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Friday, 31 December 2010

I know i post about a million of these, but i love movies so....

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I just deactivated my facebook account

It just fully annoys me, and the sad thing is that i'll have to come back eventually cause my friends use it to chat to me or have 4way messages etc. Eughk this sucks and i hope facebook becomes obsilete, I also know that the persone reading this probabbly really doesnt care. Happy Fucking New Year :)

...was the very nice message i left in the box when it asked my why.

Me thinks its time for a review

Now i enjoy a good review as much as i enjoy a good book or a good list, but due to my tiredness this is going to be a relativly short review cause i have to make time for Stephanie Plum who is calling my name.

My resolutions for 2010 and a lil review tagged on the end of them.

-Finish writing at least one of my books
Ha yeah right, i knew this wasnt going to haooen but will be on every list till i do, though i have to say i have gotten back into the swing of things since i found a friend to write with :)

-Read more books than i did last year
Another that i didnt manage to achieve, i dont know what it was. I guess when it got to september it made sence cause i was busy being 370miles away from my library, but even though i felt like i had read every book, and reservations cost money and blah blah blah. Nut i did buy a significant amount of books this year so thats gotta give me some brownie point right?

-Keep on being awesome
Per-lease. This one was a goven and i had to put something easy on the list. What im trying to say is; so far so good ;)

-Take more risks
Hmmmmm did i take more risks? I think i have lol actually yeah i definatly have. I've gotten away with some of the stuff ive taken a risk over and i've been caught....Good times ;/

-Learn the entire Lose Yourself rap by Eminem
Sadly no. Though i still have the rest of this day to learn it. In my defence i know most of it, its just the last few bits of the middle stanza. Yeah yeah i know the resolution wasnt to learn the first, the last, and the beginning of the second stanza. Sigh. Though in my defence i have learnt his whole parts in No Love and Drop The World, as well as bits and pieces in Cold Wind Blows....Brownie points?

-Continue on my quest of fulfilling the great DVD list
Uh....scroll down to the very bottom of my blog and divert your eyeballs to the right. Suck It

-Dont take crap from techers
This was another easy one i put on there just incase i failed at everything. I was never one to take crap from teachers, heck if i dont take it from my parents then why should i extent some kind of curtesy to teachers? Though i have to say it is weaird to adjust to the fact that the teachers i have now...I can really let them have it, so long as i knwo im 100%righ but lets face it when am i not? Cause now im the one paying to go there and in a sense i pay their wages. 

-Remember that i only have under 9months left in this place
This worked well, ive been counting down to go to university since i was 8 and knew the place existed so its been a 10 year wait, what the hell is another 9months?

-Be tolerant of other peoples flaws
Erm, nope. I tried it and it worked for some people and completely back fired for others. Shit happens and you move on.

-Stay ambitious
Hell to the yes i may have lost the ambition bug for a bit but now its back, its alive and it kicking (ew that was pretty graphically gross) im on point and i think this will have to move on to next years list to make sure i stay on point.

-Learn The Splits
I bloody wish, this is another contender that appears every year. And every year i try for a bit then i stop. Its even on my summer list every year (Clearly im not obsessed with list making) hopefully i can join a gymnastics club this year or perhaps even cheerleading cause isnt that how most of the protagonists in cheer movies make it onto the squad "Well at my old school i did gymnastics but this was the closest thing they had at this school" Liars, they just want the pompoms and still wanna seem cool like.

-Transform in time for university
Im not sure if i transformed exactly. My clothers are exactly the same. I suppose i did my hair all different....I dont really know, though you could spin it and say that i have changed since university. Which i have. Dont worry chums im still my cocky vain and amazing self, i think ive just become more culturally aware and a bunch of other words that i can't think of at this tired moment in time.

Okay i think that my 'Short' review done for the day but dont worry your pretty little heads as there will be more to come as i still have to blog a review about my first semester at university as well as what my year has been like overall, though i think it will be more of what i rememeber cause my memory is like an old man in the room of requirement.
Missing? Cluttered? I dunno that may have been a bad example but i can picture it in my head....hmmmm.

Thursday, 30 December 2010

I dont like bananas...

Yeah just thought id change the title cause so far ive been all about the famalam. And its not over yet im afraid, so yeah lemme start by taking you on a trip to my past, lets say 1998 12 years ago me thinks when i was 6.

