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Monday, 28 February 2011

Current "Feel" Song

Heard it first on Life Unexpected (R.I.P), then again yesterday on Greys Anatomy. Love it.
Note: A feel song has nothing to do with lyrics or the artist, its just a song you randonly catch a glimpse of and immediatly love or something.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Sebastian de Souza

Is the best thing to happen to this season of skins. To be honest im not really feeling this cast, im not empathising with them or caring about their individual problems, its like they're all whining for no real reason.
Except for Matty.
I love Matty, soon as i saw him all mysterious and homeless and sexy.
Thats all

Im all washed up

Random Rain
£20 to get in to a party that only had an hour and 45mins left
Dead feet.

On the plus side.
I looked hot
Have a new notion for warding off guys at the club
Using my powers of invisibility for personal gain

Thats all for now cheechas

Friday, 25 February 2011

Strange Sensation

I have an unsourced feeling of dread.
I have to say its not pleasant.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Now i personally have not and cannot watch this

But its a good idea, might watch it on mute and just look at the all the films then watch this video.
Good luck  if you dare.

Monday, 21 February 2011

9. To what degree have you actually controlled the course your life has taken?

To what degree have you actually controlled the course your life has taken?

I'd say immensly. I suppose ther are times where you just sit and ride the wave, waiting for the right moment to get off. Yes i realise i am probably mixing metaphors. But the concept is still the same. Erm lemme try and think of an example or two.
Coming to uni in sheffield
Taking driving lessons
Doing the course im doing
I suppose these all seem quite relativly small but in terms of what my parents are like they were pretty big disisions i controlled.
I suppose control also comes from which of two situation you pick.Oivay. I dont even know what im saying anymore.
Okay lets put this in percentage terms.
I would say that out of 100 i have controlled my situation about 76%
Though heres another point. It also depends on your age, obviously when your about 5 years old theres not really alot of your life you have a say in, in most cases. When your 30 then you can literally do what ever the hell you want. Im being extreme but you see my point, i think as time goes on i'll be able to control more and more as its in me nature

Was skyping my sister the other day

and i was doing that whole screen sharing thing and was showing her some of my amature photography stuff, when she inturpts my dialouge to say.
"Hey, whats your background? Is that a My little Pony background? Jesus why am i not surprised." To which my responce was "Hey, yeah its pretty and in my defence they didnt have any decent unicorn ones"
"Oh okay then, that makes sense, carry on..."
I love how she accepts the strangeness at times. So yeah heres my desktop.

Classical Fetish

My flat mates must think im bipolar. One day im blaring pop the next its rock the next its afrobeats and now its classical. I have this widget on my toplap that enables me to listen to this classical music station in America, Portland to be exact and when i first heard them say it i was all :O GASP cause i had just finished watching Life Unexpected and they're based in Portland which i now know is in Oregan which i know i have spelt wrong and i know has something to do with the american indians. Whatevs trevs.

Its been an interesting few days i have to say

Friday i was all ready to have a lesson, this was probably to do with the fact that i hadn't had a lesson since the monday gone. I was all ready with my box that i had found in front of a shop on Sunday night all done up to look like a mini set thingy ma bob for the claymation class.
Teacher doesnt show up so lessons cancelled. The class decides to its time to go down to the pub, i tried to fight my way out of it, saying that i needed to return the box that it would just be in the way. My dear friend Nay said she'd carry it for me so there was no getting out of it. Now i thought we were going to get lunch at the pub.
Next thing i know it's 6:30 and im drunk, we'd been drinking since 2 and playing pool and doing shots. Now this is all well and good except for the fact that my boss was at the pool table next to ours and there was no denying the fact that we knew each other was there but just stealthily avoided the knowledge. I left at 7ish cause i had other plans; Game Night.
Me and my friend are at Opal and there's no body there, so i (drunkenly) call up the dude and start swearing at him down the phone demanding that he comes down and opens the door so we can at least watch the Sky Tv they have in the common room. I also bully him into getting me some chips. Then we play monopoly till about 2:30am and by this point im already getting a hangover.
Saturday morning and i force me and my head up from bed to get ready for work, i tredge downstairs and see snow. I trudge back up the stairs and change my shoes and add a hat to my current ensemble. Now its only with my terrific amazing luuck that the supervisor today happens to be the guy that saw me doing tequila shots at 3 in the afternoon. I walk in and he says
"Jen, hi, thought id get a message from you saying you couldnt make it in today" I being the mature individual that i am just burst out laughing, and he does to. We're laughing at the fact thaht i was drunk so early and the tention of us both avoiding each other last night. Now my job is to call people, and calling means ringing which means dial tone, added to the fact that my head was ringing. I made one call and spent the next 2hours and 50mins doing nothing. Score.
Saturday night and my friends having a house party. Oivay. i head down there and for once i bring a friend, she's always telling me to bring who ever and i never do cause i don think my two sets of friends would mix very well, they're just complete opposites. I suppose that just leaves the tank wide open to what that says about me, but we shall put a lid on that for now. So my friend Nay is always present at some of my most unsober moments so it was only a matter of time before we're all screeching and laughing and smashing and joking and picture taking and seal breaking. McDonalds and
Im home in bed and i wake up again not being able to move my head with a few texts from people i dont rememeber texting telling me that i must be having a good night. Oivay. Now i had every intention of going to chuch today. Okay get those looks of confusion or laughter off youir face, i happen to be a complex individual. As i was saying, i had every intention but my friend didnt ring me so i just slept though my alarm. Most of sunday was spent in bed untill of course i got the text i couldnt ignore from my friend M....Pizza tonight? Now tell me how you can say no to that? An hour later we were ordering chinese and watching a movie....Soroity Row and jamming. Ordered dessert from Pizza Hut and watched some Grey's Anatomy.
Im Home and in bed and not tired, I watch a movie and the next thing i know its 4:00am.
Its 3:30pm and i wake up, 11hours sleep is so ness. I find out i have a 750word essay for thursday, now i know that 750words is nothing but i suppose it would help if i had started my project so i knwo what im supposed to be writting the blessed thing on the first place. Oivay. Had a good skyping with the older sister and now im writing to procrastinate on starting the inevitable essay. Actually thats a lie, im not going to do the essay till tomorrow, tonight im going to bullshit an idea to tell my teacher tomorrow. Fun times all around.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Looky what i bought

