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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Happy May the 1st

My Nails are an awesome purple colour and when i bought the colour i didnt realise it would match the colour of my purse to a T.

Just a little bit of random trivial before i post something of substance. So its been a while since i posted anything that actually gave you any information about what what happening in my life. This is mainly because i went home for easter and the wifi suddenly turned on me. Well actually my dad wouldnt give me the new password until about 2days before i came back. Lord knows why.

Anyways Imma try and fill you in based on whats in my diary....The date book kind not the Anne Frank kind

1. Okay so sarah came up to see me and we went to Embrace on the first night, Cinema/ on the second nigt where i also introduced her to the wonders of Cougar Town and She introduced me to Greek. She went home on Friday and i Went back on Saturday. Long assed coach ride where i was sat next to a person....absolute torture considering i have this thing about people...if they're too close...if they're touching me, that kinda thing. ANYWAYS.

2.Monday me and my younger siblings went on a lil trip to the library and to Tesco where we spent 2hours and met up with our cousin.

3. Skip to Tuesday where the Tweeters/Bloggers actually came out of the cyber world and linked up to go to Yasmin and Malas Exhibition in Chelsea. Was actually a really fun day, jamming in the park eating chips plus even though i speak to these people evereyday i havent seen some of them in ages. Particularly Kelsey who i havent seen since year 12 i was buzzed :) This day my older sister came back from Brighton, her who i havent seen in like 4months.  The ganag plus me and Mala cause she was taking the group pic :)

4.Thus the next day we went to Liverpool Street market where i took a picture of a shop that had my friends name on it. I also bought a pair of sunglasses which is hard for me to do cause they need to cover my glasses too.And i bought a pocket watch for £5....Granted When i got on the train i noticed the hands were a bit funny. In my defence it was fine before i bought it, i even got him to change the battery, but sad times for me. Me and younger were meant to go to the cinema today but for some rease Beastly wasnt at the Vue :/5.

5. Thursday i think it was me and younger went on another lil trip. Cant remember what the point of it was to be honest but it was inn th Chadwell Heath Visinity...Actually i think it was to pick up my prescription. Then we ended up finding about 4 different shops that fix watches, out of all of them the only one that could fix my pocket watch was a little man in the corner of the post office. Strange times. Alas my watch was fixed. We also bought stuff to mave a BBQ.

6. Easter Sunday and my mother bought me a turkey the day before. What can i say? Ask and you shall recieve. Man i love turkey, and it helps that i make a damn fine turkey at that. My cousins also came round again that day and they were a bit baffed at the Turkey situation, and even more confuddled when they tasted it and felt the juices flow. What can i say, im an awesome cook.

7. Through out the course of the week i've been fillming or at least attempting to film but came by so many different obstructions along the way but on Monday i was able to get everything out of the way, bar 2 tiny scenes. Wedneday I stopped by to see Bolton who thought i had alteria motives. I didnt....well i didnt at first but what ever :) It was a good jam and he vaugly taught me how to play Poker using the Full Tilt Poker software which i now have downloaded on my laptop :) Also on this wednesday i went on a little wonder round Romford, and i havent been there since about December, and im telling you know it felt bloody weird. So yeah i didnt just go for the fun of it, thats not how i role. Me and sezza were meeting up to watch Scre4m. And im telling you now that film was complete jokes. I probably sound like a psychopath but i found the film hilarious and it was fun guessing what would happen next and being right. I'd think it would get boring or old after a while but nope it does not :)

8. Thursday i departed The coach was late but at least as a nice bonus it was a different and much nicer coach. Came back to the flat to find it empty...obvs Then my friend rang me and the 3 of us went out to Paris (The club not the city) and me and one of my friends spent the night starring at this super tresh bouncer. Whilst my other friend was buzzing over some american basketballers called the Harlem Globetrotters. Man they were shit tall and we know i like em tall. And a few of them were pretty hot....and american. One of them tried to move to me and i wasnt really that interested (My mind being occupied by the bouncer) he was like...Hi ive been watching you all night (Cuase thats not creepy at all) and was like im part of the Harlem Globetrotters. My friend had already told me who they were but i played dumb and acted like i had no clue who they were. LOL like thats your pick up line, seriously? I have to say the accent was smoooth.

9. Day of the Royal Wedding and i was asleep and had a driving lesson so missed the whole thing :) Then jammed with friends from about 11 till 2, where the guys jizzed over Dragonball Z. I never really got into that when i was younger. Im more of a Beyblade, One piece kinda gal.

10. Had work at the Football Stadium. I was acting really anti social and didnt talk to anyone but this old lady who was in the kitchen with me and the supervisor in charge. Literally i was worse than usual. Arms folded eyes looking at the celing or at the ground, and my back always turned from the group. There was a point where they all moved round to where i was facing and i literally did a 180. I actually give myself jokes. But to be honest this was the last match of the season apparently and i always get moved around so it's very un likely that i would ever see them again. And even if i did i honestly wouldnt rememeber.

11. And this is me now writing this


  1. I get a special mention! :)

  2. hawt picture with the shades
    really like your dress
    im so excited for you to come brighton :)
    my room so much smaller than yours btw



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