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Sunday, 29 May 2011

The long assed journey continues

Like i said, Far from over

Stanstead isnt on the way to London if you didnt know.
I should probably have mentioned that i was planning on going back to Sheffield that day and had booked a 13:00 coach from London Victoria, but we missed the plane so obvs i missed my coach.
I got dropped off at Goodmayes station and the others drove off to get dropped at their respective stops. I bought a bottle of Fanta and put the change on my oyster....I accidentally left my bottle on the conter and they didnt even try and call me back as far as i rememeber.
I had the slowest train to stratford
The longest train to victoria
and The meanest lady at the coach station.

I made it in time to bop the 6:00pm coach but the bitch made me go to some dusty tickets office taht had the dustiest line that insured i missed the 6oclock, also when i finally got to a couunter the only coach available was the 23:40pm. Meaning id get to sheffield at 4:15am. Bummer. I jammed for an hour then went and asked a dude at the office if i could jump on an earlier coach if there were any seats available. He said yes esp cause the 7:00pm coach hadn't left yet....It was 8:00 :/
Then it finally was here around 8:30 and there were 3 of us that wanted to get one....1 was at the wrong coach so she left, the other didnt have a ticket so bought one then and thereand i had to pay £5 to get upgraded :/
As i sat on the coach i realised i could bought a ticket for the 6:00pm coach as it was right there but that rageddy assed chick made me go to the ticket office and buy a ticket then i had to pay an extra £5. I was vex, but i wasnt vex vex if ya get what im saying? I was still kinda mellowed...Lord knows why with all the P i was dropping like no ones business.
So yeah it was long assed ride and i was thirsty and needed to pee, but had a nice hour convo with naz on the coach.....The people tryna sleep musta hated me, espthe dude i was sitting next to (My Bad).
Finally got to sheff at like 23:48 and i was shook id miss the last tram and have to get a taxi in to town. Luckily the last tram was at 00:03 so i got on that. Didnt even stop where i wanted it too kmt, still had to walk 7mins to get home dragging my suitcase and boot.
It was well weird seeing people going for a night out whilst i was dragging a case and coming back from a trip and a long assed day. Like it wasnt real, it was a dream and i could wake up any moment. Yakno?
I stopped off and got me a chicken burger meal then i was finally back.
Forgot my flatmates had all moved out by now.

I finally went to bed at 3 after taking a shower and watching an episode of two of boy meets world and eating half my chicken burger meal.

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