Havent read a non series book in ages

By Godbersen, Anna

Carpe corpus
By Caine, Rachel

By Brian, Kate

Being Nikki
By Cabot, Meg

Sealed with a diss: a clique novel
By Harrison, Lisi

Paradise lost: a private novel
By Brian, Kate

Just call me

Although i do love

making these really short posts

My computer wont let me have windows movie maker

and its very upsetting cause i wanna edit things like sarah, tis not fair :(

Watched the original Oliver

and i dont understand if she died :\

Season 4 episode 14

Of the Gilmore Girls (Naturally) actually makes my eyes well up with tears

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Awesome day

Spent alone in london.
I shall blog about it hopefully tomorrow

Monday, 26 July 2010

Im a selfish person

But ive just made the rounds on all y'all wonderful blogs :)

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Need a recipe to make chicken wings

Holla at me

Im so exhausted

still reeling from no sleep on thursday night i suppose
but mum did buy me stuff today after church
i now officially own jeggings
i know i didnt think it would happen either but they looked hot and they dont look like leggings at all

Finally going back to gym tomorrow after having a lazy/i had a cold two week break
London on Tuesday
Wednesday=funfair or cinema
I dunno i need to make a proper plan.
Also saturday is the 31st which means i officially stop job hunting.

Just got a rejection email from Next in romford, and i applied to that like a month ago. I guess all signs are pointing in the direction of GIVE UP

Oh also i watched Eragon today and that was highly anticlimactic. Recorded Oliver, so imma watch that then watch Oliver Twist (2005) then compare and contrast :)

Saturday, 24 July 2010


I never noticed she said it so much, psh and i thought i got it from Ben :)
LUKE: By the way, you do tell people that you're the one that named my toolbox, right?
LORELAI: Toolbox, dirty.
LUKE: Oh geez.
TAYLOR: You really have to work on your punctuality, Lorelai. I banged the meeting in a half an hour ago.
LORELAI: Uh, dirty!
A minute later
TAYLOR: All right now, the last order of business is a matter relating personally to me, therefore I'm going to give Miss Patty my gavel.
LORELAI: Again, dirty!
TAYLOR: Stop that.
LUKE: Go one day without coffee.
LORELAI: That’s not giving up.
LUKE: I’ll put a toy in your cereal
MICHEL: And you must always be extremely careful of your paddle movements.

LORELAI: Well, that certainly calls for a "Dirty!"
LORELAI: Yes, we do. [reads] "You haven’t had a taco until you’ve spent some time at Hector’s, crisp and meaty – "
RORY: Dirty.
LORELAI: Thank you.
LUKE: Okay. So, I can do most of this list today, but, uh, I can’t put up the towel rack until later. I didn’t bring my drill.

LUKE: Dirty, yes, I know.
RORY: So how was it?
LORELAI: It's still going on.
RORY: Really, how dirty.
LORELAI: 'Cause then you'd have a big one and a small one.
LUKE: Well, if you have a big one you don't need a small one. [Lorelai opens her mouth to speak] Don't say 'dirty', it's too easy. Hold these. [Gives her tools]
And SCENE i could do that all day she gives me jokes, but alas fair maidens and (male term for maidens) its time to rest thine head aloft thy feather pillow, but first a shower if you will. Pleasentries in your dreams to all.

I love how everything is intertwined

So im reading up on the Pitt and DiDi and
Pitt guess started in Growing Pains, a series thet Didi was part of for a while and he was also on 21 Jump Street with JD. Who working with Didi in one of his first filme: Whats something something Gilbert (sorry i have the worst memory)

Or he was in the mexican with juliea roberts who also worked with him on the oceans trilogy starring clooney who was batman and worked with Uma whos the bride in kill bill which starred lucy lui who was on Domino with Keira Knightly who worked with JD in pirates who used to be on 21 jump street that once guess starred the Pitt. OR KK worked ith orlando on pirates who stared as the critqually hated Prince Paris of Troy In Troy with Brad Pitt. Oivay my head hurts.

