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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Yesterday i tweeted:

You know your a true #tellyaddict when you shout/complain at the tv and try to warn/encourage the characters. Welcome to my life everybody

Okay so this is only vaugly to do with what im posting about.
Well i guess its completely to do with what im blogging about
1. Television
2. That i am in fact a telly addict. Im not ashamed to say so either. Yes i do curl up in bed and shout at my laptop or say things to the people on it.
Not the point.
I was watching the Vampire Diaries today and Tyler just made me think. Jesus Christ whats wrong with all the newly converted bad guys these days? Always doing it for the wrong reasons.
You live in a town where youve known everyone since as long as you can remember, then one day a group of new people show up and start saying shit about your long time friends and you automatically believe them and just ditch the people who know you and have helped you and youve grown up with without even thinking twice.
Sure there are some unresolved issues to do with the fact that your uncle and dad lied to you and werewolves vs vampires etcetera etcetera but honestly.

1 comment:

  1. My mum is obsessed with Vampire Diaries
    I can't stand it



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