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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Right here and right now

Time stamp should say somthing like 4:32am

Its getting light outside and considering i went to bed at like 3 last night and woke up at 6 this after noon i say that its okay that im currently awake. If i had it my way i woulda gone back to bed when i started getting dosey at 10.
I still feel like im not back in reality, had a nice hour and a half chat with the friend and a halfhour one with the fam and now im done. Writing this post was loooong but i knew if i didnt do it soon then the energy and the zeal to do so woulda faded and died.

I have so many shows to catch up on, finished Boy Meets World a few hours ago and im now making my way through the few episodes of How I Met Your Mother episodes they have on 4OD.

Yeah i think im done. Gonna paint my nails this new red colour i bought before i went on my little trek round the world.

I have absolutly no money and tomorrow shall do a bit of job hunting on the internet.

Heres how dusty i currently look and i guessing how il stay looking for the next few days at least...

1 comment:

  1. unexpected life, why not ... tomorrow is always a surprise ...
    enjoy it!



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