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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Now im not a shy person

And shy isnt really a word that someone would use to describe me, more along the lines of....
Sarcastic, noncalant, unsocial and at times devious but not shy.
What ive realised is that to poeple that dont know me then i come off as shy. What they see as shyness im seeing as; I dont think your conversation is important enough for me to go through the effort of opening my mouth and degnifying you with a responce. plus i have people issues. Ive never been one to hang round with a croud of people. I can have loads of friends...but in small groups, even though they all know each other. Okay this is getting a little complex to explain and its not like you all need to know the ins and outs of how my mind works.
Just the other day i was with a group of 7 including myself and they all know each other really well and were cracking jokes about stuff they did together, or did last year, and all that stuff. Now what am i supposed to say?
"Ha ha ha...yeah i rememeber, its like the time i wasnt even there and didnt even know you guys existed...good times" Dont think that would go down well. So i just laughed at jokes and occasionally put in a comment. Also im a mellow person and dont see the need to talk all the time. In most cases anyways...
So yeah at the end of the night one of the guys was like: Why you all depressed, and why dont you ever speak, oh hi i forgot you were even still here. Thanks.

I was supposed to post this like 2days ago so the steam of the night has gone. I should really just post stuff on the day it happens as apposed to just writing a line and saving it as a draft to continue when im ready.

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