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Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Year?

Who cares?
To me it's just another day.
I don't know maybe because I have to go to Church every New Years Eve with my parents from about 11pm till 1 am or something is the reason that I'm so bitter but I very much doubt it.
There's been the odd instance where we don't go and me and the sibs would watch a movie or just do our own thing and not really acknowledge it.
I just don't see the big deal, congratulating one and other for making it through another year, isn't that what your birthdays for? Why confuse things?
I have nothing against the parties or the church goings or any of that its just the actuality of it. But just ignore the bitter rantings of an old lady. I was always a hater.

I usually just joke my way through the New Year to keep from being bitter, make "See you next year" jokes and stuff, but meh, who even has the effort any more eh?

Strangely enough I do make new year resolutions, though when you look at them they're not resolution its more like a list of stuff that I need to get out of the way for the year. I do the same thing on/around my birthday, when it's the summer holidays, when school starts up in September. I'm just a list loving freak.
I have forgotten the point of this whole message. And all this ranting hasn't improved my mood or my headache.
My mum's working tonight which my dad's not happy about, it just gave me jokes cause he's probably angry he didn't get in there first. I hope we don't have to go anywhere cause I am so not in the mood.

Till next year.

(Random Rant Don't feel obliged to read)

I have a headache and I woke up on the miserable side of the bed this morning. We have people round AGAIN. One of which is my cousin who was here the other day with my other cousins, I don't mind, she's nice. She's 21 and I haven't seen her in about 14years cause she lives in Canada, he dad was here last year and her oldest sister, who is getting marraied in Feburary in Nigeria but I can't go cause I have uni. Aint that a bitch?
Any ways, with her is her cousins, no relation to us, as its her mums sisters family and we're related by our dads. Anyways it's bad enoug that I am in a rotton mood but I hate making nice in the first place. My cousins cousin is also at Sheffield and I may have mentioned her as someone that I had to make nice with during the summer, she's 16 and goes to the international college there. BLAH.
Don't know what's put me in this rotten assed mood but I don't care.
As well as that it's new years eve.
Hmmm think I am going to continue this rant in a new post.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Extended Christmas

Was fun :)
One thing I love about the holidays is the mass of movies I get to watch.
Saw The Grinch for the first time yesterday. Gasp I know but there's a long story as to why It's taken me so long which I'm not going to get into. Also young Taylor Momsen is so adorable, it's hard to see her turning out as the annoying rocker chick she is today.

Also watched Tangled, which was funny and fun and I approve allowing Rapunzel to be a Disney Princess.
Anyways iit's been 3days of bliss and now I have a 2500word essay to be getting on with so yeah. That.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas To All

Been a weird one so far.
For one it doesn't even feel; like Christmas so that threw me off.
They cause it's a Sunday we had to go to church. It was 'aite cause I looked adorable ;)
Then we came home and opened presents.
I only asked for one thing...which I went out and bought so I was neither surprised nor disappointed. XD

Sat down for a bit then straight off to the kitchen, my parents went to work last night so they went to sleep, I made cupcakes and a normal cake before starting on my turkey, whom I names Joseph. Joseph is a good boy, except for the minor pain in my back I know have from dealing with the big SOAB but that's all well and good.
I also started a little late so he won;t be done till like 10 but that's all good cause this family eats late anyways.

Okay that's all I'm saying for now until tomorrow I guess....Which (In true Francis form) we have decided to make Christmas as well. We usually double it up cause there's never enough Christmas hours in the day.
Christmas will end at 9:pm tomorrow to allow 3hours for Boxing Day :)

And too all a Goodnight.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Oh Yeah...


Sitting here doing nothing

Finally got the will to do a bit of bloggage
As always there's not really anything going on in my life because I'm super average and super lazy.
My flatmates/friends have all gone home for Christmas so its just me myself and I for the weekend.
Friday night was an early night because of work on Saturday
Had to be up for 6:30am and set about 3 alarms to make sure I wouldn't have a repeat of last week where I started work at 8:15am but didn't wake up till 8:08am. Yeah awkward I know, still managed to get to work for 8:25 and no one realise. Boom Shakalaka.
So yeah work again at 8:15 this week, Man it was daaaaaaaaark when I woke and I was pissed, even when I left to go to work it was still dark, but lightening slightly. Who cares, it was my last week so the whole day I was just buzzing with anticipation for the clock on the computer to hit 3:45pm so I could be D-O-N-E Done.
Came home and.......Even though It was only yesterday I cant quite remember what I did last night.
I know I made some lunch......erm.....Watched Enemy Of State......erm I don't recall specifics. I did think about going over to a friends house and staying over on Saturday night but tat didn't happen. The 5minute walk from work to my apartment was just filled with bubbling suspense at getting home, locking the door and shutting out the world. I tend to forget the extremities of my loner type characteristics at times, s'pose it comes from coming from a big family? Its not that big, 2 parents and 3 other siblings. I don't know it just feels normal now. So yeah when I know I'm going to be by myself I think of other people I can go and see or stay with or who I can invite over and make a big deal of it, but the closer I get to my alone time the quieter I become and the more I embrace it and when I;m finally alone I realise just how much I've missed it. Wow I am so good at Dr Phil-ing myself.

Okay think that's about it, currently just laying in bed, finally caught up with The Mentalist but still have Gossip Girl and Merlin to go before I get home tomorrow and might try to squeeze in a movie or two. Who knows. Oh yeah that and I still haven't packed yet. I'm in the process of doing so but I've just realised how small my suitcase is. I'm in Sheffield more than I go home so I literally have all my clothes and stuff with me. Anything back home I don't wear. So having to pack 5weeks worth of stuff in to a teeny tiny suitcase is a mission and a half. I gave up for the time being. Need to get myself into the zone.

Updates to come

But for now, check out my new dress ^_^
It lloks pink but it's actually red. Like proper red.

Ignore my face cause I was using the camera on my laptop and it makes things in the distant blurry, I wasn't born with a smudged face :)

Friday, 9 December 2011

Disney Bridal Collection By Alfred Angelo

I was originally going to type that I'm not the kind of girl that has been thinking about her wedding day since she was 6. And that's all true, I haven't even decided if I want to get married. But I am a girl and I do love Clothes, Dresses Shoes and all things Pretty so Check It Homies:
Ariel (Dibbs)




Sleeping Beauty

Snow White


Obsession and What Nots

So you guys know that I love all thing Disney Princess? Well yeah anyways I follow some Tumblr thing and I found on it pictures of Disney Related wedding dresses, and oh my gosh they were so cool. Like actual wedding dresses you can buy. Like I actually want the Ariel inspired one.
Check It:

How sexilicious is that?
Imma post the rest on the next post.

