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Monday, 31 January 2011

8. If the average human life span was 40 years, how would you live your life differently?

Hmmmm this is a bit more complex. If the avaerage human life span was 40years does that mean we'd only be kids for ten years, that our educational period for life would be a maximum of 10 years, that we would be middle aged/get married.have kids in a 10year period brfore we have the remainding 10years to be old?
I odnt knwo if i added together the right amountof 10years, and 10 was just an easy number to prove my point. Basically if the above were true then nothing would have to be done differently cause that would be the norm if you get what im saying.
On the other less practical side. If the average human life span was 40years i wouldnt bother going to uni and would have only done one year of Alevel. Been working all my life up until that point so that i can finally travel. Some place random and confusing and international where i no nobody and nobody knows me. Id live and work there, probs still making movies and what not until the rest of my life falls in to plan. I think that eveything would have been done more in a hurry.
What would you do?

Book Review

Its been a long time since ive done one and also as you can tell theyve become less detailed.
So this was the last book in the Luxe novel series. I hate when a decent book ends and i always hate the endings. This one was at least good enough to gove a vauge over view of what would become of the characters in the future. But still people that i wanted to get together and go off to Paris didnt, people i wanted to get divorced didnt, etc etc. Ah well. Im gonna miss reading the books with the massive dresses on the from cover, made me feel sophisticated reading about the lifestyle of the debutants in 19th Century New York

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Why do guys need their profile on private


Oh Lonley Island

Damn Niki Manaj, i was saying to my friend that it feels like shes featured in almost everything. This annoys me.

Friday, 28 January 2011

My Posters

I know im bare hyping my posters but like ive never owned any cause i was never allowed to stick shit on my walls after one tiny incident when the wall had like four large paint chips where id stuck up a picture i did at school. So yeah.

Its perty. This is the massive poster. Liking the colour and angles

To remind me of calmer things and the place i hope to own in fiji or bora bora

The first rule of Fight Club? I just like the style of it, was between this and a Resevoiur Dogs one.

For my not so inner movie geek.
E.g; 101. So Long Fair Well, Au Revouir, Alf Weidersen.
A: Maria Sound of Music

Why do i always come to blog when i know im running later or have little or no time?

Moving on.
Saw a beautiful apartment yesterday, seriously it was almost perfect :)
Went out and saw Lloyd aka Mr Bedrock aka King Of Hearts at Embrace, and he was actually decent even though i know some of his stuff.
Ran into Dan my superfit man at the club. I didnt even notice him, i was weaving through the crowd minding my own business...Well actually just tryna keep my flats from sticking to the disgusting floor. Like seriously ive been behind a guy and seen him just spit on the floor. Spit. Inside, on carpet, in a public place. I bet he wouldnt do that in his mama's house.
Anyway yeah im clopimg along and this hand grabs my arm and i look up and this looming figure comes towards my face and whispers in my ear
"Dont i know you from somewhere?" He pulls back and i see his face and i try not to just stop and bust a move and i whisper back all mysterious like, "Right didnt you and your drunk friend walk me home?" He was all yeah and i was like oh what was your name again. LIKE I DIDNT KNOW. Then he gave me a hug then that was our magical moment. Kept seeing him everywhere after that. Naturally and discovered what kinda guy he is....Imma leave it at that. Anyways as much as i would like his number and last name its almost more fun this way. Lets hope it wont be 3months until i see him again.

Okay now im really late, and its my first day on the job....Filming that is. A story to come out of my experience later.

Heres a reminder of when we first met my superfit man

Thursday, 27 January 2011


I live discovering new equipment. Battery light to add to a camera for when you wanna film in the dark. Genius,

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

What happens when your list builds up to more cons than pros?

It strange that

I write stuff on a blog. Considering im not the kind of person that tells people things that go on their lives. Well i guess thats something to annalyse for another day and a higher fee.

So what have i done today?
Erm 3 flat viewings. What can i say, for once the phrase 2 out of 3 aint bad would fittingly describe my experience. Couple of that the right word? but im not worried taht we wont find anything, though cant really say why.

Also i seem to be very distracted today, and i cant say why. Not as in i dont know why i actually cant say. Life and death and what not.

