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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

My Mother Is A Cheapskate

This is all

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Highly Hilarious

You would be so drunk after a season, even a few episodes especially Shawn running his fingers through his locks

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

My friend is not serious

After i told him he just laughed at me then sent me texts that said "Haha You Failed" and its cool cause thy make me laugh.
Basically he's organising the freshers page for next year and from time to time i write stuff so it helps generate interset or whatever, he asked me to so i do, no big deal. But then he did this

I was honestly gobsmacked, like full on couldnt formulate words for a good minute at least. The thing is that it was actually funny so i was laughing once i got past the shock and this is the reason for my Tweet.

All my social networks are linked on the sly. Well its not reall sly cause i advertise my Twitter on my Facebook and my Blog on my Twitter and my Blog pasge has my tweets posted on the side. Only thing is that theres no link TO facebook from anything. Whcih is a good thing cause i still dont like facebook.

Mums the word

So we all know where i'm working this summer right? Well i'm sure i must have mentioned it at some point BEFORE i read/got my contract and it told me i'm not allowed to mention it on any social networking site for both my own safety and as a matter of security.

So from now on imma be referring to work as The Chocolate Factory..TCF..or just The Factory for short.

So induction at The Factory was long winded and we got to much information to read and i told me had to cause there'd be a test during induction, talk about a par on my life. also i had to be at TCF by 8:30am and id barely slept since Tuesday night.. There's nothing really to say it was just how it was, but i dont start my training week for another 3weeks so i don't know what imma do for cash until then, cause girl needs her P.

I think that about brings me up to date?
Sunday i had church then after went to see a family friend who's house got flooded in December due to a pipe burst, so they've been living in a hotel since then and only moved in last week. Was like a house re warming part. The food was peng and much needed.

Hmmmmm Monday is today, well yesterday technically. And i didn't really do anything
Dad woke me up at 10 and told me under his roof no one should be asleep past 9. I actually find this really crewel. Esp cause i had gone to bed at 4 after having a long phone convosation and 6hours isn't sleep. Though to be honest i dont know why i was surprised my dads always like this. Guess i'm just used to going to bed at 4 and waking up the next aftenoon at 3 or whatever. That and the fact that my dad was actually in cause he's usually not. Found out he was on nights this week and my mums on annual leave. Don't think i've even had this happen to me. Just me my mum and my dad. Weird doesn't even begin to describe.

Oooh just rememebred, i watched the MTV Movie Awards Finally, i just fastforward-ed through to the categories and nominations but watche dthe biggining obvs where they show the presentor getting to the movie awards and then he rips out the stars while he's on stage, funniest i can rememeber is probably Selena Gomez and Emma Stone. Als my sis made me watch a few funny bits incluing Rob Pattinson and his speech to Reece Witherspoon.
I'll try and find a video off the tube for ya. He and the other cast are quite funny in real life but i really just cant be bothered to sit and listen.

Right where was i?

Yeah so after i parted ways with my friend i went back and did as much cleaning up as i could before my friend called me and said they were on their way.
In the end they finally got to mine, and from there we went back to theirs, confusing right i know with all the there and their and what other variation of the word you can have, but imma try and be as vauge as possible about this person, per their request that i can only write about them if i keep them neutral.

So neutral and i went casino about 2 and we were quite tipsy...well i was neutral was sloshed when they even got there. So yeah we were putting on American accents and annoying everyone at the BlackJack Table :) We ended up leaving when it got light...maybe around 8am, then we attempted to watch Driving Lessons with Mr Grint, but Neutrral and i ended up falling asleep. I was gonna say the next morning, but really it was a few hours later, then we were back in the casino, with the original objective being to go to the Roller blading rink next door. But it was 2 and they didnt open till 5 so we decided to just wait iit out in the casino, where we ate a nice meal before hitting the Black Jack tables. We left a few hours later when it hit around 5, so we went to re attempt the rollerblading rink.....alas there were too many school kids and lets face it. The lax and lux decour and feel of the casino didnt really put us in the mood to be chilling around a bunch of annoying screaming school peeps. Instead we decided to see a movie. which waas more lax than lux. Insididious First though we hit the courts where i managed to convince some tiny humans that i was american with a broken wrist and that neutral was my sibling.