Every Day I'm Tumblr-ing

I got Tumblr last year because I had to for some Uni thing, I don't quite remember why to be honest. But then a few weeks ago I just decided to start using it, Kind of like I have multiple Blogs that are linked It's the same for Tumblr, so I started Tumblr-ing. To be honest you can thank Tom Fletcher from McFly, I follow him on Twitter and he randomly tweets his Tumbles and there were a few funny Gifs I liked and then the rest is history. It's fun. I still prefer Blogger cause I don't really write or put anything on there the way I do on here but its like a cross between this and tweeting, and man do I love tweeting.
Check It: (Gotta love that it's the same URL as my Blogger)

Plus making my own thingys are fun. Sorry I don't know what they're called. But an example of what I mean.....

Gosh darn it what would you call them?

Lady Popular

Is my fun new addictive game. It's kinda like having your own avatar but you have goals you need to complete to level up and you get to buy clothes and you can have a boyfriend an an apartment and there's other little tasks that go on around all the other stuff. You have a job and you can eat and its just so fun. As with all other games there is that optional Pay element, but I don't love the game THAT much. I got my flatmate into it and my other flatmate think we're both ridiculous cause she'll hear us having a conversation and think we're talking about real lives :)
It's a Google Chrome App game thingy. So yeah here's a few snap shots.

Give it a go, makes a good short distraction in between work cause you can only play the games once a day and I kind of just make mine go to sleep while I'm asleep and work when I work. Its cool.

Catch - Up

I say catch up but there really isn't anything major to catch you up on.
I've mainly been busy doing work, got a bucket load of projects and planning and filming and recording and editing and presentationing and research and essays to do. And that's what I've been doing.
Haven't even been able to go to the cinema this week and that's highly upsetting.

Oh turns out I have to quit my job because even though I requested the Christmas Period off in my "Interview" no one made a not of it so I have to work. Or quit. So I'm quitting. Gotta give a weeks notice. The woman I spoke to seemed taken aback when I asked her how I go about quitting as if the only choice was work or die. Psh you wish.

Okay I'm going to fill you on some other stuff now...

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Hi....My Name Is...

So I've been blogging for a while now, and who knows if anyone even reads this schnizz any more, BUT it occurred to me the other day (which is generally the day all my good ideas come to me)
....Do you know who I think I am?

Name: Jennifer Francis

I also respond to the following: Jennie, Jen, Gwen, Genvieve (John-vie-ev), Penelope, Franie, Thug, Yo Bitch.

Age: 19
Love being 19, it's an awesome age that comes with no attachments and i fell like it fits me well, also can't wait to be 20 just to have that whole "Teen" thing dropped once and forever more. Also I'm the youngest in my ground of friends which is a new experience.

Height: 5ft4 (and a half)
That extra half an inch is very important *Cough* That's what she said *End Cough* I like my height, it's cool and very definitive I think.

Education: University in Sheffield
Doing the whole Film and Media Production thing, was hating on it at first but meh, what's life without a little annoyance, difficulty and disappointment? Though to be honest I'm kind of understanding the relevance of some of the stuff they teach, and got told by a guy it gets better in the next two years. First year is just to get rid of the weak. One thing I am not is weak.

Bio: Where you from and let it spread from there.
Okay so I originally lived in East London, and I still claim it, I'd claim anywhere faster than I would Chadwell Heath, which is sadly in Essex which is where i now reside. I actually can't stand it there, like actually, unexplainably so, but I smile and I go into town and so on because I know there is no escape. Maybe one day I will put into words why I resent the place so much but today isn't that day.

Random Point
The almost reckless need to keep changing, the thought of staying the same way or in the same place for the rest of your life is too painful to think about.

Family Members: 6 (Including Myself)
Mother: Who gives me too much jokes and doesn't even realise it.
Father: *Cough*.
Older Sister (21): In Ukraine studying for one reason or another, I dunno I just go along with it.
Younger sister (15): Little smarty pants. Sweet kid, likes the same stuff I do.
Brother (11?) He's trouble and his life makes me confused. Mostly cause I can never remember what year he's in or who his friends are or what he talks about.

Loves: General
Ooooh, I don't quite know, I suppose junk food. No all food. I love food. Also Reading and watching movies :)

Hates: General
Erm, touchy feely people and the colour orange.

Movies: General 
Plot wise then I'd say Non Linear and 6degree of separation styled movies.

Television: What do you watch
We haven't got enough time in the day to go through them all.

Music: Genre
Mainly Alternative, Pop Rock, Rock Rock, RnB, General Pop, the odd Country and Classical.

Thoughts or Philosophies: Quotes etc
Live Free or Die Hard - Die Hard.

TV taught me how to feel now real life has no appeal -Marina and the Diamonds.

I'll probably be this way till my dying day -Eminem.

It's a beautiful lie, It's the perfect denial -30 seconds to Mars.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Sluts and what nots

I don't know what it is about me, but people tend to think that I'm some kind of whore :/

In a way, I thought to myself during my claritive walk home tonight in the dead silence of a Monday night out, it's kind of a compliment as then doesn't that mean that people think I'm pretty enough to have a list of guys at my beck and call. Cause I know I ain't fat or ugly....or easy for that matter so what else could it be but my dashing good looks and my winning personality?
I don't dress like one on the regs either, maybe on the odd night out but that hardly often, and it's definitely not the company i keep.... any more. So I really don't get it.
It's mostly guys though, but I guess girls don't really go around calling each other their faces.

I don't know, this thought just came to mind as i was thinking about a text someone sent me today.
Thoughts at all?

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Crazy Eyes

My friend keeps making jokes about how one of my eyes is super lazy compared to the other and I was all whatever, and he's literally been saying this for ages but I ignore the lovely bastard, but then today I was starring at my face in the webcam....Cause I don't have a mirror in my room and I couldn't be bothered to leave my bed and go to the bathroom  to do my hair - and I noticed it. Now I can't stop noticing it. Look.

I mean I might as well look like this!

Sigh. Oh well, hopefully I should be over it by tomorrow cause that's how I roll. But its still a little freaky cause now I feel like my lef- right eye has a little weight at the end of it. Now that's annoying.

Before and After

I know it looks the same.....But its not.

