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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

ah forgot to mention ive started a new book

Morganvilles Book 6 by Rachel Caine

10 Chapter and like 364 pages :\
Thats like 36.4 pages per chapter
and to think people said i was bad at math ;)

Justin Bieber is Canadian

But i'd like to inform everybody that its okay.
Cause every country has its faults
If we can overlook Germany and the whole world war thing
Then we can forgive the Canadians for this...

Hate the accommodation people :\

I also hate when people get involved in arguments that have nothing to do with them
I also also hate that i cant find a good countdown for 2 things
1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 November 19th 2010
2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 July 15th 2011

What can i say? Im a simple girl with a simple wish

....As soon as it arrives ^^

Dearest Sarah....

Am i the only one who finds it weird

When they see pigeons in other countries?
I feel like theyre strictly british.
Hmm great now i have to go and look up this stupid fact
Hold up one second please
{Dance to a crazy beat}
Sorry to keep you waiting
{Ignore me and keep dancing}
Stange i cant seem to find an origin, [Dum Dum Duuuum] {Dancing subsides}its as if one day they just appeared simulataneous around the world in pairs and then their population grew

Holla if you can find out something else, as i seem to be slightly intrigued

I want a cupcake

Like this

but bigger :)

9minutes which is 3.9miles

So prospects of finding a job when i get to uni is looking up, regardless of the whole retail thing

I hate social netweorking websites its almost forcing you to be friends with people, this obviously doent include blogger :)

Whats so wrong with it its not like im bothering anybody.
I feel the need to perhaps go and watch TV anyways, i think ill just wait tillk like 1ish.
Yeah that will make me feel better.
Nothing like a bit of rebellion to put a smile on my sad and crying face

Shakespear can suck it
i rock harder

Monday, 30 August 2010

David...I need a link so i can follow thy blog

In other news
Fame was shit.
Think ill like the old version better

Carnival was.......
Not as i expected
Dont get me wrong i had a good time and i have annoying ache in my lower backbone from the amount of ''Whining and Grinding'' I did.
Major lolage at the way everyone was smoking and rolling weed in the street
Major ewage at the girls who were dry humping the guys in the streets.
Litterally you'd be like this :O
It was discusting and borederline pornographic.

Loved all the noise the scene the environment the different types of food the alcohol the weed sellage ann the music

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Skye Sweetnam

Whom i find generally awesome when i rememeber, especially cause shes only 23 and is Canadian and also as well as the general ocupation of being an Actress singer, Songwriter she also directs her own videos and helps to edit them as well as directing other peoples. All of which is done on a small scale as alot of people dont know who she is.

I think this should be my theme song, or motovational song, cause eye of the tiger always reminds me of Exams prep

I'm fly
The original
I'm sly
I'm nearly irresistible
And I don't even try
I'm easily excitable,
Completely undeniable,
And sometimes unrealible.
Don't ask me why,
Don't ask me why (why)

I'm strange
And I like it
That's just the way I am
I can't change
I can't hide it
That's just the way I am
Might as well get over it
Don't try to understand
I'm strange
And I like it
That's just the way I am

From a whisper to a shout
On what the buzz
Is all about
Everybody's buggin' out
And I've only just begun
They can't rain on my parade
I'm sunshine on a cloudy day
Make lemons into lemonade
I'm just havin' fun
I'm havin' fun (I'm havin fun)


Just the way i am by Skye Sweetnam

Friday, 27 August 2010


That is all :)

Thursday, 26 August 2010

I should give up and remover sence and sencibility from my Currently Reading Podium

Its not my fault i just have to keep shifting the order that i read in cause the due dates change and so on and so forth.
But i will vow to eventually finish it within a year so i can read the rest and finally watch the movie :)

Finished the Evanovich erm a few nights ago and am now on Kate Brians Private Series, Main Character Reed annoys the beejebers out of me but the plots are good. Honestly if i ever met her i would slap her upside her head and tell her to grow a pair and to stopp begging for friendship from the Billings Girls. GET OVER IT!
But alas i cant until i build that machine, so for now i will just tell you :)
 Sorry for the teeny tiny picture, this is the only version google had of my cover version. Which reminds me that a while ago i said i was gonna read two books at a time and this was the second book, lol ha i guess not then :)

Younger siblings and mother have gone school shopping something i eventually need to do :\

