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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Then i arose from the dead

And spent the weekend working on my presentation, work book and evaluation for mondays crit.
A crit is a presentation of your work that you present to your tutors and peers and they mark you and give you feed back.

Okay so here are my final pieces.....Keep reading cause imma type more after them....

.....Theres also a bloopers reel, but they tend to make the people in it laugh more than the audience. Anyways i presented my work and then there was silence (Probs to bask in its awesomness) then a guy went.... "I didnt really understand it" I was litterally like one of those cartoon characters whose jaw just drops. I thought it was a joke, and a mean one at best. Heck thats the worst thing you can say to a film maker. We dont care if you dont like it, obvs peeps dont have the same taste but.....yeeesh. I explained it and he said "Oh" Fuck him and everything he stands for! At least my tutors understood it and the rest of the class.
The second one isnt suppose to make sence cause its just a few shots from my original footage that i thought shouldnt go to waste.

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