Well at this point i had my cousins living with me and i tormented them and my older sister like there was no tomorrow. If i heard "Jennifer STOP!" i would just keep going only 10 times worse. I would make my older sister cry and she would snitch and i would make her cry for snitching. And so on and so forth. Now personally i think that my cousins and my sister and my parents were all exaggerating....Yeah

Anywho i havent seen my cuz in 12 years and her dad is staying here for now and her sister (Who lived with us at the same time as her sister) visited earlier this year.

Well anywho shes 30now and shes here for a few days.
Oivay like the house wasnt already full with the 6of us plus my unclue now theres 8 and my younger sister is on the floor of my room

I say again; Fun famalam times :|

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

4.When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?

Oh gosh darn i hope so considering that at times i do go on about just going for it and doing something you just want to do withought having too many regrets, cause lets face it; to regret is the inevitable, it doesnt have to be a massive regret but yeah everyone regrets something im sure.
Okay i think im going off target, but yeah when its all said and do i deffinatly will have done more than i've said. Heck i may be a lazy teen at times but at random points in my life i get filled with undeterring determination.

Such as now i intend to plan out my life until im about 35.
Yes i do realise that this may sound a bit strange but im not planning to follow every thing i write to the letter but it will help give me some rough idea of what im aspiring towards. Everything and anything i say os subject to change at my will so its like a flexible thing
Stuff that will be included in my life plan....Who i am to marry, and when and where and any random bits of information, how to get towards my aspiring directors dream, random scrawls of information to reseach, names or people to research and use as a kind of role model

Okay ive definatly gone a bit over topic but you get the point right?
Planning is better than not planning, i suppose what would be depressing whole be planning then not doing then finding your plan then reminising then self loathing then death,

Current Song: McFly - Hotel on a Hill

Its been a very family orientated kinda week

Which i am seriously not used to cause its usaually just me and my 3 siblings with my parents tacked along at the sides
So yeah so i mentioned that my long time no see uncle arrived in town and is spening time with us.
The only thing that annoyed me is that becuase he is a guest he gets control of the remote which meant that the television was left on the God channel/Sports channel/News and we didnt get to watch as many films as we had liked.
Asides from that mildly selfish point. I love my uncle. Granted my dad is one of 10 kids, 6 of which (including him) are still alive and each has at least 2 kids. I never see any of my blood relations because theyre dotted around the globe, my nearest cousins live a 40min drive away but are extremly busy people.
My uncle is a Reverend, Engenieer, Business man, and he owns a Nursery, Primary and Secondary school, of which his wife is head mistress. If you havent guessed, i kinda idolise this guy, plus everytime i walk into the room he lights up and smiles and asks how i am, in that genuine kinda way. Honestly we all act so childish around him, if i wasnt myself i would find it down right sickening.
But thats not the case so its actually just jokes. Plus he's got a strange transatlantic deep voiced accent...Nigerian/Canadian/American/British.
Also he told me the other day that my dad used to own a motor cycle but he was in an accident and his mum made him never ride again. or he chose not to. I dunno, difference of opinion i suppose. Anywho i always knew my dad hated motorcyclist and when questioned he did state that he was in an accident with a motorcycle, he just never specified that he was the motorist. Strange things parents are.
Anywho i did a bit of the ol' sale shopping today and got 2 new dresses as part of my new floaty dress look im going for next year. Both are Henry Holland dresses (Debenhams) and one is purple and has giraffes on it, which i didnt actually notice till i got home.

Sale are good this year me thinks and i've found a few bits and bobs that im intrigued by which is a rare occourence. Also went to see my cousins today, havent been to their house in donkeys years and we played boardgames upstairs while  the adults nyamed downstairs (Note my cousins arent babies, theyre like 22 and 24). These cousins dad is brothers with my dad and uncle, but he's in manchester soooo yeah.

Okay im tired enough bloggage for the day. The years nearly over, i need to watch more movies and get more sleep and eat cake and write and read and. Eughk so little time and oh so very berry much to do.

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Friday, 24 December 2010

Im sitting here on my sisters bed

and shes right next to me :)

This is fun and weird, cause im wondering of shes reading this as im writing and if i look over at her then she'll look over at me and know that im blogging about her.

