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Thursday, 30 September 2010

i buzz

but american time makes it like 2 or 4 am over here :(

so im not sure if youve realised

but on my other blog i tend to explain what i do
why its on the look at me section
then complain about the experience of it

Duet With Myself which actually made me lol.

love the ukelali. Kevin from the brothers jonai can play

im going to die from a sugar overload

fact ;)

iys bad enough that i dont eat dinner till about after 8:00pm
but now ive just eated 2 penguins
yes i do realise how unnatural that sounds but i assure you that no real penguins were harmed
2 packest of random sweets
2 pieces of fudge
a few bites of my merdina cake
and im chugging lemonade to wash it all down ;)

oh yeah look at me living the highlife
hopefully this teethrotting sugar binge will fade and die after this week because the fact that i actually have no squandering moiney will sink in and i can stop behaving like a kid in a candy store. Except for the fact that i am a kid, i do go to candy stores but i dont act foolishly so the phrase is somewhat lost on me

back to the social networking
luckily i have no cl-ASS till 2 so i can nyam and chat for a while longer munching the years off my life ans i dig into the marylands

Actuallly made me crease

also this is really good

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

everyone else is making a second blog

namely mala and sarah
i wanna do one :)
i do have a vaugue idea what i want it to be about
granted i will loose interest buy christmas

Its a casual day and your going into your purse to get some cash

Now in your purse everything has its place and theres a place for everything, so its only natural when you notice that somethings off.
Ah you see it now a random card is in you oyster/hmv card slot.
You reach for this card and you see a navy card with stripes and the the words PLAY POINTS, random you think but heck stranger things have happened in your not so sheltered life.

Intrigues you go home and search the words play points into the ever faithful google. The things that come up are random links to nothing. On a rare brainwave you add the word sheffield to the search and wait as the results load up.
Click on the first link
G Casino. One Amazing Venue. One Great Night Out.
Then it all comes back to you....kinda
signing up to a casino, flirting with the guy at the table and loosing £5 on the roulette table.

Well that explains that then, and heck even though i dont quiet remember how i got to the casino, how i signed up, or whether said casino even exists, that musta been one hell of a night


Okay so bare with me and my random thoughts

So this is from the shining as we all probably know, but my random thought just trailed along this and got me t hinking
What work?
Like seriously, there was no one at the hotel for 6 months its not like he had to pick up after anybody
also he didnt write one page of this God forsaken book, so just generally it doesnt make sence
perhaps the book goes into more detail for those of you thats read it, but the film explained absolutly nothing
it should be something else like.

No work and no play makes Jack a bored boy
No work and no play makes Jack a bored boy
No work and no play makes Jack a bored boy
No work and no play makes Jack a bored boy
No work and no play makes Jack a bored boy

I do love to blog

For one its a great way to improve my writing for when i eventually get round to finishing a book ^^
Its longer than a tweet, and even though you can publicise your life on facebook, people are forced to see it, here people want to read your posts and laugh/sympathise with your day
Also you can go off on a tangent before skipping back to what you really came here to blog about........

M is for murders
In the very first EastEnders episode back in 1985, pensioner Reg Cox was found murdered, but he's not the only character to have met a grisly end. The list, from Reg Cox onwards is: Den Watts (gunshot, but the 1989 death was faked. You can watch it here); Eddie Royle (stabbed); Barry Evans (pushed off a cliff. Relive it here); Jack Dalton (gunshot); Paul Trueman (murdered off screen); Andy Hunter (pushed off a bridge);
Den Watts (second time round - bludgeoned); Dennis Rickman (stabbed. See how it happened); Danny Moon (gunshot); Pauline Fowler (blow to the head); Jase Dyer (stabbed/beaten up); Trina Johnson (impalement); Owen Turner (strangled) and Archie Mitchell (blow to the head).

