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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Lav It

This is the pic me and younger saw on the side of a bus a few weeks ago whilst we were in the car... We pulled off a simultaneously scream, and im not usally a screamer... Suffice to say, mother wasnt happy, she thought something was wrong.

He is just so adorable.

Love the Got Milk ads.

I would like to thank the academy....

 Its been a while since ive gotten one of these.....

Rules are as follows;

1. Thank the person who gave you this award and link back to them in your post
Dear Sarah Sezza O'Brien, Thank you oh so very berry much for iving me this award. Sorry i know i sound sarcastic but its obvios that im gonna thank the person that gave me this award. But yearh seriously....
Dear Sarah Sezza O'Brien, Thank you oh so very berry much for iving me this award :)

2. Tell us 10 things about yourself
I'll try and think of something new to tell you guys cause i'm pretty sure you'll know em all.
-I love Cake. Cake is on the brain at the moment cause i've decided to buy myself one this afternoon.
-My favourite bands include Fall Out Boy and McFly
-I wish i never left East London.
-I went and fell in love with Amsterdam
-I love travelling but seldom get to do so
-Things dont bother me for long
-I almost always have a job, or have one that im waiting to start
-I dont know where my money goes
-I looove reading but this year feel like i havent had the time or opportunity. The same for movie watching.
-I intend to keep this blog running for ever, cause i do love to write even if no ones reading.

3. Nominate 10 bloggers
Jus' 'Cos
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And Rainbow's do taste like sherbet sticks.
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4. Contact these bloggers and let them know they have received the award
Sorry people i really cant be botherd, and to be honest half the people i would nominate have already recieved one from Sezza.
If ya read my blog then you'll know you've been nominated.

Peace out Homies

Got a secret, can you keep it?

So im think secret should be my middle name. In fact i did convice a group of 11/12 year olds it was once for a few good months. Idiots.

Anyways i was speaking to my friends and asking how long they've been together how they met blah blah blah, all of this brought on by one of them looking at prom pictures from year 11 and 13 and how things changed cause they didnt even talk in year 11 so when they were in the same pictures you'd think Woah what are the odds, you didnt know here that you'd be going to your next prom together. Propper American teenage highschool shit.

Anyways, then an asian thought occoured to me....did their parents know about each other. Unsurprisingly the answer was no.

Now this is a ma-husive secret to keep, they've been going out for 3years. They're sharng a room in student accomodation. Litterally spend all their time together. Its mad. How do you keep something like that a secret for so long? I suppose after a while you just get used to it.

I suppose the reason i wasnt surprised is because my sister has a friend in the same situation. I think the issue there is that the guy my sisters friend is dating is in a lower cast so thats frowned upon or somthing to that effect. Shes already talking about getting married and if her dad says no then she'lol never forgive him, but still marry whoever he tells her to, but constantly be miserable for the rest of her life. And you guys thought i was melodramatic. But yeah i suppose i get it. Well actually i understand the concept of keeping things from people for both their benift and your own happiness, what i dont get is the whole relationship lovey dovey malarky. I say this cause i dont do relationship lovey dovey malarky. Dont think im just being bitter and cynical, ive had the opportunity. It just didnt wash with me.

Peace out homies.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Ha....Like thats ever gonna happen

We somehow got talking about Finding Nemo and reciting the line Dory was trying to remember about P Sherman on Wallaby Street in Sydney.
Then my friend asked what the Sharks name was.
I told him Bruce
He said no.
Then i told him i was sure cause it was the same nickname i gave my media teacher cause he was australian and his last name sounded a bit like shark.
Then like a rabbling fool i also said that that i used it on my blog and started slamming him and got caught and he hated me.
From this my friend heard the word Blog and now wants to follow me...[Post Title]...He doesnt have one so i can hopefully just ignore the whole thing for ever and ever :)

In other news i just got back from eating and jamming at my friends house and i came back to find the flat door open and i heard noises or a person moving about in one of the rooms. This is not the paranoia and lack of sleep. I know theres someone hear for deffo. The only question is how am i supposed to sleep now?

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Changed My Layout

Watcha Think?

It took me

An album and a half to make all them posts, y'all best be appreciative

Right here and right now

Time stamp should say somthing like 4:32am

Its getting light outside and considering i went to bed at like 3 last night and woke up at 6 this after noon i say that its okay that im currently awake. If i had it my way i woulda gone back to bed when i started getting dosey at 10.
I still feel like im not back in reality, had a nice hour and a half chat with the friend and a halfhour one with the fam and now im done. Writing this post was loooong but i knew if i didnt do it soon then the energy and the zeal to do so woulda faded and died.