THEN we headed to the movies. Long story short, it was decent and my friend had heart attacks the entire way through the movie which was fun to watch, me on the other hand? I saw a lot of the jumps coming but even the ones i didnt, i didnt seem to outwardly jump like everyone else around me. Mine just felt like a heart jolt. Same thing as jumping, but the lazy version.

We went back to Neutrals to pick up our stuff before heading to mine. By now its like almost 12 and i had to be up for 8 to take my driving test (which i failed btw, this is the only mention im making about it and i dont really wanna go over it cause for one it doesnt make me pass and for second ive already explained to too many times, i'll just tell  you that it was in the last 5mins and was to do with roundabouts) We just ended up talking each others ears off till about 4am with me on the floor and neutral taking my bed like a G6. Was a weird sleep.
Next day after the epic fail Neutral told me a story that encorporated all my favourite things [Harry Potter, Arthurian Legend, Unicorns, Barny Stinson] that proper cheered me up. Then Neutral helped me pack and we set off for one last lucky streak at the casino. Gamblers doesnt even begin to describe it. Well Neutral more than me any ways. We only stayed for an hour before we went to the coach station, where Neutral held out a white hankerchief and waved me a tearful good bye.....Well thats how i saw it anyhows.

4 hours later iw as back in raining London, a perfect weather to fit my mood. I secretly think that all this rain is myfault cause it started Majorly on Friday, but i do have a vivid and selective imagination

i know i know i know

Its been 8days since ive made a blog post and i really hvae no excuses.
But i have been really super busy with a lot of things.
After i finished being busy i was ju]st really really exhausted.
Plus i only blog when i want to, if i ever try to force a post even when i have something really important to say, then it comes out shitty and half hearted so this is better.

Okay i last posted on the 8th. This means nothing to me cause i didnt know what the date was until i looked at the corner of computer screen so i could work out the whole 8 days thing.

Erm, so last time i checked id just spent day and night with my friend for a whole week, then he left me. I was doing okay and had a few days to myself to chill before my other friend came to spend a few days with me.

In my days of soliditary bliss i did official banky stuff, and random nothings like taking a turn about the city center and buying my Film magazines and buying a few more CDs and buying stuff to start putting my scrapbook together. Yes ive decided to scrapbook, mainly cause i always keep random things for mrmories so i thought id best get to organising befor my mum finds a draw fulla junk and throws it out. Shes crazy like that.
Okaysoyeah then the following day i did some more banky stuff then took a bus to the mall just so i could see a bit more of Sheffs, that and i do miss me random bus journey. Must ride the 50p buses next year.
Whilst at the mall, i did a lil research into PS2 prices, cause i want one, bought a few things in the HNM sale and bought more stuff for the scrapbookage and more CDs and Stephanie Plums Four To Score for 99p. Evidently i came back a happy chick.
Then i think i may or may not have watched a movie
{This week i did watch Cop Out with Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, and that was one funny assed random film that i would totes reccomend.}

The next day....Wednesday my friend was coming down after work but i had some time before hand and managed to try and sort out my room, and bop to the Cinema to see Pirates 4 which i personally though didnt really live up to the standard of the forst 3. I also almost found myself missing Orlando and we know how i currently feel about him.
So yeah thats all there is too it so far i think, me and my friend who i went to see the movie with parted ways and probs wont see each other till September of October depending on random variables

Monday, 13 June 2011

Decisions Decisions

I've been meaning to get one, especially after what happened last term when my actors fell apart and the uni wouldn't let me have equipment twice in a row, then i had to borrow Yasmin's Camera and film everything back in the Heath. Highlighted recently when Sarah was talking about them. Probs wont get one till after the summer...If at all, you know what i'm like. But here my starting point, Argo is always my starting point cause its easiest to compare points about different products and its sorted so efficiently. Once i decide which one i want i then go and search for the cheapest place to buy it. Its a good system. Anyways.
The one on the left is the cheapest and most basic, and the one of the furthest right is the opposite, the most expensive and technical. I don't want either, its all about the three in the middle. but now we have extremities to compare them against.
Ah your smiling now at how great my system is aren't ya?
Lemme know what y'all are thinking.

