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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Dreaming and Dreaming

So its been a long assed fun filled smokey wavy blotchy bike riding kinda week.

Had a 12:00 flight to Amsterdam on Monday. Originally it was Tuesday but we read the flight details wrong and realised last minute....That was lucky.
So yeah to Stanstead Airport we went, which is luckily only 40mins away from where we all live.
So we got there in one piece but we were celebrating abit prematurly, as after that it was just one disaster after the next.

We showed the cab driver the wrong address so we got dropped off at the place we were menat to pick our keys up from tomorrow, cause we had to find another place to stay for the overlooked night.
We walked and walked and got lost and walked. Actually thats a lie.
We walked and walked, then Bolton dashed into the first coffee shop we saw, so naturally we all jammed there for a bit before walking some more.

We finally got to the B&B minus the Breakfast and it was the dodgiest and dustiest and creepiest place. Bolton refused to sleep.
That night we didnt do much cause we were all so exhausted. Instead we used the bathroom as a shed and played truth or dare/drinking games before we all eventually crashed.

Check out was at 10 so we were up and ouut a tad earlier than we wanted to be, Bolton attempted to bribe the owner 5Euroes for us to stay a few hours longer.....FAIL!

We elected to walk back to the key place....none of us being in the mood to pay for a cab, that and check in wasnt till 2 so we had a few hours to spare. Stopped back off at the original coffee shop before hitting the pool tables at the bar across the road. This phase of the journey wasnt so bad.
We got to the keys place (Where we got dumped yesterday) and found out that we needed to have a £300 security deposit incase we trashed anything....Note to self....Read the fine print.
After tryna think of other options in a depressed silent haze. Tao came up with a solution and we were all buzzed again. As predicted, the apartment we were staying at was all the way near...or actually further than where we had stayed the previous night. TAXI!

The apartment was tresh. The most comfortable sofa bed and double bed i have ever laid my tushy on. The first night at the apartment we had a few drinks and explored Red Light. WOW, cool but wow. Then me and naz had some random argument. Actually no i wouldnt call it an argument, more like a drunken shouting match. I was baffed why to be honest, but it all got cleared the next day.

The day that 2 other friends showed up, and thank goodness they did cause we were all just bare lazy and didnt do a thing. That night we walked around and explored town.....I think. Yeah actually we did. Then we took a tram back to around where we lived. That night there were 6of us in a place designed for 4. When i dosed off there was one in the bed (Dont even ask why) 3 on the sofa bed (Including me), one lying across 2 chairs and the last in the corner by the front door....On the floor....again please dont even ask.
When i woke up there was 4 in the sofa bed and 2 in the normal one. Oi.
The two new guests helped us get out of our lazy sluggish rut and we went and rented bikes. The other 5 did so the day before whilst i went on a walk so we knew where to go and what to expect. Man it was fun, stopped off at a few coffee places found a shop that sold mushroom, went back to the first coffee shop and played pool across the road. Then we decided to have a bike race back to the apartment. I was behind in the beginning helping out one of my friends with her bike which was acting a bit dodge, but once her bf came over i dashed off. Have to say i made a good comeback, the 2guys didnt even see me coming till i was infront of them...They managed to loose Naz on the way. The other two went to check into their hotel so we made plans to meet up later and had a few more races with the time we had left on our bikes.

We intended to go out to this bar hopping thing....but obvs didnt make it. Carnt actually remember what we didn instead..............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................Oh that was it, we went red light and tried to find one of my friends a girl to get with for jokes. Whilst we were searching we saw these group of guys in orange and one of them broke up from the group, went up to the dorr of one of the girls and just walked in with such confidence, we were all just gobsmacked. We waited it out until he came out. Man did he look like he'd been taken for a ride.
With new found determination we strived to find our friend a girl, and man did we see some crazy, wild, dusty, old, chunky, untresh and hawt girls. But in the end he didnt get with any of them.
We all went our separate ways and agreed to meet up by 7:30 the next day for our 9:30 flight...HA

The next day we were up at 8. The apartment was a wreck and there was no way in hell we were gonna make our flight. The other two go there and we called a cab...After 15mins we were all standing outside tryna flag one down. Okay thats aline, 2 of us were but the other 4 just seemed so jam, despite the fact that every second we just stood there we were another second closer to missing our flight. We didnt seem to care. Though this was a strange sensation it was quite a relieving one, you know...not to be stressed ou, even when you should be. Eventually we called back the cab company and it turned out we gave them the wrong address. Whoops.
Obvs we missed our flight and had to book another one 60Euros each....Like we all hadnt spent enough already (Well some of us)
We got back in one piece, but my journey was far from over...

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