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Thursday, 31 March 2011

I must say

That after randomly having the blues yesterday. Im in a super mood today :)
Went to the bank, then ran another errand then went off to my first shift at my new work place.
3 nad a half hours of just sitting there, im an exhibition invigilator. Such a fancy title for such a fuck all job. I even managed to get in a half hour nap on the job....Booya.
Then i dashed home to grab my coat and get supplies from sainsburies before i went and watched a movie
Limitless. Yes i went alone, and i got a few funny looks when i got into the cinema. Whatever trevor. I love my own company, sometimes the onely one who can cheer me up is myself. And i think this was most likly the cause.
Anyways, whilst at work i also managed to finish off writting the plan for my script, all thats left now is to actually film, cast and set locations :/
Then i got home and my flat mate was having predrinks with a shit load of people, and this for once didnt annoy me. I just curled up on the floor and watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Its the film i think i've seen the least out of all of them....except maybe for  the 5th, but we all know why.
So yeah credits are rolling inthe background and i just thought id tweet blog sorry, about my happiness cause they tend to be short lived and appear in random bursts.

Also im thinking i might get on the Lost hype. I know its over, but ive caught up with Greys, and im nearly done with boondocks so why the heck not. Its eaither that or prison break....and im not quite ready to go back to that yet. Such a disappointment.

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  1. ooh you can tick it off your list
    i wanna go cinema on my own
    but in brighton not at home



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