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Wednesday, 11 May 2011


I do a lot of stuff that i actually dont want to do.
I already know this, and i know i do it for 2 reasons
The first being that i should just do it to get the right age experience if you get what im say....if you dont okay.
Second reason is that i figure its not like im doing anything better, i just lounge around all day and that makes me happy but from time to time i tell myself its not healthy so go out and do things.

From this moment on no more. Ive got all the experience i deem necesarry until my next life cycle, this being when i graduate and get a real job etc etc. So expect me to be more raw than usual.
You can ask me if i wanna go out and in stead of making some excuse i will just tell you "Naa your alright thanks, id rather just lounge around in my jammies eating....But you have fun" Dont take it personally or see it as being mean, its just truth telling.

Sadly ive agreed to a reel of things that i dont really want to do but cant get out of, so though im starting this...what ever you wanna call it....thing. I cant purge myself completely until approximatly the end of May. Then i will be on a clean slate and i shall be happy.

Now its time to put on the rest of my clothes and go out with my course mates (One of the things i cant get out of)

I do enjoy a good self evaluation realisation.

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