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Monday, 11 April 2011

Just had my first driving lesson

In sheffield that is.
And all i can say is wow. Its so much easier and less complicated than the heath
No bus lanes, no bombarding of signs so you cant even rememeber the speed limit.

I have to admit that i was actually a bit nervous, and thats coming from a person that never feels such emotion. Havent driven a car in about 8 to 10months and its a scary thought especially when you know one wrong collision could kill you.

But yeah. He said i have some speeding issues, and we didnt do any manouvers so we'll just see what he says about that after Easter. Then im just gonna book it so i have one last chance to take the test before summer when i'll be mad busy and my theory runs out.

Right now im just glad to be in my room alone :)

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