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Thursday, 28 April 2011

He is too cute

Hi, I'm Tom Fletcher. You may remember me from such tweets as "I just ate some cereal" or "My cats are amazing"...I'm also in McFLY

Found this because #BecauseOfMcfly is trending in twitter.

S'all im saying :)

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Dont worry i am very much alive

At home for Easter and ive finally gotten my internet back, though its a hollow victory considering ill be back in sheffield in like less than 48 hours. ye bye wireless freedom.
Ah well il do an uber long post or a series of mini ones when i get back. We shall see hows i feel.

Glee was well awesome this week. Loved Santanas song about Sams guppy lips and Mercedes Diva song; Hell to the No. And the song at the very end abouy being a Loser. Lyrics are a funny thing. Yeah well i thought it was well creative and the lyrics were amazing.
Right that's all your getting out of me till i get back.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Sarah's Here

Shes in the bathroom right now
Then we're heading to sainsbury's cause i dont actually have any food :)

More later

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Cause its Boy Meets World

One of my all time favourite shows.
Now that im up to date with Greys Antomy, Boondocks and even Wizards of Waverly Place. Ive decided to go back to my roots of good old fashioned 90's television.
This show is actually a classic, 7seasons of pure laughs and character attachment. nI think its especially effective becuse you stay with the same characters through the entire show. New ones come and go but the core charcters stick with ya to the end.
Plus i love the hair
Cory and his schuster like curls
Shawn and his lush bouncy wazy fluidness
Topanga with her Hermione-like wild main of hair.

Love it.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Just had my first driving lesson

In sheffield that is.
And all i can say is wow. Its so much easier and less complicated than the heath
No bus lanes, no bombarding of signs so you cant even rememeber the speed limit.

I have to admit that i was actually a bit nervous, and thats coming from a person that never feels such emotion. Havent driven a car in about 8 to 10months and its a scary thought especially when you know one wrong collision could kill you.

But yeah. He said i have some speeding issues, and we didnt do any manouvers so we'll just see what he says about that after Easter. Then im just gonna book it so i have one last chance to take the test before summer when i'll be mad busy and my theory runs out.

Right now im just glad to be in my room alone :)

Friday, 8 April 2011

The reality is....

So after weeks of pursuasuion i finally had a lul in my shows and decided to watch an episode of Jersey Shore. Now i have to say out of the range of reality shows i have watched whose sole purpose is to be about nothing....Then this show is definatly one of the okay-ish ones.
I mean as im watching it im getting that irritated feeling in my elbow that i usually get from watching reality shows, so i know that i wouldnt be able to watch all episodes and seasons and what not. But the first episode was good. Plus i love italians and italian related things :)

As i was watching it i came to a realisation as to why i hate reality shows.
Its beause they're about real life people. Forget the fact that some parts are in fact scripted, and it just agrevates me to know that there are people in the world that are just generally that retarded. Thats the only word i could thing of to describe the stupidness that actually goes on n peoples minds.

That girl Angela? Shouting at one of the guys and telling him to shut the fuck up cause its her house two. He says the same thing back and she tells him she doesnt care......Seriously?
That sweetheart or whatever and angela going out and watching the guys like a bunch of pervs even though some dude warned them not to cause it would end badly.
Just generally the girls getting vexed at the guys for bring home whores. So what? Not like there were any rules or like they were disrupting them in any way shape or form.
That girl angela. AGAIN. Getting angry at the whores for no reason when they only came in to ask about the guys then having the nerve to go to the door and yell at them as they walked away even though the girls in the house started it. Clearly shes the tough one, preying on the weak and what not.
I just think that shes just jealous cause shes clearly the ugliest in the house.
That drunken fool snooki...Paranoid, drunken, giver uper. That all i have the energy to say about her.

The guys i didnt bother me, they seemed to have the right idea. So what sweetface and "The Situation" (LOL) were holding hands the night before? Its not the 4thgrade, that didnt make them married.

Jwoww and Vinny are my favourite. They seem like the cute brotyher/sister type. But for all i know they hook up and have GUIDO BABIES.

13. Would you break the law to save a loved one?

Everyone want to seem like a hero so they'd immediatly say yes even if they dont mean it.

