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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

My sweet stash

Is officially finished.
I usually tend to top it up when it gets low but ive resistedand im gonna try and go till monday withought buying anything else :/

I tend to get really jittery withought a steady sugar intake and im pretty sure i ave mild diabitese so i guess we shall have to see how long i last withough pulling my weave out.

Also i have -£298.56 left of my £300.00 overdraft ^_^
Im proud that it took me this long to finish it.
Ah well i shall hopefully have a job this week for the next 3weeks so can start paying it off.
R.I.P Lloyds Card

Back to my Barclays Card where my dad adds the cash when i need it :)

TimeTravellers Wife me thinks

Monday, 29 November 2010

Shit -1

and i gotta leave in 5mins

Woke up at 1300 hours

To the sound of the janistor knocking on my door.
Aaaaakward also i never rememeber the word Caretaker and actually just had to google it. I dunno why the merican word for custodian is stuck in my head.
Yeah so i had to be all like "COMM-..." *Clear Throat* "ONE MINUTE!"

Leap outta bed ninja style and shove on my joggers cause i was wearing shorts to bed. Run a brush through my unruley hair before finally letting him in.
"Sorry to disturb you"
"Thats okay. i shoulda been up anyways"
"Erm yeah...."
Side Note: Why is everyone out side Chadwell Heath so surprised when you wake up after 9:30am and go to bed latr than 11:00pm?
"Late Night?"
"Yeah i was up till 4 watching films and reading"
Again with the tone of surprise. Not everyone is stupid enough to go clubbing in this evil weather, some people like to watch films and read books and eat cookies.

Yeah but we chatted a bit as i tidyed upmy roo and got my work books ready to make sure i wouldnt go back to bed once he'd left. Proud to say i didnt and have been at my laptop since. Granted that thats technically only 3 and a galf hours. Its still good for me ^_^

Got Bellydancing at 6, and after remaining at an understandable 2degrees all day its now 0degrees. Sweet Jesus thats like freezing point right?

List of Clubs/Things i wanna join when i get a job so i dont forget

Yeah basically what the title said :)

The Gym

Sunday, 28 November 2010

My God Guys are fer-reaks

Just read this msn article things titled Guys secrets and erm wow just wow at some of them. Wow

Enjoy :?

She actually looks Plum Worthy

Im excited now gonna search for an official release date, and i do like Katherine Heigl but she better be good otherwise i'll hate her like Orlando Bloom afterwatching Troy
The production will shoot in metropolitan Pittsburgh from July to early September 2010. Principal photography began the week of July 12, 2010,
Release is tentatively scheduled for July 8, 2011.

How amazing (For me) it'd be in the same time frame as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Book Review

As far i can tell not alot actually happened and i dont think the characters storys progressed much. Still it is one of those books you read and dont realise that a chapter can be up to 50 pages etcetera etcetera.

My ne diet isnt starting very well :/

I make up random diets depending on how i feel.
My favourite has to be when i had the cake diet; i had to eat at least a cupcake a day
Or the fudge diet
Or the drink more milk diet
Or the put cheese on everything diet
Yeah i make up new routines and add diet to make it have substance

So getting back on track im not doing so well with my...Eat less sugary stuff diet.

Bought a pack of cookies
3 flapjacks
5 fudges
5 Mowam stripes
2 Bags of crsips
Kinda Beuno
Milkybar slab.
Cough and this wont event get me to wednesday or Tuesday if im unlucky

I suppose its lik a quarter of last weeks stash so i should be happy.
Ah shit i forgt tto buy apples as part of my corrolating
Eat an apple every other day diet

I get inspired so randomly

Or sometimes i just say stuff just to shut people up and think later on...Actually thats ot a bad idea
I should write it all down shouldnt i?

Night of Honour

Is the event my new church puts on in Sheffield and it was on Friday (Before the door and snow incidents) and i got to buy a sophisticated looking dress.
Obvs in Black :)
Pretty Sophisticated right

Thannksgiving Dinner

Yesterday at my friends cousins which her mum made (My friends mum not her cousins, though she was there too)
Older people tend not to like me but i coped and enjoyed the food.
Then Watched Zombieland when i got back.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

2 Things

1. My door Broke

2. Its snowing

I only found out tonight when it was said as she came on stage.