I have so many shows to catch up on, finished Boy Meets World a few hours ago and im now making my way through the few episodes of How I Met Your Mother episodes they have on 4OD.

Yeah i think im done. Gonna paint my nails this new red colour i bought before i went on my little trek round the world.

I have absolutly no money and tomorrow shall do a bit of job hunting on the internet.

Heres how dusty i currently look and i guessing how il stay looking for the next few days at least...

The long assed journey continues

Like i said, Far from over

Stanstead isnt on the way to London if you didnt know.
I should probably have mentioned that i was planning on going back to Sheffield that day and had booked a 13:00 coach from London Victoria, but we missed the plane so obvs i missed my coach.
I got dropped off at Goodmayes station and the others drove off to get dropped at their respective stops. I bought a bottle of Fanta and put the change on my oyster....I accidentally left my bottle on the conter and they didnt even try and call me back as far as i rememeber.
I had the slowest train to stratford
The longest train to victoria
and The meanest lady at the coach station.

I made it in time to bop the 6:00pm coach but the bitch made me go to some dusty tickets office taht had the dustiest line that insured i missed the 6oclock, also when i finally got to a couunter the only coach available was the 23:40pm. Meaning id get to sheffield at 4:15am. Bummer. I jammed for an hour then went and asked a dude at the office if i could jump on an earlier coach if there were any seats available. He said yes esp cause the 7:00pm coach hadn't left yet....It was 8:00 :/
Then it finally was here around 8:30 and there were 3 of us that wanted to get one....1 was at the wrong coach so she left, the other didnt have a ticket so bought one then and thereand i had to pay £5 to get upgraded :/
As i sat on the coach i realised i could bought a ticket for the 6:00pm coach as it was right there but that rageddy assed chick made me go to the ticket office and buy a ticket then i had to pay an extra £5. I was vex, but i wasnt vex vex if ya get what im saying? I was still kinda mellowed...Lord knows why with all the P i was dropping like no ones business.
So yeah it was long assed ride and i was thirsty and needed to pee, but had a nice hour convo with naz on the coach.....The people tryna sleep musta hated me, espthe dude i was sitting next to (My Bad).
Finally got to sheff at like 23:48 and i was shook id miss the last tram and have to get a taxi in to town. Luckily the last tram was at 00:03 so i got on that. Didnt even stop where i wanted it too kmt, still had to walk 7mins to get home dragging my suitcase and boot.
It was well weird seeing people going for a night out whilst i was dragging a case and coming back from a trip and a long assed day. Like it wasnt real, it was a dream and i could wake up any moment. Yakno?
I stopped off and got me a chicken burger meal then i was finally back.
Forgot my flatmates had all moved out by now.

I finally went to bed at 3 after taking a shower and watching an episode of two of boy meets world and eating half my chicken burger meal.

Dreaming and Dreaming

So its been a long assed fun filled smokey wavy blotchy bike riding kinda week.

Had a 12:00 flight to Amsterdam on Monday. Originally it was Tuesday but we read the flight details wrong and realised last minute....That was lucky.
So yeah to Stanstead Airport we went, which is luckily only 40mins away from where we all live.
So we got there in one piece but we were celebrating abit prematurly, as after that it was just one disaster after the next.

We showed the cab driver the wrong address so we got dropped off at the place we were menat to pick our keys up from tomorrow, cause we had to find another place to stay for the overlooked night.
We walked and walked and got lost and walked. Actually thats a lie.
We walked and walked, then Bolton dashed into the first coffee shop we saw, so naturally we all jammed there for a bit before walking some more.

We finally got to the B&B minus the Breakfast and it was the dodgiest and dustiest and creepiest place. Bolton refused to sleep.
That night we didnt do much cause we were all so exhausted. Instead we used the bathroom as a shed and played truth or dare/drinking games before we all eventually crashed.

Check out was at 10 so we were up and ouut a tad earlier than we wanted to be, Bolton attempted to bribe the owner 5Euroes for us to stay a few hours longer.....FAIL!

