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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

I think ive put off blogging enough

Right hello darling world it is i.

Sorry dunno what that was about, i think i always strat on a little something to just get the ball rolling. So anywho right now its Tuesday and a few random stuff have gone down since i last blogged. Nothing important just events in my life....actuallly yeah those are important. Okay so just checked my last text which was a mildly drunk one but who cares right....

I went Paris that night, no not the country the club in sheffield, i dont usually like it but the bouncer that works there is uber fit. Also ive been a few times before but i didnt clock it was dubstep music. Yes im an idiot. But once my friend told me i was like....Oh that explains alot. Then he told me that if your drunk the music sounds better. Long story short. Nigs was right :)
Back story: This week ive been editing together my movie for my crit on the 9th (Speaking backwards is really weird) and id booked a specific mac for 5:30pm everyday, and usually id be in uni till around 10 when they'd kick me out....
Continuing: Got back to mine about 5am and figured that i didnt want to be at uni from 5 till 10 again and that id stay up and get into uni for 8:00am so i would have my mac and be done by midday.
Now this worked in theory but i didnt get done till like 3 in the afternoon. Whoops.
When i got back i was getting ready to go to bed but then my friend called me and reminded me that i said i would go to an art show some friends of his were putting on. Personally i rememeber saying no such thing.
So no sleep for me... Me my friend and his girlfriend all went and it was actually really decent, then some band played next and they were really good i thought. I cant remeber what we were talking about, probably my friends trip to china and i had an overwhelming urge for chinese food. So off we all went, i paid cause they didnt have any money on them and man that food was good.
I got back to mine and died. The end.

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