That my bellydancing teacher was on Britains Got Talent
Embedding code has been disabled so click on the link dudes

Sophie Mei

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Well inconsistant is one word you couldnt use to describe the world

Another crappy day. Its the mass number of little crappy things that does me in, usually im not this complainy abot my days and if so it will be one day every so often as its th natural order of the world. But recently is been on crapy day after the next.
Woke up to a text from lloyds with my bill summary :/
The printer took too much money from me
Housing fair was bullshit
Presentation.....I was the only one who arrived. The girl turned up 10mins late while the first group was presnting and the two boys litterally walked through the door as i was plugging in my USB
The teacher afterwards was bing a complete bitch, i didnt want to say it to the guy iwas walking with causetbf my group did come off looking really unorganised. But he said itfirst so all i had to do was wholeheatedly agree.
Lightly snowing
I keep stepping in from the cold to the warmth and my glasses steam up and i look like the demon head master or something.
Had to buy a new dress for some facy een cause all the ones i have are more party slut and less sophisticated anne.
Thought id try to cheer myself up by skimming £2.86 off my card by getting the sub of the day.
The first sbways card machine wasnt working so i had to walk 2mins to the next one ;)
Then after id finised creating my master piece and had slightly cheered up because im so picky with the salad bit (3 cucumbers 2 tomatos a couple gerkins etc etc) and the person oing it looked well annoyed xD
She then tells me its a miminum of £3 to pay buy card and i just said not very quietely (FMFL) and got a small drink.
Jokes on her cause i took a big cup and filled it and left.
Then my key card got stuck in my purse and i had to jugle everything i was carrying to force it out.
Now im here and my food is getting cold cause i just had to get this little rant out of theway.

I also realised in H&M (As i made my very first H&M purchase) that when im angry i tend to destroy things (ripping off tags in the shop and taking things off the hangers) and make oter people around me annoyed o urpose.
So yeah be warned.
Okay i deserve a film, something lighthearted perhaps?
These are the list of films forme to watch this week

Law Abiding Citezen

i love you beth cooper


Making a clothing schedule for the week. Cause i feel like ive worn everything a million times :/
To be honest i see the uni people 3 days a week. So if i wanna re wear anything then it doesnt matter as long as its on a different day.

I dunno we shall see.
I guess for one it means i can jam in bed a little longer without pretending to think about what im gonna wear that day. Then spend 5minutes shoving things out of then into the closet. I mean nobody likesto be so busy in the morning.

Putting the finaly touches

to this sordid presentation.
Got everone to email me their bits and pieces, and yes i have done more than them all, which is the reason i gave them 3 topics each and me only 2.
Sigh. Its one of thosen TV moments where your the smart kid and youve done loads but you wann be cool like the slackers so delete a few slides.
Yup thats your typicaly American TV synopsis where the smart kid evntually learns to just be themself.

This is fortunatly nothing like the moment i ust described, because i dont give two fudges if i've done more than them. Or if i am deemed a geek, heck i already have the glasses so why not? I intend to pass the year.

Als i think a girl i my class is a lesbian. I dont actually mind im not homophobic but its just cool. I dont know f certan and have no clue how to even go about discovering if its true. This can be my mission for the year cause i clearly have no time on my hands eh ;)

This all being said i luckily found out that the blog we have to do for the Key Skills module is going to be on Tumblr. YAY no repeats of last years blog dibolical.

Also in student church the guy preaching said he saw a rainbow around the moon....A moonbow. No lie. We all creased and told him he was mental, i was talking to him later and he was proper going into detail and said he had to google moon rainbow as soon as he got in. I dunno how his wife took the obsession :)
Oh di i mention that him and his wife are like 23/24 and have been married a year and a half.
And also this dude is engaged to my friends cousin and he is 19, think she's 21.

Oivay im not even nearly ready to prepare to think about having the convosation about discussing what age i think i'll be ready to talk about the age that i want to be married.

