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Thursday, 31 March 2011

So as i my or may not have mentioned

Im on The Boondocks hype. Just watched an episode and i have to say it was the most well synced scripting i have seen in a while. Now i figure that i could probably found it online, but i didnt want to, so took the liberty of writing down the part. Mainly it was Rileys whole fuck you speach, but i added around it cause i think it helps build up the tention and what not. Baring in mind the link i watched this on blocked out every cuss like fuck, but also shit to for some reason. Man that was annoying.

Alister Rigby: "Allow me to introduce myself, im the bloke your stealing from, the names Alister Rigby, but as far as your concerned im willy fucking wonka and your taking a shit in my fucking chocolate factory."

Henchman: "Easy boss dont get upset"

Aliater Rigby: "When i have to go to the dentist, im upset, when liverpool beats arsenal. Im upset, but when some little shit decides to take over one of the most profitable territories in the country, im beyond fucking upset. Im very fucking upset. So from now on, your under new management. You will work for me, and in return, you'll recieve and allowance."

Riley Freeman: "Allowance?"

Alister Rigby: "Yes, allowance, as in im allowing you to keep 10% and im allowing you to keep drawing breath on this earth. Now, you either get down or you lay down....Whats it gonna be sunshine?"

Riley Freeman: This wasnt no movie, the smart thing to do was say yes get up and leave the room...... But then i thought to myself. what if this was a movie?

Riley Freeman: "Look. Fuck you, fuck the plane you flew in on, fuck them shoes, fuck those socks with the bell on it, fuck your gay ass Marry Poppins accent, fuck them cheap ass cigars, fuck your yuk mouth teeth, fuck your hair piece, fuck your chocolate, fuck Guy Ritchy, fuck Prince William, fuck the Queen. This is America, my president is black and my lambo is blue nigga. Now get the fuck out of my hotel room. And if i see you in the street im slapping the shit outta ya."

Alister Rigby: "I think this ones spent too much time in the cinema, someone teach this cheeky bastard a lesson."

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