We elected to walk back to the key place....none of us being in the mood to pay for a cab, that and check in wasnt till 2 so we had a few hours to spare. Stopped back off at the original coffee shop before hitting the pool tables at the bar across the road. This phase of the journey wasnt so bad.
We got to the keys place (Where we got dumped yesterday) and found out that we needed to have a £300 security deposit incase we trashed anything....Note to self....Read the fine print.
After tryna think of other options in a depressed silent haze. Tao came up with a solution and we were all buzzed again. As predicted, the apartment we were staying at was all the way near...or actually further than where we had stayed the previous night. TAXI!

The apartment was tresh. The most comfortable sofa bed and double bed i have ever laid my tushy on. The first night at the apartment we had a few drinks and explored Red Light. WOW, cool but wow. Then me and naz had some random argument. Actually no i wouldnt call it an argument, more like a drunken shouting match. I was baffed why to be honest, but it all got cleared the next day.

The day that 2 other friends showed up, and thank goodness they did cause we were all just bare lazy and didnt do a thing. That night we walked around and explored town.....I think. Yeah actually we did. Then we took a tram back to around where we lived. That night there were 6of us in a place designed for 4. When i dosed off there was one in the bed (Dont even ask why) 3 on the sofa bed (Including me), one lying across 2 chairs and the last in the corner by the front door....On the floor....again please dont even ask.
When i woke up there was 4 in the sofa bed and 2 in the normal one. Oi.
The two new guests helped us get out of our lazy sluggish rut and we went and rented bikes. The other 5 did so the day before whilst i went on a walk so we knew where to go and what to expect. Man it was fun, stopped off at a few coffee places found a shop that sold mushroom, went back to the first coffee shop and played pool across the road. Then we decided to have a bike race back to the apartment. I was behind in the beginning helping out one of my friends with her bike which was acting a bit dodge, but once her bf came over i dashed off. Have to say i made a good comeback, the 2guys didnt even see me coming till i was infront of them...They managed to loose Naz on the way. The other two went to check into their hotel so we made plans to meet up later and had a few more races with the time we had left on our bikes.

We intended to go out to this bar hopping thing....but obvs didnt make it. Carnt actually remember what we didn instead..............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................Oh that was it, we went red light and tried to find one of my friends a girl to get with for jokes. Whilst we were searching we saw these group of guys in orange and one of them broke up from the group, went up to the dorr of one of the girls and just walked in with such confidence, we were all just gobsmacked. We waited it out until he came out. Man did he look like he'd been taken for a ride.
With new found determination we strived to find our friend a girl, and man did we see some crazy, wild, dusty, old, chunky, untresh and hawt girls. But in the end he didnt get with any of them.
We all went our separate ways and agreed to meet up by 7:30 the next day for our 9:30 flight...HA

The next day we were up at 8. The apartment was a wreck and there was no way in hell we were gonna make our flight. The other two go there and we called a cab...After 15mins we were all standing outside tryna flag one down. Okay thats aline, 2 of us were but the other 4 just seemed so jam, despite the fact that every second we just stood there we were another second closer to missing our flight. We didnt seem to care. Though this was a strange sensation it was quite a relieving one, you know...not to be stressed ou, even when you should be. Eventually we called back the cab company and it turned out we gave them the wrong address. Whoops.
Obvs we missed our flight and had to book another one 60Euros each....Like we all hadnt spent enough already (Well some of us)
We got back in one piece, but my journey was far from over...

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Let the blogathon begin...

Tomorrow :)

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Just popping in to say hello

So as we know im away from my laptop for a while so i wont actually be able to post anything substatial until next week Friday or satursday. So just wanted to say that i have an awesome week at Brighton. Id do a proper post but i did one on my phone cause i got bare happs that it was working, used up the ful 999 characters and everything so the enthusiasm and the impecable vocabulab i used got deleted. So Yeah thats all im saying.

Logging out of my dads laptop now. Si onara till next time peeps

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Its my one thousandth post

Id like to thank the academy.....
Gots scared for a second cause i logged on and it said i had 1001 posts and i got vex casue i was looking forward to reaching 1000. But tis a misunderstanding, blogger FINALLY returned the posts they randomly deleted to me and it came up in drafts and....anyways i know you dont wanna hear all this malarky so imma just carry on

So hi my names Jen and im in Brighton
Hi Jen

I came to brighton yesterday to see my older sister and Sarah, you all know sarah. It took 6 and a half hours worth of coach riding but it was cheap so i cant complain....well i can i just shouldnt.

