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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Okay so im finally at the library

Yesterday i went to some "mixer" thing which was an event held by the acs (sfro carribean society) and cause im so smart i thought it was just obvious that the "twist" would be speed dating. And it was. Luckily though we got to speak to guys and girls so it was all good. Found a girl whose in the same accomodation as me so yay.
Sadly i didnt get to talk to two people i really wanted to because we were moving around. Sigh.
It was some guys birthday that day and they decided to turn it into a mixer after party/birthday party.

Me and a mate already had plans to go to a chinese buffet afterwards. We did go, and so did our other friend who couldnt make it before.
£8 for student :)
and i had like 2 piled plates and a small plate and ice cream, totally got my monies worth <3
Went back to my mates place acsue the party was happening in the same accomodation thing, we got there at like 11:45 and there were hardly a lot of people there, but by the time we went out to let someone else in and came back it was packed.
The music was amazing.

We got shut down at like 2/3 cause apparently we were too loud and there were to many people outside. When we got everyone to come inside then it just turned into a health violation/awaness thing :/
but yeah i didnt get back to mine till 4ish, cause i like walking home that late with no one around. But there were people around, like clubbers getting food or going home or whatever so it was totally safe, plus sheffield is so much more better lit than the heath :/

Did i mention that i was wearing skinny jeans and furry boots? OMG i nearly died of heat, so many people crammed into a tiny space with windows that barely opened. Yeah fun stinky times :)

Yeah so it gets to a point where theres no point sleeping, think i had a power nap at 8 till 10 then i was up again writing out a few notes before i 'dashed down' (pun) to the library

Song of the night for me....

One of those songs where the uys all get roudy and jump and get in each others face and scream
actually creases me up and me and my mate start imitating them....its fun

Ive decided not to sleep

Will Explain later

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Did i already tell you

That USC called me today after i made the first post i think, and told me that i have a follow up individual interview on Tuesday?
If i didnt then there you go
If I did then there you go again

Im taking a little work break

so im gonna fill you in on the blanks

1. Mcfly....I absolutly love the boys, you know its just on of those things that you forget. They havent been aroun much because their last album was a flop, though i actually liked a lot of the songs on there. But yeah i felt bad for them casue they did it on their own cause they didnt wanna renew the contract of their surrent record label andthey put in all their own money and stuff, so yeah you have to rate them for trying. So Why the new found re-interest in the Mcfly noys in sure none of you are wondering...Well they were on Celbrity Juice. And i never watch that show unless people i like are on it. So yeah thats why and also theyve got a new album out soon so i cant wait to listen to the stuff, casue i really liked Part Girl and im getting into the new one with Tiao Cruz.

2. Church....When i got in i saw a girl who looked just like younger, and i actually stopped for a good two seconds gapin, but luckily this ypunger lookalike didnt notice. Later on i was talking to someone who then introduced us and they were saying that we looked alike. And i was like...naa i dont see it but you do look like my younger sister. Afterwards it was just the two of us left talking and we did the whole niceties thisng of: Watcha studying, what year are you in? Where you staying? Where you From? The latter lead her to say london, and i was all, yeah im from there too!
now when people ask me i ease into the Essex but of it. But she was like she was from essex as well, and she asked me what part: i said chadwell heath. She said Romford. And described where her house was. I was all i live off Barley Lane. Coincidentally she lives on Barly Lane.
I know right? What are the odds?
Well it just keeps getting odder.....
i Asked if she went to school in the area....naa she went to bording school in Ireland which is weird but really awesome. I told her i went chadwell and she said "Oh you might know my cousin who went there...Davina David" i actually leaned back and put my hand over my mouth to stop myself squeeling in excitment as i told her "Dude shes my older sisters bff" she went to ask if my sister was Prodigal and i was like yar! then she said "I think ive been to your house" i went on to answer "Thats not creepy :)"
But yeah small la di da world right? Shes actually finished uni now but shes working in Sheffield.

