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Monday, 30 May 2011

Ha....Like thats ever gonna happen

We somehow got talking about Finding Nemo and reciting the line Dory was trying to remember about P Sherman on Wallaby Street in Sydney.
Then my friend asked what the Sharks name was.
I told him Bruce
He said no.
Then i told him i was sure cause it was the same nickname i gave my media teacher cause he was australian and his last name sounded a bit like shark.
Then like a rabbling fool i also said that that i used it on my blog and started slamming him and got caught and he hated me.
From this my friend heard the word Blog and now wants to follow me...[Post Title]...He doesnt have one so i can hopefully just ignore the whole thing for ever and ever :)

In other news i just got back from eating and jamming at my friends house and i came back to find the flat door open and i heard noises or a person moving about in one of the rooms. This is not the paranoia and lack of sleep. I know theres someone hear for deffo. The only question is how am i supposed to sleep now?

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