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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Reasons why i hate facebook

Im forced to read idiotic status', pretentious status', Wannabe Guru Status' life story status' and twitter like status'
I know i could actually just delete or hide the people status' that piss me off but i cant. I have a reson but its not one i can put into words let alone try to write.
 This pissed me off. First its a matter of opinion and when someone wrote a reasonable responce to this the writer just joked it off. I dunno, i suppose for all i know there could be some personal reason behind this. In my case if my friend told me about someone and declared their hatred i would declare it too as long as it wasnt a mutual friend or someone i knew and personally liked. If its a stranger then yeah sure why not, there another billion people in the worl i could befriend. Is this just me


  1. I'm not smart enough to comment on whether that's a "smart" thing to do or not
    But it does make you a good friend
    And I know which I'd rather be

  2. i pretty much agree with you
    when you don't know them
    even if u don't necessarily agree with them
    jus' keep it to yaself



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