3.Groups.....We need to do a group presentation for my seminar on Thursday and i was all set to work on my own casue i cba to interact with others (yes i know im a hermit but my rock is just the way i like it) Then this dude was like "Jen you got a group?" I said no and he said work with us? I said yes....Lord knows why.
As im working with the two laziest people in my class. YAAAAY. The guy is cute enough (From Essex: Colchester i found out today. I told him ive been to the zoo there) and cocky and wears no socks, but not at all my type. The girl is nice enough but never turns up to lectures. So yeah whatever i thought to myself. I was actualy getting into a few i deas last night such as: Film Noir, Martin Scorses, Quinten Tarentino, Robert Rodriguez,remakes vs Originals, American Film vs British Film, What is traditional Film and how its changed. Yeah turns out im a real media geek, whoda thunk?
But back to the point, i spitballed a few i deas and theyre were like. Or we could do Graffitti rt, cause its easy.
Exactly. Nothing is easy for one, and the teacher already said its conventional and one of those subjects lazy people pick. She said this a few weeks ago and Guy with no socks wasnt there and the girl was probably thinking about fairies (not that theres anything bad about fairies).
Oh well, ill make it hard for them on purpose and i suppose im not too too bothered because this is just a test year for me. One i still need to pass but still, also theres an individual essay to do afterwards so if the presentation flops i'll just supremly murk (merk?) that.

Okay so its been an awfully long week

Its been days since ive posted, all due to the fact that my laptop is a crappy piece of shit that i have to send away for 10-14 working days to get fixed. But i think imma have to wait till monday to call em up to take the bad boy away. Yes i do realise im making my laptop sound like a bad dog. It's intentional.

Any ways ive had the ups and the downs this week so imma try and put all down as briefly and quickly as possible.

Monday: Had a job interview as USC was a group one :/ but the hours are good (8hours) so i can easily fit it around school and try to avoide the christmas/new years period.
on this same faithful monday just as i had gotten back from the mall....cause i did a bit of celabatory shopping. I got a call to come down for an interview at HMV for tuesday. Yay me right?
But all the happiness was short lived casue my face started playing up, im not gonna go into it cause i think it would surpass even my own levels of weirdness, and it might put you off any food your thinking of eating today :)

Tuesday: Dashed down to the mall again to murk (Merk?) another interview, only thing is, that its 25hours a week. Which i could infact handle but still jeeesh right?
Dashed back down to my ends and did a quick change of clothing before my lesson
Which was complete bull as i just found out i have a presentation to do and i have to make 3 futuristic images? or something along those lines....i wouldnt know cause theres absolutly no direction whatsoever.
I think i also went out this night, to some black club event thing called Sawa, which wasnt that appealing. I mean dont get me wrong the musi was decent and made me realise how out of touch i am with my race (the blacks) and my culture (nigeria) so yeah imma need to update my playlists and work on my dance moves :)

Wednesday: Even though this was only yesterday im drawing a complete blank. Had a few lessons and a lecture anddddd
OMG yeah thats right i rememeber. I went to church. People will wonders never cease?
We all rememeber my posts about sundays day dreaming in church and just counting down the hours till i got to come home. Well i dunno it was just one of those things.

QUICK STORY: Was meeting up with some peeps to go shopping last friday and i thought i saw one of them waiting so i waved. Got closer and realised it wasnt who i thought it was and i wasnt who she thought i was (thinking about it now i think i know who she thought i was) we got talking and she said she was off to church and invited me along, but i was busy so she invited me for sunday. but she forgot to text me, so instead wednesday. What is it with black people assuming other black people go to church? I mean its try 90% of the time but still.

So yeah i went down and it was unexpectedly decent, perhaps cause everyone there was a student. I think ill do a proper post about this later.

Thursday: Which as we all know is today. Im in the library and i have to go nd do work as apposed to just sitting here blogging as ive been doing for the past 30mins.....My Bad.
Hopefully will post again before i leave :)

Monday, 25 October 2010

I was on a hyigthy

now im on a down rigthygt low, im so low gthyagt hyou'[d hyaveg to digt gto chyina gto find me.

As you can see that first sentence looked like gobbledy-goop. Because mykey board is being retarded and its pissing me the fuck off. Ive actually punched the board a few gtimes now. No remorse.

When i press "h" i get "hy" and when i press "y" i get hy AGAIN!
Alternativly when i press "g" i get "gt" and when i press "t" i also get "gt"

' is now '[

It takes me ages to type and its creepy!



Sunday, 24 October 2010

On Film4

Theyre going to show

How to lose a guy in 10 days
10 Things i hate about you
Pans Labrynth

All of which i own on DVD, i fell muy proud of myself, even though i havent yes watched pans labrynth and the other two are still in their celophane packaging.

