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Saturday, 26 March 2011

I have infact been meaning to post for some times

But a laziness like mine is an aquired skill.

Cant think what i last posted about but im currently back in the heath, came back cause i had and interview and Buckingham Palace (Insert jokes about jamming with the queen) onThursday and i sadly go back tomorrow afternoon. Ah well its been fun, seeing people and doing things and what not. Plus ive missed my tv like a little bitch baby. Ive been lying in front of it every opportunity i can get. Thats one of the things i miss the most when im away at uni.
Anywhays as well as this after talking to the people i met at the Palace ive started to hunt down summer jobs incase i dont get the palace one. I dont know if i want it or not any more, i mean for one its 9 to 5 every day and ends october 3rd, and i start uni in septemeber and also they said that if you dont complete the contract then they dont provide you with a refrence. Jesus, talk about over the top. Peak.
So yeah thats my summer gone with the wind if i took the job, but then i can just see the amount of p i will have by the end.
Also hunting down the places i can work over the summer is kinda fun theres so much out there within Britain as well as Internationally, and we all know i love to travel...

Hmm well i suppose in less than 10days my summer will have an answer.

Think im gonna instert a post for yesterday with the magic time travelling skills of the blogging world :)

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