So yeah ive got a teeny decision to make, ive already prolonged it so the window and door might be closed but for now im acting like its not. Balls in my court and what not. I'm doing what all great list makers do in tough decision times; make a pro/con list like rory did when she was choosing between harvard and yale, but my situation is way more non fiction than that.

Also my 'Friend' asked me to help him make a music video promo thing (dunno if ive already mentioned this?) and also to make a summary thing for the re-freshers fair thats happening this friday. I guess taht means i should go and get out some equipment tomorrow?

Im feeling a bit strange, maybe i should watch a movie. Havent done that in a week. Shocking really. And i could work on the D book. Or i dunno anything to stop me falling asleep, if my 'Friend' hadnt called me i woulda still been dosing to Eminem.


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

I cant really complain about my job

I get paid to sit down and find out information about complete strangers. Its like my two favourite things rolled into one.

Monday, 24 January 2011

For such an impulsive person

I think a lot about stuff.
I suppose this trait should have been more obvious considering ive reached my list making limit on my phone (100) and i have various pieces of paper and a personal organiser by choice to help me remember and plan various things.
For example i think before i pick up the phone and sometimes before responding to texts. The phone thing isnt very good cause i'll just sit there staring at the number or the name that comes up, sometimes for no reason. So there you have it, the reason it takes me so long to pick up the phone even when its right next to me, texts are different. The decision to text back can last forever the opportuity could be lost whereas a person can just keep ringing to the point where you pick up in annoyance.
Okay i dont know where this blog post is going, but im liking the look im rocking right now; Froggy pj bottoms, my fall out boy top and my thinking hat ^_^
Have my bag packed for uni tomorrow, this is something i havent done since year 11, but it helps when you start early cause you get to lenghthen the time you stay in bed. Also think aobout wht you wanna wear while your falling asleep that way you wont have to kid yourself thats what your doing during the morning haze.

Did i mention my friend wnats me to make them a music video promo thingy? I dunno a tad random and nothings set in stone but this would be something to add to the portfolio and D Book. I feel like im missing something.
Must be nothing. THink i might start munching on lollipops to make up for my urg to hold a cigarette while i type. Damn you Carrie Bradshaw. I do love however how im like 10 years too late on the Sex and the City hype.

Ah i start work tomorrow. I keep forgetting and thats a drastically potentially bad thing. I shall see if i can get a pic of myself in my funcky headset. For mt own benifit of course, not your ;)

Okay now thats really it, though i do feel the need to end on a question........
Is that what the world has come to? Questioning every move we make, and if so, where is the line between questioning and over complicating?

This is probably the Sex and the City talking

but no matter how hard we try and say that we're going to blame the guy as well as the girl for the affair. No one ever blames the guy.  Its always the girls fault, or they take most of the blame.
Even when my friend cheated on his girlfriend, i think i gave him a one minute lecture and slapped his head before we just went on with the jammin. The girl on the other hand, though i didnt personally know oh so well or care about her, if ever i was even just being civil with her people would give me a strange look or just go quite like she was a leper. I figured i wasnt directly involved and if i let it go with my friend the guy then why should i treat the stranger any differently?

No im not saying cheating is a okay. Im just saying.

Well me thinks thats enough of the world according to Je7n (The 7 is silent)

Its things like this that gets me deemed "A Character"

My thinking hat, and i make no apoligies for the black on black ensemble

Sunday, 23 January 2011

I have had my texts analysed

Realsied i am such a great writer even in the middle of an argument.
Also that we're both being stupid, and melodramatic (lets not be)
But this changes nothing and life does infact go on.
More tomorrow you lucky lucky beasts :)

So today

Was my friends 20th birthday.
I know right? Im still 18, but its cool to have an older friend, though i never really think about it till it comes up on days like today (well technically yesterday) when ite her birthday ^_^

We went to TGI Fridays yum. and filling i wanna go when ive got cash to burn then id eat a steak and a rack of ribs. Yum.

Then we went to embrace....naturally. I love how we dont turn up till like 1:30am, ah life is good.