In other uncles in town!

Okay now this is major news cause i havent actually seen him in like 12years and he is super cool and he loves me the mostest ;) He said he hasnt been to Europe in years and was on his way to Canada from Nigeria to spend the holidays with some of his kids and shizz but then decided to come here.
At first me and the younger sibling were like :/ Eughk spending xmas with someone who isnt the primary famalam. But its cool now.
And i was telling him about uni and stuff and what im doing and usually nigerian older peeps be like....Ooooh Media....Okay.
But he was like WOW thats amazing you sound like you love it, and giving me hints and tips about networking and at the end of our little convo he said and i quote "Im so proud of you" And if theres one thing ive never been told; its that. So naturally im glowing ^_^

My uncles a Nigerian Billion/Millionaire, dunno what the pound equivilat is to that but basically he was on a....Sorry correction by my older who said he's a trillionaire. Which makes me wonder why he's slumming it here with his younger brothers fam for christmas....

Anywho he's got like 7 kids the oldest is 30 and the youngest is around 11/12. Some are in Nigerian, most are spread around Canada. A few are spending xmas around London with mates and he sold the house in Florida cause no one was living their. I know righ....Why havent we stayed more connected?

Ah well thats about all i have to say.

Bare excited and stuff for xmas tomorrow cause this is the first time that i have no clue what anyone else has got or what ive got from other people. Its just a shame that my prezzies for everyone else wont get here in time...
Seasons greetings

My sister has Long Johns and she's been wearing them all day.

Shes got mens ones, and so did this other lady i spoke to. Now im getting a little jealous cause i love being warm and i thought that Long Johns we're a sailors myth (Try not to judge my intelligence level to harshly) so yeah now i want a pair. I shall see if i can get mother mine to buy me a spanking pair...Mens me think.

Im going to get Long Johns, butt (Pun) im gonna make them look sexy

Dudes, doesnt he look oh so very berry different?

Patrick Stump, lead singer of Fall Out Boy (R.I.P) slimmed down majorly and has lost the slobby look for a British one. Am i the only one that thinks he looks particularly british in the 2010 picture?
Anywho he's got a solo album coming out in Fenurary 2011 and i buzz to hear what his personal sound is like. Gonna hiss FOB and their indefinite hiatus

[C&P Directly from wikipedia]

On February 1, 2010, bassist Pete Wentz said on Twitter, "Don't you get it? A hiatus is forever until you get lonely or old. I don't plan on either." "I can't imagine playing in FOB again." "Something would have to change in my head or my heart ... not my wallet."[38]

On February 2, 2010, Spin Magazine released an interview they had with lead singer Patrick Stump, who replied to Pete Wentz's tweets by saying, "I'm not in Fall Out Boy right now. But one way or another, the band will always be around...Whether we play again or not, I don't know. If we do, it will be for the right reasons. If we don't, it will also be for the right reasons." Stump also told that he was focusing on his upcoming solo career.[39]

Later that day, drummer Andy Hurley simply tweeted, "I quit too." as guitarist Joe Trohman tweeted in reply, "fine, i quit too."

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Home is where my Barbie Faritopia Duvet Set is :)

Yes i do actually have a Barbie Faritopia Duvet set, its pretty and its pinkand its warm and its allmine.

So yeah if you aint gatheredmate,imback home inLondon.

Bloody exhausted considering i didnt go to be till 5:45am casue after work i went to my mates and played xbox

but yeah its all well and good in the hood.

Sadly cause my internet connection here is uber duber slow i dont know how often i shall get topost.

So i guess we shall just have to see how things fair.

Mother mine is bares smiling and glowing and shizz to have all her kidsback under one roof. She's too cute.

Saw bolton at Tesco <3 Went and surprised himso that was fun.

I reaslise imjust writing points inmy day as i remember it.

Watched Harry Potter 6 with the sibilings

Looking for/pre-recording any of the films we wanna watch through christmas.

Money still hasnt cleared into my account which means i cant order presents. STILL.

