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Monday, 7 February 2011

I havent posed anything meaningful in a while

So imma just summarise my past few days

Had my presentation and i think it wen quite well, i think ive already embedded my final product. but yeah it was weird i made a movie trailer, some guy showed a 2second clip of a house exploding and another guy showed a documentary type thing on van gough and the other 6 people did photohraphy. My class confuses me, its like did i do too little or did i do too much? Well i suppose that just my class, theres a total of 3 classes so who know what the other 2 did.

Spent mostly at the doctors as they tried to fully diagnose this next problem, in short the antibiotics im taking have a side effect that i was never told about and now i need more pills to stop the new thing. Vicous cycle, this is why i tend to try and saty away from the GP/Hospital area. Then i think i went over to my friends house. No thats not it, i spent ages at uni making a video for my friend who in the end decided he didnt want it. :| Ah well i shall use the footage for my own benifit. (Mwhahahahahahaha) I found out he didnt want it when i stopped in after poker night, then they all decided that they wanted to go out so we went up to his flat and there was a mass discussion about terrorism, if its real or not. Me being the ignorant person i am decided not to get involved because i didnt know that much about what they were on about. In my defence i did know the basics but i make it a point to only find out more about things im interested in only. No offence. We didnt end up going out friend wanted to watch blue planet on iplayer and mans was tired.

Woke up for work only to discover that the system was down and so we couldnt actually do any work (Result) until they decided to send everyone home. To be fair i dont know what i expected them to do....let me sit there for 3hours twiddling my thumbs and pay me for it. Yeah, not likely. So yeah i went home and took a detour through town where i bought a book for £1.99 RRP £6.99 ah the works is a good shop if they have what your looking for. So yeah came home and changed back into pjs and climbed into bed. Dad called me and i acted awake and managed to sustain a 5min convo with him. Then my friend called me, and i answerded with a polite "I Hate You" and after some talk i said id be over at 3:30. Afterall my doctor said i shouldnt spend the day sleeping away which is what i had fully intended to do that day.
We went sainsburys and bought food then we made food and then i ate food. I seem to only eat properly when made to. Dont get me wrong i can cook i just never have the time or effort to buy or make food. I havent been food shopping in about 2/3weeks. Anyways i wasted my day there and went home to change for some house party that said friend was dj-ing at. II was more like a sardine party though. My god the place was about at big as my room and there was no room to more without some guy taking it a gesture that you wanted to bump and grind with him. Fun wasthe operative word of the party. But music was good (Not being bias even though i chose a few tracks and knew some of the mixes that were coming up) Came home and got into bed for 5:00am.

Church was a big fat no. Slept but some how managed to get up around 2:00pm, lord knows why i was mucho tired. Wasted the day watching half a movie and some sex and the city before i went to watch a comedy show at the city hall. was fun-ny i didnt think it would be cause ive only seen (on youtube) the big american acts like Katt Williams, Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock. But by the end my face hurt from smiling. I love how black guys lauggh, they propper move around like theyre having a spaz attack and stamp the floor and clap and move in a circle at the same time. Now thats comdey :)
Didnt go to the after part, my friends came round so we could order food. Only problem was that at 12:00am on a sunday theres no place open or delivering and we werent feeling dominos. We wandered down to a random chicken shop and got shizz from there. Watched a random movie- Suburban Girl, they left and i for some reason dispite my tiredness, watched an episode of sex and the city before dying on my pillow.

Im up typing this now, and my friends coming over so we can go shopping, for my benifit, i need food. Then my day consists of typing my room, doing some washing and prehaps watching the other half of that movie plus playing catchup with my shoes (90210,Tool Academy, Skins, Hustle) before tonights glee :)


  1. can u say s&c for sex and the city
    i keep thinking your having sex



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