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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Wheres you head at?

So im currently in the middle of watching The Mentalist and i went to do the washing up and whilst at the sink my my wonders and i dont know how it got to the topic but i think i would be better suited for College in America than University in England.

Ah i think i was thinking about Boy Meets World.

Anyways, i think  it would be better for me as theres alot more flexibility in terms of what you learn/study and i personally prefer the flexibility. Stop me if im wrong cause i only know what ive learnt from my 19years of watch american TV but you can major and minor in two complete different topics, and pick up modules that arent directly related to your topic of interest. I like learning new skills and university in england is good but its just one direct path unless your doing a joint honours, but even then its like paralell roads.

Yeah so i would have liked to go to College in America and to have done the SAT's Actually my cousin went to school in America for a year....Hmm i should be having words with her.

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