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Friday, 6 May 2011

Now is a good time as any

To write a blog post
Its 5a ish and havent slept and im still a teeny bit drucnk, but i wont let that effect my amazing literacy skills.

So i wa on facebook trhe other day as is a natural occourance for my generation and i see a congratulatory post on my friends wall. Being the curious SOAB that i am, i went on her profile to discover that she had a baby.
I suppose that i havent yet mentioned that the persons profile was my childhood best friend, and probably would be still best friend if i hadnt have moved out of the East London, i dont think im in trhe right state of mind to really explain how it effected me. But is uppose the best i can say is that you dont really think about it, or it doesnt really bother/concern you till its somone you know and care about.

So im currentky a little dazed and am re evaluating my life to date. Though i dont know how much evaluating i can do in my currebt state.

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