Okay water shower read and sleep me thinks

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

I hate waking up drunk

granted its never happened before this date when im actually typing about it, and i have to say its not that horrible cause i can infact type. But man i had a-lot to drink last night, i honest to god couldnt tell you what happened. Stupid 63% alcohol in a bottle of who knows what.
Sigh, lets just say its a good thing i dont get embarassed, making chips cause im uber hungery and i didnt eat anything before i started the alcohol drinking so that would explain the throwing up, though i have to say.....This isnt my top.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Ruh Roh

I smell trouble.
Lets just see how this night pans out.....

RT @RevRunWisdom

RevRunWisdom A gr8 relationship is just 2 ppl who specialize in 4givness #ummhmm

my photo's not edited LOL jk it was

Is a group i saw on facebook so i went to investigate and found and started playing around with one of the models for testers....
I could totally be a make up artist :)

Sunday, 19 December 2010

I love a good quote

Jus' Sayin

3. If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do?

If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do?

Life isnt as short as we think it is. I think theres still time to do everything you want to do. You have people who are 45 and are first year students in university. I guess in the sence that you could die at any second, then life is short, but once your dead your dead and you'll never know that you didnt get to complete all the stuff you aspired to do. So you might as well always try to tick things off your bucket list or complete personal life goals cause that way when you do go youve at least done something as apposed to just telling yourself that theres not enough time so theres no point in even planning or attempting the impossible.
As for the fact that we do so many things that we dont like, it's just going through the emotions of life plus i also think that doing thiongs you dont like makes you appreciative of all the things that do go right in life.

Current Song: We the Kings - Spin

Random Bits and Bobs

Point: So just had a ma-husive argument with one of my friends and i know that its not funny but in a way it kinda was, especially cause it was all done over text not even in person or over the phone. Thats all ive got to say about it :) To quote an ancient proverb (Cause i follow ancient proverbs on twitter ^_^)
One never needs their humor as much a when they argue with a fool. -Chinese Proverbs

Point: I guess it takes a while to get out of it after being in 13 years of educatsion, but in the real world you dont have to take shit from people that are older than you. I dont take shit usually but you know at school when the techers being an idiot and sometimes you argue back but then other times youve got plans and your not in the mood for detention so you just keep shut? Well theres no detention in the real world (Except  perhaps prison) So yeah this comes back to the point i made in my previous post about how im not scared of my manager telling me off or wrongfully accusing me of something. Shes paying for me to be there and if i didnt do somethiung why should i take the blame for it? This just got me thinking about life in general.
Once the game is over, the king & the pawn go back in the same box. -Italian Proverb
Huh you guys all look so shocked, did know i could be so deep and philosophical eh? Dont be fooled by my poor grammar i do know what im on about for the most of the time.

Point: I dont know where in the world you are but here, we'ver got snow. Well not here here, cause weirdly enough there is no snow in sheffield :/ but theres ankle length in london and a bit higher in Brighton. Yes i have to watch 3 different geographical locations cause of where i am, where my fam is and where the older is. She hates the snow and the cold as it makes her upset. I get the smae way over heat. It keeps me from sleeping so naturally i despise the thing :)
Anywho, getting back on track. I might not be able to get home in time for christmas if shizz continue the way they're going. Went to book a ticket the other day and there were no more coaches, or national express trains. Ruh Roh. But i did find one on virgin so as soon as my dad wires me the cash i can book it. I just hope that the snows not to bad come wednesday. It did say light snow. But thats light so it should be alright....Right????? If not my friends driving home on friday so i could bum a lift with them if worst comes to worst.

Point: I dont think infatuation is the right word but sometimes people become apparent to me, and i just like observe them and what they do etc then i catch them looking at me all the time and i think Oh Shit i dont like you im just observing your behaviour and reaction to life (Its a wonder im not doing psycology or sociology isnt it?) then next thing you know we're always catching each others eye and then in my head i make up realities about how they're having an affair with someone and add all these random stuff. Which then makes me keep observing them to add to the ongoing stroryline ove got going on in my head. Yeah now your thinking its a wonder i havent SEEN a psycologist. Hey i like my way of life, it makes the hours fly by :)

Anywho i think those are all the points i had to say in this post. If ive left anything out i'll blog about it later, tomorrow sleep and film binge and by a ticket home.

