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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Its my one thousandth post

Id like to thank the academy.....
Gots scared for a second cause i logged on and it said i had 1001 posts and i got vex casue i was looking forward to reaching 1000. But tis a misunderstanding, blogger FINALLY returned the posts they randomly deleted to me and it came up in drafts and....anyways i know you dont wanna hear all this malarky so imma just carry on

So hi my names Jen and im in Brighton
Hi Jen

I came to brighton yesterday to see my older sister and Sarah, you all know sarah. It took 6 and a half hours worth of coach riding but it was cheap so i cant complain....well i can i just shouldnt.

So erm yesterday we had fish and chips. I say fish but really it was a battered sausage :) then we went clubbing, the club werent great they only played a few good songs includin "EVERYDAY IM SHUFFLING" and me and sezz randomly shuffled, came from know where but mans be delighted. Also speaking of Gangsta we were talking to these hoodrats from croyden and we were tryna prove our ghettoness init ;)
Also i meant he infamous Carl Francis and sezza thought the world might explode when we met. It didnt. BUT we came to the conclusion that a Jen Francis somewhere in the world dropped dead. R.I.P Jen Francis...Rather you than me.
Then we came back and i watched an episode of BMW before i went to bed, and got woken up by the infernal children sezzas always going on about. Yeah then i trekked up a ma-husive hill or two to get to my sisters.
Basically shes got an exam tomorrow but she still said we could do something LIAR! and when i told her i was just gonna go out for a bit she said no, i was like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!so i was upset and did the whole tearing up thing to try and guilt her into going out.
YES I KNOW IM A HORRIBLE HUMAN BEING! BUT in my defence i have every right to keep asking and she has every right to say no (Which she did) and so by excercising our rights were we not just being human?
Its saying stuff like that that makes my parents tell me i shoulda been a lawyer....shoulda coulda woulda dudes. Anyways i took a nap and she bought me chinese food and im jammin on her laptop while she has a little snooooze.
Im actually quite proud that she said no. Im not saying im a bully but im very persuasive and add that to the fact that my sister easily feels guilty and doesnt like to disappoint people and you can kinda see how our relationship works.
I read or think back on what im saying and i know that i sound really spoilt and brattish but im neither spoilt nor a brat, though sometimes i choose to act that way....Brattish. Not spoilt.

Okay im done and happy Thousandth Post to me :)

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