Also in the second on I decided to switch my camera set up so its basically a mirror image.
I've also been playing around with the idea of getting bangs, but my flatmates hate the idea and I've decided that my cheeks are too round for it to match my face. But I still think I want it eventually so I was playing around on Tazz last week and I know it looks totally weird but at the same time, what do you think. Just imagine it better, obviously.

Can't remember what celebrities i copied the hair from, but yeah, except for the fact that I look a little weird in the pictures cause they literally superimpose your face into where the celebrities would be....
Watcha think, Oui or Non on the Bangs?

Hair dressers

Is a place I really hate going, I'm the kind of person that cant sit still for long periods of time and my mother used to hate doing my hair when I was younger and even now if I need her to help me take something out or attach something back to it I would fidget and she'd hit my head with the comb, Good Times :')

So anyways I need to get my hair redone every 6 to 8 weeks, and in Sheffield its hard to find a place that does Afro/Caribbean hair like there's just literally just this one place and its not even a while salon dedicated to it, its just this one lady who rents the space with a bunch of others.
I've been to her once before and it was meh. She tried to over charge me but I usually know what I'm talking about so she dropped the price. So this time round i was going to have some chick I met do it for me but she never text me back so I rang through and she told me to come over at about 2:30pm.
I am currently super busy with a shit load of work to do for the 3weeks so in my head I had planned out what time to pause my work, get ready and leave, how long it would take and what time I would be back. I got there at 2:30pm and she was with someone else so I sat down and waited, it was okay cause I factored in like 10mins in case she was with someone else. 20 mins later I asked her how long she would be and she said 20mins. I was all "Fo Reals?" she said yeah and I was like, Gosh sigh I'm going to have to change some plans now. You know, tryna guilt trip her and make her hurry up. It was also fortunate that I had brought my work with me so I plugged myself in and did some reading and note taking, the next thing I know it was quarter past 3. I decided to myself that I would wait till it was 3:30 then get up and leave and express my unhappiness and I even came up with a kicking exit like "Next time I would appreciate that if you give me a time you stick to it. Actually no it doesn't matter there wont be a next time." Good right? so yeah I get up at 3:29pm and go and start my speech *"I'm leaving now, you cant tell someone 2:30 and expect them to be waiting an hour-" she cut me off and started apologising and telling me not to be angry at my sister. I was like "This is the second time I've met you, this is unprofessional-"again she cut me off and started to hug me, and I pushed her hands away and she kept apologising and the person she was with started to say that it was her fault and offered to move over and let her do my hair instead. At this point there was 5seconds of silence, the only sound coming from the radio in the other room.. Cant remember what it was playing, but then I nodded real slow, and she hugged me and I allowed her to do so before taking my seat. An hour later I was done and she was apologising again and saying that she would have been thinking about me all day if I had walked out and that I would be thinking that she's a bad person. I let that last part hang in the air as I just looked at her, then reached for my bag and coat, paid her and walked out with no comment of whether or not I would be back.

*I should most likely add that I have one weakness that people take the wrong way of they don't know me. I cry when I'm angry, like when I'm boiling on the inside with rage. You may think that I'm angry when I'm having a go at people or in the middle of an over the top screaming match, but that's all physical, like I'm going through the motions, on the inside I'm never actually as angry as I'm making out to be. But when the tears start streaming, that's when you know. It's really annoying because I don't even notice it until half way through my voice will crack or something and I'll tough my cheeks and I'm like, Damn It Not Again. So yeah.

Monday, 21 November 2011

I feel all queasy on the inside

Damn you lactose Intolerance.
I inherited it from my father
Usually its okay cause I never have cereal
So no need for milk
and  hardly have a large consumption of cheese in one day.

But today I went over board.
Had cereal this morning (Lucky Charms obvs)
A nice chuck of cheese cake
Scoop of ice cream
Went pizza hut and asked for extra cheese.


By the time I got home that was it. Couldn't stay and watch Misfit cause I thought I was going to be sick, spent 20mins on the bathroom floor, before I opted to lie on my stomach in bed.
That helps, the only downside is that as soon as I get up I feel like shit all over again.

My flatmates were really nice, came and asked if I was okay, considering I disappeared before the first break.
Obvs they're nice people. I say flatmates but they're also my friends, considering I chose to live with them this year in our swanky apartment. We have this little joke where we get angry if we refer to each other as flatmates and not friends.

Gonna watch last nights Merlin to cheer myself up.


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

If heartache was a physical pain I could face it

I just seem to really love this song, stumbled upon it as i was on my way to listen to Lose Yourself by Eminem.

Bradley Cooper was trending

So obvs I had to know why. And what do you know, he has been voted People Magazines 2011 Sexiest Man.

 So I went and did a little wikipedia background search and came up with this.

John F Kennedy Made me Chuckle
Props to George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp who have won it twice.

Ode to crappy TV

Back when Channel 5 used to show quality shit TV

Also do you remember.
Harry and Cosh
The Tribe
Heartbreak High
*Sigh* What ever happened to honest to God shit TV, none of that obvious stuff like Gossip Girl and Leverage, but the ones that you watch for ages and you know its sad but you love it anyways and everyone watched it on the sly.

One For The Money

Okay so we all should know by now how much i love the series. Actually that's an understatement, The Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich is one of my top 3 favourite book series and I have been anticipating the movie release for give or take three years.
I have watched and waited as it was in talks, as they played around with release dates, pushed said dates forward and back, put it on ice for a while and when they considered Sandra Bullock for the role of protagonist Stephanie.
But that's all in the past. When I heard they we're using Heigl instead, at first I was pissed because I didn't see it, then I was furious because I take the world of television very seriously, and after watching her in Greys Anatomy I  hated her character and thus i started to form a disdain for the actual person. Sad I know but I cant help it (I'm still pissed at Orlando Bloom for his role in Troy, but I'm slowly defrosting) So yeah I was angry cause if I didn't like her then I wouldn't like the movie.......I've really lost focus and track about what I'm talking about so I'm just going to jump and say that as I watched the trailer I didn't like who they picked to play any of the characters, except for Lula, her I can deal with. BUT as I went on, I did have a huge grin plastered on my face so all hope isn't lost. I think it was helped by the fact that they used a lot if elements from the book and that always pleases me. Any who the movie's not out until January in the US and summer in the UK which sucks. But nothing is set in stone.

She just looks wrong *Sigh*

Combining my two favourite things

And it was really well edited i think, cutting to the beat and what not and some shots are ones that i thought about then they used.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Cold Shoulder

Only heard this song sometime this week cause I just happened to see it as i was flicking through the music channels. Its such a tune. Jokes at Tulisa dancing, its about time considering it looks like most of the songs and videos are the guys ideas.