Because the advert told me they had new toys :O

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Yesterday i tweeted:

You know your a true #tellyaddict when you shout/complain at the tv and try to warn/encourage the characters. Welcome to my life everybody

Okay so this is only vaugly to do with what im posting about.
Well i guess its completely to do with what im blogging about
1. Television
2. That i am in fact a telly addict. Im not ashamed to say so either. Yes i do curl up in bed and shout at my laptop or say things to the people on it.
Not the point.
I was watching the Vampire Diaries today and Tyler just made me think. Jesus Christ whats wrong with all the newly converted bad guys these days? Always doing it for the wrong reasons.
You live in a town where youve known everyone since as long as you can remember, then one day a group of new people show up and start saying shit about your long time friends and you automatically believe them and just ditch the people who know you and have helped you and youve grown up with without even thinking twice.
Sure there are some unresolved issues to do with the fact that your uncle and dad lied to you and werewolves vs vampires etcetera etcetera but honestly.

Playing Sicky

No matter how old you are is always a must in any job or education related situation. Though i have to say its amazing to thinnk and see that it still makes your heart pound and your palms sweat. You may have the prefect excuse lined up or the best phoney ill voice on demand. Calling or speaking to your employer or teacher makes you jittery enough that soon you begin to feel like you are actually ill.
This is all speaking from first hand experience, but i havent had to play sicky in a long time. There was a girl at work who had friends coming up from London, work is from 6 till 9 but she needed to ditch out at 7:30 so she could shower and get ready blah blah blah. Now personally i could and in fact have gotten off from work at 9 and had plenty of time to get ready before heading out. Though this could be because me and my friends never tend to arrive before 11:30. But getting back on subject. She was telling me how nervous she was and to be perfectly honest i would be too with the lame assed excuse she came up with.
My stomache hurts.
Simple yes and i suppose she was going for that unsaid period pains trauma thing, but there was absolutly no creativity or acting in it. She used her normal voice and didnt even clutch her stomache or wince in pain during the convosation for that added/over the top effect.
As you can tell im sort of an expert. Heck i used to keep a draw of fake notes signed and ready for when ever i needed a day off.
My boss let her go, and to be honest she didnt seem to care too much, i guess what was the point in caring or asking for some kind of varification? My friend wasnt getting paid for the hour and a half she missed so hoo ha.
After a while it gets to that point where you start to realise that the employers and the education officials, or just teachers dont really give a damn as long as they're not loosing out on anything. Teacher already have their education as they like to tell us time and time again, and the employers arent loosing any money cause theyre not paying you anymore once your out of the door.
I suppose i just missed the days of the more creative and outrageous excuses....My dads in hospital....making youre self sweat by sitting near the radiator....The build up and the execution are the perfect set up to the the relief you fill once youve gotten away with it.
My poor box of signed notes that got frayed over the years once i figured i could just hand in the register at the office on a friday afternoon then just skip staright out of the door no questions asked.

Those days are gone

Monday, 14 February 2011

Is this some kind of tom foolery?

I make no promises when i tell you

tomorrow i vow to be more productive.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Lifes a funny thing

Not funny ha ha, just funny hmmmmm.