Also took a shit load of pictures, posed and our naturally random lives. So that was fun, especially as today was supposed to kickstart our year. We've been lazy and havent gone out or done the usual cinema ting. Though we have had a few pizza nights.

Also dont you find it weird when you keep seeing certain people everywhere? Its like LEAVE ME ALONE. Though its not like you can exactly say that to them. Well actually you can, they'll just think your crazy, but heck what else is new?

Okay i dont know why im blogging at such and hour ive gotta be up and ready to leave and meet my friend for church at like 10:30ish.


The Script :)

Friday, 21 January 2011

Waiting for my almost finished trailer to render

Man am i hungry, i was up and out in an hour ad have only had a packet of hula hoops. man i love hula hoops. So i'm just sitting here waiting and it would be a bit awkward to try and attempt to watch sex and the city so instead i'm just going to blog meaningless bullshit.
I have The Scripts new album; science and faith on repeat i don't thing i've listened to another band in almost 24hours. Love it makes me smile like a billy goat.

Finally manage to start directors book the other night while i was awake for no reason. Oh the things going faster now. Yay, cause i've run out of interesting things to say, except for the fact that i need to pee :)
Woman sent out an email about extra shifts at 9:00am today. Emailed back by 11:00 to say they were all gone. How is thT Fir? I didnt even get up till 11 today :(

Thursday, 20 January 2011


Ive been reading this book for WEEKS i need to hurry the heck up so i can move the hell on. Though i do like the book im just saying there were times where i coulda read this mofo cover to cover in two to three days, the times when 390 pages were nothing but chopped liver to me.


Yes i know this isnt twitter

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Just thought id tell you

That i need to concertrate on my work.......

What is it with Showers and Epiphanies?

Well i was in the shower and i saw a spider. Ew. I drowned it.
I wa sthinking to my self randomly. Why do i blog?
The answer came more simply than i thought it would.
I like keeping records and lists and snapshots and i do enjoy to write and take awe at my super awesome writing skills ;)
And thats what blogging is, i can go back and re read posts of my previous years and have memories both good an bad. I suppose that why i also mention names or if not names, code names, and if not codenames then i go into explicit detailing.
Yes we all know how that one has turned around and BIT ME IN THE ASS but i dont mind. Its fun.
Okay enough of the soppy stuff.


Jesus i sound old.....and highly medicated ;)

Cant decide if its better to write things whilst they're fresh in your mind or not

So yeah there i was lying in bed about to start my hour of reading that i said i would do today and my friend text me about pizza hut a basic, get up and leave the house.
Now i dont know about you but i dont sit around at home dressed like they seem to do on every television show, i mean come on, whats up with that. So much for realism. So yeah i stayed tucked up in my bed and waited for her to get back to me. Just kinda lay there cause i didnt wanna start reading casue i hate stopping in the middle of a chapter. I was waiting for a text back for a few minutes when in my head i realised the only way im going to get a text back is if i pick up my book and start reading it. Yeah weird thing to cross my mind but its true. Low and behold i pick up my book and my phone buzze ¬_¬ oh irony of life how you slay me.

So i get up and get changed....In record time if you ask me. And i manage to find an alternate route to get to the resturant even though id only ever been there once. Just realised im making the place sound fancy. I went to Pizza Hut.
Well actually first we were in blockbusters. Yeah i know right? Who knew those still existed? Anywho my friend boughht a few DVD's and then we went to eat. Ah my friends will actuially one day kill me with their anicdotes and general way of life. Im pretty sure i nearly sprayed my drink and cake all over them on many an occasion.
Funny thing is taht i like walking here. Especially when im in no rush. just a casual stroll, think its one of those things ive always know but never really said out loud. I mean it should be obvious as i do on occasion wonder round the area and find short cuts or little shops or whatever. Hmm maybe i should do so next week or trhis week considering im only in uni once. Mixed Feelings.
Then we went back to hers and watched a DVD then i came back to the flat.
Sorry for the quick round up. I kinda started writing this post cause i really really really wanna watch the Britney episode of glee, and you know that thing when you deny or prolong something to make it that much sweeter when you get round to it......No? Clearly thats just me then :)

ba ba ba BA.