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Neuschwanstein Castle

Was the inspiration for Sleeping Beautys Castle

The form that i needed to be filled in by my dad is still not done

I dont even know why i bother being surprised.
And my brother who is sitting behind me just informed me that they just cut and ate cake....Without me :(
This is clearly my mothers doing, i think shes trying to phase me out or somthing
I need to get these next few weeks done and dusted

Tried calling up the accommodation people to push the deadline, to no avail as noboady picked up :\
Call the student loans people to try and get more cash, but they said my dad needs to fill out some stuff, its always him screwing things up. Shocker :\

On a much more positive side i did spend a few hours on the computer with my brother, we looked at all the sheffield and shizz and then i kicked his ass at key stage 2 math bitesize ^^
lol please make no comment

So now im gonna hunt for cake and make some kinda uni list  :\

Realised ive made ":\" face quite a bit in this message which is quite saddening as :O is actually my favourite emotocon face to make

Got a new sky mag today....Yay more movies :)

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Ah Bloo Blah

Wed 25 Aug / 6pm
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (12A)
2009 / UK/US / 153mins

Dir: David Yates
Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Michael Gambon

In the sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft, and in both wizard and worlds Lord Voldemort and his henchmen are increasingly active. With vacancies to fill at Hogwarts, Professor Dumbledore persuades Horace Slughorn, back from retirement to become the Potions teacher, while Professor Snape receives long awaited news. Harry Potter, together with Dumbledore, face treacherous tasks to defeat his evil enemies.

(You may have noticed im in a screaming mood)
If only it wasnt Prodigals acursed birthday :(
I mean ive only seen it once and compared to the others....
This ranges from the minimum amount of times ive seen Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets....4. To the minimum amount of 16 that i've seen aArry Potter and the Prisinor of Azkaban
So yeah it basically doenst even measure up

Monday, 23 August 2010

Happy Thoughts

Figured this was easier than getting pictures :)

I just want one simple thing

I tend to make sure i ask of nothing from my 'Parents' [Hey me and Lorelai have something in common :)] but the one time i actually need something thats actually important? :@

So filling out the university forms and stuffage
and basically need like £208 and the deadlines on Friday and what can i say, call me selfish but ive come accustomed to the Dorm ive been assigned
I need them to fill out one little contract and im all: I need it to be done by tomorrow or thursday latest. (Obviously this has all been said whilst inwardly holding the scorn that comes across my face when i see them and the tone of annoyance when im speaking to them)
And what does the douche say?
"Oh il maybe get round to it on Friday or Monday"
(Again holding in the scorn and tone of annoyance)
"But the deadlines Friday"
"Well dont believe those deadlines there only meant to give you a brief date out line"
I just tuted and left.
Okay i get it i got vaugly caught in Thursday but i havent done anything since
Ive only stopped talking to my parenst unless addressed directly. I didnt have a hissy fit when i was baited my my dad opening my mail (ARG! FML I CANT WIAT TO LEAVE) I havent left the house
So can we all just get over it?
What can i say ive been doing this for years so in my defence they should roll over and move the fuck on.

Okay time to think happy thoughts

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Why the hell

Do i have no LOSTPROPHETS on my music player?

I know youve missed me for 2days

Nothing much to report
Watched the Rocky Horror Picture show....Erm was okayish, but i love that i know how to do the Time Warp dance ^^
I literally stay and watch TV till about 3/4am then read for an hour then head off to bed.
Wake up around 3pm and do the whole cycle all over again with a few 2hour naps inbetween.

Finally read through my Uni stuff, and i have a shit load of forms to fill out in seven days, which started on Friday :\
So imma be a paper pusher for the next few days
Hopefully will be able to go see 500days of Summer with Mala <3

Friday, 20 August 2010

Last thing

So basically the video makes no sence, and its sexed up.
But the boys look fitt :p

Life is like a mirror, you can fix it if it's broken, but you can still see the crack in that mother fuckers reflection


My dad basically sees my results as failing....
which to be honest i more than dont care about, considering i stopped caring what either parent though of me a long time ago (Up goes the sociopatic antenna) and told me to consider resitting

were my grades and all of them are considered a pass and i got the points needed to get onto my course so really i see no problem at all, especially cause i got the A i always wanted. My dad completely ignores my Glorious A and goes on and on about how i should re sit and how uni isnt for everyone and i could do modelling or an some kinda business course.
Completly over looking the fact that
1. I did get into uni
2. I got and A in media, the actual subject im planning to pursue a career in
3. I got 90/100 in the exam

Also i don't see how you can compare Economics and Maths with Media. Two are academic and one is and Art. Can you spot the difference?