Basically i accidentally took an evening nap, whichi i know im not meant to do. I fell asleep by 6:40 and was menat to get up againg by 7:20. A good 40min power nap. Exceot for the fact that in my book 40mins isnt really a nap, its more like a long blink. So i ignored the alarm and kept coming into that state of aslessp and awakedness
7:45, 8:25, 8:55, 9:40, 10:10
in the end i just thought fridge it, imma just go to bed, cause i couldnt be bothered to go and make dinner or take a shower so i just turned off the heater and switched tops put out the lights and went to bed. Thinking with the early night i can be up and fresh to take a shower and get some food before work at 10:00am.
Next thing you know im becoming awake and i look at my phone for the time and it 2:10am. This is the time i would usually be packing up the toplap and deciding whether or not to read/get in another episode of Sex and the City. But low and behold its the complete opposite. So after much deliberation, i decided to get myself a yoghurt and a glass of lemonade, start up the get up, the old toplap and perhaps watch an episode of sex and the city before shoving on some socks and reattempting the sleep thing.
Also as i was brushing my teeth i realised the reason that at 18 i get mistaken for 15 is because of the amount of sleep i get. Mking me all smooth-ish and care free like a baby ^_^

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Baically on my course there are people that chose film and media production (like me) photography, animation, film and visual something or the other. But we're all forced to do the same stuff and i get that it must be annoying for the photographer to do film and vice versa but i heard some guy who elected to do film and something or the other say he wasnt turing up on friday because he didnt want to do the photography thing we're currently learning. Now i get not everyone is as open to new experiences like me, but i just thougt that was a bit closed minded and out of order considering the majority of the class are photographers and they turned up for all the film malarky we did and listened to the film talk and whatnot so its only fair that the film dudes do the same right? Who knows he might be all talk and turn up and just complain the whole way though. Great now im confused and cant decide which is worse.
Not turning up and being a closed minded fool (Gotta love how i judge the world according to my own thoughts and beliefs) or turning up and just compling that they dont want to be here and retelling the same non exisistant excuse to why they turned up after annoncing that it would be the last thing they wnated to do. Man life is a complex and vicious circle.

Well i for one am enjoying it and me with my 101 ideas to last a life time have decided to be an amature photographer. Though most of my ideas are in fact all talk i like the idea of this idea so even if i never do it imma keep telling people that im planning to, though i do infact hope to eventually get round to doing so. Heck ive got a whole stores worth of AV equipment at my disposal for the next 3years no questions asked abouit why i need it, why not take advantage?

My new and more affordable drink

Vodka and Orange Juice (Double)

Tumbling to Blogger

Okay that wasnt verey witty or creative.
I was just finishing up my tumblr blog. No its not personal just a school assignment, lord knows what its benifital impact wll be on my directing carrer but 60% is 60%.

So yeah erm havent posted in a while, and im pretty sure i wrote that in my last post before i bombarded you with the low down on my past few days.
Last night we decided to finally have a course night out. Now you all know that im not a people person but my friend N pursuaded me to go. Actually before that even. We heard we were getting a new techer to teach us some photography course lesson thingy ma bobby. I did a double take when i walked it to the room. Perhaps he's not even that tresh and its just because all my lectures so far have been old men with greying hair and glasses and a judgemental old shrew. Yeah that could be the reason why everyone suddenly finds this guy so......breathtaking? In the sense that its a breather for us to not be taught by the same people week after week. Yeah that sound believable, am i right?

So yeah after our lesson which i found enjoyable* we headed over to the pub across from uni (how convieniently located) and had lunch. Beer and a Burger for £3.95. Im not a cash kinda gal so i added a Salad to tip it over and make my meal £5.20 i paid the 20p separatley which the bar tender thought was hilarious......... Someone needs to get out more, but as evey girl would, i laughed along cayse he was pretty darn cute and cute people have that luxery of never laughing alone.
Anyways where was i?
Yeah i dont like beer so i just sipped it when was absolutly necessary, i.e. when i chocked on a chip. Yeah so we've never really had a course night out cause our class is mue grande and is split into 3 classes. So instead of attampting a course night which failed a mass amount of time, we had a class night. We planned to go home and change and regroup to go to Babylon which is free on a wednesday and is a strictly 90's bar. Them lot wanted to pre drink but i didnt and said i had plans and id meet them a the club or whereever. I went home and met up with my bed as planned and ended up dosing off for about an hour. Its an unhealthy relationship me and bed have but we're working on it. I didnt inted to get ready until i got the call that they were there and waiting, though everytime my phone vibrated i had a mini heart attack. People issues, something i should try harder to wrok on.
I got the call and i decided to go on out anyways to help with the people thing as well as the fact that we'd never really had a course night out before.
Started off at a bar then went to babylon for a bit before ending up at Embrace where lo and behold THE FLOORS HAD BEEN CLEANED. Trust me that needed capitals, if i wore flats to that place my feet were litterally glued in position.
Yeah good night. I know it seems like im ending this post a bit prematurely after such a heavy build up. But theres no point cause i dont really rememeber what happened in anything more than hazy detailing.