My Unique Link

Theres this Harry Potter Mosaic thing they're doing, doubt i was one of the first 5000 cause they win an exclusive poster but at least im on it :)

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Its growing

Well i know its not that many but considering i only really started buying books and DVDs last year, i think ive done quite well :)

Saturday, 11 June 2011

So, watcha think?

Im thinking about Subscribing to Total Film and or Enpire in September so until then im just buying them and tryna get a feel of which one i like better. This Months covers.....

I have been meaning to pick up a copy for a while now but three guesses what the giant sign was that i should start this month ^_^

What to do what to do?

I think ive pretty much summed up my week. So now that im finally alon im tryna decide what ive actually got left to do cause im going home on Friday 17th and ive aslo got my driving test on this day :/
So ive got a bunch of stuff to do before then such as....

-Going to the bank,
-Packing up as much of my stuff as possible.
-Going to the cinema, to see Pirates 4
-Organising my stuff for when i come back on the 25th for my stuff
-Seeing my friends
-Going to the works for some CDs and possibly books
-Doctors...But i havent made an appointment
-One of my friends may be coming down again for a day this week. We'll see.
-Practicing for my test.
-Finishing up my shows
-Watching more films.

I know this seems like menial nothing things to do, but dont forget how slowly i move and how everything to me is oh so effortatious.

Currently though im listening to the McFly album i bought from Amazon for 99p :)

Fast Sexy Five

Was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. Im a film student so im allowed to say things like Fast and Furious and Harry Potter are ah-mazing films cause i've seen stuff like 12 Angry Men so im allowed to be utterly pretentious and shove my beliefs in your face to make you agree with me :)
(Well thats well i tell myself even though i know its not entirly true)

Here are a few stills from this sex on film...Film (Sex on film is essentially just Porn but sex on legs just didnt seen right...anyways)

Honestly buzz off all three of these guys. My sister told me Vin Diesel was Gay and it wasnt until i said it to someone else and they were like "Really? You Sure?" That i actually researched it and found out he has a partner and a kid. Just another one of the random nonsencical lies i was told by my older sister. Also i told my friend that if he comes back after the summer looking like Vin Diesel then i'll come back looking like Dwayne Johnson.

Arts and Crafts

My friend has these plastic thick chunky chains with tapes on the end of them Fake tapes, like so....

But then he found a real tape and we put it on the chain but it looked like shit so he had a brain wave and got out his fabric paints and we decorated the tape. The style was my idea :). When it was finished we were both like "Ew...This was YOUR idea."

But then after a while it started to look pretty decent. This is was it looked like on.

It was one of those random things that you just do for no reason..
Wanna tie dye t-shirts this summer hopefullly, lets see how it goes, everytime i think of tie dying though i rememeber this one episode of Seasame Street i watched. My sister said the same thing. Well its not surprise as we watched the same shows and what not when we were 3&5

Because people here love me

My other two friends came back for the night. I know it wasnt just for me but i tell myself otherwise ;)
We went to a chinese resturant where we were being extremly childish with the chopsticks, and the toilet was a really tech sazzy one with buttons that said things like warm and sprits lol, but the buttons didnt work and i would know cause i was pressing the Warm one like there was no tomorrow. There was also i TV in there and a Hello Kitty light effect thing on the celing. Didnt have my phone on me otherwise i woulda taken pics.
Then we went to a couple of Bars on West street which was good cause the people i usually go out with never go to bars and there are some pretty good Cocktail deals and everyones doing this new fishbowl or massive cocktail deal so i know what im drinking when term starts next year ;)

Theyre roughly the size of the one this random guy i found on google has (Left) but ive seen as big as the one on the right. Supposed to be for between 4 and 10 people. I chuckle.

But erm yeah this is a picture of me and Naz and one of Usman cause he never seems to be in pictures...



So its been a few days but i have actually been really busy. Well not busy but just not been at home.