Anywho. I present the Moonbow, which is apparently a sign of bad weather to come. Its kind of poetic except for te bleakness that surrounds its meaning.
Kinda Magical

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

I havent been up that long and its alreay a crap-tastic day

Yes i did tweet tha but it still applys.
Basically i go an emil fro working saying the time and days etc. and i emailed them back
Then i got another email afew dayslater that looked exactly the same so i re-emailed them
BUT i was re-reading it wondering why they hadnt emailed to confim when i noticed that the email said to RING them. Which did and now i dont have as many shifts as i intended :(
Also the woman on the phone said that she rang me. But she didnt cause my phones been on loud and within my site for the past few days #lyingbitch. But sighhh. Also im going home on the weekend that thy did have som stuff availiable #FMFL
Now i cba to go into uni. Though to be honet im never botheres for these long assed 2 and a half hour lessons where my teacher doesnt like me. #Sigh

ACS meeting at ^ but the president of the society annoys me. Theres somethong off about him once you get past the fact he looks a little like chris brown.
Then hopefully watching Harry Potter with my friends after. Bt theres still a lot of hours left in the day and i start at 9 tomorrow. See. The world is just crapping all over me and its onlt Tuesday.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Just getting in


Saturday, 20 November 2010

Im literally just putting this on every web 2.0 platform i have

Even though i watched this like 3weeks ago . Ive been replaying Natasha Bedingfields Poket Full Of Sunshine and here's why
Its also now my new text alert
Went off at my friends house las night and she snapped her head towards me and we just started creasing and singing.

Last night can i also state was gooooood
I love free flowing liquor, i may have lost £10 but for some reason i not as crazy as id usually be about something like that happening
After eating cold chinese a my friends around 4/5am
me and another friend walked to mine and picked up my laptop and then walked to hers were i stayed till abut 9:15am where i did the walk of shame home.
(We had planned to have a writing day today cause we're both attempting to write novels so we thought we could do this together, kinda fuel and encourage each other. so year i wrote about 2pages in 3hours.....yeah doesnt sound that great but a lot of effort and fine tuning went into that.
To be fair there was nothing shamefull abou it, well xcept for the obvious of short skirt and basically last nightts clthes an make up. Its not like i was coming home after waking up in a ditch in Barnsley. But 9-11 is prime time for old people so i got a lot of tuts and shaking of head. I wanted to give them the finger or tell them that id been up writing but what woulda been the point? I was probably the highlight of their day.

Friday, 19 November 2010

I know there are a few of you cave dwellers

and under rock livers out there so on the off chance that you choose to emerge on today and check my blog then i'll be the first to let you know that
is out today xD

LOVE IT im excited to see it mulitiple times, heck we all have our favourite things in life and one of mine just so happens to be Harry Potter.

Which i realised today was because it was the first ever book that was read to me in like year 4.
Okay now i know what your thinking: I love cheese!

But i need you to focus right now; so yeah my parents must have read to me at some point otherwise then i wouldnt be able to read/write when i got to nursery/play school. But yeah afer having a quick phone call with the older sister she doesnt remember it happening either, and it was around the time of Harry Potter beingread to me that i slowly got into book. Older sister was way ahead of me reading everything from newspaper to Bridget Jones' Diary at the tender age of 10. Yeah that says a lot about my local library and my parents doesnt it
That doesnt really surprise me especially after my realisation of why i love christmas so much at my age.

But yeah i think Harry Potter was likmy first real book that was read to me, not all the small time stuff like the hungry catipillar or that book about them randomly coloured animals or Each Peach Pear Plum (<3 i can recite that whole book right here and right now) and the films is kinda like how you feel when you had Cinderella read to you then you saw it all unfold on video and you were in complete awe having it right infort of you.

Okay im slightly going off target. Basically try not to rain on my Harry Potter Parade.

Actually im not that excited about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 or anything remotley involving he words Harry or Potter or the words Ron or Weasly or Voldemort and suit........Nope xD
Said the girl who just did a whole post trying to explain the origin of her Harry Potter love.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

The illustrious presentation

is due for next week thursday and we havent started. FMFL?

Allegedly...15 family movies that are better than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Toy Story 3
Back to the Future
The Wizard of OZ
The Lion King
The Witches
Jarassic Park
Babe (Pig in the City)
Ice Age
101 Dalmations
Star Wars (1977)
Wallace and Gromt - Curse of the Were-Rabbit
Shrek 2

Okay so i know im a complete Potter Nutter but can i just state that im pretty sure that you shouldnt judge things on different genres. Harry Potter is a mythical magical world. Babe is a pig in a city. No offence but if your not into the who fictional magic scene and ould prefer to watch pigs in a city then thats bias. Also half the things on there are cartoons...Again two seperate genres. I suppose they're all "Family Movies" but Harry Potter 7 is like a 12.