Sad Times

Google Earthing Things and it kinda upsets me that the black of flats i lives in is just completely different. There's literally no similarity. They knocked that bitch down and built it all over again.
I had such an awesome time there. Its a shame there are no pictures. I know it got replaced like more or less 5 years ago but it's still sad. Can't show my brother or just look at it in nostalgic bliss.

Plaistow is currently undergoing extensive urban re-generation including replacement of council homes. Newham, of which Plaistow is part, is one of themost deprived boroughs in the UK, and with an ethnically diverse population; it is hoped the staging of the Olympic Games at nearby Stratford in 2012 will bring greater prosperity to the area. - Wikpedia

There's no more 99 either. Its just 90-93. Like the place didn't even exist.

I wasn't kidding when I said I lived across the road from my Primary school and could hear the bell from my kitchen window. Good Times.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Time Flys When You're Blogging

I should go to sleep, though I had like a 4hour nap this afternoon, I'm not sure what time I  start work tomorrow. I read last week it was 12:30 - 8:00 but its subject to change and no one called me and when I called the Bridge after my nap they were closed. Whoopsi.

Wish my posts had more pictures but I haven't taken a single on this year and I realise you guys don't even know what i look like any more. Hmmmm imma have to rectify these things, I'll probs to a picture post soon, just the random images that are on my phone, nothing special.
Finally got to skype my sister after 3weeks of last hearing her voice and 10weeks of not seeing her face. It was aite.
Okay sleep, gotta be up in 10 and a half hours.

Random stuff

The Mentalist has started
I'm way behind on House
I'm behind on Gossip Girl
I'm not enjoying my course
Merlin. MERLIN! i know right?!
Should be seeing Immortals on Tuesday
Pretty Little Liars Starts on Wednesday
Finally Started Greys Anatomy season 8

I need to get out of the flat more
But one thing at a time eh?

(I also realise that I blog so that I don't have to write. This is bad.)

Club Photography

So my friend asked me to film this club event last week, but it was a dead night (Cause Halloween weekend was just over allegedly) so I didn't end up doing it. This week though he was like yeah its gonna be live. I was like skeeeeen. But i agreed, cause i mean why the hell not right? That and the even was literally across the road. I mean I can see it from my balcony. As in I step out of the lobby onto the pavement and I cross the street. Yeah.

So yeah I'm at the club and to begin with its quite dead and I'm just taking a few shots of the early comers. Then next thing you know as I'm sitting in the corner on my phone (Kinda near to the entrance so I can see everyone coming in) I look over then I look back over then my head shoots up and I look back and I realise I'm seeing this guy who I refer to as The Fairy Tale Love Of My Life. Lets not forget how wild my imagination is and how melodramatic I can be okay?
I just kind of call him that because of the way we met and randomly bump into each other. I don't actually know him that well but he seems like a douchey player. All the hot ones are. Its understandable in his case though.
So yeah I've mentioned him in a few blog posts:

This is literally the third time we've had an encounter. So I'm still sitting in the corner but he's Mr popular so he's chatting to a few people by the door. I get up and wander around the bar a bit, snap some pics of some peeps then wonder back over to around my stool, and he just so happens to be sitting less than a meter away. So before I plonk my lazy ass down again I go up to him and the chick he's sitting next to and ask them if the want their picture taken. (All casual like) Then as I'm gearing up my camera he tilts his head to the side and points to me and says "Don't I know you?" I'm a pro when it comes to playing dumb, so i tell him to hold up a second. Quickly snap his picture then get closer to him; "What we're you saying?" and he repeats himself. then I'm all "Erm....You do? Where from?" And he's like, "Don't you live down the road?" Then my memory suddenly comes back out of know where and I suddenly remember where I know him from ;)

Sadly that's as close as we got that night as I was "working" and the bar was loud and he knows a lot of people. He did stand next to me and i took him bottle of wine and swigged a bit.

Till next time Dan, Mon Amour

Doubley Stood Up

I was all set to watch the movie In Time on Tuesday cause i have an Odeon points card and i get 25% off on Tuesdays. Anyways we and my friends we driving around on Monday trying to find a Pizza Hut and i mentioned i was going to see it. Then one of them mentioned that we should go and see it together. I straight up said no. Id planned to see it myself and i was looking forward to it etc. They did the whole calling me a loner thing and i was like yeah yeah yeah whatever. In the end i relented, mostly because if I went with them then it meant we go to Cineworld, and we all know how shit the screen at Odeon are. So yeah Tuesday evening we were going to go

It got to Tuesday and i text them and was like the 18:55 on looks good, but then i a text asking of I could find anything earlier because my friend had basketball at 9:00 so wouldn't be able to see it all. There wasn't another one on so I'm a little peeved. But especially cause i was busy on Wednesday afternoon. But they agreed to pick me up at 10:30am so we could go see the 11:00am showing. I was like sure whatever.
That night i was doing a bit of club photography (Which reminds me about something else i need to blog about actually) and so didn't get in till like 4:00am and was in bed half an hour later, but i still managed to get myself up 5hours later to get ready to meet them at 10:30. It was cool cause they were picking me up. It got to 10:30 and I didn't hear a word. I didn't hear anything from then until 4:15 in the afternoon.
I know I could have text them asking where they were when they were like 10mins late, and i wasn't really all that surprised when they didn't show up, which made me have a few realisations:
1. I expect people to let me down
2. I like being angry at people
Luckily these tow things work hand in hand.
At the same time why should i have needed to text them anyways? They said 10:30 and i was ready. The End. I did my thing at uni then just went next door to Odeon. It pissed me off especially because i caught the 18:00 viewing ant it was a Wednesday which means a few thing.
1. Its Orange Wednesday so the cinema if full
2. Its after 17:00 so its more expensive and they let anyone in.
All things I try and avoid especially because i go and see movies so often.

They called me around 4 and i didnt answer (Mainly cause i was in uni and the room i was using had a class on) then after i did watch the movie i had like another 4missed calls. I didn't bother replying. I think it finally got to 9:00ish when they called and i answered. Actually it wasn't even them who called it was a friend so that made me look even more pissed cause i wasn't answering their calls but i answered him. Whatever. The guy tried to shift the blame on me. I was like, Hell no it was your idea and i was ready im not your mum, if you can get to a lecture for 9 then its not my fault you cant get to an arrangement for 10:30.