So erm yesterday we had fish and chips. I say fish but really it was a battered sausage :) then we went clubbing, the club werent great they only played a few good songs includin "EVERYDAY IM SHUFFLING" and me and sezz randomly shuffled, came from know where but mans be delighted. Also speaking of Gangsta we were talking to these hoodrats from croyden and we were tryna prove our ghettoness init ;)
Also i meant he infamous Carl Francis and sezza thought the world might explode when we met. It didnt. BUT we came to the conclusion that a Jen Francis somewhere in the world dropped dead. R.I.P Jen Francis...Rather you than me.
Then we came back and i watched an episode of BMW before i went to bed, and got woken up by the infernal children sezzas always going on about. Yeah then i trekked up a ma-husive hill or two to get to my sisters.
Basically shes got an exam tomorrow but she still said we could do something LIAR! and when i told her i was just gonna go out for a bit she said no, i was like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!so i was upset and did the whole tearing up thing to try and guilt her into going out.
YES I KNOW IM A HORRIBLE HUMAN BEING! BUT in my defence i have every right to keep asking and she has every right to say no (Which she did) and so by excercising our rights were we not just being human?
Its saying stuff like that that makes my parents tell me i shoulda been a lawyer....shoulda coulda woulda dudes. Anyways i took a nap and she bought me chinese food and im jammin on her laptop while she has a little snooooze.
Im actually quite proud that she said no. Im not saying im a bully but im very persuasive and add that to the fact that my sister easily feels guilty and doesnt like to disappoint people and you can kinda see how our relationship works.
I read or think back on what im saying and i know that i sound really spoilt and brattish but im neither spoilt nor a brat, though sometimes i choose to act that way....Brattish. Not spoilt.

Okay im done and happy Thousandth Post to me :)

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

My suitcase is shut

But not for long as im pretty sure there'll be a dozen last minute additions.
As for now i need to leave in two hours cause my coach is in 3 Then im on coaches till approximatly 7:30pm Wow thats a long time. But alas cheap is cheap and considering getting to brighton is only costing me £5.50 i cant reall complain....and £1 of that is a booking fee ^_^

Okay off to do some things and hopefully get in a few episodes of my various shows before i hit the road Jack.

Sunday, 15 May 2011


Quote: Boy Meets World

Topic....What's your soap opera name?

Rachel: You take your middle name and put it with the street you live on.

Jack: And that's your soap opera name?

Rachel: Yeah. Mine is Kimberly Beaumont.

Shawn: My name is Patrick Trailer Park.

Angela: Mine is Shanaynay Martin Luther King Boulevard...
Angela:  I gotta get some black friends.
Im gonna give my undesided child the blackest name just for the jokes and stereotype....and just cause i can. Or my prospective puppy.
See how indecisive and foggy i am about the future. Oy

Ive worked out that most of my problems can be related to episodes of Recess

Granted not all of them, if only for the reason that im not 10.

But for example i was trying to explain to my younger sister about the guy in my class who doesnt like me for no reason whatsoever. So i says to her...this is what i says to her
"Its like that episode of recess....Everyone loves TJ. Im TJ and he's Gordy"

So now im trying to simplify my problems or issues into explainable episodes of Recess. Though granted not everyone has seen them, or seen them as often and periodically as i have. Heck i can tell you the title/the episode synopsis without even looking at the screen and in some cases just by the opening bars of the first scene. True Story

Wheres you head at?

So im currently in the middle of watching The Mentalist and i went to do the washing up and whilst at the sink my my wonders and i dont know how it got to the topic but i think i would be better suited for College in America than University in England.

Ah i think i was thinking about Boy Meets World.

Anyways, i think  it would be better for me as theres alot more flexibility in terms of what you learn/study and i personally prefer the flexibility. Stop me if im wrong cause i only know what ive learnt from my 19years of watch american TV but you can major and minor in two complete different topics, and pick up modules that arent directly related to your topic of interest. I like learning new skills and university in england is good but its just one direct path unless your doing a joint honours, but even then its like paralell roads.

Yeah so i would have liked to go to College in America and to have done the SAT's Actually my cousin went to school in America for a year....Hmm i should be having words with her.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

In My Bag

Re posting this cause it got deleted by blogger :/




Wednesday, 11 May 2011


I do a lot of stuff that i actually dont want to do.
I already know this, and i know i do it for 2 reasons
The first being that i should just do it to get the right age experience if you get what im say....if you dont okay.
Second reason is that i figure its not like im doing anything better, i just lounge around all day and that makes me happy but from time to time i tell myself its not healthy so go out and do things.