Monday, 17 January 2011

7. Are you doing what you believe in, or are you settling for what you are doing?

7. Are you doing what you believe in, or are you settling for what you are doing?

Actually right now both.
I believe in media studies. Yeah i know thats not very political or socioactive but what do i know im only a first year uni student. So yeah like i was saying i believe in media but im stuck doing this sucky foundation course that everyone hates, and my friend told me that a few people have already applied to go to other unis cause this place just comepletly put them off the subject and the area. So in a way im settling for what im doing cause i havent really taken advantage of the equipment and gone and started to film my own stuff to build up my portfolio, and im putting off starting my directors book. Lord knows why to be honest. So yeah, thats how im actually doing both. I suppose its partly  not my fault, im not just gonna quit the course cause i dont like it, but im not doing anything away from it taht will make me particularky happy. Hence why i need to start my directors book.

This can count as my meaningful post for the next few days cause i havent really posted anything of substance in a while.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Randomly decided to buy a curling iron today

Though realised if i wanna get rid of the curls properly later....Imma need to buy hair straightners. Yes people i dont and have never owned hair starightners.Sue me?

Ear Medicine

Gives me neck ache
dont be fooled by the smile.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Made this a few months ago

Dunno why it comes out so small :/

Friday, 14 January 2011

What does one do when one feels lonely?

I heard strange noises and realised it was one of my flatmates. Oops, i thought they'd all gone so i've kinda been really loud all day. My bad.
But said flatmate is not alone, for i hear other people whom ask and whom he responds to. I then here the door shut and i go to my window for a little peek.
He's with his famalam. Parents and what i assume is his older brother whom he had mentioned in previous inquisitive conversations (My flatmats cuter than said brother. Just saying) Then its silent. And two things occour to me in the silence, first is that i was playing Hard Eminem really really really loadly while his polite little fam were here and two... This rare feeling of lonliness will pass once i decide what to do next. Its an interesting emotion but im stll glad i dont experience it often enough to allow it to become a regular thing/

Actually ice cream sounds good. Then a movie perhaps. As they say (or i just made up, who knows anymore) The best thing to do in times of lonliness is not to sleep with a prostitute.....Find lonlier people to make oneself feel better. Duh.

Day of Errands and other such trivial things

No class today TGIF :)

But none the less dragged my sorry ass outta bed to head to my doctors appointment at 11:20. I left my flat at 11:17 cause i wanted to be a little early ;)

My favourite Dr whome i like to ask random questions to, and who sits there and looks up my symptons on some site on the internet or in this little book. So while he researches i pull out my latest book and read and we're in this nice comfortable silence, then he wheels over to me in his wheely chair and checks my face or my ear and i hold still and wish i had some space (I have personal space issues) and at the same time cursing myself for being lazy and not spraying myself with perfume, i mean i left the flat with time to spare for goodness sake.

More silence then he explains the random titbits thats wrong with me that day and he tries to remember the name of what he's supposed to prescribe me, and i goad him into just checking it on the internet.
Then i ask him to spell out whats wrong with me and what treatments he's giving me. Like literally spell it out as im writing it down to tell my mother whats wrong (Shes a nurse and like to check they're giving me the right thing) and my sister what theyre giving me (cause she's gonna be a pharmasist so she like to just tell me what the stuffs supposed to do, even though i know cause the good doctor just told me. I let her talk anyways) Then he says that he shall see me in a month, and i tell him that i cant wait.

Went into town to pic up my prescriptions, i was packing the drugs today. I have an ear infection so i got drops (Which can strangeley enough be used in my eyes. Gross) My current face cream didnt work/made my face worse. So i got a new cream and some pills (Eughk Pills) and im getting a blood test next week. Sadly not by the dr by a nurse instead (No offence mother dearest)

As i was buying a bottle of water in Sainsburies i considered just buying a filter as im pretty sure it would be miles cheaper in the long run for my water habits. Then i went to Aldi and bought near enough £20 worth of stuff, psh that place aint so cheap when you need to stock up. Though i did by a large amount of meat related products strangely enough.
Had lunch and watched about 3 episodes of Sex in the City before filling out yet ANOTHER job application form. Now im writing this and tryna decide what time would be best to start making dinner.