You never really realise how dangerous the fintional world of soap operas are until its all laid out in front of you :/

No class till 2

Me thinks ill watch eastenders before bed

man i miss the noodles EXTREME SAD FACE>>>> :(

Monday, 27 September 2010

I am happy

not that i wasnt before, this is just a new hybrid kind of happiness ;)
ive actually supconciously ended up doing the stepping stone thing, for instance:
I started reading last night
I made a real breakfast today which involved me cooking (Fried Eggs) and even though i made way to much and didnt finish it, i still did it :)

I realise i sound like a baby whose just taken their first steps, aside from the fact that most babies cant talk in full sentences let alone set up their own blog page. But yeah the analogy still stands me thinks

Okay im about 4 minutes behind schedule, i was menat to hit the left side of the town today, and figure out how to get to my mates house in preparation for tonight.
See theres another thing on my "i dint wanna/cant be botherd to" list. Socialise and make nice

Anywho classes start tomorrow and im looking forward to joining a few societies
Also we have the 4th room mate (2nd year) but i still havent bumped into them and its been a few days sincehe got here, so yeah i bet come christmas we shall bump into each other and go into ninja mode thinking who the hell is this stranger in my house
Man i think of the oddest occourences
Okay now im 7 minutes behind schedule so imma holla at you ;)

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Well that took about 30 seconds.....

i decided to go for a
"Im on cloud 9"
There goes another minute

22 minutes still mega video unblocks

i shall play around with my blog design

So im just sitting here and im wondering to myself

What do you want?
Very philisophical and its one of thos questions that could usually do with a psycologist or psycoanalysist to help get a diffinitive answer.
I dont know anyone of thos professions so imma have to go all oprah on myself

Okay so i guess it would be easier to start with what i dont want?
I dont want to move
Im not in the mood to go out
Im not in the mood to make nice
I dont want to cook
I dont want to text
I dont want to call anybody
Interlude to inform you that i know i sound like an unpleasable brat
I dont want to listen to any music
Im not in the mood to start reading
I dont want to start watching any DVD's

Okay im pretty sure the list could go on for a while but whilst writing it i came up with a solution to my problem, well its not really a solution as more of a stepping stone to find a solution

I should do everything that i dont want to do and everything that i said i wasnt in the mood to do.
I dont know what that will purge me of, cause despite not wanting to dao any of those things im not at all bored.
Yup exactly, a psycoanalysist could really be used here. Especially because im not in the mood and i cannot be bothered to do my whole stepping stone solution.

Circle of life people

Meant to finsh exploring today

but its cold outside :(
on the upside i suppose i dont have any classes tomorrow so i could just do it then?

i actually do love graphic novels

read a few artemis fowl ones as well as a few alex rider ones
but the Clique one i just discovered, and the Twilight one seem pretty good too
I think its cool looking at a drawn version as apposed to a live action one, its like with drawing you can get the image you seen in your head, and its not like we see things in our heads off the street. Okay that last sentence didnt make alot of sence, but i thinkj you should all allow me cause im tired

I heart that its a colour cover, the pages are black and white, then you have the odd colour page which gives it an awesome effect. Then of course you can get the ones that are strictly all colour, but heck that must cost an arm and a half to print

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Nearly bough Harry potter 3 and 2 today

but i didnt :(
was 2 for £10 but i had already picked up Superbad and The Way We Were, then whilst wondering around with those 4 in my hands (my hands individually are too small to hold them all) and i spotted pretty in pink (£4) and pursuit of happyness. so when it came down to it i returned all the 3 for £10 ones and left the shop with, Pretty In Pink The Way We Were and Superbad. Not a bad find if i do say so myself.

No loans yet so i couldnt get them all :(

i dont feel like blogging

i do realise that i am currently blogging which goes on to contradict the title of the post, but yeah i mean im not in the mood to blog anything of substance, so im going to go out and buy myself something then perhaps break out the gilmore dvds and hide under the covers

Though i did get a text that made me lmao

Me: I just dont understand making friends over facebook. Werent we taught never to do that
Me: Hey look you actually agreed with me :O
Them: Only to shut you up :)

Happy fun text worth times, cant believe i went 24hours without texting them ^_^

okay time to get dressed and get lost in town, maybe buy myself a book or a dvd ;)