Anywho this has only made me realise that i cant start with one actor and trace to another as a form of trying to organise my film list. It just cant be controlled, so in the words of that strange child on the matrix that was trying to help neo understand the matrix...................
''Dont try to bend the spoon, be the spoon and bend yourself''
Granted that this isnt the exact quote and is more like a rebuttle of what i thought they were really trying to say. But you get the idea
How comes both Tobey McGuire and Leonardo DiCaprio are both 35 but one of them looks like this

and the other doesnt

Strange to think some of us will be wrinkle at 40, and others will look like they're 25 ^^

im currently on

Leonardo Di Caprio

It just happens i dont pick the people, and i havent even seen inception yet ^^
Although im still penultimatly still buzzing off Brad Pitt


Fight club is finally on XD film 4!
Suck it crewl world I get my way once again
and this is a massicve cheer up considering i forgot they were doing a Brad Pitt movie marthon thingy and they showed
Meet Joe Black, Cool something and The mexican, which has the Pitt (lol can you imagin his highschool years) and Julia Roberts.
Also my speed reading failed last week cause Kitty Kitty took me a while
but now im finally on the first Anita Blake book
Please note that my book cover isnt like this. Its better, this ones all early 90's i can see the strings attached to that blanket your calling a ghost new horror era style.
I love media

Friday, 23 July 2010

Last Night

Was really good
Fun with the girls and the guys
Flirting with random night shift worker at tesco
Jumping on lamp posts
Happy fun times

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

I have the house to myself for an hour :)

So usually my parents are always at work, and all my siblings are at their various schools so whenever i had a free id come home and kick it alone for a few hours.
Now older is back from uni for the summer and younger finished yesterday. Brother is still at school till friday so thank the lord for small favours.
Dad just left for work, older is off to currys/staples to get her laptop charger fixed and younger is at the cinema so for the first time since ive finished i am alone

So maximum volume goes the music ^^

lol i know its very anticlimactic but theres not alot i can achieve in an hour.

Also im thinking Mr T as my role model
I pity the fool that doesnt tell me their thoughts

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Shoes post

These are the two shoes i want to buy as soon as i get the green light on any interview.
Unfortunatly the purple boots are already out of stock in my size (6/7). Usually i would cry ^^ but instead im determined to hunt down another pair.
Saw a picture of some blue ones that looked pretty hot, but imma stick to the hunt for a purple or red pair

After having a pretty strange self actualizing night

i made a total of 9 lists.
List always calm me down and i found this thing on my phone which means i get to make them all the time and can store up to 100 which is pretty awesome for a weird list lover like myself.
My sister and her friend have taken over the living room and are watching the gilmore girls. Actuallytheres not even watching it, its just background noise to them whic is highly insulting to a gilmore lover like thine self. So ahbviously i cant be in the room. Hence here i am on the computer trying to complete a few things on a few of my lists (I have 9 ^^)

So on my list of stuff to do was hunt down cowboy boots in either red or purple. I didnt actually want full lenght ones and was perfectly happy in my day dream where i was wearing the short ankle ones. But alas dreams dont always come true and io cant find short ankle ones
I did how ever find these cuties, and i hope i get a job soo and am making G's cause my first pay check is literally going on shoes. These amazing pair are on sale for only £55, which is awesome considering they used to be £90. Also there are a pair of hobo boots i want from simi that are £30. and i pity the fool that tries to steal  my idea and buy them before me. When i can be bothered to extricate the pictuire from my phone i shall upload it. Also there's a heeled verson of the hobo boots i want. £35. Hence the reason why
Jennie+Job=Shoes. Simple Math really ^^

Monday, 19 July 2010

12 days

Till i give up looking for a job
Cause lets face it theres really no point if im planning to go to uni in the fall.
Granted if i dont get in im pretty much screwed, but that bridge is way in the distance and a little fuzzy at times.
Done online searches tried recruitment agencies now it time to see if the direct gov site has anything to offer. Not likely :)

I also wanna joing a gym nastics club so i need to hunt one down thats in the area, as well as finding an alternative uni to go to if i end up going through clearing, what can i say, just call me ms organised. Though all this uni talk has been festered because my sister keeps banging on about how her loans dont cover nothing and how shes looking for a new place blahdi blahdi blah


Saturday, 17 July 2010

To put it simply. I want a unicycle

So im thinking...Hmm unicycle: one wheel no chain or handle bars. This should be relativly cheap, maybe a crisp £20. £35 pushing it.
But no, its like £40 minimum at the bike shop near my house and thats just rediculous. Dont ask why i want one, its just one of those things i wanna learn to ride
(Oooh Dirteee)

Twilight your so very unoriginal

Copying the greatness that is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by makiong Breaking Dawn into two parts
Part 1 in 2011 and Part 2 in 2012
Check imdb of you dont believe me, though of course theres no reason for you not to ^^

Also please note Deathly HAllows part 1 comes out in 2010 and part 2 in 2011, so suck it twilight we finish first.
Also Harry Potter is born in 1980. Just a tiny fact incase you we're wondering

Snap back to reality (Eminem - Lose Yourself)
New book to enter into the speed reading. Was too pre-occupied to read last night so hopefully i'll have it done by |Sunday. Also this isnt the cover i have, in case your looking for it and come across another cover.