I know i have to give an answer, but heres whats going on in my head.
Obvs i love my famalam, they're the key example. But we're not the type of family who go around singing about how there sister is their best friend....How there mother is their lorelai ect. None of which are true in this case.....well at leastv not the mother one.
Well anyway, saying taht its hard to determine how id feell if they were ever in a situation where i'd need to break the law. Just like how i cant imagine myself crying at one of my family memebers funeral. Im not saying it wont happen, i just cant picture me doing it or even having the emotion to burst into uncontrolable crying. Just saying.

So to answer this short question after a paragraph of rambling.
Yes i would break the law....after all why not right?

Whoop Whoop

My sister mailed me the letter that BuckinghamP sent me about confirming my position for a  job this summer.

Okay, so picture this.....

Its 3am and im fast asleep.
My phone goes off and because im a numpty i answer it.

Next thing you know im getting putting on a bra and taking off the tights i have on my head (I sleep with an old pair of tights on my head cause my hair just gets everywhere and i feel like im drowning when im asleep) and letting myfriend in.
He's bored and has a cold.

My life is at times. Well wow to me, i dont know maybe you get this kinda thing happening to you all the time?
So yeah then we just end up jamming and watching comedy shows, i introduced him to the wonders of katt williams and his raggedy ass funny ways. My flat mates must actually hate me.
He was hungry and started quizzing me about what food i had....
Cereal? Erm yeah, but its expired.....and ive got no milk
Bread? Erm yeah but its in the freezer
Pasta? Erm no think i ran out last week
Eggs? Erm no the last two expired the day before.
Yeah i could go on. Eventually i rememebered that i did have something.
I have lettuce..... Do you have mayonnaise?
Yes.... Do you have cheese?
Woah, lets not get ahead of ourselves.

So he made a letuce and mayonnaise and bacon (which i forgot i had cause i onlly bought it this afternoon) with no cheese salad. It was good.

So yeah we watched more comedy shows and ate the random salad and starbursts. Then he left. Like 10mins ago.
Now im in that stage....Is there any point going back to bed?
Its 5:48am and i gotta be up by 9 anyways, and ive got class at 12......

NEWS FLASH: I just yawned.

Maybe i should just go to bed.
No harm no foul right?

im a giver uper

Well at times anyways. So my last project is going knees up and ive just decided to not even bother. Kinda anti climactic in a way right? I've so far passed every other module, thus building up my confidence that i will pass the year and can do the film and media production degree that i always wanted to do.

It's not really anyones fault, i know everyone has their own lives and shit and thats cool, then again one of my friends is just unreliable :) What really pushed it over the edge was when i went to return equipment and i was all, can i just re take it out again for another 4 days? Thinking that i could get it sorted over the weekend. The bitch said no that it wouldnt be fair, but she let me keep it for one extra day....Really just a day? How kind, well done for doing your good deed for the day and its was only 10:30am....Raggedy Bitch.

So yeah this all just lead me to think, Fuck it whats the point imma just drop out next year....least i had the uni experience.

Who knows if my mind will change in a few hours....days...weeks or months. lol actually i dont have weeks or months, my project is due in A month.....and a day.

Yeah. Who knows.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

So im a little pissed off

Im not saving this as a draft, im just posting it like this cause ive got to go get ready for work. But i shall definately post about this when i get back.

Now im not a shy person

And shy isnt really a word that someone would use to describe me, more along the lines of....
Sarcastic, noncalant, unsocial and at times devious but not shy.
What ive realised is that to poeple that dont know me then i come off as shy. What they see as shyness im seeing as; I dont think your conversation is important enough for me to go through the effort of opening my mouth and degnifying you with a responce. plus i have people issues. Ive never been one to hang round with a croud of people. I can have loads of friends...but in small groups, even though they all know each other. Okay this is getting a little complex to explain and its not like you all need to know the ins and outs of how my mind works.
Just the other day i was with a group of 7 including myself and they all know each other really well and were cracking jokes about stuff they did together, or did last year, and all that stuff. Now what am i supposed to say?
"Ha ha ha...yeah i rememeber, its like the time i wasnt even there and didnt even know you guys existed...good times" Dont think that would go down well. So i just laughed at jokes and occasionally put in a comment. Also im a mellow person and dont see the need to talk all the time. In most cases anyways...
So yeah at the end of the night one of the guys was like: Why you all depressed, and why dont you ever speak, oh hi i forgot you were even still here. Thanks.