Good productive day, tomorrow i will try my hardest not to leave the flat and just do all my work in one day. Hopefully all before 1800 hours. Hmmm we shall see how this one turns out shall we folks

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Apparently a well known phrase

Trust no player
Fear no bitch
Give no pussy
Suck no dick
People play games,
and are full of shit.
Play the role
and be the
Baddest bitch.

Who knew?

Okay so a few things

Only one flatmate left and he's off tomorrow and the chances that i shall even see him tonight are slime to none.
Also went on a chicken bender...Yes i said chicken. Bough 2 lots of bbq chicken wings (16) and 2 garlic and herb thighns. Yum. also bought some garlic bread cause its been a while. Flatmate must thought i was weird cause i came home got out a plate dumped some chicken on it and just ate it...Fork and Knife, no bread no real food surrounding it. Yum chicken.

So other thing.
How i was having a minor heart attack (No big deal it happens all the time) and spoke to my sister, the woman at the apartment place and my mother. And because my mothe and sister are kinda the same...Worriers. Not to be confused with Worriors. What they say seeps into my mind.
The rent was 12 months and we'd have to start paying from July. Im not gonna be in sheffield over the summer and the rent i have on this place doesnt end till July 8th.
I explained the bills to my mum and she said that its a lot especially for 6 people and she pays less than that a month.
Also the two guys we were gonna live with, one id met a few times and the other id never seen met or heard of. But still youd like to be comfortable with the people your living with right? Especially when its by choice and not random accomodation settings.

So yeah i set a mass text to my 3 friends just so that we knew what were were getting into, i wasnt tryna disuade the entire thing but i think they perhaps took it that way. I mean as a student its not easy to just give over a lot of cash without making sure its 100%. One friend agreed and was glad i voiced all that stuff cause she was thinking the same thing. Point.

Anywho i dont think we're gonna live at this place anymore, perhaps its partly my fault but its partly the illustrious 6th guys fault cause his friend couldnt contact him in time. Also whats this about getting the money together in one day the other people ive spoken to had at least a week.

Oivay. Class was decent today as was the chicken bender. Chicken makes the world go round.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

ive just had a heart attack

My friends like the appartment WEST ONE so theyre over there now signing contracts and they want the deposit of £250 today or tomorrow :/

My level of poorness and lack of a steady job is actually upsetting oivay that much will cleanout my account. but hey....who need food right?

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

So today we had class and shock a few people didnt turn up, honestly thought it was gonna just be the 3 of us but then about 4others turned up. My mates ill so i need to send her a review on the days stuff.
Basically we've got this thing to do, i cant really explain it so here read part of the breif.

Assignment brief.

Working individually, choose a media practitioner as a case-study. Choose something that is new to yourself but which you feel will be of interest and of relevance to your work.

You must discuss and agree your choice of case-study with your tutor.

This case-study will form the inspiration, or starting point, for a body of work of your own; this body of work can take the form of moving or still images, e.g. a short film or body of photographic work.

Oivay this course is to vauge it actually aggrevates me. So yeah i gotta have an idea by next week then film in one week then edit in another as well as show it.
Deadline if Thursday 3rd of Feburary which is 3 weeks from this thursday. Did i mention i need to find a job and BLAH!
Also my schedule goes black after that week....I cant be finished already, i mean for one i need to find a house and for two ive got this place till July 8th as well as the fact i paid over £3k to go to uni this year and if im done after 5months then something is seriously wrong. Just Saying

I dont know perhaps im just over complicating things


So my sleeping habits are starting to piss me off

Not the actual act of sleeping itself, just the fact that well i sleep more thean i intend to.
Today was meant to be a 45min semester cause i had nothing better to do and i ended up in bed for 2hours and 20mins. Hmmm.
This happens all the time so i have decided i shall tell this to my doctor on friday when i see him
Heck what if its a rare disease which can mean as i grow older i need more and more sleep until one day i cant get in for work or can only bee up for 4hours a day. Or fall asleep in random places until one day i just dont wake up.
Dont look at me that way the blog does have the word Melodramatic in it.

