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Friday, 8 April 2011

Okay, so picture this.....

Its 3am and im fast asleep.
My phone goes off and because im a numpty i answer it.

Next thing you know im getting putting on a bra and taking off the tights i have on my head (I sleep with an old pair of tights on my head cause my hair just gets everywhere and i feel like im drowning when im asleep) and letting myfriend in.
He's bored and has a cold.

My life is at times. Well wow to me, i dont know maybe you get this kinda thing happening to you all the time?
So yeah then we just end up jamming and watching comedy shows, i introduced him to the wonders of katt williams and his raggedy ass funny ways. My flat mates must actually hate me.
He was hungry and started quizzing me about what food i had....
Cereal? Erm yeah, but its expired.....and ive got no milk
Bread? Erm yeah but its in the freezer
Pasta? Erm no think i ran out last week
Eggs? Erm no the last two expired the day before.
Yeah i could go on. Eventually i rememebered that i did have something.
I have lettuce..... Do you have mayonnaise?
Yes.... Do you have cheese?
Woah, lets not get ahead of ourselves.

So he made a letuce and mayonnaise and bacon (which i forgot i had cause i onlly bought it this afternoon) with no cheese salad. It was good.

So yeah we watched more comedy shows and ate the random salad and starbursts. Then he left. Like 10mins ago.
Now im in that stage....Is there any point going back to bed?
Its 5:48am and i gotta be up by 9 anyways, and ive got class at 12......

NEWS FLASH: I just yawned.

Maybe i should just go to bed.
No harm no foul right?

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  1. weird
    is this gonna be happening when i come? lol



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