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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

It strange that

I write stuff on a blog. Considering im not the kind of person that tells people things that go on their lives. Well i guess thats something to annalyse for another day and a higher fee.

So what have i done today?
Erm 3 flat viewings. What can i say, for once the phrase 2 out of 3 aint bad would fittingly describe my experience. Couple of that the right word? but im not worried taht we wont find anything, though cant really say why.

Also i seem to be very distracted today, and i cant say why. Not as in i dont know why i actually cant say. Life and death and what not.

So yeah ive got a teeny decision to make, ive already prolonged it so the window and door might be closed but for now im acting like its not. Balls in my court and what not. I'm doing what all great list makers do in tough decision times; make a pro/con list like rory did when she was choosing between harvard and yale, but my situation is way more non fiction than that.

Also my 'Friend' asked me to help him make a music video promo thing (dunno if ive already mentioned this?) and also to make a summary thing for the re-freshers fair thats happening this friday. I guess taht means i should go and get out some equipment tomorrow?

Im feeling a bit strange, maybe i should watch a movie. Havent done that in a week. Shocking really. And i could work on the D book. Or i dunno anything to stop me falling asleep, if my 'Friend' hadnt called me i woulda still been dosing to Eminem.


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  1. i think you feel weird 'cos you've haven't talked to me



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