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Monday, 24 January 2011

This is probably the Sex and the City talking

but no matter how hard we try and say that we're going to blame the guy as well as the girl for the affair. No one ever blames the guy.  Its always the girls fault, or they take most of the blame.
Even when my friend cheated on his girlfriend, i think i gave him a one minute lecture and slapped his head before we just went on with the jammin. The girl on the other hand, though i didnt personally know oh so well or care about her, if ever i was even just being civil with her people would give me a strange look or just go quite like she was a leper. I figured i wasnt directly involved and if i let it go with my friend the guy then why should i treat the stranger any differently?

No im not saying cheating is a okay. Im just saying.

Well me thinks thats enough of the world according to Je7n (The 7 is silent)

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