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Friday, 8 April 2011

im a giver uper

Well at times anyways. So my last project is going knees up and ive just decided to not even bother. Kinda anti climactic in a way right? I've so far passed every other module, thus building up my confidence that i will pass the year and can do the film and media production degree that i always wanted to do.

It's not really anyones fault, i know everyone has their own lives and shit and thats cool, then again one of my friends is just unreliable :) What really pushed it over the edge was when i went to return equipment and i was all, can i just re take it out again for another 4 days? Thinking that i could get it sorted over the weekend. The bitch said no that it wouldnt be fair, but she let me keep it for one extra day....Really just a day? How kind, well done for doing your good deed for the day and its was only 10:30am....Raggedy Bitch.

So yeah this all just lead me to think, Fuck it whats the point imma just drop out next year....least i had the uni experience.

Who knows if my mind will change in a few hours....days...weeks or months. lol actually i dont have weeks or months, my project is due in A month.....and a day.

Yeah. Who knows.

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