From this moment on no more. Ive got all the experience i deem necesarry until my next life cycle, this being when i graduate and get a real job etc etc. So expect me to be more raw than usual.
You can ask me if i wanna go out and in stead of making some excuse i will just tell you "Naa your alright thanks, id rather just lounge around in my jammies eating....But you have fun" Dont take it personally or see it as being mean, its just truth telling.

Sadly ive agreed to a reel of things that i dont really want to do but cant get out of, so though im starting this...what ever you wanna call it....thing. I cant purge myself completely until approximatly the end of May. Then i will be on a clean slate and i shall be happy.

Now its time to put on the rest of my clothes and go out with my course mates (One of the things i cant get out of)

I do enjoy a good self evaluation realisation.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Tell that girl £17.50.

I'll rock her world for £17.50.
No free yard £17.50.
The back of the car £17.50.
Not £15 bring £17.50.
Its going down for £17.50.
35 pound
Half that price
Yeah we're nice, £17.50.

looool I love it

Bass Boy ft Trilla - Etap Riddem

Current song on Replay The video Link, Framinh Hanly - Loillipop (Lil Wayne Cover) I know i saw it on a movie but i cant think which one. Anyways its awesome at least listen to it until the beat drops in the first minute.

The lyric version;


My childhood best friend had a baby. like 2weeks ago. Suffice to say i was shocked. I facebook messaged her congratulations and she told me she tried to tell me, i dont even know how mans coulda missed that one. Ah well. I should make time this summer to go and see her and the kid i suppose. Oi i think its weird cause im alot a bit anti baby. I want one to carry on my legacy but thats the only reason i can think of. Also when i found out i was jealous. Not cause i wanted one (As we've so clearly established) but cause i like change and adventure and paths in life and my mind works a little weirdly, so it was just kinda like, im on this monotonous school path and shes on a baby path which is a lot more spontaneous, and we know i love my spontenuity. Also cause shes like only one month one week and 6 days older than me and i just rememebr us running around in the play ground and me at her house etc etc.

Nostalgic Times.

From time to time i stalk

my old primary school, the website not the actual grounds with nightvision goggles and binoculars
So i was on there last night and i came across this....

She was my year 1 teacher, one of those teachers that you dread having cause you know your not gonna have any fun that year, and its weird she looked EXACTLY the same the last time i saw her 7years+ ago. Dude she must be like a dinosaur if shes been working there since 1978....Thats like 33 years (I did a level math). And its no surprise that some of the parents of the pupils she used to teach, to be fair she might even be teacher their grandkids at the age people have kids down there. Which bring me to another point....

Dislikers Gonna Dislike

Basically you know how you have people that you dont like for no reason? Theres just something off putting about them? I have a few to be honest, obvs your opinion is open to be changed but for the time being you just dont like them. There existance doesnt phase you, your civil if need be but once they're out of your life you wont even remember their name? Well thats what i am to this person. You can just tell, and im not just saying that because of what he said, ive known for a while you can pinpoint how they act in certain situations. Anyways again me not being petty but his was 9mins long and i didnt understand it, actually not even me the whole class didnt really get it LAWL and he raved about two other peices of work that were standard. Good pieces but standard. Whatever Trever. I think i might cpy and paste this and put it in a separate post

Then i arose from the dead

And spent the weekend working on my presentation, work book and evaluation for mondays crit.
A crit is a presentation of your work that you present to your tutors and peers and they mark you and give you feed back.

Okay so here are my final pieces.....Keep reading cause imma type more after them....

.....Theres also a bloopers reel, but they tend to make the people in it laugh more than the audience. Anyways i presented my work and then there was silence (Probs to bask in its awesomness) then a guy went.... "I didnt really understand it" I was litterally like one of those cartoon characters whose jaw just drops. I thought it was a joke, and a mean one at best. Heck thats the worst thing you can say to a film maker. We dont care if you dont like it, obvs peeps dont have the same taste but.....yeeesh. I explained it and he said "Oh" Fuck him and everything he stands for! At least my tutors understood it and the rest of the class.
The second one isnt suppose to make sence cause its just a few shots from my original footage that i thought shouldnt go to waste.