Okay thats it for me, for now anyways. STILL cant get blogger on my phone :( but alas i shall try and drag myself over to the computer screen at least every other day :)


Nazia :)

Thursday, 15 July 2010

So ive been having a baking week

Monday: Muffins
Tuesday: Big Cake
Wednesday: Nothing but i double up on Thursday
Thursday: Cookies and Pizza
Friday: Cup Cakes

I really do enjoy being me
and that is my message to all of you.
Enjoy what you do. If you realise right now that you dont then kick it.....Literally  =]

Speed Read

Currently been reading since about last night and im nearly halfway through, and will hopefully be finished by friday night
The book i just finished Morganville Vampires: Lord of Misrule had a really good ending, it honestly just makes you think AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WTF!
swo i was pleased about that. I have the next book already but it further away in my pile. So far the speed reading is working so i am pleased :)

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Seeing people that have left the school like a year or two ago. Its saddening casue they acatually seem to be having fun and be going somewhere in life.
Cant say the same for me unfortunatley

Also ive decided to write a list of things i cant do, thanks to my sisters laughing at the way i dance.
When i say laugh, i mean cackle
Highly depressing as im already on flip side of an A4 piece of lined paper, but heck i may decide to change everything on that list.

Also i wanna do gymnastics this summer
and i need to find a role model or a pillar of inspiration cause i really cant live like this anymore.
Well actually i can but im pretty sure my lifestyle is unhealthy

Onwards we go

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Watched Snakes on a Plane
and i honestly didnt think it was that bad and still dont get why everyone was so angry with it. I think theyre just jealos they didnt get to hang out with all them motherfucking snakes on that motherfucking plane =]
also the song at the end was funny. Not quite sure if it was meant to be a spoof, but i heart Travis Mcoy and cobra starship is okay

I dont want to be unfaithful

So im not removing my Sense and Sensibility from my Currently Reading thingy even though ive put it on hiatus cause teh words are so teeny tiney so it feels like 150 pages is a million pages and take you 2weeks to read that much. Sigh.
So im basically doing speed reading. 3 books a week for 2 weeks and first on the list which i startd on Sunday is this
Quick Read and a Quick Review

Prior to Sarahs comment


Have fun in Amsterdam =]

Monday, 12 July 2010

I want to do this!

30 days princess challenge :D

Found it on Ninja_Lovers blog. [p.s It wont let me comment you so i cant tell you that i love how you obsessed with the disney princesses like me :)]

Day 1: Favourite movie
Day 2: Favourite princess
Day 3: Favourite prince
Day 4: Favourite song
Day 5: Favourite kiss
Day 6: Prettiest princcess
Day 7: Favourite castle
Day 8: Saddest moment
Day 9: Favourite couple
Day 10: Best hair
Day 11: Favourite animal side-kick
Day 12: Favourite non-animal side-kick
Day 13: Favourite outfit
Day 14: Favourite villan
Day 15: Favourite romantic moment
Day 16: Favourite singing voice
Day 17: Best eyes
Day 18: Favourite name
Day 19: Favourite soundtrack
Day 20: Funniest moment
Day 21: Favourite quote
Day 22: Bravest princess
Day 23: Favourite dance scene
Day 24: Favourite parent
Day 25: Favourite lyrics
Day 26: Most magical moment
Day 27: Best wardrobe
Day 28: Favourite sequel
Day 29: Favourite overall moment
Day 30: Favourite happy ending

But i guess i should get round to finishing that 30day music challenge

Just broke my "At least i blog every other day" mantra

Hightly sorry guys
i just really hate sitting at a computer. Even if i did have a laptop id hate it so im not one here as much as i used to be, especially cause i have free texts and facbook on the phone so no need to wait for people to come online before i holla at them :)
Im tryna get Blogger on my phone, so until then i will just have to sorely disappoint you.

