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Friday, 1 April 2011

Also (She continued, finsihing off a rant)

How dare they bombard me? I didnt even reallt get a chance to absorb all the information and the impact of what it would mean.
And quite i few people drop out of uni to do this job full time. I dont wanna be one of those mofos, i like uni....well i think i do.


Im thinking i should call them up in the morning and tell them im not coming in, otherwise i may in fact be tempted to stay, the guy max is just too cool and even though i'll hardly see him he's one of those people you dont wanna deisappoint. Well at least disappoint to their face.

Ive decided to use my pussy card. Yes this is really vulgar but its a term ive just made up.
Being a girl i am allowed to be a pussy, as its usually a term used to describe guys who whimp out. But the term can still be applied to the fairer sex. Thus the pussy card.
I get 1 a month or 3 a year? Havent really worked out the kinks. Allows me to pussy out of situations as is my God given right.
Yeah thats right, im getting all religous with this mother fucker. And what?

I dunno i suppose i could save the pussy card.....

1 comment:

  1. i want a pussy card
    we shall devise the rules like the objectifying men points when i get to sheffsheff
    via skype :)



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