I think ive put off blogging enough

Right hello darling world it is i.

Sorry dunno what that was about, i think i always strat on a little something to just get the ball rolling. So anywho right now its Tuesday and a few random stuff have gone down since i last blogged. Nothing important just events in my life....actuallly yeah those are important. Okay so just checked my last text which was a mildly drunk one but who cares right....

I went Paris that night, no not the country the club in sheffield, i dont usually like it but the bouncer that works there is uber fit. Also ive been a few times before but i didnt clock it was dubstep music. Yes im an idiot. But once my friend told me i was like....Oh that explains alot. Then he told me that if your drunk the music sounds better. Long story short. Nigs was right :)
Back story: This week ive been editing together my movie for my crit on the 9th (Speaking backwards is really weird) and id booked a specific mac for 5:30pm everyday, and usually id be in uni till around 10 when they'd kick me out....
Continuing: Got back to mine about 5am and figured that i didnt want to be at uni from 5 till 10 again and that id stay up and get into uni for 8:00am so i would have my mac and be done by midday.
Now this worked in theory but i didnt get done till like 3 in the afternoon. Whoops.
When i got back i was getting ready to go to bed but then my friend called me and reminded me that i said i would go to an art show some friends of his were putting on. Personally i rememeber saying no such thing.
So no sleep for me... Me my friend and his girlfriend all went and it was actually really decent, then some band played next and they were really good i thought. I cant remeber what we were talking about, probably my friends trip to china and i had an overwhelming urge for chinese food. So off we all went, i paid cause they didnt have any money on them and man that food was good.
I got back to mine and died. The end.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Now is a good time as any

To write a blog post
Its 5a ish and havent slept and im still a teeny bit drucnk, but i wont let that effect my amazing literacy skills.

So i wa on facebook trhe other day as is a natural occourance for my generation and i see a congratulatory post on my friends wall. Being the curious SOAB that i am, i went on her profile to discover that she had a baby.
I suppose that i havent yet mentioned that the persons profile was my childhood best friend, and probably would be still best friend if i hadnt have moved out of the East London, i dont think im in trhe right state of mind to really explain how it effected me. But is uppose the best i can say is that you dont really think about it, or it doesnt really bother/concern you till its somone you know and care about.

So im currentky a little dazed and am re evaluating my life to date. Though i dont know how much evaluating i can do in my currebt state.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Waking up sometimes upsets me

This would be one of those times. I know it sounds really depressing, and dont worry im not depressed or anything. I just like the simplicity of sleep, the bliss, the bubble, the serenity. Well you see where im going. The thing is at times when you open your eyes from all taht peacefullness and the weight of what you need to do that day, or over the next few days or what ever troubles you have in life just comes crashing down on you. Im not saying ive got shit loads of problems, heck im only 19 and its not like i have a job or a fella or exams for that matter. But each to his own i guess. Its like when your 11 and complaining about what a hard day you've had and your parents scoff and tell you that you dont know what a hard day feels like. Well obvs if an 11years old did a 40year olds job they would die and if a 40 year old did an 11year olds job they'd just laugh the whole way through. But yeah im loosing focus which is an aquired skill i posess.

So yeah the main point of this post:

I want to go back to be cause being awake is upsetting me
Each to his own.


Monday, 2 May 2011

I seem to be bent on holding on to the past

Watching and doing things that made me happy when i was younger
For instance, Re watching Boy Meets World, and now searching for the perfect place to watch Beyblade episodes.
Im not saying theres anything wrong with this, its not like im focusing on this more than studies....Mostly cause i dont actually have anything to study. But whatever.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

This is actually going to a really busy month

Lets just hope i can keep up and blog accordingly :)

Happy May the 1st

My Nails are an awesome purple colour and when i bought the colour i didnt realise it would match the colour of my purse to a T.

Just a little bit of random trivial before i post something of substance. So its been a while since i posted anything that actually gave you any information about what what happening in my life. This is mainly because i went home for easter and the wifi suddenly turned on me. Well actually my dad wouldnt give me the new password until about 2days before i came back. Lord knows why.

Anyways Imma try and fill you in based on whats in my diary....The date book kind not the Anne Frank kind

1. Okay so sarah came up to see me and we went to Embrace on the first night, Cinema/ on the second nigt where i also introduced her to the wonders of Cougar Town and She introduced me to Greek. She went home on Friday and i Went back on Saturday. Long assed coach ride where i was sat next to a person....absolute torture considering i have this thing about people...if they're too close...if they're touching me, that kinda thing. ANYWAYS.