Okay so the life of Jennie has so far been pretty dull
I still have this blessed cold and croaky assed voice
Mum decided to stay home today because im ill.
Yeah i know your all thinking AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW what a lovely mum, but i know shes lying to me. She never did it when i was 8 so why should she when im 18? I aint gonna press her as to why shes here im just rolling with it. Shes gone to the bank with dad now so tahts actually most likely the reason  :)

Erm went to tesco to pick up a present for severn but she werent in so we left it with peter pan <3 We hardly get to see much of him anymore and tis a shame cause hes a really cool guy.
Used up the rest of my muffin mix today
and i bough a magnifying glass today ^^
Well it was a pack of two, a big one and a small one for a pound at tesco. Bargin much?
Also im checking what my liquidity's like atm so i can possibly buy the next season of the Gilmore Girls on DVD. Call me obsessed.
Lol actually obsession is the fact that todays episode is called The Lorelais first day at yale, and this is season 4 episode 2. ANNNNND Season 1 episode 2 was called The Lorelais first day at Chilton. A fanatic i am
Sigh Goodbye Jess

Also watching Snakes on a plane. and i know this sounds weird, but iu didntt hink thered be sooooooo many snakes on that damn plane :\
Me and younger had a Twilight weekend. It was hilarious cause we tend top make jokes during certain things and it takes like 3hours to watch one cause we have to pause it and laugh and reinact. Im clearly someone you want to take to the movies XD

HMMM what else what else what else?
I need to start writing again, but i thinki need to get back into the flow of things so im going to write you what happened on the day of prom in a story book fashion, taht should be fun to say the least.

They showed all three High School Musicals yesterday and i recorded them all and i need to watch them. Also have the Back to the future trilogy with me and youngers name on it as well as Batman & Robin, and Batman Forever tahts gonna be recorded this week so at least i can say ive seen all the batman films :)

Okay thats all i can think of.....Erm its Nazia birthday on saturday and i have no clue what to get her. Yay (!)

Okay guys hope this extraordinarily long post satisfied your need to live vicariously through me :)

Thursday, 8 July 2010

I want to post to y'all about how good prom night was despite the fact i had a hot/cold fever

But i actually still havent slept and ive been up for nearly 40hours so perhaps another time would be best :)

Just a few things i wanted to say.
you look like Rachael Leigh Cook in She's All That.
Like i was watching it and thinking....hmmmm she really looks like someonhe and a cant quite put my finger on it. But its you imma try and find a picture
Shes pretty and artsy just like you so id take it as a compliment :)
Thats all folks. Imma try and get you a headless picture so you can see my dress ^^ but now its time to shower and sleep and tick of all nighter on my list :) Finallllllly

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

My DVDs just got here

I was sitying in this exact spot when i heard the postman
The i ran to about a meter before the first door and started cheering ''Post! Post! Post! Post!''
(Because i have two doors, an outer and an inner one so the post gets dropped between the two)
I just stood there cheering until i heard a heavy thump, and then i still kept cheering, and my dad who was in the next room hollared
"Whats going on?"
And i was all "POST!"
Then he very civililly asked me "Why dont you go out there and get it from him?"
I told him it was more fun this way.
Now ive got all my dvds. \Id take a picture but the lead is in youngers room. Im well excited though, especially at the Gilmore Girls season one boxset <3 Need a job so that i can buy them alllll ^^

Also sorry that ive been Persona non grata, ive been i'll. It came quite abruptly and i still like to blame my brother for passing it to me. Though its weird i had a twitchy throat on Monday. Then i had a full fledged fever/headache/breakling out in hot and cold sweats/aches/swelled throat. all day yesterday and now today the headaches gone and i dont feel as dizzy. But Proms tonight and i aint feeling 100%
Though i did get my dress yesterday, and it was only recently pointed out to me that i still dont know what shoes im gonna wear.
Who likes organisation anyways?
And in my defence im ill XD

Till later me amigos

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Took down

My Kick List
cause lets face it im so past all those losers

Examination Nation
Cause its all over and its been replace with a summer list

Might have to change my curently reading casue S&S is taking time that i dont have.
Damn tiny worded things

Erm what else..........added a new picture. Just a lukes coffee mug, but its sentimental

I thinks thats all for now folks

Now i need sleep and maybe a teeny cup of orange juice cause ive got some funky sore/irritated thoat/back of the nose thing, and if it persists how am i supposed to stay up all night wednesday?