To be honest with you....i wasnt even that jazzed when i found out i got in cause if there was another option i wouldnt even be going to uni, but im not gonna drop out with no other prospects in mind.
But having the same repetitive convosations and them completly ignoring my media interests the best thing for me and probably them as well is to leave.
Heck its what ive wanted for a long time so theres really no discussion. I'll come back 5 days max at christmas and then ill be home for summer hopefully with a job so i wont be spending a lot of time at home.

The following songs came up on shuffle and helped my thinking process
30 Seconds to Mars - Closer To The Edge
My Chemical Romance - Famous Last words
Lil Wayne ft Eminem - Drop The World
Glee - Total Eclipse of the Heart
Beyonce - Freakum Dress

Okay guys this was super fun talking (typing) to you like this. And if i had a heart it would feel like some weights been lifted off of it. As it turns out i dont so it doesn't
Feel sorry for younger, theyre gonna make sure she gets A's

Just Call me Annie
Its a hard knock life

Way overexaggerated sigh

Horrible day
Slip Ups
Opening of letters (We all knwo how i feel about privace)

Whatever. Its all helped to put my life in perspecitve as ive realised that i lost sight of a few important things, but the feeling i have now (Yes feeling: meaning that im not 100% sociopathic, just a mear 84%) is exactly what i need to be feeling to get my head in the game.

Ive also realised that certain people are highly self absorbed. For good reasons but at the same time its just :\
That i love texting this specific person.
You know its text love when you dont mind if they dont text you back
You text them random infomation and they dont get all sympathetic just laugh in your face.
Also that some people really just dont hear you when you speak

Have i mentioned that i have no appetite
That my maintencance loan isnt nearly enough?
Maintenace fee - Rent =  -£136
So yeah its a good thing i have no appeatite cause im not going to be minus eating this year.

I need to get a date book so i can start making more solid plans.
A few things that arent on the menu include: Resitting and Modeling
Which i will explain in the next post

Thursday, 19 August 2010


Ive vaugly decided what i wanna do later on in life
Not forever casue im a fickle person and get bored easily as well as this im determined to try everything.

Event Manager
Wedding Planner

Quote Meet Joe Black
"Huh Death and Taxes, what an odd pairing"

But she's a girl :\

"Lover Unleashed"
To be released Spring of 2011. The story of Payne.

Finished Lover Mine

LAst night, or early this morning.
Whatever it basically took me a week which is a mirical considering it took me 2 weeks to read a book that was less than half its gigantic size

so now its time for the plum :)

also reading an article on msn homepage about 17 sequels that didnt need to be released

Titanic 2
Evan Alighty (On the other hand Lauren Graham was in it)

Batman and Robin
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the crystal skull

Beverly Hills Cop 3


The only reson i am even up at this blessed time is because i got 2 texts this morning at like 7:30
considering i went to bed at 3
and i need at least 7hours sleep
you can tell im not a happy bunny
well on the plus side at least it means i get a nap later on today, and thats always a plus
TBF its my fault i left my phone on loud so i could hear the alarm thinking
"Its not as if anyone will know my results and will text me the grade"


So apparently you can check the outcome on UCAS

I hereby refuse
Thank you

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Jitter bug boogie

Why do i feel so cold

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Saw old friends
spent the time playing musical chairs
ended up sitting on laps
Had a hot dog
<3 Salad
Sing Star
Cake on my face
Eating the cake on my face

So all in all a good night.

Though naturally my mother was harshing my mellow. Uber Sigh she really just doesnt get it. Even though im pretty much over it, it still pisses me the hell off.
Also hate when people give the whole: "Dont say that shes your mother/father" speech, kmt just cause your story had a happy negotiational ending doesnt mean that mine will.

Thats all
Peace love and twitter homies

Sunday, 15 August 2010

I forgot

How much i loved bags

So this new obsession begins i guess

Okay i vow to try and relinquish my status of OLD MAN this week

Cant start today cause i just had the most wonderful 3hour nap
but heck im tyrying on the inside

So tomorrow is Monday gonna think about attempting to go to the gym and do a few stomach excercises
try and watch a film or two and make cupcakes at night...The best time to make any thing if you ask me
Also might attempt a bike riding and hmmm yeah well thats about it.