But Yeah

In my defence Sunday is the day of rest

And i did initially set my alarm for 10:15, and i have no clue why it didnt go off resulting inme waking up at 12:34...i just noticed its1234, surprisingly not the first thing i would clock when i wake up.

So yeah went as go a youghurt and dragged my laptop to my be, all prepared to do some work. by 1500hours i was shoving my laptop away from me and snuggling back into bed

and here we are now. ah well i need my rest :)

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Sigh....Films and Books

i just thougt it wouldmake a good blog title post thingy after i mentioned it at the end of my lat post
tis all

Me and Sezza have a lot in common

will wonders never fucking cease??
I just thought, hey im in uni now lemme give this a chance, i mean considering theres no way in hell im going near coffee, this seemed like an ample substitute. Plus there was that thing wit me having a cold and being forced to drink some hot stuff ;)

but it will please you to know that i never finish the cup and it not particularly emjoyable, im more forcing it on myself than anything

Sigh....Films and Books

p.s: ive been reading this book fo nearly 6 weeks and ive nearly finished

got under a 100 pages let, hopefully ill be done by mid week.
But now ive got into a good-ish rhythm, meaning that once i finish this boo i can get down with all the others a lot quicker, though tbf only the one im reading and this other one is a library book.
The rest are alllll mine ;)

Film withdrawl symptons!
I know i have no cash for the cinema, but we breifly talked about us all going to se a film soon. Its hard going from watching 1/2 films a day to 0. Damn cold turkey!
I miss sky movies and my sky+HD and my 47" Television

Sad sigh

Friday is my day off

and i didnt end up going to bed till 3 the previous night (early that morning?) and managed to sleep till 11:30 where i was then rudley interrupted by the loud sound of the television from the kitchen. SIGH.
Got myself something to eat, and proceed to make myself a cup of tea, went in and out of my room a few times. One on of these occassions i walked into the kitchen to find 1 and 2 in there, 1 asked what id been upto. Note i was still in my pj's and it was 12:10 so im guessing that it was painfully obvious. But still h seemed aghast considering he had to bein at 10 that day.
Ah well we cant all be as lucky as i now can we? :)
Watched an episode of Merlin and the Gilmore Girls before i randomly decided to look up this show that me and older sister spent on summer watching about 10odd years ago
Josh Kirby: Time Warrior.
After reading the wiki fo the show and discovering it was actually 6 films that tey dolled out over that summer i managed to find it on youtube.
Now im watching the first film before i proceed to watch them all, i tink im just curious as to whether or not its as good as we rememebers.
I'll have to keep a subjetive view and try to remember thaty it was made in 1995, and to not compare it to theshizz thats on nowadays.
I just hope t hat when i get to the end it lives up to my childhood fantasies
Its a shame i actually rememeber the ending cause it was such a twist and a let down (there were two big events at the end) me and my sister where in hystrics about it for weeks afterward

Also today i went shopping

and for once it wasnt by myself.
Note that this is neither a cheer worthy or sigh worthy statement, it just is what it is.
Were three of us, me and two girls i met at the ACS group, we've been out clubbing about 3 times together but never seen each other in clothes that arnt short tight or include heels. Or in the daylight for that matter.
So yeah off we went to meadowhall
Was a fun trip we laughed and joked and ate ice cream

I bought 2 jumpers (one purple and one black) and a pair of boots. Note that i actually wanted these boots last yeah but about 3 separate evnts occoured which stopped me from aquiring them sadly

ignore the rolled uppj bottoms :)
i am so totally gonna kick the snows ass in these shit kickers :p

I feel like ive been posting, when evidently i havent

firstly sorry if my typing looks screwed up, my keyboards being funny (not ha ha) and not imputting all th keys i touch.

So yeah anyways i thought i had a lot to say but i guess ill just have to wait for it all top come flooding back to me.
As per suggested by Nazia, here is a picture of me chilling with the flat mates in the kitchen. number one is in the top right, and number two is on the couch. Im in the corner ating noodles.
And were watching The Event.
Number three went home or something, dont particularly care but yeah heres us nyammin.