Basically my friends all left on Sunday and the last one was leaving on Monday/Tuesday. After he dropped his girlfriend off at the station we were jamming and i was saying that its weird that i was upset that everyone was leaving cause i didnt get even feel an ounce of sadness when i left Chadwell. So then he asked if i would like him to stay till thursday or friday. Uh, Yauh.
So that was that, and we hung out everyday. I didnt think he was serious when he said to me
"Fine but if we're gonna do this we cant be calling each other up at 10pm to hang out. We'll have breakfast and Dinner together everyday"
Evidently he was dead serious cause he called me every morning at 11 to wake up and asked what i wanted to eat that morning, and i left his everyday around 1am after the movie he fell asleep in the middle of had finished.
We went to the Cinema and watched XMen: First Class as well as Fast Five (Yum) and just jammed, i dont really know what to say the week just flew. I helped him pack. I set off the fire alarm. I watched him play basketball, twice. I dunno. But it was a good lax week. And he let me drive his car so thats always an added bonus ;)
This is one of the only two pictures there are of us.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Just did the blogging cycle

I always read everyones new posts but i'm too lazy to comment so every week or so i do a blogging cycle. Takes ages but its fun.
Love all the people i follow.
Geddit :)

This is my productivity vow

Im apologising ib advance if my spelling is worse than usual, its not me, im on my friends mac and im not used to the keyboard set up if ya get what im saying.

Anyways, me and being productive. Its my last 2weeks in sheffield and im gonna try and do stuff other than lounging in my room all day listening to the sound of my new chinese flatmates laughing and joking.
I havent actually decided what to do to make my last few weeks more productive, and if anything ive been forced into this productivity ting cause all of my shows have finished so its like ive got a lot of stuff to do.

Okay so things i can do include trying to re-start my book...again, going cinema, going to the park to read. Ive got a few paint by numbers i could do. Just little stuff that wont cost a lot.

Okay this blog post is incredibly boring and seems a bit repetitive so imma come back when ive got something better to say.
*Shame Faced*

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Can money buy happiness?

From a first hand experiemce i can honestly say yes.
Yes Money can buy happiness. I know this because i personally spend a lot of money on my own happiness.
This happiness my be short lived or it can be long lasting but when ever i have the blues or have many other kind of random menial problem which occours more often that not. I go out and by myself a little something, or sit at my laptop and browse the world wide web for a small gift to make myself smile.

I realised this today when i decided that i need to start saving more than i usually would cause i dont currently have an income and im not willing to raise my overdraft again considering im leaving in two to three weeks. The only problem was that i had suddenly come down with the blues.
The blues if you dont know, originates from a type of Jazz that was sung in the early 1910 about how the african americans were being opressed.....Either that or its a song, but dont quote me on this, some of the things i say and believe to be true 84% of the time aren't. To me the blues is an unexpected hard to explain why dote of sadness.
The first thing i thought to do was go to tesco or sainsburies and buy myself some wings, or icecream. Then i looked at my bank statement and realised i already went shopping less than a week ago. And that i'd purchased some things from Amazon this week as well. I thought back to why and i rememebered it was cause i was happy at something.

Bugger. So i tried to think of things i could do for free that would make me forget or just get rid of my blues...
I could take a walk
I could watch a movie on my laptop
I could read a book
I could search for jobs
I could go see my friend
I could take a nap
I could put on the radiator for warmth

None of these are really appealing to me at the moment. All i want is to by myself something, but i can't do so without money. Hence we've come full circle. Money can happiness. Well at least for me.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Im not having this convosation

So my friend was drunkenly admiring himself in the lift mirror and i told him to stop being so vain, cause whe nguys do it its weird, then i said, and i quote
"I mean look at me, im so hot that i can't not admire my own reflection, and you might think its hard being this stunning but its really not, its just a natural hot talent"
I make myself laugh, its especially funni cause people usually just assume im joking. Im not. Im actually that vain, this is the running commentary in my brain which just gets louder when i pass a mirror.
Anyways i dont know how the convosation turned in this directing, but i spent the next 30second walk from my friends block to the main gate of the accomodation just saying repeatedly.
Im not having this convosation
Im not having this convosation
Im not having this convosation
Im not having this convosation
Im not having this convosation
Im not having this convosation
Im not having this convosation
Im not having this convosation
Im not having this convosation
Im not having this convosation
He didnt really stop even as i said bye, just said something about me paying him £5. But like i said
Im not having this convosation

Also went Alton Towers today.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Finally got to wear my purple dress with giraffes

It actually fits really well. Makes me look like i have a late 1800's waist. But not so extreme.