Friday, 24 September 2010

Very blurry video of what my room looks like, and dont waorry about the audio, thats just me talking jibberish :)
My potato :) i drew a face on it after the whole....pick a potato, draw a potato, put back the potato, now find you potato. fiasco on tuesday

My Potato drawing, i doodles along the edges clearly, and theres a mini profile of Jeremy at the side

Today from the sculpture park i went to, we sat in side cause it was fer-reeeezing outside, and i just drew the from we were in. i woulda taken a picture for you guys to compare but we werent allowed. Usually such boundaries wouldnt hold me back, but i just couldnt be bothered :)

Cant see the picture all that well, but thats my student id card, and the woman didnt even give me a countdown so im not even looking in the camera. More like this weird far away look you have before you need to focus

And that was my week in sheffield
Also apparently the 4th illustrious housemate has arrived but i havent seen him yet so :? (my new emoticon that means, who knows, or questionable confusion, loooool geddit )

Thursday, 23 September 2010

 i buzz at the part one trailer for harry potter 7
sorry now embedding links

so from my last few comments from sezza

i make her lol

why, i have no clue, but i would like to say on behalf of me. myself and i that this is unintentional and im sorry for any harm it may have caused. but we are not liable

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Waiting to go out

Thats what happens when clubs dont open till ten and you cant be bothered to session cause the cold walk  to the club defeats the purpose. Sigh

couldn't think of anything better to mark my 700th post

its like my two favourite things
Britney and Glee
Throw in the Gilmore Girls and i dont know what id do with myself ^_^

i am mega confused about my class scheduling

thought i wasonly gonna be in 2 times a week, now it might be three!
i know, i know. whoa is me
also erm this is off the top of my head
but im done for christmas on 11th december and then im back for the 9th or the 14th oh january
and here the creme du la creme
my last week is the 25th of april
in case your mouths werent gaping as mine was when i found out.
Not that i entirly mind, its just that ive got my room till July 8th so now im thinking wtf am i just gonna jam here for 3 months or something or can i get some cash back?

I suppose hwen you think about it, the toss up of having to go in one extra day in the week and then having a long christmas and summer holiday, i shouldnt be complaing.
Maybe i shall go donw and see sarah?
or i dunno something
ooooh i could go to camp in america, taht would be well amazing,
or do that £100 ero train hopping trip.
ooooh go on a secret holiday
the possibilyities are endless
oh fuck i have no job. well i guess the possibilies have ended ^^

so class today werent half bad, aside from the fact we have to play them games where we learn each others names like its 1998 and im 6 years old. Then we all got rediculously close....literally, i had my arm around this guy back and my leg up around his thigh doggy style. sticktly PG 15 stuff

flipping exhausted i will tell you now.
just waiting for mega video cause ive allegedly already watched 72mins of video when im not even 3quarters of the way into the Gilmore Girls :/
in the mean time im making my way through this TIN of quality streets. and heres me thinking people were supposed to get thinner in univerity. Ah well.
then im gonna power nap it up and wake up all fresh to go out
fingers crossed i get my loans tomorrow, though its not like i can even touch it....studip student finance not giving me enough to even cover my stupid rent
Tis all for now bellas

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

i drew a potato

in class to day
and also every time i think the word class it sounds like
Cla-ASS kinda the way peter pan says it, cool but weird wehn i hear it in my head, its like a completly different person speaking, but yeah

oh yeah i also drew an object i could only feel and not see...was a toy car.
So dont start thinking my cla-ASS is weird or anythimg cause we were drawing potatos :)


 Daniel Radcliffe cried when the final scenes were shot. At the Tony Awards, he admitted to crying when he wrapped filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. "Everyone was really devastated. It was really, really sad. We were crying quite a lot. It's a weird, weird feeling."
- Rupert Grint put off reading Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows because he was terrified his alter-ego would be killed off. He told, "I think I was the last person to read it. I don't know why I didn't because I'm a big fan of the books, I've read them all. But I was nervous because I'd been hearing so much about characters dying."