Also whicg is kinda sweet, they get tired around 11. Tbf number one goes to bed around 10 unless i keep him in the room talking which is more often than not, and they seem outraged when i tell them that i didnt get to sleep till 3 or 5am. You think they'd clock that it mkes sence that im therefore not up till 12 the next day.
Maybe its just Chadwell Heath that everyones always up late. Or its just these guys that go to bed early, cause they dont actually go out clubbing or to mates flats/houses.
Ah well i shall plauge number one about this when it comes to mind again

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Its one big ironic pisstake

theres a song thati really like but i dont know the name of, or he lyrics all i know are the sounds
ba da ba ba-yow ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba-yow
and what happens? this moring at abou 9:00 whileim fast asleep this douche next door i think starts playing this song mega loud, and the idiots got it on repeat, so not only was i being sleep inturrupted i was also succumbed to torture in the process, te torture of having a song i wnat but dont kow the name of blasted at me. And the reason i rememebered to post about this is because this annonymous miscreant is doing it again now.
Will i ever get a break?

Today in my drawing class

i had the rare opportunity of getting to draw a real life person
Though to be more specific.
I git to draw a man
An ond man
Butt Naked.

Okay im mature enough not to laugh at seeing a penis
but im imature enough to giggle when words like
big, small, angle, heavy, dimentions etc etc
are uttered.
Unfortunaly the same can not be said for the rest of my overly mature class mates who didnt so much as look like they were stifling a smile at the mention of any of these very clear innuendos.

Sigh i miss the low maturity levels of chadwell heath.
Well by that i mean sarah and nazia, who too would be stifling giggles and would be nudging me or raising their eyebrows suggestivly when such words were said
sigh sigh sigh.

Currntly sitting in my tuesday afternoon classroom as the equipment suite isnt open for another 7minutes and i have time to kill kill kill

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Im actually really annoyed at megavideo

For one im opretty sure its getting sworse
before i was even able to start watching the gilmore girls it told e id already watched 60mins and had to wait 50.
I did my time, and have no only so far watched 25mins now its stopped again and has told meiv now watched 70mins and will have to ait 53mins before i can watch anything else.
OMG i am actually going nutssssss

need to pee

My commerative picture

Its been 5 long days

but im back and heres a breif recap

it was actually hilarious, she didnt get off at sheffield and ended up taking the coach all the way to leeds, then had to come back so that basically wasted 2hours of our lives ^^ then she text me that she was waiting in some cafe. I left the mall and took the escalator down. She turned around and saw me and we both started screaming and hug jumping. It was actually too cute. 2minutes later the screaming subsided and we sat and chatted and i took her oin a quick mall tour before we took the tram back to mine.
Picked up books, went to a lecture, went to sainsburys for some food. back to mine, had dinner
Drank vodka.
We shared a bottle and people were saying it wasnt that much, but i worked out you could do 18shots from that one bottle...or 21 i cant rememebr. so yeah she musta had 5shots and 3 drinks and i had the rest. Lets just say the night ended at 10:30 with nazia passed out on my floor in her own puke :)
[i was gonna add a picture but i just cant do it sorry peeps]

Nazia woke up to the picture i took of her disgusting puke stained self and laughed and called me a bitch. I pretended to be asleep :)
I went to a lecture at 10, and another at 2 then we went shopping and looked around town till about 6.
Then we got subway and jammed back at mine for a few hours.
Planned to meet up with some peeps at 11:30. we were also menat to start getting ready at 10. but naturally getting lost in the nostalgia of songs we used to listen to (Pussycat Dolls and Girls Aloud as well as some Afroman) we didnt start getting ready till 10:35ish.
We were running a bit late but no biggie.
Went to a club called EMBRACE and had a fun time laughing at some super pissed people. one of which just wouldnt leave our group alone, as well as seeing 2 people straight up slip on the floor. We were creasing so much, but i suppose that goes hand in hand with our low levels of maturity :)
Got back to mine by 3 or 4 ish then proceeded to shower and pack cause we said we'd be up for 8:00. naturally we didnt even get into bed till 5:15 :/

Alarm goes off and is ignored 4 times. Naz gets up and tells me to as well. i ognore her and roll over. checking the time and seeing that its 9:00....the time we were supposed to leave the house, i get up like a slow ninja, brush my teeth then get back into bed. After some taunts and laughs from nazia i get changed under the duvet like good old times. We end up leaving at 10:15ish. Oops.
We do a bit of early morning shopping and get to the bus station a little early, and the bus wasa late.
3hours and 30mins later we were in london where we met up with sezza for a train ride home. Me and naz got off at Ilford and had a well deserved Nandos meal. Headed over to Wetherspoons for a hot chocolate and a pitcher of drinks. Went to Iyshas, Walked to Akbars. Trained to Fabrics.

