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Friday, 8 April 2011

The reality is....

So after weeks of pursuasuion i finally had a lul in my shows and decided to watch an episode of Jersey Shore. Now i have to say out of the range of reality shows i have watched whose sole purpose is to be about nothing....Then this show is definatly one of the okay-ish ones.
I mean as im watching it im getting that irritated feeling in my elbow that i usually get from watching reality shows, so i know that i wouldnt be able to watch all episodes and seasons and what not. But the first episode was good. Plus i love italians and italian related things :)

As i was watching it i came to a realisation as to why i hate reality shows.
Its beause they're about real life people. Forget the fact that some parts are in fact scripted, and it just agrevates me to know that there are people in the world that are just generally that retarded. Thats the only word i could thing of to describe the stupidness that actually goes on n peoples minds.

That girl Angela? Shouting at one of the guys and telling him to shut the fuck up cause its her house two. He says the same thing back and she tells him she doesnt care......Seriously?
That sweetheart or whatever and angela going out and watching the guys like a bunch of pervs even though some dude warned them not to cause it would end badly.
Just generally the girls getting vexed at the guys for bring home whores. So what? Not like there were any rules or like they were disrupting them in any way shape or form.
That girl angela. AGAIN. Getting angry at the whores for no reason when they only came in to ask about the guys then having the nerve to go to the door and yell at them as they walked away even though the girls in the house started it. Clearly shes the tough one, preying on the weak and what not.
I just think that shes just jealous cause shes clearly the ugliest in the house.
That drunken fool snooki...Paranoid, drunken, giver uper. That all i have the energy to say about her.

The guys i didnt bother me, they seemed to have the right idea. So what sweetface and "The Situation" (LOL) were holding hands the night before? Its not the 4thgrade, that didnt make them married.

Jwoww and Vinny are my favourite. They seem like the cute brotyher/sister type. But for all i know they hook up and have GUIDO BABIES.

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