So yeah Kelsey has given me a smashing idea
1. I need some kind of motivation
2. I need some kinda distraction.

As for motivation imma have to sleep on that one (HA look at me joking in the face of a possible serious condition)
As for distraction i do have my directors plan i need to work on, a shit load of books to read and millions of films in the world that i havent seen. As well as this i recently bought myself paint by numbers, still got a book or two im working on. Also could keep my heater off cause lets face it thats always a good sleep ignighter.

Okay thats enough ranting and raving about sleep....well until i see the good doctor on friday lets just hope i can be up for my appointemnt at 11:20 (Have i overdone it on the sleep jokes already?)
Ignore the whisps of my hair....I have bed head :/

Monday, 10 January 2011

Just when i thought i was having a bad day....

50p each from TJ Hughes, Bargin ^_^

Films watched in 2010, peruse and watch a bunch yourself (200) Though may have accidentally repeated a few

The Spirit
Coyote Ugly
The Duchess
The Game
The Jane Austen Book Club
Another Cinderella Story
The Breakfast Club
Get Smart
One Missed Call
The Princess and the Frog
Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief
Confessions of a Shopaholic
Definatley Maybe
Burn After Reading
Sleepy Hollow
Mystic Pizza
Fools Rush In
Becoming Jane
Barbie and the three musketeers
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
The Hunchback Of Nortre Dame
Underworld: Rise of the Lycra
The Young Victoria
It's A Wonderful Life
In Her Shoes
Bee Movie
The Matrix Reloaded
The Matrix Revolutions
Pride and Prejudice (2005)
Kill Bill Volume 1
Nick and Nora'sInfinte Playlist
West Side Story
Pretty Woman
12 Angry Men
Pride and Prejudice (2003)
Italian Job
Pride and Prejudice (1995)
Hotel for Dogs
What a Girl Wants
The Perfect Catch
The Shining
The Holiday
The Phantom Of The Opera
New York New York
Runaway Bride
The Legend Of Zorro
Bring It On Fight To The Finish
He's Just Not That In To You
The Leauge of Extraordinary Gentlemen
The Hannah Montana Movie
Race To Witch Mountain
Hellboy 2
Secret Window
Notting Hill
Drag Me To Hell
Your So Cupid
Dragonvall Revolution
Kill Bill Volume 2
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
17 Again
12 Rounds
The Bucket List
Sex and the City
Barbie and the Mermaid Tale
Billy Eliot
The Back Up Plan
Shaun Of The Dead
Public Enemies
Yes Man
The Usual Suspects
The Women
Monsters Vs Aliens
Sence and Sensibility
Perfect Stranger
Sunshine Cleaning
Once Upon a Time In Mexico
The Favor
The Butterfly Effect 3
Paper Heart
She's all That
Back To The Future
Back To The Future 2
Back To The Future 3
Dead Happy
Man in the Iron Mask
She's All That
Land of The Lost
Fired Up!
Mansfield Park
Star Trek
Snakes On A Plane
Four Weddings and a Funeral
The Road To El Dorado
Indiana Jones and the Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Space Chimps
Batman and Robin
Batman Forever
Oliver Twist
Xmen Origins: Wolverine
Gangs Of New York
Inglouriuos Bastards
Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Catch Me If You Can
Fight Club
Cool World
Thelma and Louise
Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Being John Malkovich
Bride and Prejudice
The Legend Of The Secret Pass
The Three Musketeers
The Rocky Horro Picture Show
Year One
The Untouchables
The Mexican
The Proposal
Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the Crystal Skull
My Best Friends Wedding
Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen
Team America: World Police
Jersy Girl
The Departed
Lower Learning
The Fast and The Furious
The Fast and Furious
The Pursuit of Happyness
2Fast 2Furious
Bridget Jones's Diary
Bridget Jones; The Edge of Reason
Riding in Cars with Boys
Scary Movie
(500) Days of Summer
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
King Arthur
Jennifer's Body
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1)
The Ugly Truth
GI Joe; Rise of the Cobra
Julie & Julia
Law Abiding Citezen
Couples Retreat
Time Travellers Wife
4 Christmases
Thick As Theives
The Education of Charlie Banks
Risky Business
Interview of a Vampire
The Taking of Phelham 123
Final Fantasy VII
Hot Fuzz
The Fast and The Furious: Tokio Drift
Fantastic Mr Fox
Beauty and the Beast

Saturday, 8 January 2011

6. If happiness was the national currency, what kind of work would make you rich?

Ohh now this is a weird question.