Oh...Point: Im going home empty handed. Work got my bank details wrong which so they sent me a cheque instead, the downside of this is that it take 3-5 working days to clear and i cashed them on friday, meaning that i wont get it till christmas eve if  that cause its holiday season, which means that ive got no money for christmas presents. The only reason i managed to buy a bit of food today was because i found £10 in my purse last week and felt that there would be an emergency. There is so i bought about £4.00 worth of food to last me till wednesday, thought tbf i only rteally need it for Today Tomorrow and Wednesday morning cause you get lunch and dinner at work :)

Oh...Sorry one last point: Ive met a shit load of interesting peole at work and just generally in uni, but dont worry a full time review is coming soonish

I thought i had a lot to blog about but now that im thinking about it im drawing a big fat blank

Ive been working for the past 3 days 14hour shifts and ive barely gotten any sleep and ive just woken up from a b-e-a-utiful nap :) So i guess i can describe a little bit of my 3 days at work and we shall just see how things flow.

Wednesday; I think that night we had about 600/700 people and i got shoved on the Bar. All night long. Now ive never worked on a bar before and though ive always wanted too i was dreasing it cause its not like in some shitty little pub liked id always imagined, it was a party with impatient paying clients or whatever.
The girl who was on the bar with me must hated me by the end of the night because i did say to her aftewr i asked her the most basic qustion ''You must really hate me tonight'' and she said and i quote; NOTHING not even anything to try and make me feel better not even a smile, she just looked at me when i said it and turned away. Talk about akward. Though strangly enough she started being a little nice to me after that. Hmm the word bipolar pops into mind. So year all in all i got through the night and i got home by 3. We're meant to finish at 2:00 but that never happens and its usually 2:30.

Thursday: The words Disaster pops into my mind. There was basically a big shinding and i heard from another workier that they had paid £250,000 for the christmas party. Theyre a laywering firm called Irwin mitchell. Whatever. So that day my schedule was; Bar-Team Leader-Bar.
The bar went good but the team leadering went oh so very berry shit. My team was hurrendous. 2 people had never done it before and didnt understand the concept of ''We need to hurry the fuck up'' and another just kept going out without us. The mnager lady was asking how many tables everyone had left and when she asked me and i said 3. She went mental. Not like she shouted at me but she was like ''3, you have 3 tables left? How is that possible?!'' in my defence (as per usual) my 6 tables were at the very back of the room and we had to weave in and out of a lot of people. I think the bosses put way to much pressure on that day and everyone fucked up, this girl dropped chicken on one of the VIPs.
There was alos this woman who would only eat fruit all night. Strange little thing. We didnt get out till 3:00 that night cause there was so much to clear away. The manager lady really just doesnt scare me. I think ill make a little post about  that one later.

Friday: Piss easy little day of about 450 people so everything ran smoothly. THough it was funny when she was assigning jobs and it got to me...
''Jennifer your on the bar then your team leasder- actually no your just waitressing to night so no responsibilities, then your on the bar again'' Basically cause of yesterday ive been demoted. Though i dont really mind waitressing is way easier than leading and having to be in charge and check the people dietary needs like the fruit eaters the vegitarians, the vegans and the silliacs :/ Like hoestly when some one told me they were silliacs i had no clue what that was so when the food came and she asked if it was silliac i just responded with a verey non convincing ''Yeaaaaaah'' This was on Friday, forever to be known as the night of disaster. We actually got out on time for once on Saturday.
Granted i still woke up to go to church but i didnt stay and rushed home to curl up in my bed and watch misfits ;)

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Should make a list of stuff to blog about


Thursday, 16 December 2010

Trying not to cry out in pain

Just sliced my finger.
dont worry its not swinging off, the only thing stopping it it a fraying layer of skin.
but it stings
thats what you get i suppose if your destractedly cutting a bagel and leave your finger in th hole :/

unrelated but funny picture :)

2. Which is worse, failing or never trying?

Obviously Never trying. Thats the mantra (one of the) that i live by
You never know until you try.

Saying that sometimes failing is worse especially of you have tried and you fail anyways, its kind of a disappointmentin life.

This was an easy enough question. Feel free to disagree :)

Current Song to this question; New Movado - Hope and Pray

Its Jane Austens 235th Birthday :)

As soon as i saw the picture i knew it was gonna be about Jane Austen. Cant wait till i get the bookset for christmas. I do buy myself the nicest gifts :)

I lead a busy life

Some days or weeks are more hectic than others but i manage to get through it all...Usually

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Does anybody know the name of this show??

