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Thursday, 2 June 2011

90210 Season Finale

Was actually pretty decent, they didnt over do the dramatics and though i wasnt sure whether or not this would be the last season with this cast, because of the open ended... scripting between certain characters that meant that they would be back yet was closed enough to assure us of what life would be like for them after. Though the last scene confimed that there would be another season.
I never like to check if shows have been renewed for a new season, i prefer guessing after i watch the season finale. Apologies if your the same and ive just ruined it for you.

Anyways its back in September 2011...Well thats the American date, lord know what the UK one will be, and i have to say im glad cause i love the random over the top love to hate but overall loveable storylines, but yeah heres a look at the poster for Season 4.

They made Matt Lnater (Liam) look queer

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