Okay thats the end Pretty sure i waffled for most of this post but meh.
Also you note that i keep using the words "THEY didn't pick up" and other such plural related words. I was going to see the movie with half of my couple friends. Partly another reason why i didn't want to go with them. A small one but a reason non the less.

Taking Things Seriously

Yesterday i had my first assessment.
It was based on that place we went to Edale, and if you remember i found it so boring and me and my partner got on the 4:30pm train back as opposed to waited for the 7:29pm one because we were essentially don't by 3:00pm and sat in the pub with a bunch of other people that had finished. The weather was shitty so its not like we could have filmed any more if we had even wanted to. The hell i was sitting in that pub for another 4 and a half hours so we left.

Fast forward to my assessment on Thursday and during the feedback one of the tutors. Thinks she's the module leader cause she doesn't teach me. Anyways she comes out and saying
"I think you guys have no excuse for not having enough shots because you were one of the first one to leave" The whole classroom starts cracking up with laughter and so did me and my friend. It was horrible. Well horrible funny but still horrible. It was actually uncontrollable. After we had sat down and peeps were chatting to us they were all saying how unfair it was for her to bring that up, cause if it was that much of a big deal then why not email us or request to have a word around the time it had happened. They were saying that she looked like she had been waiting three weeks just to point it out. That's true to be honest. I didn't actually think of it at the time. Im usually the one to argue back with anyone but i was to busy laughing my ass off to fully comprehend the situation. After at like the very end she made a comment about people not taking the assessments seriously and that to remember it is like an exam. Yes i heard that hint loud and motherfucking clear.

I think its just deep if she fails us over that cause at the time we were done and we werent even the first ones to be finished, we just left first. Deep times, also i think we worked really hard on our project considering how much we hated the POS.

Friday, 11 November 2011

This is a cheating post

Ive gone backwards in time because i missed 11/11/11 11:11
and i did so well when it was 10/10/10 10:10 See.....

But yeah
Happy Magical Minute
and I'll see you next year for the last one
(12/12/12 12:12)
Don't be late ;)

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Shit Just Got Serious

Angry Birds, downloaded from Google Apps. Don't remember what level but its in part 3

Sunday, 6 November 2011


I'm never sure whether to take this as a compliment or not.


Quick Angry Post

It really irks me when people call me stupid for dumbness reasons.
Today I was out for lunch with this person and they showed me a picture of a beach in Nigeria on their phone and my immediate response was
"Wooow I didn't know they had beaches in Nigeria" and the dude was like "Don't be stupid" but in a really harsh way.
Okay I know it may seem really obvious to some people and a few of you reading this will agree with the dude, but in all fairness I've never been and the thought has never occurred to me.
If someone had said to me: Does Nigeria have beaches? I may have stopped and thought and realised where its placed in Africa and come to the conclusion that it most likely did have beaches. But that didn't happen.

My personal perception on the place is only based on the jokes or random questions I'd randomly ask my mother but in general stories or answered questions, not once did they mention beaches. Streams and Rivers and Lakes and Watering Holes (Jokes) yes but not beaches so why would I ever need to give it a second thought.
I did snap back at the dude and refused to acknowledge anything they said for a while even after they apologised, but it just getting my blood boiling. Well i might not have known it before but i know it now, its called learning.
I also looked at a few beach shots and I didn't realise the place looked to beautiful, in my head every things got a yellow tint

Okay rant over but I'm still pissed especially cause i allowed this dude to stay in my bed for the night whilst i didn't sleep, on the couch. Post later maybe?

Saturday, 5 November 2011


For some reason when i saw this advert on the TV the other day i was absolutely enthralled. I dunno what it was about it but it like opened up my creativity.

Adverts about Cars, Phones and Perfume are the ones to watch.


Sorry but that rap was hard. JB I give you your props.

Friday, 4 November 2011

I just think this is too ah-mazing

The first place i became fully aware of it was on the movie Takers during Chris Browns chase scene and you know that weren't know mofo stunt, so what do you know, i guess Breezy has skills after all.

I need to schedule in times

To go and see quite a few movies
and to think i was doing so well with the whole watching one movie a week thing.
Hmmm lemme think:
In Time
The Ideas Of March
We Need To Talk About Kevin (Possibly, i would rather read the book)
The Adventures of Tin Tin: Secret of the Unicorn

It doesnt sound like a lot but it builds up and Odeon dont keep their movies for long and if i wanna see them cheaper then i have to see them at certain times/days. That and theres a new film that tickles my fancy every week or so.
Being and avid film watcher is hard work.

Thinking about it

Ive got a hell of a lot of work to do for uni.
But i'm okay with it, not feeling totally overloaded-yet, feel like im coping, lets face it the stuff that i'm doing isnt necessarily hard its just fitting everything around each other. That and working in a group or pair means that you have to agree on a time and place and idea and your just sitting there thinking, eughk if i was working by myself i'd be done in a week. But whatever i suppose its good to work in groups and work and what not.
A lot of the time i'd prefer to do things by myself but thats mainly because of the way i work, i like to get things done and over with so i have loads of the time at then when everyones panicing and just starting to just relax and go see a movie or whatever of you get what im saying man i havent used any full stops in a while pause.
Other than that i havent been doing a lot, ignoring some friends cause i need a vacation but i think i'll start replying come Saturday? I started this i think when i left their house on Saturday or Sunday night and i bumped into one of them on Monday and another on today so whats another day and a half.
Also theres this guy who was on my course last year and we speak just randomly like you know if theres no one else to talk to and what not, and all this time i never realised that i didnt know his name, that or i thought it was something elsem something mor along the lines of Andy or Adam, but i found out that his nmae was Christi. Yup. My thoughts exacvtly.
Gotta love life eh?
My flatmates are leaving me tonight, ones going home till Monday and the others just going off to Manchester till sometime tomorrow, she said she'd be back by the time i get back from work..
Which reminds me, i still havent got my hours yet. Hmmm.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

So i guess its November again.
Man the years gone quick.
Anyways not much to report.
Im ignoring the calls of my friends so i can have a little me time
That and im fed up of being thought of as a home wrecker.
No ones said those words exactly but that's the one i'm using to describe
the way people are acting and what they're saying.
Plus i get dragged and caught up in peoples lies.

It was my dads birthday yeasterday.
I rang him, he didnt pick up and i got happs cause it meant i could get away with
just dropping him a text.
But he called me back mid text.
I said happy birthday and stuff and he said stuff but i honestly blank out when im
talking to the man, i make encouraging and acknowledging sounds. The End.