Made me smile

That time is rapidly approaching once again

New Years, and that means its resolution making time :)

I love making resolutions, its fun regardless of what all the people slating them say.
It doesnt matter if you keep to them or not, i think its just about the fact that you actually highlighted on somethings you'd like to do or change and i think once you make them, they'll be in the back of your mind for the entire year and will rare its ugly head again at the end of the year as you begin to reminis aboit how the year went.

So yeah i need to look over my list and start thinking of a new one. Fun times all round,m granted that some stuff n m,y current list will be budged over to the 2011 list :)

The Top Ten Resolutions List

1. Stop Smoking
2. Get into a Habit of being Fit
3. Lose Weight - the Battle of the Bulge
4. Enjoy Life More.
5. Quit Drinking
6. Organise Yourself - this is one of the keys to reaching your goals
7. Learn Something New
8. Get out of Debt
9. Spend More Time With Family

10. Help People.

(Found on google, not my actual personal list)

1.How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

I think if i didnt know how old i was i would probably think i am either 15 or 23

I say 15 because at times i act like i have no responsibilities yet at the same time do that whole complaining that the worl is against me thing when really if you look at my life in retrospect, there is actually nothing at all wrong with it. Kinda in my own little selfish 15yearold bubble.

On the other had 23 because thats the age that your kinda getting your life on track. You've finished uni between the age of now or 21 and your just getting out of that limbo faze of being between jobs and life and now your kinda moving in the right direction but still not taking life to seriously, everythings new and breezey and still enjoyable. Still got a minimun of a year before your realise life has been holding back and its time for a punch in the neck.

Current Song to this question: Justin Bieber - Baby and  Mcfly - That's the truth

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

My search for profoundness has lead me to this

50 questions that will free your mind.

So im gonna attempt to answer a question a day.

Maybe starting today, we shall see how busy i am later tonight

Shower then Fast and Furious 3. Ive watched these films in the completly wrong order.....1,4,2,3 unless it was 4,1,2,3. I dont even know anymore

Also went to pizza hut today. Took the bus, and can i just say that i will try my hardest to NEVER complain about London Buses again :)

Pizza was fun, but my friends are leaving me for tyhe holidays and i wouldnt mind so much if it wasnt for the fact that i would be completley alone.
Funny incident. meal came up to £12.10 (Damn drink that cost £2.10) so i paid £10 cash and i told the guy to put the rest on my card. And as it was going through we were laughing and joking about how akward it would be if my card got declines cause i didnt have even have £2.10 on it.

Yes. My card got decline. OMG it was hilarious and shocking, all out jaws just dropped and we thought thet dude was kidding. He wasnt. My mates kept telling me thaht i had jinxed it, and my God were they right. I tried it again and kept my mouth ziplocked in the process. And thankfully it worked. But wow, just wow, what are the odds eh?

OMG if it snows i will actually die. I dont wanna get trapped here.....(on another note)

I feel like im waiting for something profound or inspirational to hit me

Still waiting

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Friday, 10 December 2010

Has someone got a spare fork to stick in me?

I handed in my module file, deadline for which os tuesday
Handed in my portfolio for today and did my presentation on the work we produced
Handed in my work book due for monday.

NO MORE WORK....Well theres a 2000word essay for Janurary but that doesnt really count ^_^
Its kinda anti climactic though considersing i cant actually go home till the 23rd December. But i do have random bits and bobs to do next week so not to terrible.

Meaning starting Monday i can just jam...well jam more than usual Tomorrow ive got work all day and sunday ive got church then my book writing session then more church (Caroling thingy for xmas) so yeah.
No rest for the pretty eh?

i love nights that turn out better than they started

Embrace tonight cause B2K (or whats left of them) was going to be there.  Got there at 11:30. NOBODY. Well the two of us and 5 girls dancing and 3 other girls in the bathroom.