My original answer would have been a Director...Bias much i know, but that would be ounter productive as there as quite a lot of rich people in society and we cant all be directors.

Then i thought to myself, this is what i thought to myself: Imagine a happy person, what are they doing?

Easy i said back to myself.

Florist. I dont know why but florists always seem to be happy in their little shops, making the perfect arrangements and growing the best looking/nicest smelling hybrid flowers.

Well this may not be true so dont take my word on it any tell your parents your dropping out of med school to be a happy little florist and then blame me...Just saying, you never know, it could happen.

Current Song: Rihanna-Whats My Name

Oh i got a new coat

Takes me ages to get a new coat each yeah and it royally pisses off my mother.
"Its not about style its about practicality" she would say, and by say i mean nag
"Yeah but if you don't like it then you'd never wear it" I would say simply and by simply i mean with an air of annoyance.

Well she found that out when we went shopping as she was looking for a new coat cause she didn't really like the one shed bought in the sale for £67.90. I don't know how you'd call that a sale but whatever.
So as she tried on coat upon coat i would quote mercilessly "Its not about style its about practicality"

Any ways my new favourite designer is Henry Holland, and i'm not usually a "Favourite Designer" kinda gal but i got a purple dress with giraffes on them so i guess my decisions been made.


Plus a carrier bag full of hangers

I carried from Chadwell to Sheffield.

A whole week!

But how have you all survived?

So im back in sheffield...Mixed feelings.
For one it was snowing....i wasnt warned
Flatmates arent here, which is of course a good thing, but its kinda depressing when you think that i left after them and im back before them.
Did go over to my mates house and we all congregated and watched sex in the city 2 and ate pizza.
If i tell you all the junk food ive had in this past week alone it would fill you up.

Now theres a party going on upstairs (Thanks for the invite) meaning that getting to sleep will be a rocky process. So this means that i should really do a bit of my essay cause it is due for Tuesday and is 1500words. I have written 100, give a take a few 10's....

I dunno, think i'll take a shower then see how i feel. Sleepy or worky

Saturday, 1 January 2011

5.What is the one thing you’d most like to change about the world?

Hmmm now this is a difficult one.
Asides from the usuals, you know No more war/hunger/cruelty want for world peace/riches/happieness.
Id say that i would like the world to pick one thing and stick to it. I hate when things contradict each other i knwo this doesnt seem to make much sence and its okay cause i tend to have a strange logic towards life as it is so yeah, for example with the rise in petrol prices the fluctuating VAT the rise in school fees and what nots, i suppose its not the world that im trying to change its the government.
I suppose nowadays they do tend to control the world, heck can you imagin that they ban smoking indoors in public places yet the onley place you've leagally allowed to smok indoor is in the house of parliment/commons.
*Cough* In Justice *End Cough*

Current Song: Eminem - Just Loose It

Just Testing

That my future posting mechanism is working

Shall get round to

Blogging up some things
Such as my Film list for this year which i intend to coninure onto next year.
Also i think il put my book list on here too, for some reason if its on a blog i'll remember to add things to it. Strange right?

Ding Dong

Its time for resolutions to be attempts once again.

By bras my size :)
Read at least 6 classical books
Open a savers account
Have a steady job
Half finish my book
Holiday of somesort
Try and make more friends (Eughk)
Find a place to live
Go home more often
Read the entire bible (Why not my parents seem to love it so much and i am now a much wiser individual and if david can buy the satanic bible for interest i can do the same for the original...Right?)
Buy an expensive gift for myself.
Get back into the eating of the cake
Find a gym of some sort or activity to start
A book worthy illustrious affair
Interesting new hobby/club/society
House Party
Start and focus on my director book
Buy more classic DVDs starring people like Judy Garland, Fred Astair etc etc


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