I was supposed to post this like 2days ago so the steam of the night has gone. I should really just post stuff on the day it happens as apposed to just writing a line and saving it as a draft to continue when im ready.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Dude. Scary Stuff.

Especially cause it looks so serene outside right now. So either this is very wrong or its true what they say about the calm before the storm.

Friday, 1 April 2011

See, what did i tell you about my happiness yesterday?

Rare and shortlived. Now ain't that a bitch?

Also (She continued, finsihing off a rant)

How dare they bombard me? I didnt even reallt get a chance to absorb all the information and the impact of what it would mean.
And quite i few people drop out of uni to do this job full time. I dont wanna be one of those mofos, i like uni....well i think i do.


Im thinking i should call them up in the morning and tell them im not coming in, otherwise i may in fact be tempted to stay, the guy max is just too cool and even though i'll hardly see him he's one of those people you dont wanna deisappoint. Well at least disappoint to their face.

Ive decided to use my pussy card. Yes this is really vulgar but its a term ive just made up.
Being a girl i am allowed to be a pussy, as its usually a term used to describe guys who whimp out. But the term can still be applied to the fairer sex. Thus the pussy card.
I get 1 a month or 3 a year? Havent really worked out the kinks. Allows me to pussy out of situations as is my God given right.
Yeah thats right, im getting all religous with this mother fucker. And what?

I dunno i suppose i could save the pussy card.....

Surreal day in a surreal world where my life is spriralling out of control.

Dramatic but sadly true.
If you follow my tweets then you know i tweeted....

Jesus this is one of the most confusing days of my life, and i was really looking forward to indepthly blogging about it, the only problem is that i've now had 2 convosations about it and im all exhausted so imma just bullet pointedly break it down for you. Ready?

Fast Track Aquisitions second stage interview
This involved following around one of the leader to get an idea of what the position intailed.
Sadly its all commission based, but you can make between £250-£300 a week.
The guy i had, first thing i thought of him was; "Wow, good gracious a real live jerk. I thought those only existed on Television." Honsestly.
Next thing you know im on a train from sheffield unroute to Bolton on Darne or something random
Small and unprovenly rascist town. I got looks whenever someone passed me
Everyone there is clearly obsessed with dogs.
I spent the day sitting outside in the cold and windy day doing studip tasks (how dumb is it that i misspelled stupid?)
I dont even like or want the job and spent the day trying to screw it up
The guy i was with has some power stuggling, egotisical problems
Strangley towards the end he was nice. Maybe be he gets a bonus if i pass.
I passed.
I tried screwing up the questionaire process.
FAIL. The dude took me outside and made me change my answers :(
The next thing you know im infront of the manager
He's well nice and reminded me of one of those people that have an inner passion to do something totally unrealated to the position they're in. He used to be a DJ. That was a year ago. Oy.
Next thing ya know he's asking me when i can start if i got offered the position.
I say tomorrow (Saturday)
He shoves out his hand and tells me he'll see me tomorrow.
I actually wanted to burst into tears. My life is way to hectic at the moment for that malarky!

Now ive got a training day tomorrow and im going to have to find some way to get out of this stupid web of evil i've tangled myself up in.
Yep. If only i had a woman interview me, statistically they dislike me way more than they like me.
Well that being said i had an intervew before this interview with a woman and she gave me the job on the spot, said she didnt see reason i should wait to be separated into the yes/no groups at the end....and said i was amazing.
I really dont know/see this effect i have on people. I realise that im starting to sound quite vain and self absorbed and self-whatever. But the truth is the truth, and all this happenened and i am actually just brilliant. Like i said, i dont see it but i suppose i see things differently cause im on the inside and theyre all on the outside and all they can see is my pretty face. Oy.
Yes my predicament is that severe that im back to using Oyvey.

Dont you wish this was all one big april fools? Yeah, so do i.
*Silently weeps*


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