Yeah Exactly

B2K were on at 12:30 and we planned to leave straight after. No need :)
Met B2K (Whats left of them) luckily was the fit 2 only got a picture with one of them (Jboogs) didnt get a pic from my fave (Lil Fizz) but i did get a hug off both and a very lowly placed hand from another ;)

Picked up as loads more people turned up and the music was hype all night and i saw people i met the night before and made an impression cause i got hugs and my name remembered except from this one guy but i made him feel guilty for it :)

Okay time to do my uni work for tomorrow :)

Just smiles all round tonight

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Cant remember when i post last

knowing me it ws probably only yesterday

Went out last night which was the first time in aaaages. Wore tights and my converse type hitop primark boot thingies. I look awesomely casual/dresse up. Know way was i going out exposed in this -7degree weather.

It was a society event and the club didnt really fill up, and i actually had no problem with this cause it felt like there was less pressure on everyone and everything so we were doing the chicken dance and had a dance off with this random dude. An i got a bunch of people to remember my name ^_^

Also DJ Raph was there, and i liked his stuff. Ive got some of is mixtapes anyways (downloaded) but yeah its a mix of grime and dubstep which is fun. And did i mention he is FINE?

I started talking to him afterwards and we laughed and he asked what i was doing later ;)
THEN this idiot guy took him away from me. Literally just stepped in the middle o our convosation like i wasnt even there (I tend to forget aout my powers of invisibility) but Mr Raph was like "Would you excuse me love ive got business to do, it was lovely talking to you though" and he left :'( So darn polite i was shocked, which is stereotypical but i dont care.

Got home and asin bd by 4:20am luckily didnt have to be up till 12:30, unlike my friend who starts he placement today at 9:00am.

Million things to do today. Wish me luck and here's to hoping i survive :)

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

How different does he look eh?

Strange right? I totally did a double take

Yes i do still spend limbo time playing dress up/makeover games :)

Ive got mad style skills as you can tell ^_^

My sisters are so different...

Being the person that i am i decided to text them this message

"Ive decided that your lucky enough to be one of my best friends. Okay alright stop the celebrating...Thank you. Now this is a great privige and burden so use your new role wisely. P.S; I've sent this exact text to our other sister"

Younger Text Back saying; "Yeeeeesssss! I mean *Cough* upi know cool ;)"

Older Text Back with; "You spelt privilege wrong."

10minutes later she did text me again saying; "Jokin :) Well you did but thats besides the point"

Monday, 6 December 2010

Im in a pissed mood for no reason

Whatever, im not gonna try and make it leave it can stay as long as it likes.

Downside is that when i walked into the flat my flatmates showed me a note that the other girl wrote about how me and him never take out the bins and she always hoovers Blah blah blah FUCKING blah.

In all honesty i do take out the bins and i do hoover and i also clean the oven and the cooker but i dont get all high and mighty about it. You just do what needs to be done, if shes so sad about it then she can have her own little bin with her name on it and shag it for all i care.

Right if you havent guessed thats the downside. Im forced to inflict this pissed off mood onto others. Not like its my fault. But when i see her she's getting a piece of my mind or i could just completely ignore her....Ignoring people is usually more annoying than actually responding. What i dont understand is why she just didnt say something. We're all fortunate enough to not be living with overtly party messy animals. Not like i would have knife her.

Im pretty sure i had other things to blog about but my minds gone blank o i guess this is it

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Need to make time to read everyones blogs

Note to self

Made me smile


We're a group of youn offenders that developed super powers and not one of uf thinks about commiting a crime? Shame on us. - Nathan

He does make a good point, i guess they've already done the murder and hide body thing so why the hey not eh?
Simon when he smiles is so dorky cute.

Working 9 to 5

Well more like 12:00 till 11:00 but whats a few hours difference?

Thursday: The supposed Manchester date we just went ove health and safety shizz and how NOT to put dangerous chemicals in your mouth. There was an actual powerpoint presentation on it. During which i pondered how obvious it would be if i brought out my book and got in a few pages. Yeah i dont think my super spy skills include deuluxe invisibility quite yet. That was it. Except for getting trapped in the cold and having to climb over a railing and walking a long distance before finding warmth once again. All this to get to the bins. Kinda anticlimactic if you think about it.

Friday: Was the long day and to be honest it was jus a ot of carting things back and forth and then sitting and waiting in a cold staff room cause the heating as down. Then more carting of things back and forth. Then steamng and cleaning glasses then steaming and cleaning plates. Then food. Which they provided; Battered Fish and chips plus salad and the option of Lasanya for the veggies.
They let us go an hour early which was good cause the last hour of work is always the longest.