AM- we were at fabrics and i wasnt having taht much of a great time cause the music isnt really my scene, but then bolton and the guys turned up and that lifted my spirits. We went our own separate ways for a while. Me Nazia and Iysha (Akbar had gone home) right in the center of the croud and i suddenly got really into the music and i was shoving ad moving and headbanging and literally just going crazy and moshing, has incredible. Then randomly ran into the guys in the thick crowd and stuck with them for the rest of the event. Mostly upstairs on the balcony. I went to sit down round the corner for half an hour cause i was the only one in heels. Naz and Iysha got really worried....My bad. After that it was all party hard all over again, until the boys got tired. Whimps.
I ended up running in heels twice for no reason, but all in all a wick funny night with some super awesome peoplr
AFTERNOON-I got home at 8:30am ate, took a two hour nap then helped supervise my brothers party by watching Darran Shan and every now and then pausing it and shouting to the boys to ask if they were okay.

Usual stuff, church, Tesco where i breifly saw bolton, and after he hugged me and walked away i did a little victory dance. Turned out he hadnt actually left and when i turned around and saw him there i stopped dead. he asked what i was doing as me and younger proceeded to crease up.

Alarm for 7:45
got out of bed at 9:01 :)
packed had tea and got a lift to the train startion from bad and was on the train at Goodmayes for 10:14. after some delays and coach switches i got back to sheffield for 15:21, considering i was already at the mall i decided to go boot hunting. When i was back trhgis weekend i noticed my sister had boots so i thought it was time i purchased a pair too ^^
Only browsed i shall head back on Monday.
Took the tram back to mine and got back by either 5 i think.
A nice long 7hour day

All in all it was a wicked 5days. wish i had some picture as a commemoration

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Lets not forget how hot Matt Lanter is

We only seem to rememebr him when the newest season of zipcode starts up but hey what can i say, i dont care that he is 27 or that they made him be the Edward Spoof type character in that new "Film" Vampires Suck.
He is still fine :p

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

and their piece on freeky footwear was pretty awesome, my favourite pair by far had to be these

Feel free to check out the rest sucka's :)

Oh Nazia

First Leeds now this :|

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Im realising more and more

how much my feet stink, and how much they kill from being stepped on by some mofo pin heels multiple times (downside of wearing flats)

lol sorry that wasnt the point, now where was i?

ah yes....more and more how lucky i am to have the kind of personality and attitude towards life that i do.
some people would have broke down in a toilet stall sobbing
hunted the ditcher down and had it out with her
clung on to them when she found them and be a weird follower.

I tend to vent it out a little then move on with my life
Yay me :)
*Pat on the back*

Its a good thing im all independant woman

*Cue the Destiny's Child Song* cause ive had enough of this general bullshit
had enough in the sence that this is the first time its happened but its not happening again.

So yeah, i thought id go out tonight, text one of the girls id been out with before and asked if i could tag along. She saisd yes. If she didnt want me along she coulda lied and said no she werent going out or it was a birthday thing for a friend. but she said yes.

Its a long story (not really but here are the facts)
I went to buy a ticket
they cued up
i got in first and text them
they didnt text back
i waited for about 10mins then thought screw it and found some randomers to go up to the bar with
Then they disappeard
(Though i didnt mind cause they were just randomers)
I went to the dance area room thingy and found other randomers to dance with
(Im good with finding randomers)
We danced for ages, then they left but i didnt wanna go yet
went to the bathroom to check the face and saw the bitch girl who said i could come along
Its a good thing i have such a strong non caring attitude.
I went back out with them for a while but i wasnt feeling it. When her fat back turned to kiss some guy
I left
I know she wont text to ask where im at
Its a good thing im not a rave/party head. I just figured considering i havent actually left the flat in 2 days and slept all day today, i could do with some fresh air and excercise (walking to the hubs and dancing)
NO MORE :) well until after nazia leaves, cause im actually perfectly happy cosying up in my room with a bit of merlin:)

Thats all, tbf i dont care i was ditched cause i easily find other people to jam with
its more the principal of allowing me to come along then just fucking off.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Future post