- Emma Watson had a dig at the Twilight franchise when discussing her kissing scene with co-star Rupert Grint. She said, "This kiss between Hermione and Ron is highly anticipated, it's been building up for eight films now. Harry Potter is not Twilight, you know; we're not selling sex. In fact, it was horribly awkward; we couldn't stop laughing."

Copy and Pasted directly from, sorry cba to remove linkages

Monday, 20 September 2010

So yeah this is my schedule for the week, jam packed with fun fun fun as you can quite so clearly tell :)
erm oh yeah i did forget about the blogoversary thing, im so clever making a futer post the wasy i did and i actually never imagined that at said time i would be sittimg on my laptop in Sheffield.

Happy Blogiversary

So its been a full year since ive re-started my blog and id like to thank
and mostly me ;)
This is a future post as today is really 27/03/10 and i know that when the day of my blogiversary arrives i will in deed forget, so lets just hope that i am a continuous blogger by this date, then i can really write a soppy speach about how much you all love reading my blog ;)

*Note to self: Check out what i was blogging about on the 27th of March 2010


Sunday, 19 September 2010

im absolutly horrible with names

and ive lost the thingy that told me where and when i have to enroll. ARGH!


Ello ello my love :)

Okay so basically I didn’t get here early enough to buy the bleeding internet cable thingy ma bob….

We were ment to leave by 11am so we could be here for 2:00/3:00, I even lied and said we neede to be here by 2 cause knowing the way m,y family works, it was a given that we would be late.

After leaving the house by 12:45, flat tire and stopping off for KFC we finally got here by 5:00ish, luckily they didn’t seem to mind and I got all settled and we went and got me a few food things :)

They left and I began to unpack when the girl opposite me….Jenetta was all hey a few of us from upstairs are going out wanna come?

I did and it was a pretty good night, but then she started to feel sleepy etc so I went home with her, I mean it seems fair considering we’re so far the only two in the house cause the remaining two don’t get here till tomorrow, and heck the club only had an hour till closing. So we left and here we are.

Tb him only making this blog post in word cause I cba to remove the shit from my bed :(

Ah well, I suppose theres no excuse not to now right?


yay im connected

To the internet, no wireless so that means i cant just nyam by the top of my bed.
Got a shizz load of forms to fill in and its me thinks its gonna be a busy week so ill fill you in as much as i can.

oh which reminds me, i blog posted on word last night casue you kno i didnt have th internet then so imma create a new post for it right about...

Saturday, 18 September 2010

ah no time

running late
cya soon muchachossss

Friday, 17 September 2010

Life Time Achievment Award

Goes to me and Sarah.
even though peter was saying it was obvious
i honestly still wasnt sure that we'd actually win.
Also theye said was the first time theres been a join winner ^^
Yay us.
But yeah Choscars was great
Me and sezza intro and outro got a good responce esp thanks to Rajis contagious laughter :p

But hey fun times, <3 Media
Tomorrow i leave
Now i should be Packing!

Also had nandos today....Salivating goodness, sorry for the graphic image, but dear god it was ah-mazing
Pictures when they get uploaded

Thursday, 16 September 2010

I dont have much to blog about

Could you ever imagine such a day would come?

Well it hasnt so sit down ^^
Up early today had a butt load to do
Was in lake side by 10:20
and considering its about a 2hour journey from my door thats gooid time cause i left at 8:45.
Lakeside Primark is all spiffy diggs and looks liek the oxford street one
got som random shizz for uni
and a purple sparkly purse from Claires as well as Hello Kitty Stickers :)
Blah blah blah
stopped at romford and bought a top for tomorrow (Ch'oscars)
then stopped by sarahs to do some editing for tomorrow even though the likliness that we shall win something is slim to non gonna happen. But hey whatever right?
Moving on, moving out and ready to begin the next chapter of my young and awesome life and whatever.
Oh speaking of chapter....
All for £5. I was well chuffed
ohohoh and also
£3 Each

Today was a good find, stumbled upon the books and the DVDs. oh and i got some shoes ;)

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

.....What time do you guys have dinner?

I know we eat quite late in my house and mum goes on about it every day
Honestly woman if we havent changed our ways now what makes you think we're likly to do so in the futer?