Did some editing for a tutorial ive got tomorrow and i have to say this is the shittest
piece of work that ive produced sing Raise Your Voice in year 10. Jokes Times.
Whatever as long as it passes than thats a-okay with me.

I need to get back into writing, i do love it but i need inspiration.
I need cupcakes and a cocktail.


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Think im done for the time being

I don't seem to have time to do a lot of posting but i don have a major blog binge and do my best to catch you up  on my ever so tiresome and average life.

Until next time mi amigos

Three Twosomes

My friends are trying to set me up.
I'm perfectly safe when im hanging out with one of each or if im jamming with just the guys or just the girls.
I basically hang out with two twosomes.
They were all already together before i met them last year. Now the four of them live together in a two person apartment. Yikes.
So anyways they're trying to set me up with different guys.
For example; I was dancing with these two guys....Not at the same time....on Saturday and they all ganged up on me about them both, yesterday selling them too me. I'm not sure if i should be chuffed that they care or depressed that they think i need someone.
My mate Naz is prematurely excited about us doing couple-y things like going to the cinema together or out to eat. *Gag*
No more asking for an awkward table of three or five. I should point out that if they did successfully set me up with someone that we would have to take two cars everywhere. Yeah i like the sound of that as my counter argument.

I don't mind being the third or fifth wheel.


Got pissed at one of my friends this week
Cause if i call him or text him he never replies.
Happens all the time, but its okay for him to call/text me when he wants something.
If ever i see him i always have a go at him and he apologies but he still does it.

So one day he rang me and i looked at his name on the screen and pressed end.
He didn't try calling me again.

Then, when i went to my friends birthday thing, i was sitting "Playing" NBA on XBOX
and he walks in and shouts my name as he does.
I look over at him, blink then continue my game.
Everyone in the room was like Oooooooooooooooo what did you do.
He calls my name again and i look over and im like "What?" not looking over
Dude gets all sheepish and was like just saying hello.
I didn't respond.

He comes over and apologies for not calling/texting back and said that he tried to ring
the other day
I'm like, yeah i know, i saw you name come up and pressed ignore.

Eventually i start talking to him but i think he actually got the message
cause when i was in the car with the others the next day he rand me 3times
twice i didn;t hear, the third i picked up on a fluke as i was checking the time.
Wanted me to come over but obvs i was out and he was like awww i'm dibbsing you for next time.

Im hoping he'll start replying to me. Not like i call or text him often. Just once if we
haven't seen each other for at least two weeks to ask if he's okay.

How nice am i right?

Me and My Mind

This could jsut be one of those things that everyone thinks is just a personal thing but is really something that everyone thinks/feels, but i lack the ability to put myself in other peoples shoes and feel what they might feel. I can thing what they might think but that doesn't have the same effect. I'll use i few hypotheticals to stabilise my point.
Say for example that the guy who stayed in my bed was the crush of someone quite close and i knew about this crush.
Even though less than nothing happened was it still okay for us to just jam in the same bed? I had tried to kick them out and why should i have to sit on the cold couch all night? Not like we have any spare bedding.
Therefore if my hypothetical friend was then frosty with me after she found out, even though nothing happened should i be angry at her being angry for no reason because to me it didnt even occur to me that it would even be an issue.
Another hypothetical
My friend has a girlfriend, had a girlfriend before we even met, but the two of us have become really good friends, and its only cause i'm friends with him that i even know/speak to his girlfriend. Strictly friends.
Every time he sees me he shouts my name and hugs me warmly and will pick me up and stuff his girlf sends him to Tesco and he asks me to come with and even though Tesco is like a 5min walk away we take about 45mins to get there and back. When we get back she asks what took us so long. Now thins could just be because she wanted her ice lollies but it sounded double loaded and we both answered nothing at the same time. On the way to tesco and back we dawdled a lot,walked at my very slow snail pace. Stopped randomly and told jokes or just chatted, and spent 5mins riding the lift up and down just so we could chat. It never even occurred to me how much time we were taking or what his girlf would say or think.

Im not the home wrecker kind, its not my style. Well actually it is but it'd be to strangers not to people i actually know, like and consider close friends. But as you can see from my two HYPOTHETICALS it doesn't really occur to me how something that's perfectly insignificant might look to someone else.
Could be cause i don't date and im never really infatuated with people for long that i cant feel what the other person might be feeling. That or im a psychopath.


Is how long i stayed up. i had class on Friday at 9:00am so that meant i was up at 7:00am.
Then i just didnt sleep all of Friday night, then had work on Saturday till about 4:00pm then did a few bits and bobs around the house and watched Merlin before i went round to my mates house cause he was having this whole birthday weekend thing. A shit load of us went out and i eventually got back to mine around 3:00am on Sunday morning, then an hour later i was in bed. Yum.
THEN i slept till 6:00pm on Sunday before my friend picked me up and we went out to eat.
Now you tell me what time i would have had to fit in writing an essay when i was up for 45hours and asleep for 14?
Anyways. That was my weekend and man did it mess with my head a tid bit.
The nest day....Monday? My friend rings me and asks if i was busy. Like im ever busy so we just chill for a few hours before heading out to eat again. We got back to theirs and watched Avatar. The blue people. I have to say, i was actually starting to like it the second time around.

Now its Wednesday and i really didn't do much on Tuesday.
Woke up about 12:30 in the afternoon, cause i didn't get in till like 2:00am? Then did some work in bed watch American Beauty FINALLY. Headed out to a student ambassador group interview thingy then came home and chilled with my flatmate who i hadn't seen properly since about Friday to be honest. Watched The Vampire Diaries, then watch Tim Burtons Batman.
Now im here,
Fun Fun Fun

Okay so a weeks summary is in order

So lemme think lemme think.
Okay so i knew it was gonna be a real busy weekend so i did my 100word annotated bibliography essay on Wednesday/Thursday and handed it in on Friday which was like 5days before deadline day and my tutor emailed me back saying that i was the first one to hand it in blah blah blah even the person at the reception when i handed in the essay was chuffed. Okay thanks i didn't do it for the pleasure i just had plans but I'm not exactly going to mention that unless i had to.
Okay so Afrobeats was on Friday night which is essentially a black night cause they play mainly Afro Beats. Geddit? So yeah i dont know a lot of afrobeats, but my friend loves them and she some how managed to drag force me into going. In all fairness its not like she'd go to a rock concert with me. Im just saying. Luckily i like all kinds of music, and afro beats-beats are quite hard. Yeah anyways, we got there by 11:30 cause it was only £5. Zing, then it was shit for about an hour so we just sat around until it picked up and shuffled on over to the dance floor.
Did i mention that i had work the next day at 8:30am? Yeah well that was part of the other reason i didn't want to go in the first place. I said we should leave at about 1:00am so i could get at least 5hours sleep but then the music got real good and then loads more people showed up and my friend was dancing with this dude and i didnt want to separate them. So we stayed. And stayed. And stayed. Then next thing you know its 3:30am. Thats usually my cut off point in terms of getting to sleep for the night cause by the time you calculate it you wont get into bed for another hour, then id have to be up in two and id rather have no sleep than a taste of it.

