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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Waking up sometimes upsets me

This would be one of those times. I know it sounds really depressing, and dont worry im not depressed or anything. I just like the simplicity of sleep, the bliss, the bubble, the serenity. Well you see where im going. The thing is at times when you open your eyes from all taht peacefullness and the weight of what you need to do that day, or over the next few days or what ever troubles you have in life just comes crashing down on you. Im not saying ive got shit loads of problems, heck im only 19 and its not like i have a job or a fella or exams for that matter. But each to his own i guess. Its like when your 11 and complaining about what a hard day you've had and your parents scoff and tell you that you dont know what a hard day feels like. Well obvs if an 11years old did a 40year olds job they would die and if a 40 year old did an 11year olds job they'd just laugh the whole way through. But yeah im loosing focus which is an aquired skill i posess.

So yeah the main point of this post:

I want to go back to be cause being awake is upsetting me
Each to his own.


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