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Friday, 1 April 2011

Surreal day in a surreal world where my life is spriralling out of control.

Dramatic but sadly true.
If you follow my tweets then you know i tweeted....

Jesus this is one of the most confusing days of my life, and i was really looking forward to indepthly blogging about it, the only problem is that i've now had 2 convosations about it and im all exhausted so imma just bullet pointedly break it down for you. Ready?

Fast Track Aquisitions second stage interview
This involved following around one of the leader to get an idea of what the position intailed.
Sadly its all commission based, but you can make between £250-£300 a week.
The guy i had, first thing i thought of him was; "Wow, good gracious a real live jerk. I thought those only existed on Television." Honsestly.
Next thing you know im on a train from sheffield unroute to Bolton on Darne or something random
Small and unprovenly rascist town. I got looks whenever someone passed me
Everyone there is clearly obsessed with dogs.
I spent the day sitting outside in the cold and windy day doing studip tasks (how dumb is it that i misspelled stupid?)
I dont even like or want the job and spent the day trying to screw it up
The guy i was with has some power stuggling, egotisical problems
Strangley towards the end he was nice. Maybe be he gets a bonus if i pass.
I passed.
I tried screwing up the questionaire process.
FAIL. The dude took me outside and made me change my answers :(
The next thing you know im infront of the manager
He's well nice and reminded me of one of those people that have an inner passion to do something totally unrealated to the position they're in. He used to be a DJ. That was a year ago. Oy.
Next thing ya know he's asking me when i can start if i got offered the position.
I say tomorrow (Saturday)
He shoves out his hand and tells me he'll see me tomorrow.
I actually wanted to burst into tears. My life is way to hectic at the moment for that malarky!

Now ive got a training day tomorrow and im going to have to find some way to get out of this stupid web of evil i've tangled myself up in.
Yep. If only i had a woman interview me, statistically they dislike me way more than they like me.
Well that being said i had an intervew before this interview with a woman and she gave me the job on the spot, said she didnt see reason i should wait to be separated into the yes/no groups at the end....and said i was amazing.
I really dont know/see this effect i have on people. I realise that im starting to sound quite vain and self absorbed and self-whatever. But the truth is the truth, and all this happenened and i am actually just brilliant. Like i said, i dont see it but i suppose i see things differently cause im on the inside and theyre all on the outside and all they can see is my pretty face. Oy.
Yes my predicament is that severe that im back to using Oyvey.

Dont you wish this was all one big april fools? Yeah, so do i.
*Silently weeps*

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  1. I am slightly confused
    but they sound like jerks
    and obv don't like you unhappy



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