It is October the 10th 2010 at 10:10 am
or in other words (or numbers)
10/10/10 10:10

Its just one of those things

where you dont wanna ask for their number but then again you do, but you end up not asking for it then regretting it when you get back cause you doubt you'll ever see them again

Then again its one of those things where its like WTF should i be asking, he should be asking for mine other wise he will never see me again

Then again i suppose he was dealing with his weird drunken idiot of a friend

But either way no number from Dan the foreign lovely cute head
and i gave his drunk friend the wrong last name so there goes any hope of a facebook friend request....mybad

Just realised though that on the plus side this counts for my living in the fleeting moment.
Drunken idiot will wake up thinkin...."Did i make this randome girl grab my ass and nearly pull my pants down on the street???" to which Dan the lovely cute forign head will reply "Yeah, and her name is Jen. She was using me as a sheild, man she was cute, if you werent such an idiot i coulda got her cute number!"

The whole fleeting moment thing is something ive been wanting to try.

kind of anticlimactic wouldnt you say :/

Thursday, 7 October 2010

i feel really creeped out

im getting constant shivers
and keep cringing

This is a strange feeling :\

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Gossip Girl and Ugly Betty are both on at 9 today
in other news
Ferris Buler is finally on so i might try and watch that
Also might order Closer on DVD
not that ive even touched att the recently bought DVDs i have. I think its just nice knowing that theyre there :)

Facebook Stalking

is essential
i found a picture of myself on someone elses profile.
That was shocking to say the least.
I dont even remember this persons name :?
Actually thats a lie other wise how would i have found them right?
but yeah his name has totally escaped me now.
At least it wasnt a bad picture, the comments are funny and ive got 5 likes ^^
so yeah the whole breeching privacy thing i give allowance to this one time
but yeah
facebook stalking
a way to kill an afternoon

Class at 4

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

So i love my flat mate

Thats his door number and so thats who he shall be known as.
Its not real love people so dont get your shorts in a knot

Its just that i tend to like people who arent already like people i already know.
He is cynical
Likes nothing
Watches nothing
Listens to nothing
Reads textbooks before bed :)
Cant get a single positive responce out of him
Has never been to Nandos :|

The last is a crime
but all of them amount to a challenge
I enjoy asking him random questions about anything.... actually as he so kindly pointed out to me, they're not really questions. I tend to just blurt words at him and he makes me say it in a full sentence even though we both know what i mean.
Its fun. Yes people this is how i get my kicks (on route 66^_^) not by having a drunken night out. but by annoying my room mate with a billion questions to the point where he probably wants to shove me into the television and set it on fire (i was gonna say shove me in a textbook, but i remembered he likes them)

Though thinking about it, i should make the most of it. What are odds il see him in the next few weeks, twice in this one day was weird enough as it is.

Even though ive lived here for 17days this has never happened

All of my flat mates in the same room at the same time
1-Always in his room ;)
2-I see often enough, but never in the morning (im asleep) or at night (he's asleep)
3-Ive seen the most considering her room is opposite mine and we went out a few times
4-Is me, and we all know i see myself often enough :p

Number deduce our room numbers

This is a book, no clue what its about cause i dont read blurbs but i keep seeing it in waterstones and WHSmith.

Also i dunno so i guess that is all for today.

Actually also i should most likely change my eating habits asap, cause everyones already eaten dinner :/ well 3 is about to eat now but yeah
okay phone-akbar


She said really loudly, but managed to keep the shouting in her head resulting in a headache :?

Shes a chef on BBC1....Nigella's Kitchen

Okay some stuff i found out on


 Rihanna and Katy Perry which i thought was a really odd pairing but it works
We all know i love Brad Pitt, but yeah George Clooney is a total hot silver fox. Fit people stick together and all that malarky i guess is true

Nigella Lawson. I actually dont know who she is, im sure if i google/wiki/imdb'd her id be all OOOOOOH! HER! really loudly even though im sitting in this room alone. But yeah my point to this picture is that shes 50. Fifty! Years old. Like seriously, i should be so lucky to look this young at 50, dammmn.