My sister gave me a pair of red heels which i cant find to show you a picture of :\
Told her i wanted to wear it with yellow socks a black dress and get a yellow bag and she told me i worse than betty (Ugly) [Which was good and cringe worthy the other night]

All i can think of to blog at the moment

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Need to make plans

Which means making lists and we all know how i feel about lists

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Cant wait to be more liquidated

Theres a shit load of books i want
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
Mr Darcy, Vampyre

Why do all books feel the need to incorporate vampires into the works?
I get that its a phase but it's getting quite boring and will die out when all the twilights have come out, hopefully sooner :/

Yay Books =]

Mothers birthday tomorrow

and we've had all week to prepare but us Francis' are nothing but last minute
that being said you could add lazy to the equation as we only got stuff ready today
and its not even finished yet as we've gotta print the pictures and write the card
Luckily shes going to work tomorrow
Unluckily shes doing a half day so will be back by 2ish
Granted that i actually dont get up till about 12:00/12:30
and then get downstairs no earlier than a half hoir later.

Its a complicated thing to be me

Brad Pitt <3

Heres a british Actor (bar The Grint) that i actually do like. Gotta love that defined Jaw :p

Convosation today during dinner

Sparked by something Kid said

"You know what younger?"
"Me Brad Pitt and David Bekham have a lot in common"
"How so?"
"Well, We can all do what ever the hell we like"
"Its True"
"I dont deny it"
Kid Interjects: "Well you couldnt kill someone"
"Yes i actually could and most likley get away with it too.....If i wanted to but i dont"
This back and forth went on a couldnt rob a bank
"Basically Kid, being able to do what the hell you like is an aquired skill and your just jelous"
News travels fast in this house so as soon as i got to my room Prodigal was all
"Im not sure if i should be weirded out or impressed that you managed to put you Brad Pitt and David Bekham in the same category"


Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Need new ones before i get too complacent

Younger next door in the shower

OMD i cannot take anymore Justina Bieber!
I litterally just screamed at her and demanded her to stop
ah my years do bleed
lol he was on True Jackson and wow what a strange girl.
She really cannot act, should stick to being Ushers prepubescent little voice experiment

Im just saying ¬_¬


was in cinema seeing inception as you've guest from reading my last post (you best havce read my last post)
and i love the adverts, but thats a totally different point
cause teh Harry Potter trailer came on for parts one and two and it was sooooo awesome and i grabbed sezzas hand and got all shreiky and my leg was shaking by the end of the trailer.
Yes i may not dress up in hogwarts atire and go to the midnight premiers and stalk the characters and think that the world of HP is real.
But that doesnt mean i dont love it just as much *Cough* If not More *Cough* than those crazy fans


Saw inception today

and although there were some pretty awesome parts
i do have a slight infatuation with Leonardo DiCaprio.
I love saying the name Marion Cotlliard
Joseph Gordon-Levitt was funny "Quick gimmie a kiss........ah well worth a try"
and i did love to hate Ellen Page... Small nosey annoying arrogant non smiling bitch

I thought it didn't live up to the hype

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Sad times that i still havent gotten round to finishing Sence and Sensibility

But for now im currently Reading
'Nelle said that id love the ending.
Bitch best be right :)

Also because i need to speed read im gonna have a day book and a night book. So the above is for bed and below is for during the day
Private series: Paradise Lost by Kate Brain

2011 and 2012

Gnomeo and Juliet
I Am Number Four
Hall Pass
I Hop
Your Highness
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
X-Men: First Class
Something Borrowed
Green Lantern
One for the Money
The Smurfs
Happy Feet 2
New Year's Eve
The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn
Men in Black III
Untitled Star Trek Sequel
Untitled Spider-Man Reboot
Untitled Batman Project
Avalon High
High Stakes (HSM spin off about Sharpay)
Good Luck Charlie: The Movie
Yes i am a bored film fanatic

Monday, 9 August 2010

Whats with the facebook status'

Notifying that there's 10days left till results

Now i wouldnt go as far as calling myself Jacks green eyed monster

But when someone has somthing it makes me realise that i want it too :)

This is usually a bad thing when ive watched a film about guns, alcohol, weed and punching etc
A good thing if ive just watched a nice romcom or musical
Saddening if ive just watched an adventure, cause theyre all haveing adventures and im just watching them :(
but it does occour in real life as well for instance everyone's buying posters

lol thats about all

Just got all your comments now sezz cause i aint blogged in two days, but i answered everything when i saw you today :)

Today went sezzas and had a media type meeting.
Bollocks we didnt talk about going to the Beach :\
whislt discussing music Sezza put on eurotrip so i could understand the full effect of the song
Which thus led to us watching all of euro trip which was quite jokes
also watched an episode of the OC which i havent seen in aggggges

Orange wednesday soon fingers crossed

Also i need to binge read

Hopefully a nice bike ride to hainult forest


and erm maybe clubbing?