What i had to drink: 2 double vodka and orange juice, 2shots, 1 jagerbomb, 1vodka and coke, 2 Blue VKs Was super nice this guy on the course boughth us drinks all night think i only bought 1 myself, felt bad cause i did have cash money to pay but he kept insisting and its get to a point where you dont wanna force it cause it seems rude.
All in all even though it was only 6 of us that turned up and 5 of us at the very end it was a well good night. Much Needed.

p.s this post is a bit all over the place in terms of chronology and just the way im typing it, i really cant be asked to go over and recifty anything so enjoy the headache motherfukers :)

Monday, 7 February 2011

(and Vampire Diaries)

Oivay, its a good thing im on a foundation course or else id be failing with the amount of tv i need to watch :)

(and Gossip Girl)

which is now back, i never know when it comes back i just find out from a friend or word of mouth. Luckily im only an episode behind

I havent posed anything meaningful in a while

So imma just summarise my past few days

Had my presentation and i think it wen quite well, i think ive already embedded my final product. but yeah it was weird i made a movie trailer, some guy showed a 2second clip of a house exploding and another guy showed a documentary type thing on van gough and the other 6 people did photohraphy. My class confuses me, its like did i do too little or did i do too much? Well i suppose that just my class, theres a total of 3 classes so who know what the other 2 did.

Spent mostly at the doctors as they tried to fully diagnose this next problem, in short the antibiotics im taking have a side effect that i was never told about and now i need more pills to stop the new thing. Vicous cycle, this is why i tend to try and saty away from the GP/Hospital area. Then i think i went over to my friends house. No thats not it, i spent ages at uni making a video for my friend who in the end decided he didnt want it. :| Ah well i shall use the footage for my own benifit. (Mwhahahahahahaha) I found out he didnt want it when i stopped in after poker night, then they all decided that they wanted to go out so we went up to his flat and there was a mass discussion about terrorism, if its real or not. Me being the ignorant person i am decided not to get involved because i didnt know that much about what they were on about. In my defence i did know the basics but i make it a point to only find out more about things im interested in only. No offence. We didnt end up going out friend wanted to watch blue planet on iplayer and mans was tired.

Woke up for work only to discover that the system was down and so we couldnt actually do any work (Result) until they decided to send everyone home. To be fair i dont know what i expected them to do....let me sit there for 3hours twiddling my thumbs and pay me for it. Yeah, not likely. So yeah i went home and took a detour through town where i bought a book for £1.99 RRP £6.99 ah the works is a good shop if they have what your looking for. So yeah came home and changed back into pjs and climbed into bed. Dad called me and i acted awake and managed to sustain a 5min convo with him. Then my friend called me, and i answerded with a polite "I Hate You" and after some talk i said id be over at 3:30. Afterall my doctor said i shouldnt spend the day sleeping away which is what i had fully intended to do that day.
We went sainsburys and bought food then we made food and then i ate food. I seem to only eat properly when made to. Dont get me wrong i can cook i just never have the time or effort to buy or make food. I havent been food shopping in about 2/3weeks. Anyways i wasted my day there and went home to change for some house party that said friend was dj-ing at. II was more like a sardine party though. My god the place was about at big as my room and there was no room to more without some guy taking it a gesture that you wanted to bump and grind with him. Fun wasthe operative word of the party. But music was good (Not being bias even though i chose a few tracks and knew some of the mixes that were coming up) Came home and got into bed for 5:00am.

Church was a big fat no. Slept but some how managed to get up around 2:00pm, lord knows why i was mucho tired. Wasted the day watching half a movie and some sex and the city before i went to watch a comedy show at the city hall. was fun-ny i didnt think it would be cause ive only seen (on youtube) the big american acts like Katt Williams, Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock. But by the end my face hurt from smiling. I love how black guys lauggh, they propper move around like theyre having a spaz attack and stamp the floor and clap and move in a circle at the same time. Now thats comdey :)
Didnt go to the after part, my friends came round so we could order food. Only problem was that at 12:00am on a sunday theres no place open or delivering and we werent feeling dominos. We wandered down to a random chicken shop and got shizz from there. Watched a random movie- Suburban Girl, they left and i for some reason dispite my tiredness, watched an episode of sex and the city before dying on my pillow.

Im up typing this now, and my friends coming over so we can go shopping, for my benifit, i need food. Then my day consists of typing my room, doing some washing and prehaps watching the other half of that movie plus playing catchup with my shoes (90210,Tool Academy, Skins, Hustle) before tonights glee :)

Friday, 4 February 2011

Latest Creation is completed.


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