So yeah we went home and we were just chatting then a friend of a friend rang up, just someone that we saw at the club and i had mentioned  that i wasnt sleeping too, and decided to turn up. Fun.
It was a weird night, he decided that he was tired and wanted to sleep. I said bye and pointed to the door but he insisted on sleeping in my bed. I was like, sure whatever its not like i was going to sleep anyways. My friend goes to sleep and im sitting next to him trying to read and keep awake as he's chatting away. He eventually fell asleep for a while as i continued reading. Then i got up 2hours later and got ready for work and kicked him out of the apartment on my way.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Cry Me A River and I'll Bottle The Tears

So i'm not sure whether or not i've mentioned it before but my older sister is off to Ukraine to study Dentistry. Its a long story to do with Pharmacy, the UK education system and randomness but essentially it is what it is.
Now i've known she's been going for a while now, since about mid August if not earlier, but you know whatever.  So yeah i've know shes been going for a while now and i last saw her about a month ago as i went off back to Sheffield. The date of her leaving was only confirmed about last week, and she's going tomorrow. Her laptop is screwed up and its gone for repairs so i cant skype her, though i do speak to her everyday. Not because i miss her but more because she puts up with me and listens to all the random gobbledy gook that comes out of my mouth, she excepts my weird theories and takes them as seriously as i do instead of treating it like a joke which is what a lot of people tend to do when i speak. So yeah anyways i called her tonight just to get a general idea of when she was levaing to morrow and how her packing and stuff was going, then after we finished talking she was like; Okay Bye. Then hung up.
Okay so for those of you who know me, you know that i'm not a big cryer. I only cry when i'm REALLY angry at someone, and considering im quite a jam laid back person is very very rare. So because of this emotional defect i tend to just burst into tears on random occasion. This would be one of them. I called her back and asked her why she was leaving me. I do tend to get a bit dramatic if you hadn't noticed. And i'm sobbing on the phone, then i wailing, then im trying to compose myself cause she's laughing and im inbetween doing both cause i know how ridiculous the situation is. Then it sounds like she's crying, though i'm not sure cause she sounded a bit like a cat and the two of us are between laughter and tears cause that's just how we roll.
Anyways, i think its just cause i haven't even gotten to skype her since i've come to uni, because i didn't have internet and then her laptop went away to be fixed, so year. Sad weepy times all around. Thenn i went into the livingroom and cryed on my friends unsuspecting shoulder for about 10seconds before i FINALLY managed to convince myself i was okay, then the tears just stopped. None of that after crying hiccoughy stuff either. I can just turn it off like that. Its weird. But yeah.
She's not coming back till next summer either so yeah. Even happier times now.
I guess this makes me acting oldest when i get back to London.
Fun Fun Fun.
The titles a bit dramatic but it's what i do best

Monday, 10 October 2011

Random Video

New Favourite Advert.

Im currently reading

And this is essentially my third take on attemoting to finsh this book and i just thought id let you all know that im doing very well, page 208/453. Chapter 28/50. Though i took off the cover and its just a burgundy hardback and so everyone thinks im sitting around reading the bible. Im not.

Fingers Crossed

I get interent on the 14th.
That basically means ive been without internet for 2days short of an exact month.
Ive go so much TV to catch up on, and work to do that means i dont have to spend hours in the library like i am in now.
But yeah besides all of that malarky, i havent done a lot this week.

Ive seen two movies: Abduction and Melancholia. Suffice to say one was absolutly ah-mazing and the other was a laughable dud with potential but poor execution. Im not going to tell you which was which. You can read about it on my movie blog once ive caught up with all my posts, WHICH would have been done by now if not for the whole lack of internet.
Ive also had work on saturday 11:00-6:30 sad times cause theres no time left in the day for yourself cause its right in the middle. Then i went home and couldnt watch Merlin which actually broke my heart slightly, mostly because it was what i was using to keep me going through the day at work when ever someone on the phones was being an incomprehendable docuche.
My flat mate had people over who i think came over to specifically watch X-Factor and she thought Merlin was on a 7:00 but it was at 8:00. Im not a mean person so i let them watch it and sat through the majority before getting my friend to pick me up.
I decided to just spend the night. Me him and two of his friends just chilled at his place listening to music drinking (there was no way i was walking home or allowing him to drive me home drunk) and playing x-box and i filed my nails into a square as apposed to the round claws they usually are, and decked them out with a nice black varnish. All the boys agreed they looked really really good :)

Now im in the library (naturally) because since saturday morning ive been feeling really queasy and confused and i read my diary that sai i was in at 9:00, but i thought it was wrong and checked online and i dont know what i was looking at but then it said 10 so i changed it in my diary to 10. I turn up at 10 and theres no one there and it turns out it was 9:00. ARG! I dunno, i dwaddled outside of the room for all of 90seconds before i decided it really wasnt worth it to walk in an hour late with some lame assed excuse, so im here. My next class is at 14:00. And i've triple checked that bitch cause obviously the art of double checking is officially redundant.
But yeah im still feeling out of sorts. I dunno. I dont liek the feeling its like im just waiting to through up or break out in cold and hot sweats and faint all at the same time.
Okay im gonna go and work a bit more on my movie blog.
Check It:

Friday, 30 September 2011

Did i mention

That we thought we were going to be getting internet yesterday but it turns out all we got was sky. I mean i love sky and its good not to just be watching boxsets, but we were all looking forward to it especially because the router had arrived earlier in the week. It sucks cause we've all got shows to catch up on and essays and research to do.
Apparetly we won be getting internt for another two weeks. That had better be a lie cause i NEED it.
My friends were asking what we used to do before we had internet.
In my eyes there was no such time.

In other news my other friends are all back and are moving into their place later on today. Whoop. Hmmmm maybe they'll have internet.

