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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Arts and Crafts

My friend has these plastic thick chunky chains with tapes on the end of them Fake tapes, like so....

But then he found a real tape and we put it on the chain but it looked like shit so he had a brain wave and got out his fabric paints and we decorated the tape. The style was my idea :). When it was finished we were both like "Ew...This was YOUR idea."

But then after a while it started to look pretty decent. This is was it looked like on.

It was one of those random things that you just do for no reason..
Wanna tie dye t-shirts this summer hopefullly, lets see how it goes, everytime i think of tie dying though i rememeber this one episode of Seasame Street i watched. My sister said the same thing. Well its not surprise as we watched the same shows and what not when we were 3&5

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