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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Got a secret, can you keep it?

So im think secret should be my middle name. In fact i did convice a group of 11/12 year olds it was once for a few good months. Idiots.

Anyways i was speaking to my friends and asking how long they've been together how they met blah blah blah, all of this brought on by one of them looking at prom pictures from year 11 and 13 and how things changed cause they didnt even talk in year 11 so when they were in the same pictures you'd think Woah what are the odds, you didnt know here that you'd be going to your next prom together. Propper American teenage highschool shit.

Anyways, then an asian thought occoured to me....did their parents know about each other. Unsurprisingly the answer was no.

Now this is a ma-husive secret to keep, they've been going out for 3years. They're sharng a room in student accomodation. Litterally spend all their time together. Its mad. How do you keep something like that a secret for so long? I suppose after a while you just get used to it.

I suppose the reason i wasnt surprised is because my sister has a friend in the same situation. I think the issue there is that the guy my sisters friend is dating is in a lower cast so thats frowned upon or somthing to that effect. Shes already talking about getting married and if her dad says no then she'lol never forgive him, but still marry whoever he tells her to, but constantly be miserable for the rest of her life. And you guys thought i was melodramatic. But yeah i suppose i get it. Well actually i understand the concept of keeping things from people for both their benift and your own happiness, what i dont get is the whole relationship lovey dovey malarky. I say this cause i dont do relationship lovey dovey malarky. Dont think im just being bitter and cynical, ive had the opportunity. It just didnt wash with me.

Peace out homies.

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