It was fun watching it all come together; the venue that is. Putting up the starry curtains that were posing as a night sky, watching then fix the bar together, race car stimulators, a casino section and even put in the bumper cars. Yes. Bumper cars.
I assumed the event would be for older people, but now im not so sure :\

Heck for all i know company executives could love a good bump

Thursday, 2 December 2010

A little Eager

Firtly no trip to Manchester today. I suppoose it served me right for not learning where it actually is on the map, even though i was ment to last night.

But they were still holding a training session today at 13:45 in Sheffield. 13:45, for some obsurd reasoin i thought it was at 12:45 so i turn up thinking that i'm late with nobody around. Me getting worried i ring up the lady and she said to me im a little early.
Ah well i trekked to the library which is wear i am now and will set off at 13:30 to be there for the right time of 13:45.
As stange as it may song im pretty excited to be getting a job not only for the money reasons but also cause its something to do and something new to complain about asides from uni and people.

EW speaking of people, theres this guy i gave my number too out of pitty cause he was following us (The following shoulda been my first clue) and we just wanted him to leave. LOL i started this out wrong, there isnt just some random person following us, we were all dancing together at a club a few weeks back. Anyways he text me like the day after and i politly replied withough giving much responce (Cold Shouldering) Then he called and i adopted the same technique. Then i stopped replying and this is usually the point where they take a hint, But no, he calls me on with-held and then on some random number. This was like last week or the week before. Then i hear nothing and im like YAY loser got the hint, Just called my 10mins ago all casual like. And i started swearing (Abandoning my resolution to sgo cold turkey) at him down the phone saying that he cant take a hint and if i see him again im gonna kick him in the nuts :) Then i hung up and he text me saying "Sound Rude" I was so tempted to text back but hey you know about not giving them the satisfaction etc. I think if he calls again im gonna threaten to get him deported and go to the police. Just cause i can if i wanted , using up those civil rights that i have and what not. ^_^ Also he thinks my name is Jane...who am i to correct him?

Also uni was cancelled again to day and we got an extention for our assessment from next wednesday to next friday. How awesome considering we havent finished one and havent started the other xD

Okay thats all there is too it and to think ive only been up for about 3 hours. Man some one should right a book about me and my adventures. Why the hell nit they print anything these days...House of Night Series WTF much

Good day alround

Went into town to buy some gloves and a shirt for tomorrow
Wow i love the silence the snow brings it is truley beautiful
Maybe im getting into the northerness but i didnt find it that cld and it was -2degrees

We were gonna make a snow man and have a snow fight.
Mates came over around 2 and after warming up from the cold we looked for houses on the net before our growling stomaches got the betst of us. Reluctantly around 3/4 we started shoving on outdoor clothes i grabbed a 30cm rule (Cause the 15cm on i took on the way to town proved to small) we went on the hunt for food, i got a kabab so i guess im restarting the mo sugary/salty stuff diet :( didnt even make it 24 hours :P
The snow was 17cm outside mine and 28.5 in the untouched carpark less thana minute walk away. Shoulda got a pick of my feet buried in the stuff

Ate food at mine and watched MyScene Goes To Hollywood, cause my friend went mental when she saw it on my shelf xD

Jammed abit more and finally went to do snow related stuff  about 9:00pm ^^
20mins later we were stripping our outside clothes at mine where we continued to jam until abou 11:30 cause they needed to do some shopping and sainsburies closes at midnight.

Fun Fun Fun

Also i feel inclined to do a 30seconds to mars post casue after watching the Hurricane Movie last night i just blasted them out this morning for about an hour on the highest volume not caring who i annoyed

Yay after about 9hours my thermometer on mmy comp has moved up from -1degrees to 0degrees. Sign of better days?
Ah well i still wont make t to uni tomorrow ^^

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snow snow snow, snow snow snow. Snow snow snow snow snow

She chanted to the theme of Jingle Bells :)

Ah its thick and its lovely and uni is cancelled and i am there for over the moon

I usually never mind or get andrey when it snows cause ive never had a snow incident so right now im turning up my notch of never mind, to extremeley happy.

Might take out a ruler and measure its thickness for you if your lucky


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