Mum was shouting and saying we should start making dinner/eating dinner by 5:00pm
She says thats waht normal people do
(How would she know? She doesnt know any normal people :\)

So i thought id come here and ask you guys
What time do you eat dinner?

That is all

Me, Nazia and Akbar day

Was tre cool
Me and Nazia havent seen each other in exactly 4 weeks.
Trust me thats long considering were used to seeing each other a minimum of every other day.
Good that it didnt seem that way, considering we wont see each other for months-ish when i leave

Did a little bit of shopping but i still feel like i got nada!
Meaning that i will have to make a random dash back to romford tomorrow morning to attempt to kill off a few things
On top of this im in the process of washing a few clothes (Only 2 loads) and will then at some point need to proceed and iron ALL of my clothes. This being due to the fact that i havent had a wardrobe in about 18moths cause mine broke and we never got it fixed, all my clothes were in a box and if i needed something i just ironed it on the day.
This i knoew would came back to bite me hard.....Ow

Okay thats all for now folks, ive gotta check my account balance and finish making dinner
Speaking of which....

Monday, 13 September 2010


Im running out of time

Also as a totally unrelated not:
get it? well regardless of how lame the joke was its true
apart from the numb drums

Im loving

The Fast and The Furious


Its like a mix of my favourite things ^^
Watched the first and the 4th :\ but to me they linked cause had same cast
need to watch
2 fast 2 furious and tokio drift
new one coming out in 2011
lol i bet i sounded like a total dude until that line :)

Apoliogie's To SaRAH

lol rah came out in caps on accident but it looks cool so imma leave it
ERm yeah sorry that its takes me ages to realise youve commented
lol though when i told you about my laptop today and you were like "Yeah i read it on your blog"
It did remind me of the old blogging days when litterally every convosation would be cut off mid way with the same words "Yeah i read youyr blog" followed by a saddened "Oh, Oh Yeah"
lol goooooood times

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Got the laptop you see in this picture

It was pointed out to me that although i love black clothes i have a thing for white accessories
Also im downloading some music
The Dropkick Murphys - I'm Shipping up to Boston
Jonas Brothers - Hey You
What can i say, its been a while since i turned on a radio
Ive got a shit load to do this week and im really not that bothered, which is to say, im shit lazy

In other News, I do love all this list making
Going back into shool tomorrow :\
but its not till 4 so thats marginally okay i suppose
Also last Sunday at church before i leave and they gave me some cash money, a tray of Thorntons chocolate and Quality Streets, and not the box either, the tin.
Dang its tempting

More Tomorrow, or if you cant wait, feel free to read my random and certainly uninteresting tweets

Saturday, 11 September 2010

I need Books

Its a healthy sickness

Friday, 10 September 2010

I have a cough

I didnt want to be too graphic

My internet is back

Now i can blog.

But not today, im tired and have a shit load of stuff to do tomorrow so need to be well rested.
Meaning i kinda need to get my but upstairs: Take a shower, Read for two hours then Sleep for 8

What can i say, im an organised person ^^

Sister has gone back to Brighton to work (Her first job in uber proud of that lazy 20year old) so i get the room to myself this week, which is pretty ness as its gonna get messy this week :\

Monday, 6 September 2010


Holla ;)

I got told

If i peirced my lip,[not really my lip, more like the bit above my lip] that id look more grungy
Which is weird cause i was going for Ghetto :\
Me and Davina got into this long convosation and eventually determined that i just have a grunger/rocker chick kinda face and style even if i was wearing a white tee and blue jeans.
We did how ever also settle that i have the ghetto attitue, which is also swell.