Thursday, 2 June 2011


Orange is screwy and didnt update my minutes online so i thought i had at least 100, untill they told me i had 15 and i had just spent the past 50mins chatting with my sister. Brilliant. Now my phone bills gone over by £7. Thats a lot to me esp when you add it on tod of the £25 a month im already dishing out for the stupid thing.

Ive still got a year and 6days left on my contract and i thought to myself if im always paying nearly £30 everymonth then i might as well upgrade my plan. Its one of those things you say to youself cause your angry. Then i got to thinking. Im gonna change my phone. This is how a lot of the drastic actions i take start. Not that changing my phone plan is drastic. Though i suppose to a teenage who does nothing all day, it really is. Peak.
Anyways. I forgot about the whole changing me plan and started looking to upgrade my phone. Heres one that im kinda interested in
Its one of the only decent ones that i can get as part of the free upgrade deal. Aint done any research yet cause i suppose right now its all talk. I gotta go into a shop and chat with someone. Its just a shame that im never up and fully functioning till around 4 and shops close at 5.

You've Got To Pump It Up

So last night...or this morning i guess, after vowing to be more productive, i went to bed, woke up and Finally did the pump it up work out dvd that sezza gave me. Now im not sure if it actually helped i'll let you know how much pain im in tomorrow. But it certainly made you sweat like a pig on a rotissary, like i now understand why they dress the way they do, i mean at first you like, Jesus why would you dress like taht on television especially with all the thrusting you do, but yeah it makes sence. I started off with my workout clothes all normal and covering everything to rolling up my joggers into shorts and hitching my top up so i could breate. But yeah, some of the stuff were harder than others in terms of making you ache and in terms of the fact that i absolutly suck when it comes to choreographed dance steps, so if i couldnt follow along i just did my own thing which mainly involved jumping around my room like a lunatic. I even did the whole dvd which is a big thing for me considering i havent done any form of working out in more than a year. Go Me.

90210 Season Finale

Was actually pretty decent, they didnt over do the dramatics and though i wasnt sure whether or not this would be the last season with this cast, because of the open ended... scripting between certain characters that meant that they would be back yet was closed enough to assure us of what life would be like for them after. Though the last scene confimed that there would be another season.
I never like to check if shows have been renewed for a new season, i prefer guessing after i watch the season finale. Apologies if your the same and ive just ruined it for you.

Anyways its back in September 2011...Well thats the American date, lord know what the UK one will be, and i have to say im glad cause i love the random over the top love to hate but overall loveable storylines, but yeah heres a look at the poster for Season 4.

They made Matt Lnater (Liam) look queer

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Heres an interesting thought

I was having a convosation with a friend about his smoking, and i was tellingf him that i kinda understood why he and other people do smoke.
Then he told me that he wished that he didnt smoke.
I said why, and he said something along the lines of its a hard thing to stop.
Then i asked him why he did it.
Then he told me that if your unemployed and you dont smoke then your nothing.
I was gobsmacked in the sence that i couldnt come up with a viable question or reasoning to what he said.
I even reasoned with him that, that makes no sence as unemployed people shouldnt even be able to afford a packet of smokes. But he just told me that it didnt matter cause they werent that hard to get hold of and can be quite cheap.

I asked him what he meant and he just repeated his answer. I dont think he could really formulate it into simplton words.
My friend has random bursts of open cleverness.

So yeah if you can can come up with an explanation or at least rephrase what he said into simpler terms the that would be greatly appreciated.

If your unemployed and you don't smoke then your nothing.

Peer Pressure

Really doenst effect me.