I sound so defensive :)

But i do have a point. I dont have anything against any of these films (Except Babe) and ive seen them all except Atar Wars and Wallace and Gromit.

Bu yeah what do you guys think?
Oh and btw this isnt me who generated the list, its from the homepage

Im not a very encouraging friend

Thought id just state the obvious
My friends dont tend to mind as far as i know, i just make jokes or if i do encourge them it will be in a hidden sarcastic way that happens sub consiously

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Erm yeah okay then

I actually LOL'd when i saw his comment today.
Suppose i should be glad that "we've" actually decided to get started

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Note to self

Listen to McFlys new Album; Above The Noise

or else

Before i attempt my 2hour hard core studying thing

1. I think i have a job or two
I mean i had the phone interview yesterday bu that doesnt start till Janurary...cant rememeber if i told you
Today was an induction after the phone interview i had like a week and a half ago, and they were twlling us te ays we were needed and we did give them our bank details. BUT the bar and waitressing saff had to have experience....I dont got none of that, The other split shift thing was working 12:20-4:30 where you set the tables up and shizz then having a break and they give you food but your not allowed to leave cause then you work again from 6:30-2:00am. So erm yeah....

2. Even after my ludicrus singing yesterday i got a part in the chorus i think thats just a big group of singing people but im surprised that theyd even let me near a singing rols. Yes i actually sounded that bad no modesty necessary. Ah well its here funeral.
Actually no im making my vice sound like th last shriek of a dying whale. I can actually sing quite okay just not in the style of Audrey....(skip to 1:18)

Little Shop of Horror's Cast List
Katie Sturgess
Stephanie Edwards
Harriet Wakefield
Kat Palmer
Caleb Bastock
Hattie Sparke
Colin Cowx
Nicola Stevenson
Kay Wilkinson
Jen Francis
Kristie Garvie
Kieran Brown
Maddie Fisher
Heather Gibb
Tilly Tilson
Sammy Craven
Laura Thorogood
Claire Willis
Ben Wardle
Eve Spofforth
Verity Loader
Ieva Palubekaite
Lucy Morgan

Im not exaggerating on the size or script of my name either ;)

Monday, 15 November 2010

Next stop Procrastination until we reach the Destination

I just wanted to rhyme a few words :)

But yeah seriously i thik its a mix of 1 part pocrastination and 2 parts i have no clue what im doing.

We have to do a presentation for one of my modules, and because im working with a group filled with uncreative people they chose to do it on Graffiti Art. You remmeber me mentioning this before right? Well shock no one replyed o the facebook message i sent last week about what slides to work on.

Whatever screw'em im starting my bit. But i need to pick a question as  the main basis for the presentation and everything sounds stupid and to be honest ths whole Graffit Art thing is boring. Not in a mean way, its just ive looked at Graffiti art in like year 5 and year 9 and as well as in an ICT lesson :? 11 and consiering im not an art student thats more than enough times for me.
Okay added to the equation
1 part procratination
2 parts i have no clue what im doing
1 part i cant be botered to muster enough strenghth to be intertested in he topic.
Yup thats it. Perfect balance.
Sigh Sigh SighSigh Sigh.
Oky these are the questions ive come up with. Pick one for me?

-Is Graffiti Art?

-What’s the difference/Is there a difference between Art and Graffiti
-What is Graffiti Art
-What are the limitations of Graffiti art
-Who/Why do people use graffiti art?
-What is Graffiti?

I like to cry...

not literally blubber everytime someone says something mean about me or f im having an exceptionally bad day cause lets face it both happen often enough and you just get used to it.

I mean in the contexts of Films an TV shows. I've decided to no longer try to will away tears by repeating the phrase "Don't cy, don't cry, don't cry!" whilst fanning my eyes.

Now i will repeat the phrase "Don't cy, don't cry, don't cry!" whilst crying and reaching for the tissues/my sleeve.

Ive been doing this for a few weeks now but it only occoured tome to mention it after last nights episode of Merlin where i cryed at this one bit and i told my flatmate and he was like, what why i thought it was funny :|
Guys eh? I told i didnt cry the whole way through the word Idiot at the end of the sentence was evident but unsaid. I told him the bit and he admitted it was sad. Damn straight i dont waste my precious tears on anything.

