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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Dislikers Gonna Dislike

Basically you know how you have people that you dont like for no reason? Theres just something off putting about them? I have a few to be honest, obvs your opinion is open to be changed but for the time being you just dont like them. There existance doesnt phase you, your civil if need be but once they're out of your life you wont even remember their name? Well thats what i am to this person. You can just tell, and im not just saying that because of what he said, ive known for a while you can pinpoint how they act in certain situations. Anyways again me not being petty but his was 9mins long and i didnt understand it, actually not even me the whole class didnt really get it LAWL and he raved about two other peices of work that were standard. Good pieces but standard. Whatever Trever. I think i might cpy and paste this and put it in a separate post

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