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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Tumbling to Blogger

Okay that wasnt verey witty or creative.
I was just finishing up my tumblr blog. No its not personal just a school assignment, lord knows what its benifital impact wll be on my directing carrer but 60% is 60%.

So yeah erm havent posted in a while, and im pretty sure i wrote that in my last post before i bombarded you with the low down on my past few days.
Last night we decided to finally have a course night out. Now you all know that im not a people person but my friend N pursuaded me to go. Actually before that even. We heard we were getting a new techer to teach us some photography course lesson thingy ma bobby. I did a double take when i walked it to the room. Perhaps he's not even that tresh and its just because all my lectures so far have been old men with greying hair and glasses and a judgemental old shrew. Yeah that could be the reason why everyone suddenly finds this guy so......breathtaking? In the sense that its a breather for us to not be taught by the same people week after week. Yeah that sound believable, am i right?

So yeah after our lesson which i found enjoyable* we headed over to the pub across from uni (how convieniently located) and had lunch. Beer and a Burger for £3.95. Im not a cash kinda gal so i added a Salad to tip it over and make my meal £5.20 i paid the 20p separatley which the bar tender thought was hilarious......... Someone needs to get out more, but as evey girl would, i laughed along cayse he was pretty darn cute and cute people have that luxery of never laughing alone.
Anyways where was i?
Yeah i dont like beer so i just sipped it when was absolutly necessary, i.e. when i chocked on a chip. Yeah so we've never really had a course night out cause our class is mue grande and is split into 3 classes. So instead of attampting a course night which failed a mass amount of time, we had a class night. We planned to go home and change and regroup to go to Babylon which is free on a wednesday and is a strictly 90's bar. Them lot wanted to pre drink but i didnt and said i had plans and id meet them a the club or whereever. I went home and met up with my bed as planned and ended up dosing off for about an hour. Its an unhealthy relationship me and bed have but we're working on it. I didnt inted to get ready until i got the call that they were there and waiting, though everytime my phone vibrated i had a mini heart attack. People issues, something i should try harder to wrok on.
I got the call and i decided to go on out anyways to help with the people thing as well as the fact that we'd never really had a course night out before.
Started off at a bar then went to babylon for a bit before ending up at Embrace where lo and behold THE FLOORS HAD BEEN CLEANED. Trust me that needed capitals, if i wore flats to that place my feet were litterally glued in position.
Yeah good night. I know it seems like im ending this post a bit prematurely after such a heavy build up. But theres no point cause i dont really rememeber what happened in anything more than hazy detailing.

What i had to drink: 2 double vodka and orange juice, 2shots, 1 jagerbomb, 1vodka and coke, 2 Blue VKs Was super nice this guy on the course boughth us drinks all night think i only bought 1 myself, felt bad cause i did have cash money to pay but he kept insisting and its get to a point where you dont wanna force it cause it seems rude.
All in all even though it was only 6 of us that turned up and 5 of us at the very end it was a well good night. Much Needed.

p.s this post is a bit all over the place in terms of chronology and just the way im typing it, i really cant be asked to go over and recifty anything so enjoy the headache motherfukers :)

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