Saw a poster for a band called the Gallows playing round the corner

i had a proper
'hhmmmmm gallows, gallows, i know that name from some where'

media sure does give you some memories

sadly last night we didnt saty out at the club for very long cause one of the guys were drunk
(so sit down?)
so his mates were taking him home, who lived near some other mates and so on and so forth so everyone decided to leave.
Have to say it felt weird being out on a Monday night, still got that whole 'monday is day of school' caveman mantra stuck in my head.

ah well i thought id quickly fill you guys in. Ive got class for two and a half hours starting at 2 :(
lol at me compling that i need to go in, when ive actually just had a 4 day weekend and my class doesnt start tillafter lunch.
Psh them spoilt uni kids ;)

Monday, 4 October 2010

Stupid addictive show

im actually just blogging to refrain myself from watching the next episode of Merlin. Its not my fault i want to click next episode, i mean how can i resist when they tease you buy showing you a snippet of whats to come in the next episode.

i bloddy love unicorns, i was devestated watching Harry Potter and the Philosopers Stone when i found out thet Voldemort was drinking its blood to stay alive.
I can actually recite that scene when the centaur explains it toi young Harry, but thats another story for anthoer day.

Okay i think im just not used to this laptop keyboard cause my spelling os even worse than usual, its not exactly seplling more like i just accidentlyu keep pressing the wrong key and im too lazy to undo the wrong.

Riught im cured no more impulsive Merlin fever, i can turn off the laptop and restreain myself from finsihng off the last 3 episodes of season 1 tomorrow

Night Y'all

Random thought

If you can holla my name while im sound asleep you can sure as hell relay the messgae. kmt allow going all the way down to some creepy cave whilst im half asleep to be bitched at by some cranky dragon.

Yes i love Merlin, it actually got me teary eyed, and that a rare occourance

Saturday, 2 October 2010


i just got up.
well not just got up, maybe about 30mins ago, its not like im blurry eyed and i just decided to grab the toplap and blog straight away. i may be a sad little girl, but not that sad :)

i set the wrong alarm, i have like 5 various ones and i set the "Wake-up" one for 16:00 not remembering that that alarm is only effective from mondays to fridays, cause thats the setting. what i shudda done is set the "Saturday" alarm. that woulda worked. i think i would have slept for longer if i hadnt noticed the slit in the curtain was no longer a yellow and was now a navyish kinda blue.

ah well i guess the plans that i had for today will have to be shifted to tonight. granted i actually could still fall asleep at around 10/11, cause im a sleeping napping pro. but i actually have to get started on my drawing thaths in for tuesday.
other things i had planned for today: getting a bigger size in the mens joggers i bout from primark and printing my pictires. will just have to wait till tomorrow

okay me thinks its breakfast lunch and dinner time or BRE-UNCH-ER TIME!
i like the sound of that

Dear Sarah

is it meant to be stephen frys voice?
i didnt know :\

lol no offence taken, yeah i made it like long tweets
i think its more about being a documentation than a story
considering everything i write in there i re write here in anecdotal form

i thats all i had to say, i sure do write you a lot of personal blog posts dont i

Just got back in

went out with some new friends
the dj was rubbish
the place was humid
condesation dripped from the ceiling
the only working sink was over flowing
the club was grimy
the guys were even grimer
went to a shit after party
jammed and talked at a mates house for a few hours
walked home in the brightening sky
all in all a decent night

Friday, 1 October 2010


now just makes me lol
thanks mum ;)

You've just had the almost imponderable joy of watching charlieissocoollike.

Which makes you like cool

yay its here

video not as i expected
but still good as i do enjoy watching my two favourie rappers, rap also the kid is super cute and if anyone would like to help me.....what happened at the end, cause i dont get it :)

oh yes

ive decided to make my drawing like a movie set

il explain more later
recess is awastin

my throat feels funny when i swallow

i reallky hope thi cold ive been fighting back with a cotton bud hasnt decided to rare its ugly head again :\
just finsihed skyping nazia
finished writing down the shops to give CVs to
got one chicken left to eat


I gotta watch a coupla youtube videos (charlieissocoollike)
watch the first half of the gilmore girls (caught the second half after my seminar)
read the actual lyrics for no love :)
see how much time ive got left and perhaps
watch merlin
or gossip
or the begin of HIMYM (cause the expeliar was on and it was loud so i didnt hear)

and attempting to do this all by 2:00am which is when im shutting off my brain and stuff
early start tomorrow, gotta be up by 10:20 to catch the gilmore
yeah im not sure if youve gatherd.
but im actually that sad ^^


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