Thats about my week in a nutshell but nothings set in stone as per use, which is just how i love it
Also ermmmm

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Im to sexy for this shirt

Im to sexy to wash the dishes ma, get younger to do them ^^

naw she probably wouldnt get it. But i might start usuing it as an excuse to get out of random shizz
For one it will either make people laugh or completely astound them so i can change the subject

I am Jacks manipulative friend

This made me laugh

Hey, you created me. I didn't create some loser alter-ego to make myself feel better

After having a chat with a friend i havent heard from in a long time

I realised i need to pick a favourite film.
More like what few come to mind when someone asks you this dreaded question.
Naturally to my mind comes Harry Potter, and i realised cause i loved the books so much and the films lived up to expectations (Pre Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix) of the book, so i was duly satisfied.

So yeah i basically need to think of something
Although KillBill came to mind and i absolutly loved Fight Club so i suppose i have some kind of starting point. Its weird that i have all these films ive watched (See the very bottom of this blog on the right) and yet i cant even think of one thing.
Ah well

So my friends Party today, and i feel that considering i can see her bouncy castle from my bedroom window that i should actually go.....
I am Jacks small Favours

LOTR i really loved actually

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Im so fed up of UCAS and Student Finance and Orange

Why cant the UCAS people communicate with the Student Finance people?
Its not like its very difficult UCAS has all the info SF need but we're the ones that need to be the courier between them.
SF are so unorganised, they just sent back my Change of circumstance form and said i filled in one for Northern island. Well why couldnt they just transfer the infor to the right sheet instead of sending me the form to refill and re send back. Iv got other things to deal with.
And orange who need to sort out my bill and top up date and allow me to blog on my phone, the shop cant help and the 150 people think they know everything
Also its bin day but i missed my alarm so now we're gonna have extra garbage for the week and younger is making out like she plays no part in helping to take out the bins.
Dude your room faces the front of the house how hard is it to pop your head out and check if the bins have been put out?
Its not even like the job is very difficult. You take out the current bin and put it in the big wheelie thing and wheel the whole lot to the front of the house. Literally a 3minute job.
So far ive only been up for and hour and a half, and this day is already upsetting me.

I should go read or watch a film or bake something or go tesco. All these things should in theory cheer me up.
In Theory

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Tuesday, 3 August 2010

So im really pissed at the library

basically theres a book that was meant to be on my card
but some stupid librarian put it on youngers
she needed space on her card so she went to transfer it
the lady said that was a okay
as soon as it was taken off her card the librarian took it back
and said there were other people waiting on it so i couldnt even get it back
I was actually devestated casue i was really looking forward to reading it. I think i might actually go down there and complain cause this isnt the first time they've tried to screw me over

Now do you get why im so sad. This is like my favourite book series :\

So todays eventful day was spent

on the Tottenham Court Road area of Oxford Street.

Here we browsed in and out of random shops
Nazia browsed through Uniqlo whilst i chilled in WHSmiths
Found the Hummingbirds Bakery (2down 1to go)
Was disappointed with soho street and square
Gave the soho area another chance once we found nandos
Found China Town where i bought strange and intriguing sweets
Wondered back through a much livlier soho area
Sighted 2 gay bars and tried to work out our odds at passing for lesbians
and pulling other girls
Before jumping back on a train and coming home
all in all another London day well spent

Monday, 2 August 2010

Anticipating to be Bad
Cause lets all face it most remakes are :\
on the semi plus side theres going to be an Avatar spin off (cartoon)
Avatar: Legend of Korra (working title)

Okay thats all i think its time to wash thy hair


Sorry to all media students that nptice it doesnt cut to the beat.
I blame movie maker :)
also.....nope cant rememeber what else

Currently Reading

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Its Sunday again

Meaning i need to make plans for the week
Can you believe ive been off school for 5weeks now and have done bubkiss?
Also yesterday i officially gave up looking for a job
Making things official is a lot more fun, you get to sign stuff
and take pictures. Makes the most depressing events more joyful

Okay now i think im rambling
im off to re watch new moon and sort out my hair
p.s: Next time i see you ill drop round the DVD :)

Yellow was starting to hurt me eyes



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