Also also also lastly, i got an email about a job interview im supposed to have but never agreed to, i spoke to a woman yesterday and she said she would get back to me but she didnt and next thing you know theres an email telling me i have one today at 10am. Er. Na.
Not sure whether to holla at them or not, cause the hours they want me to work would be 6:30am to 1pm. The pays good, and its literally a 5minute walk away from where i live, but every saturday?
Hmmm im not sure where my desperation level is at at the moment.

Okay. Im Done.

Classes and Lectures and Seminars and Such

So this week marked the start of my first week of uni. I mean i know i was there last week as well but that was all induction stuff which it turned out i didnt need to even be there for so i could have stayed an extra week at work, ut what ever Trevor, i left in perfect timing and on a high. Anyways.
So year first week. Well i say week but really my first class was on Wednesday at 5pm.
It was a broing lecture where we were just talked at about the presentation we were given to read when we got hme. Then we were shown a safty video type thing that we were going to have to do and complete once we got home again anyways. I think the word wast of time may be used to describe said lecture.

Then on thursday i had my first 9am seminar, which is a big deal for me considering i had like two last year and i dont think i turned up for half of them. So yeah, 9am. It was okay getting up considering i couldnt actually sleep that night. That and when i finally started to drift off my rail where i keep my clothes broke. It was 5am so from there, there really was no hope of sleep.
So my seminar was from 9 till 12 and im not sure if ive used the term Collosal waste of time in a while. No? Well then yeah im going to go with Collosal Waste Of Time. We got given more sheets that the tutor then went and read through on the monitor. Then we got into groups and got given a word and had to write everything thats involved in said word. Such as Ideas and Development or Research. Blahdi Bladi Blah. Oh yeah, also we got told that we have to do a blog as part of the course. Now im not to familiar with blogs so i was sooooo excited. Was my sarcasm evident in that sentence? Good didnt want to under do it.
I was watching as she entered the url for the blog example and all but found a gun to shove in my mouth and blow my brains out as she typed *Sigh*
Lets just say im not going to make the same mistake as last time and im going to use a different email address to create this Blog.

Okay so that leads us on to todays Lecture "Approaching Research" is the name of the module. I dont know why i air quoted it [minus the air] but yeah the lecturer we had was some dude that seems uber mellow and as he mad a power point of the shizz we'd be learning as apposed to just reading it staright from the hand out which didnt actually annoy me, and we know how easily annoyed i am. So yeah.
As he was reading through the shizz that we were going to be doing this module and some of the electives we'll be able to choose in 2nd and third year i wasthinking to myself. WHOOOOP. Especially cause he mentioned a 1000 word and 2500 word essay all by christmas, and i love essay writing. Also i though that i wouldnt be able to di a dissetation in this couse cause it was never on the website of in the course profile. But im allowed to choose it was an elective in my final year which is epic for me cause its one of those things that ive alwasy wanted to do. Its a University Right of Passage in my eyes. Well if your course allows you to do it. I was mega dissapointed when i thought i wouldnt be able to do it. But i can so yay.

Okay thats all, we finished the lecture early cause to be fair we werent really learning anything, but i've got a seminar with this dud at 11:30 so imma go and get some air before ive gotta be there.

Monday, 26 September 2011

My Heart Is The Worst Kind Of Weapon

I spent most of last night dragging this lake
for the corpses of all my past mistakes
sell me out - the joke's on you
we are salt - you are the wound
empty another bottle
and let me tear you to pieces
this is me wishing you
into the worst situations
I'm the kind of kid
that can't let anything go
but you wouldn't know a good thing
if it came up and slit your throat

Clowns in a Car

I dunnow how they do it

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Sheffield Hallam University

Thats where im at in case you didnt know and im doing Film and Media Production, just starting my first year afeter doing a foundation year.
The foundation year has had both a negative and positive effect on me.
Positive: I know here im going, where everything is and i've been new way to oftn to care about being new or wearing the perfect outfit on the first day blah blah blah.
Negative: See last sentence above. As well as this im not even trying to make friends, i usually put in a smidge of effort but im one of those people thats perfectly happy being alone and doesnt really need people to do things with. But at the same time i'll make an effort cause im not stupid, you cant NOT have friends, and i'll tell you something else as well. Im good at making friends when i wanna be.
In this particular case. I was not in the mood. I knew everything that they were tlling me as id dont it all last year and me and the other peole who had been on my course last year were just as whingey that we had to go to this whole bullshit induction week as well. So naturally when it came to going to the ice breaker, i didnt bring a pick axe or gloves. I was so icey that Appolo couldnt melt me.

As i got to the end i warmed up a tad, trading sarcastic comments with a like minded individuals whose name i couldnt rememeber if i had a gun to my head.
Im hoping that the chip i had on my shouldner was just due to the fact that it was induction and i hate things being repeated to me, and that when i go to my first actual real lecture on Wednesday i'll be a little more psyched. I mean heck, im finally starting my actual course. whats not to be happy about?

I dont have internet, a bed frame, my apartments was unclean when i got there and we're having an argument with the estate agents, i dont have draws a proper wardrobe and i need to find a job because im burning through the cash i do have and due to the unleanliness of the apartment i dont want to cook in the kitchen so im more inclined to buy take out and i snack way more than average and need to join a gym and my eyes feel raped from practicing to put my contact lenses in and out and ive got my 3rd teach on monday and i dont know if i can take the pain and the condesending look on the barbie of a teachers face i have and i have a cold.

Like i said, whats not to be happy about.

Im in Sheffield Bitch

I love this city
do do do do - do do do- do do do do - do do do.

So happy to be back, i miss work but except for that there was nothing really keeping me in Londo, dont get me wrong i love it there but im the kind of person that just needs to keep moving.
So yeah on my first night back i was on the couch cause my bad hadnt arrived yet. Sad times but the couch is well comfy so im not really complaing. So yeah my friend was in France and my other flat mate hadnt moved up yet so i spent the first two nights by myself, with no internt or television. Ghastly i know. Luckily i had my laptop and a buildingly vast collecttion of DVDs and Boxsets to keep me entertained.
Then my friend came back from france, she too with no bed so she was on the blow up bed and i was on the couch.
My mattress finally came on thursday by the time my other flatmate had shown up from London but still no bed frame. So she was on a blow up bed, i was on my mattress and my other friend was on the couch. It was like a sleepover except everyone would have prefered the choice of having a sleepover as apposed to having it shoved at us due to the lack of sleeping furniture.
Today is saturday and i still dont have a bed frame and my room has gone from looking like this

to looking like this.

Not a large impovement but ive sent a very angry email to the bed peeps demanding my bed.....They still havent gotten back to me. 24 hour delivery service my ass.


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