I wonder if i'll cry when watching the final parts of Harry Potter. Most likely to be fair i did get pretty excited when i was rewaching the 6th one last night. Even though i was by myself i still spoke like i had someone next to me. Its a subconcious thing, though when i actually speak in the cinema i dont expect people to respond cause then i'll miss whats said on screen, duh ;)

Right i think i'll watch 500days of summer now and i really need to add shizz to my fillm list...

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Talk about slang in th Heath

Friday, 12 November 2010

Finally caught myself up with my oher blog

Now merlin i think :)

Oh did i mention that this episode of the Misfits actually had me laughing my ass off?
Well im mentioning it now in case you didnt uess from my tweets ^_^
I have really cold feet btw, i always do even though im wearing socks. Even when im wearing socks and im  next to a heater. Even when im wearing socks next to a heater in bed. No lie.

Also lastly these are my two current songs on repeat

Which one you feeling more?

Thursday, 11 November 2010

This holds now inter-personal meaning im just listening th The Kill and this is the best part

I tried to be someone else
But nothing seemed to change
I know now, this is who I really am inside

Finally found myself
Fighting for a chance
I know now, this is who I really am


Book Review

Which i havent atally dont for like....ever :)
but yeah i think i get lazy so imma just put a picture of th book and a short description and perhaps a rating

Which is meant to be written just after Phury's book just as she's writing Rhevenge's. In have to sa i really liked it. I love the brothers but this was a chance to like see them outside of they're HEA (Happily Ever After) storylines and just observe them as regulr everyday warriors/husbands/housemates/dipshits and it did make me laugh. J.R. Ward herself is a bit strange if you read her technique of how she writes about the brothers. Its like she knows that they dont exist and theyre fictional. But on theother hand she says in the Q&A and generally through out the book that the characters alredy have the storylines and she has to write it as she sees it in her head casue they dont allow her to do it any other way.....
Exactly my thoughts, but youhav t admit its kinda funky good.
Hope she does anothe one after all the books are done, theres going to be a total of 10 and so far shes working on the 9th so if she does do another one then shes got like 4 books totalk about.
So yeah a good read
<3 Zsadist :) and John Matthew but he's not really in this book...
Thinking about it, its weird tha he's the only one with a second name :/ every one else is just like; Wrath son of Wrath or Rhage son of Tohrture, etcetera etcetera.
8/10 cause i love Z and his mini story, and also the tiny snipts of life was cool to read. Sadly i cant renew it so i have to mail it back to my sisister so she can return it for the 19th which coincidentally is the day Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 comes out. Have i mentioned that im totally buzzing for this movie?

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Yesterday was the last episode of the Gilmore Girls

And yes i do realise that the show has been over for about 3 years more or less, but i go through the process of rewatching all the series twice, then take a series break then repeat. So yeah now its time fo the break period. Usually this is the time where i would start to re-watch charmed, but i dont get living tv here so thats not gonna happen. But yeah my eyes actually did well up with tears as i watched the episode today. Its cually beautiful, i absolutly love that show. Some people love friends others cant get enough of the simpsons. For me its The Gilmore Girls and Charmed. I dont think theres any other series that i rewatch on a loop, but if there is i shall let you know.
Also im growing my nails out and tend to now do this thing where i scratch my palm with the fingers on the same hand. Its like my cat claws to a scrathing post thing and i only just realised that i do it.
Im awesome :)

Won two £5 cinema tickets at church today

After guessing the right song during a gargling contest
Jason Miraz-Im Yours
always a fun time eh :)

Found out in failing my current module. Sigh
Cba....actually more like cant afford to go to the trip tomorrow so imma use the day to concrntrat on pasing my other module and perhaps try to boost my grade a little.
To be honest i thought some of their comments were harsh


im going to attempt to look for more jobs now so excuse me if you will

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Didnt get the USC job

i should be alot more pissed cause i spent like £7.00 on the tram getting there etc but i had a dream last night that i didnt get it and it was so vivid and ive had dreams like that before and so i went to collect some post and ive been meaning to do so for a while but something told me to do it today, and i did and found out i didnt.
Also my laptops fixed :/
dont get me wrong im more over the moon than that cow in that nursary rhyme but its just weird taht apparently it hasnt been picked up all week and then as i open it i see that the chargers different and then i discover a maintenance piece of paper. I switch it on and low and behold the keys are working...Though they are responding a little slowly but lets not fuss about it now eh :)

Ironically im at the library right now.