Oh i also got my hair did which means imma have a ma-husive headavhe for the next three days, although on the plus side whilst getting it done i did manage to nearly finish my my book, ive got 3 chapters left
Its weird cause im not use dto having my hair like this, fam say they like it and they wouldnt spare my feelings trust me :)

Been ages since i read the first one so hears to hoping my memeory of said event will rear its pretty little head as i start the sequel

Remote Access

A way to use the schools IT sysytem from the comfort of your own braking wheely leather computer chair.
Its basically what im always on when i blog and when im looking shizz up. Basically the only thing i actually use my opwn internet for is Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.
Now i try to log on today only to have been told by an impersonal pop-up, that my login had been disbanded :'(
I mean obviously i dhoul have seen it coming, but i just assumend id be able to use it till i left....I guess its a good thing younger still goes to the school, so im just logged unto hers ^^
Thank the Lord for small favours eh :)

Havent posted anything of substance in a while

Mostly cause i cant see myslef filling line after line of witty uptakes as to how i spent my days, considering the majority of said hypothetical posts would start with:
Woke up mega late today....2:00pm, well i guess thats what happends when you go to bed at 3am and lets face it we all know how much i love my sleep.
Fill up the middle with:
Jammed on the couch surrounded by junk food all withing arms legth and watched a few films and 4 episodes of friends, also t6he Gilmore Girls episode to day was fabulous darlings, regardless of how many times i know ive seen them ^^
And most likely end with:
Took a nice hot shower and decided between jamming on the counch and getting in another film or reading. But considering i did the whole couch thing this afternoon i guess im reading tonight :) Tomorrow i should really get a move on getting stuff ready for uni with the whole shopping and list thing. Meh ill get round to that eventually

And lest just face it if you heard that all day youd stop reading and id start to cry.
lol jokes im a sociopath and have no such emotion ;)

MSN Homepage do the coolest pieces

Today its the 25 most annoying shows

Sex and the City
My Family
Americas Next Top Model
Keeping Up With the Kardashians

are all the ones i felt were completly unexpected
Okay to be fair My Family did get crap ANTM is repetitive but still i like the idea of it
mega :O at The Kardashians though, i happen to love em

Sunday, 5 September 2010

I know im not going to school tomorrow

but living with two other people that are im feeling...
I dont know
Not exactly nervous
more like anticipation-y if you will
like i dont know
am i the only one?
maybe its just cause the other two are fretting

God i hate school
Will somebody please remind me why ive decided to now PAY for the next stage of education?

Im gonna go wash my hair thats always a soother

Getting my hair did tomorrow :\

Saturday, 4 September 2010

New Book

I miss my book reviews but i have little time :(
When i start buying books ill do a thing on that perhaps

Okay so finished the Morganvilles book 6
and now im back on the Private series train
They left off directly after where the last book finished: Someone trying to kill Reed by pushing her off the yaht. We open to her treading water for a solid 3 and a half hours before shes rescued. I cant tread so id be dead :)
And naturally when the police come to take her statement they dont believe that someone pushed her.
What can i say? I may hate the girl but it sure makes a good read



Im getting a laptop.
This may sound really stupid
but i have a complicated family dynamic
Nazia understands so she will be as happy as i am.
As will you cause it means i get to blog :D
and tweet ^_^
and Facebook :\

Friday, 3 September 2010

No 100% sure if it was my class schedule

BUT if it is
im only at uni on
Wednesday and Thursday XD

Wednesday is 9 to 4
Thursday is 10 till 2

Though i have to say. Im paying £3290 a year and i only have to go to
7 one hour lessons a week.
I feel like we should have been paying for secondarty school.
Hmm maybe i should research why we pay for uni, cause it only recently started in the past 10ish years.

But not today. Ive got a book to finish ^^

Good Times

Thursday, 2 September 2010

"When you get to you uni you have to...."

No i dont think you quite get it

When i get to uni.....
I can do what the hell i like
Thats how the story goes.

Hopefully my slight obsession doesnt grow this far

"So what are your intentions with my father"

Jersey Girl was really good and that kid was so adorable

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Okay so we all know this georgeous Advert

Well today i was fastforwarding through the adverts watching Friends and my quick and cunning eye caught this.

Obvs Mat Gordon is better...Yes im that sad i know his name.


Thanks to your tweet i now want scrabble :\

Kids these days

''Dont get those boots mum cause you'll see your hench knees. Im serious mum im not even being rude being rude''

To the oldest person in the year

Way to totally overshadow Sean and Liam ;)


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