I know that sounds like one of them statements that you tell yourself to make yourself feel better cause you secretly know that peer pressure is a big influence in the desisions you make in life. And hey, hats off to you, the first step to recovery is admittance (Dont ack me what the other steps are cause im never entirely sure if i make this up) But yeah back to me, obvs :) It doesnt, people call me names in a jokey way naturally to try and get me to do things and it just has no effect.
I only do the stuff cause i had already intended to....and i know that this again sounds like a preteens excuse for starting to smoke, but its true. If anything people calling me names or whatever makes me less enclined to do whatever it is they're jeering about in the first place.

This is just an observation about myself that i noticed recently. I've been having a lot of these recently.
Ha she looks a little like me :)

Also if your thinking this post is about smoking...Its not, smoking is just a good reference as its one of the first things people are pressured into doing.
Stats bitches.

One of my favourie movies

Just finished watching Pride & Prejudice (2005)
Heres a quote from one of my favourite scenes, well its basically one of the end scenes but yeah, mucho loveo

Mr. Darcy
You must know... surely, you must know it was all for you.
You are too generous to trifle with me. I believe you spoke with my aunt last night, and it has taught me to hope as I'd scarcely allowed myself before.
If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes have not changed, but one word from you will silence me forever.
If, however, your feelings have changed, I will have to tell you: you have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on.

Im moving out in 24 days

Sad Times.
I havent even paid the first months rent on the new place yet.
Ah well, thats a bridge to cross when i come to it.
Ive spent way to much time on blogger today. This isnt a complaint, just an observation.

Happy Merry Fantastical June Homies.


If you dont know

Ive changed my blog layout again, im searching for a particular style but i cant quite pinpoint what it is. The blogger advanced layout design it yourself stuff is quite limited and im no HTML genius.
Anywho im not finished working on the sidebar stuff yet, gonna add some personal stuff, ya know address email, house and mobile number, half naked picture, the usje.
Or im gonna add reccomendations like TV Shows, best pick of the films i watched last year, fave actor and actresses, Musicians.
Cant really decide to be honest which one, carnt have both.

So yeah for now just lemme know what you think....Not that i care.

Im kidding, if you read my last post then you'll get it ;)

Im a nostalgic fool

Who has just spent the last hour or so going through random past bllog posts and i have realised a few things have changed about me. Stuff that you dont really understand until you find an explanation if ya get me?

Well firstly and most formostly, i used to be a much better writer. I know right? Hard to imagine. but alas its true my old stuff was more witty and even though my spelling still sucked crackers it didnt get in the way of me telling a thrilling tale of the days events.
Though for all i know im just being hard on myself for not doing more writing, so tell me what ya think, if you have time to read a random post. I reccomed something from late 2009 or mid 2010.

Also the way i outwardly used to make it clear when i didnt care about a situation, or what someone was saying or doing etcera has also changed. Alot of my older posts usually ending in telling you that i didnt care whether or not you liked what i wrote or just telling you that i told someone that i didnt care about what they were doing or what they said to me. And also telling you that i didnt care about how the post looked in the end. Now thats a lot of not caring.
Now, on the other hand i still generally dont care about the same stuff if not a lot more stuff, the only difference is that i just dont announce my nonchalance/indifference/noncarance to the people who are talking a bunch of shit i dont care about and so on and so forth. I just dont say anything. I've reached such a high level of not caring that im just numb.
Yes i realise that i sound incredibly self loathing. Actually minus the self. I just sound like a straight up bitch, but tahts all inside stuff and its just better for both me and you and whatever situation im not caring about to just be silent and nod and act like i care.
Okay thinking back to what ive written i make it sound like i never care about anything at all at anytime or place. I do find things intereting, you've seen me laugh and smile and make jokes at life, its a 75/25 thing. But im not telling you which is which.
In conclusion its given me a good inner calm and im happily centered

Yeah a lot has changed. Well slightly, but like i said its just one of those things you dont notice till you notice.


Unless clearly stated or quoted otherwise, everything on here is of my own life mind and thoughts and so I would appreciate if you intend to copy anything, please reference either the blog name, post title etc by form or a link. Thank you.

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