Monday, 8 November 2010

If you have me on Twitter, Facebook and i also Text you loads

Then you've been bombarded with the fact that i found out today that my laptop has been sitting in the reception of my accomodation since last Monday, all this time i thought it was halfway to being fixed. NOT.
Sigh this upset me cause i found someone else who is writing a book and we thought we'd have a book writing date. Yes im an uncomplicated person.
Thats no the only reason i was upset. I mean come on theres only so many times that you can pretend to live out an American college students life; Where your bombarded with work and your room mates are so loud that your forced to go to the library to study so you can maintain your grade point average and not get your scholarship taken away from you and get booted back to hick town nowhereville where you have to do community college instead and will most likely end up working at the local Wal*Mart for the rest of your life. *Deep Breath*
Again with me being a simple person.
So yeah, i guess im used to being here in my special section of the library but its raining and windy and cold and its gotten to the point where id rather be in my room with the heater on high toasting my feet as i type away on my laptop, or better yet, snuggled in my duvet with only my head poking out as i watch whatever american TV show that tickles my fancy, as well as having an unlimited sweet/chocolate suply only two steps away.
Okay enough with the complaining Calamity Jane. lol jk i could actually go on for ever...
My glasses steam up when i enter a room after walking in the blistering cold
I have fingerless gloves so it takes a while to regain feeling to my upper fingers
I actually look like ive just stepped out of a shower with all my clothes on
Blah di blah di blah blah blah
Im actually now finished copying up all my lecture notes and im going to 'settle' down and watch an episode of Merlin. Then i have a 10minute journey home in this ass numbing arctic weather.
Ha can imagine if older sister were to read this post
"Jennifer stop complaining,there are people who have no food to eat..."
"Whats that got to do with-"
"and have to walk miles to get water and your complaing about a little cold"
"Again what does this have to do with-"
*Smoldering look*
"Sorry your right i should stop being so melodramatic"
                                                                               -Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh PUN :)

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Happy Birthday....

Bradley Maguire
Where ever you are <3

Thursday, 4 November 2010

In order to excercise (Spelling?) this rut ive been put in

I have been inspired to find a hobby.
Yes a hobby.
Now dont act all surprised dear followers, my deadly sin my be sloth but i am filled with persistance and determination when it comes to the right subject.
Todays subject is being subjected to staring at a blank computer screen in a library that i am forced to visit for hours each day in order to fuel my television fix. It makes me feel even worse that i dont even have anywork to know for times like this when my levels of weariness and almost bordum are near its peak. This people is how low ive sunk.

So with a working keyboard at my fingertips and mouse a click away i got on to froogle and searched the most obvious: List of Hobbies.
Dont look at me that way, i may be burning with energy that needs to be put to good use, but no one said i was filled with smarts.

The ones that jumped out at me, both conventional and unconventional alike include
Learning to play an instrument
Amateur Theatre
Ice Skating
Belly Dancing
Horse Riding

Clearly i have an underlying passion to be living in 19th Century Britain, but thats something to rememebr for my next therapy session.
So i froogled each one and tried to find one that would be fitting due to its price and its locality, and yes okay i factored in the awesomness level of each one. Whats with the funny looks, the laughs and the nudging? I thought we'd already establised the levels of my psycosis a while back now.
I have thus far settled on
Fencing, Amateure Theatre and Gymnastics. Obviously i still want to do the Belly Dancing thing, but ive lost part of my zeal, zest and zebras considering there was the let down of not being able to find the place today.

The only down side to all of this is that. I aint got no money in the bank. Literally.
Picture this: Me in Tesco last night, he cashier had scanned my potatos my noodles and my bar of Twix. £2.00 was the total and i asked if i could pay with random change and my card. Random change came up to £0.22p which meant there was £1.78 left to pay by card (and yes i did work that out in my of the benifits of having done Alevel Math). CARD REJECTED. TWICE. Psh and i thought i had at least £15 left on that car....but i guess it was painfully obvious that i didnt. I paid on my other card ie: the evil overdraft card and left. But the joke was on that snotty cashir who gave me back my 22p and charged £1.78 on my card instead of £2.00...obviously she didnt take Alevel Math.