2.Monday me and my younger siblings went on a lil trip to the library and to Tesco where we spent 2hours and met up with our cousin.

3. Skip to Tuesday where the Tweeters/Bloggers actually came out of the cyber world and linked up to go to Yasmin and Malas Exhibition in Chelsea. Was actually a really fun day, jamming in the park eating chips plus even though i speak to these people evereyday i havent seen some of them in ages. Particularly Kelsey who i havent seen since year 12 i was buzzed :) This day my older sister came back from Brighton, her who i havent seen in like 4months.  The ganag plus me and Mala cause she was taking the group pic :)

4.Thus the next day we went to Liverpool Street market where i took a picture of a shop that had my friends name on it. I also bought a pair of sunglasses which is hard for me to do cause they need to cover my glasses too.And i bought a pocket watch for £5....Granted When i got on the train i noticed the hands were a bit funny. In my defence it was fine before i bought it, i even got him to change the battery, but sad times for me. Me and younger were meant to go to the cinema today but for some rease Beastly wasnt at the Vue :/5.

5. Thursday i think it was me and younger went on another lil trip. Cant remember what the point of it was to be honest but it was inn th Chadwell Heath Visinity...Actually i think it was to pick up my prescription. Then we ended up finding about 4 different shops that fix watches, out of all of them the only one that could fix my pocket watch was a little man in the corner of the post office. Strange times. Alas my watch was fixed. We also bought stuff to mave a BBQ.

6. Easter Sunday and my mother bought me a turkey the day before. What can i say? Ask and you shall recieve. Man i love turkey, and it helps that i make a damn fine turkey at that. My cousins also came round again that day and they were a bit baffed at the Turkey situation, and even more confuddled when they tasted it and felt the juices flow. What can i say, im an awesome cook.

7. Through out the course of the week i've been fillming or at least attempting to film but came by so many different obstructions along the way but on Monday i was able to get everything out of the way, bar 2 tiny scenes. Wedneday I stopped by to see Bolton who thought i had alteria motives. I didnt....well i didnt at first but what ever :) It was a good jam and he vaugly taught me how to play Poker using the Full Tilt Poker software which i now have downloaded on my laptop :) Also on this wednesday i went on a little wonder round Romford, and i havent been there since about December, and im telling you know it felt bloody weird. So yeah i didnt just go for the fun of it, thats not how i role. Me and sezza were meeting up to watch Scre4m. And im telling you now that film was complete jokes. I probably sound like a psychopath but i found the film hilarious and it was fun guessing what would happen next and being right. I'd think it would get boring or old after a while but nope it does not :)

8. Thursday i departed The coach was late but at least as a nice bonus it was a different and much nicer coach. Came back to the flat to find it empty...obvs Then my friend rang me and the 3 of us went out to Paris (The club not the city) and me and one of my friends spent the night starring at this super tresh bouncer. Whilst my other friend was buzzing over some american basketballers called the Harlem Globetrotters. Man they were shit tall and we know i like em tall. And a few of them were pretty hot....and american. One of them tried to move to me and i wasnt really that interested (My mind being occupied by the bouncer) he was like...Hi ive been watching you all night (Cuase thats not creepy at all) and was like im part of the Harlem Globetrotters. My friend had already told me who they were but i played dumb and acted like i had no clue who they were. LOL like thats your pick up line, seriously? I have to say the accent was smoooth.

9. Day of the Royal Wedding and i was asleep and had a driving lesson so missed the whole thing :) Then jammed with friends from about 11 till 2, where the guys jizzed over Dragonball Z. I never really got into that when i was younger. Im more of a Beyblade, One piece kinda gal.

10. Had work at the Football Stadium. I was acting really anti social and didnt talk to anyone but this old lady who was in the kitchen with me and the supervisor in charge. Literally i was worse than usual. Arms folded eyes looking at the celing or at the ground, and my back always turned from the group. There was a point where they all moved round to where i was facing and i literally did a 180. I actually give myself jokes. But to be honest this was the last match of the season apparently and i always get moved around so it's very un likely that i would ever see them again. And even if i did i honestly wouldnt rememeber.

11. And this is me now writing this


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