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Tuesday, 10 May 2011


My childhood best friend had a baby. like 2weeks ago. Suffice to say i was shocked. I facebook messaged her congratulations and she told me she tried to tell me, i dont even know how mans coulda missed that one. Ah well. I should make time this summer to go and see her and the kid i suppose. Oi i think its weird cause im alot a bit anti baby. I want one to carry on my legacy but thats the only reason i can think of. Also when i found out i was jealous. Not cause i wanted one (As we've so clearly established) but cause i like change and adventure and paths in life and my mind works a little weirdly, so it was just kinda like, im on this monotonous school path and shes on a baby path which is a lot more spontaneous, and we know i love my spontenuity. Also cause shes like only one month one week and 6 days older than me and i just rememebr us running around in the play ground and me at her house etc etc.

Nostalgic Times.

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