Adios (Thats spanish for goodbye)

Monday, 5 July 2010

Sister came back from the library today with this in hand

I literally grabbed it from her and started squeeling and jumping up and down.
What can i say? I love the Plum ^^

Here's a mini profile about me

After reading Hannahs comment: I'm a little confused. . . Where you live you don't have proms/homecoming?
I realised that i dont actually have ana proper about me section. Mine just consists of telling you that i never spell check and that i never think before i blog. Both od which are very very true.

So first to Hannah: We only have a prom in year 11 thats major, cause we've finished our compulsary 5years of school. Then in year 12 and 13 thers a joint orom for both year group. Not a lot of the year 12s go till they get to year 13 casue thats the finale.
Also we dont wear extravagant dresses like my fabulous red one.
So here goes my profile

Name: Jennifer Francis
Age: 18
Weight: Weightlessly weighty
Issues: Sociopath
Favourite colour: Black
Item of clothing: Any long sleeved black top <3
Film: Harry Potter
Book: Stephanie Plum

Okay i cant be bothered anymore ^^
Holla if you wanna know anything about me thats not 100% stalker pshyco creepy
mucho lovo

Saturday, 3 July 2010

If only i lived in america

Then this would be the perfect prom/homecoming dress.
This is actually a picture of me in a dingy perveryted changing room in Finsbury Park
Its weird cause i actually sometimes i actually see myself with a flower head in a dream or two.

Usually by now as i do every summer

I will have a list of stuff to do.
But surprisingly for once i dont and i have to say its very freeeing :)
Though i do have a couple of random things to do such as:
Pick up teching myself spanish and reading as many jane austens as i can
and of course getting a job
but asides from that im just kinda in limbo and it's awesome.
P.s: Aint even got a prom dress yet and its on wednesday. Good thing im a sociopath and have no emotion or else i would be freaking out right now. I love beinging me :)

Yeah i realise how bleak the picture is but hey what can you do :)


I know you dont want to be 18, as i didnt either but it passes pretty painlessly if not annoyingly as everyone constantly wants you to go out drinking when you'd much rather stay where you are in your footsie pj's but you get over it


Some election guy came to the door

He was well nice i might vote for him
also as he left he sai Cherrio
AFter i closed the door i actually started to crease.
It was so cute and i love people who say cherioo but its such a rare occourence

Yesterday i bout 4 DVDs and a boxset from HMV
Gilmore Girls Season 1
Sex in the City
Batman Begins
Pretty Woman
all for the low low price of £20.93
If i had a job i most likely woulda bought more its oh so addictive

Last night around 9 i started to hoe the front drive way. Hoeing makes a lot on noise (Dirtee) and i pissed off the neighbours who kept sticking their head out the window to check if i was done yet. I didnt finish till 10 :) and i suppose it helps that ive got a street lamp rigbht outside my house. Oh i suppose me singing to the music on my phone didnt help the situation.
They were glad when the battery died until i made up a song to go with my hoeing.
Twas a very productive evening i must say

Also i went into school for what i hope to be the last ever time until results day and choscars ^^

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Arg i cant feel my feet

Alarm was buzzing for 8:00am
Met Nazia at the train station at 9:45 ish
Got to Marble Arch for 10:20ish
Wondered up and down oxford street tried on dresses and shoes and bought and returned leggings twice till about 14:10ish
Made our way to Finsbury Park and got there at approximatly 14:45
Dragged our way down Fenchurch Street and tried on the most ah-mazing american style prom dresses and attempted to make the sales assistants of a wedding dress shop believe that we were getting married soon so that they could let us try on wedding dresses and FAILED till 16:25
Got back down to Goodmayes at 17:10
Bumped into an old friend on the way to tesco 17:15
Finished chatting and made our way into tesco 17:30
Bought Chocolate and Fanta in tesco and left the shop to make our way home at 17:45
Got Home totally exhaust-ificated at 18:00

And yes you notice correctly that for once me and nazia didnt even stop to eat.
Shocking i know, even more so when you factore in these two very important factors
1. I was lusting over KFC chicken Wings
2. Tis Thursday and my favouraite sub (Italian BMT) is only £2 today

So ive been up and about and been without food for 10 hours. 10! that just aint right people.
and tomorrow i have to be up for 8:45 cause im meeting Nazia at the gym for 9:30
Also gotta do book return and hope that the school will actually allow me to purchase a prom ticket :)


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