So yeah the moral of todays story boys, girls, aliens and fish. Is that i need a job, and that tonight my burning energy of desire to do something different has landed me on Puzzles. There's a 1000piece puzzle in my room that i brought along for Emergencies and i can just hear it screaming my name.

i was looking forward

to going to a Belly Dancing Class today, but the website info is on my laptop and i cant find it here :(

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

That was one blur of a day, but i have to say that im liking this brisk wheather

Side Note: £5 over on my phone contract. Like i dont have enough money issuses as it is.

Also i want all volumes (So far 60) of John Willis' Screen World. Basically is an annual film chronical of all the films that came out over year as well as having an Obituary, Dedication a list of the top Box Office Stars of the previous year. I alway pick up a copy on the 6th floor on the way ove to my favourite computer section, at the back in the corner. Current copy that i have to my left....
Okay now im late to meet a friend

Poor Demi....I actually like this Disney starlett

"Others claim that rumors linking Lovato to pop star Justin Bieber pushed her over the edge. His crazed followers are known to lash out at his alleged love interests on the Web."

OMG i actually had a spaz attack in the Library after reading this. Jesus Christ those Bieber fans need to get a life....and clearly a new hobby.


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Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Remind me to never get in a fight with a Dragon.
Allow having one of them shout at me :/

Photography Project

Ah my skills are too great :)

What i did yesterday on the shitty borrowed laptop from the library that wouldnt let me connect to the internet

Ah i do so love paint

I may be being a tad bit harsh, it did let me watch a DVD; 2Fast 2Furious <3 Paul Walker and Tyrese

Today is Monday

I just hope my second interview went well cause i really cant be bothered to go through the whole process again, its too tiring. I have another on on Friday and if i dont hear back from USC by then, then i shall go. Hopefully i'll hear back from them asap.
Anyways whilst in the mall i went to The Works to check the price of the Harry Potter book, ha shock it was now £4.99 new it was a price error, good thing i got it when i did eh ;)
Also went to WHSmith and it always helps me realise how much i need to get started on buying my classic books
I also saw these and thought they were funky, might actually buy them in this style just for the hell of it. Not anytime soon, its like at the bottom of my book priority list :)

Watcha Think Peeps?
Front Covers

Back Covers

The Comparison

Yar, i spend way to much time lovin books, i didnt allow myself to step into Waterstones, i probably wouldnt have made it back for my lecture in time :)

Also im really liking DJ Raph, basically he mixes loadsa different songs but like ive found a few individual ones that i like and will download illeagally once i get me net back. Its good that who ever put it put a list of the songs being mixed.

Okay now time to attempt watching the Gilmores/Merlin(Sigh im Apple-less) and perhaps Vampire Diaries in the Library :)

Thanks Sezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzza

for posting loads stuff so i have shizz to read during my library down time, im likely to have more of these in the coming week.

Dude also i foget you dont have Twitter so the Apple thing wont make that much sence on here.
I eat apples while i watch merlin. I say apples when its really just Apple, but i have to dice it up cause part of the reason i dont eat Apples is because it tends to scrape my gum and make it bleed...Lord knows why. Also got me thinking that i havent written on my other blog in a while.....

Back to me (shock)

On all Hallows eve, i went on the wheel. Its like the london eye, but smaller and faster and way more worth the price you pay.
£5 and you go round 4/5 times and its pretty fst which is good.
Then we went to McDonalds and watched the people that came and went with their inventive/lazy/slutty costumes. Saw the guy who has 2 kids that we met a few nights ago. major lolage.
Then we went and got Hot Doughnuts, or in my case CandyFloss before we went to watch a movie a the Odeon.
OMG it was horrible. All on one floor and the screen was TINY omg i woulda had a more cinematic experience on my laptop.
But the film was good and funny: Easy A. There were points where i just bust out for ages with laughter, and it was cool cause my mate was laughing at the same things xD

Monday, 1 November 2010

So lasgt lapgtop posgt for a whyile

My snowman is geting picked up tomorrowto be fixed and reception wants me to bring it down today...well now :(

And i nevereven got to tell you about my new doctor who i acually reallhy love like. Surprising right? Consideringt i hate all medica personelles regardless of teh fact taht both my parents are nurses ;)

Okay im just babling awaythe pain of no more late nighgt Merlin bed with an apple

bgt man gthye errors in gthyis posgt jusgt gtoes gto shyow hyow desperagtlhy i need igt fixed

My costume was a big a bit hit :)



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